Election Fraud: How Bad Is It?

Two words from a text sent to me by a Washington heavyweight: “100% Corrupt!”

I’m not certain when the dust all settles we’ll know exactly how corrupt it is. But one thing is now CERTAIN: The 2020 Presidential IS corrupt.”

I said “is” and did not specify “how” corrupt because daily evidence piled upon evidence is proving that voter fraud changed vote counts in numerous ways. And the already “evidenced” total late last night climbed to over 650,000 in Pennsylvania alone!

This new information, of course, does not certify that ALL 682,479 are illegal, fraudulent, or will be disqualified. It simply means Pennsylvania voting officials obviously purposely received and processed claims without following legal principles and processes put in place to guarantee Pennsylvanians (and ALL Americans) the veracity of the election.

Why would they do this? “Do what?” Attempt in what appears more and more to be coordinated election fraud to dominate the 2020 election. The goal: the total annihilation of Donald Trump, all 71 million of his voters, and maybe more importantly, undo ALL of the policies and executive plus legislative actions initiated during Trump’s four years in the White House. Don’t be tempted to doubt this: it is absolutely true. It has to be!

Why does it have to be? There’s a simple answer: what other reason can be offered to explain why these actions were taken. The answer to that is also easy: Democrats and whoever else were involved in the structuring and implementation of this historical attack on American democracy occurred in total abandonment of the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, “government of, by, and for the people,” and the never-before-achieved government accomplishments directly for the American people in too many areas to list here that dropped unemployment in every economic and ethnic and financial sector to either never before seen levels or levels not seen in 50+ years.

If you disagree with that, explain to me by calling right now how this Biden “wannabe” administration plans to implement BOTH the historical pre-pandemic economy AND at the same time institute, the plans promised to the far-left like Climate Change, Medicare for all, free college, cancellation of school debt, a $15 minimum wage, re-entry in the Paris Accords, and the rollback of the 2017 Trump tax cuts that put considerable money in the pocketbooks of 94% of Middle-Class Americans. How will a “President” Biden raise the necessary funds to accomplish any or all of these pipe dream programs without taxing Americans to never seen levels? The amount to even partially cover the costs of these unrealistic and unnecessary programs and policies would devour close to 100% of the CURRENT annual revenue of the entire United States!

Even if the election results stand as confirmed by the Mainstream Media put Biden in the White House stand, his promises will never and can be never implemented and maintained.

All of the above PROVE that the Far Left in tandem with the entire Democrat Party are the sole fuel for their total abandonment of the Law while cheating with total abandon simply to stop Capitalism, Democracy, and the Constitutional Rule of Law in the United States.

How high is the voter fraud margin in Election 2020? The liberals say voter fraud is “rare.” Conservatives know the truth: voter fraud is very real, and has been showing up since Democrats demanded people stay home on election day instead of vote in person. They found a way to increase the chaos to make sure that Donald Trump wasn’t re-elected. The Election 2020 mess was bound to happen, thanks to the plan of the Democrats all along.

The Voter Fraud Margin

Project Veritas conducted an interview with a Michigan USPS worker who said he was told to backdate ballots that came in on Nov 4 to Nov 3. Michigan law states that ballots that come in after midnight on November 3 cannot be counted.

“We were told to collect any ballots that we find in mailboxes, collection boxes, et cetera, for outgoing mail, at the end of the day, we are supposed to separate them from the standard letter mail, so they can hand-stamp them with yesterday’s date—and put them through the Express Mail system—to get wherever they need to go…For clarification, today is the fourth of November.” USPS insider

As we have stated over and over again, mass mailing ballots to everyone is ripe for voter fraud. And this election has a giant-sized voter fraud margin. That is playing out before our eyes. This election was unreliable at best, thanks to the lies of the Democrats.

♦♦The two questions in every presidential election are whether the race will be close enough that the voter fraud margin will kick in and can it be exposed. This is where the post-election street fight comes into the picture.

♦♦If the voter fraud margin is high enough, then it becomes all but hopeless. And this was a race designed for a high voter fraud margin.

♦♦The more people went to the polls, the harder it was to sustain the scam. That’s why Democrats wanted minimal in-person voting and Republicans wanted maximum in-person voting. It’s much harder to steal an election if people show up.

♦♦The post-election street fight is a test of how big the voter margin fraud can get, how many more votes can be discovered than there are people, and how many ballots can magically show up overnight.

♦♦And even if the street fight is lost, it’s worth fighting because it exposes the lie behind the legitimacy of the powers trying to take over the White House.

♦♦They couldn’t steal the election in the daylight, so they had to do it in the dead of night. They couldn’t steal it in empty halls, so they had to do it after everyone went home. And the more their lie is challenged, the weaker their power becomes, and the more they have to resort to blatant thuggery to wield it.

