“Epic Monday:” April 20, 2020

It may be hard to believe, but while we all mostly stayed inside binge-watching Netflix or Andy Griffith, Earth just kept on spinning, Moms kept on struggling to keep young kids occupied, Dads mourned having no baseball and no NBA playoffs to watch, and politicians that, on the most part, were NOT in Washington still found ways to find their ways onto television shows and to give newspaper and radio interviews. Oh, the wonders of the internet and satellite communication! Where would we be in this Coronavirus climate without Skype?

We at TruthNewsNetwork watched all weekend closely. We in research uncovered some startling information that dominated our time in obtaining confirmations of facts. Also, Pelosi showed back up — at least on television — and dominated the Sunday news shows in her “Bash Trump Tour” for April. And she didn’t waste any time nor mince any words at telling the world how inept he is as President.

There is big news in the Coronavirus pandemic that we have joined most of you to observe. In contrast, several states have initiated the processes to ease back into “real” life for businesses — some businesses — to try to get the U.S. economy moving, if only slowly.

Here’s my Monday morning dilemma: it is an impossibility to write a 1200-1500 word story that includes all the information we want to share with you. It is impossible! We can’t even get half of it just highlighted in our regular story length. And all the information with details we need to share with you is essential IN TOTAL!

I have a special request for you today. And it’s a two-part plea:

  1. Please allow us this day to share a couple of hours — at least in part — with you via live radio stream. We have so many Coronavirus updates for you that include infections, deaths, drugs, vaccines, plus, we have conspiracies that are NOT conspiracies that we need to share.
  2. Just as important as you being with us live today from 9:00 – 11:00 AM Central, these stories we will present cry for conversation, information, and opinion FROM YOU! You need to be a part of today’s show.

If you haven’t listened in to TNN Live yet, give it a chance today. And your opinion is THE most opinion for our members to hear. No idea should be stifled or ignored. Further, some of you have information that needs to be shared that we do not have in our “barrel of information.”

On your computer at www.TruthNewsNet.org, on the right side at the top of the first story is a blue horizontal button that says, “LIVE NOW.” To join the show, simply click on the button, and it’ll take you right to it.

We’ll open the show at 9:00 AM sharp with a two or three-minute introduction of things we are going to present and discuss. Then as we introduce each segment of the show you need to call-in to share your thoughts and opinions. It’s a toll-free call at 866-378-7884. (or 866-37TRUTH) If it rings for a bit and then you get a voicemail, it means we’re either talking to someone else or in the middle of a story. Please call back in a few minutes.

Today’s show will be full of new information that you want to hear, discuss with us and other listeners, and share with those you feel deserve the info. In fact, why not include someone else in this by giving them this post or the toll-free number?

Thousands read our daily stories and articles. We will NOT stop publishing those. But today, there’s just too much to cover, and we cannot afford NOT to give you all of it. Please join us today. Tomorrow: it’s back to regular business!

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