♦♦That’s what happened on Election Day.

♦♦The polite voter fraud margin failed and they had to steal the election crudely. Now the real test between lies and truth begins.

♦♦President Trump went into Election Day with huge financial, structural, messaging, and economic disadvantages. The Democrats were far ahead in the money race. Elections had been rigged in multiple states, often unilaterally by Democrat governors, in unprecedented ways. The media and Big Tech had colluded to build a messaging operation for Democrats that actively suppressed Republican and even President Trump’s messaging. And the pandemic, the lockdowns, and the riots had ravaged the economy.

♦♦Trump and Republicans went into this race as underdogs. And that was the right way to tell the story.

♦♦The media created a fake narrative bolstered with fake polls in which the country had turned against him and a blue wave was coming. Some conservative media, now increasingly littered with social media grifters, overpromised the other way.

♦♦The media’s Democrat narrative was meant to suppress Republican and Independent voters, and pave the way for a cover-up of the massive election fraud now underway.

Michigan is a case in point. According to “Letsfixstuff.org”, the massive voter fraud margin was helped along by intentional actions of fraud. Patrick Colbeck was a poll challenger and he writes in part:

“So, how exactly did President Trump lose 138,339 Michigan votes in the matter of a screen refresh? At this time, I can’t say for sure, but I have my suspicions after serving as a Poll Challenger for the Election Integrity Fund from 5pm, Tuesday November 3rd to 5:30 pm, Wednesday, November 4th…

  • Only a handful of Republican poll workers hired despite the Detroit City Clerk being provided with an extensive list of candidates. Per MCL 168.765a(10), “At all times, at least 1 election inspector from each major political party must be present at the absent voter counting place and the policies and procedures adopted by the secretary of state regarding the counting of absent voter ballots must be followed.” This statute was violated throughout the activation of the Detroit AV Counting Board for all but a handful of the 136 AV Counting Boards.
  • Roughly 38,000 ballots arrive via a Detroit Elections Bureau van with MI license plate 090×063 at around 3:45 am after more than three hours of little to no precinct activity. Origin of ballots unknown but primary candidate is dropbox collections AFTER 8 pm poll closure. Likely would have been known if it weren’t for previously mentioned stonewalling.
  • Roughly 10 boxes of military ballots not counted until poll challengers were prevented from entering AVCB. Ballots were available to count during a period of little to no precinct activity between midnight and arrival of 38,000 ballots yet no action was taken. Why? Poll workers were idle.”


The new facts that each add a layer of proof in the corruption in this election prove already prove there was massive illegality in the election. All that is left to verify is just how bad it was, how deep it was, and all those who were, directly and indirectly, involved in it all.

The Michigan case that was filed yesterday is breathtaking in its details. It’s so bad, we didn’t discuss it in this article. But we are posting it below so that you can read it, download it, and share it if you want. When you have a few moments read the entire case. It’s unfathomable that so many Americans would so casually ignore the fraud in which they participated. And for what?

There are plenty of ironies in this thing that we have just begun to see. We will be shaking our heads for years over this.

The most egregious lawbreaking in the election fraud apparently happened in Pennsylvania. Just re-read the opening paragraph of this story. We’ve heard Pennsylvania is famous for its pervasive election fraud cases throughout the years. I didn’t just how bad it was until viewing the research in preparation for election stories. On “TNN Live” today we will be share details of Pennsylvania’s election fraud cases that have occurred (and been discovered and prosecuted) from EVERY election all the way back to 1998! And, apparently, 2020 was thought to be just another notch in PA’s election “Corruption Plaque.” And there is more to come.

By the way, Real Clear Politics made a journalistic decision to pull their previous “call” that Joe Biden will win Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes. Wow! Isn’t it wonderful that there are still news outlets that understand it is the American people through our legal votes who determine election results and NOT Media outlets!

I shudder at the need to even mention that.

How much worse can it be? How much more will we find?

Stay tuned: I promise there will be MUCH more.

Here is the Michigan Voter Fraud Lawsuit filed Monday, November 9, 2020:

3 thoughts on “Election Fraud: How Bad Is It?”

  1. Journalism seeks to DISCOVER the Truth…

    Propaganda seeks to COVER UP the Truth…

    If the rolls were reversed, the American propaganda machines would be working overtime to discover the fraud in this election. Problem is…the big boys are only parroting the phrase, “what evidence do you have?”. It is reprehensible conduct. Thank you for speaking TRUTH is a world that rejects the truth on a daily basis.

  2. This is a disgrace to the honest American voter and honest precinct worker. Faith in our election process has been lost.

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