A REAL Picture of Chaos by Election Winners Acting Like Losers

It’s interesting to see that 2020 election winners are beginning to look and act like election losers.

“Wait a minute: most news outlets have declared that Joe Biden won the presidential election, but that is not official until after the electoral college announces the winner in December, right?”

Constitutionally, that is correct. However, Democrats seem to be ignoring that fact, or they are fearful that Biden might not be announced as the winner!

The Quote

“I hope that…they (The Democrats) win the Senate, the House, and the presidency because, in that way, I won’t be murdered because Biden loses. I am being told that there will be blood everywhere, there will be riots, there will be demonstrations, people like me will be targeted.”

Why it Matters

The unrest across the U.S. following the killing in custody of George Floyd has thrown open the doors to a debate about racial injustice and police brutality that is a key plank of the election campaign. Trump aimed at Democratic leaders in Portland and Kenosha and presented himself as the candidate of law and order. He tweeted that if he didn’t win, America’s Suburbs would be overrun with Low-Income Projects, Anarchists, Agitators, Looters, and, of course, “Friendly Protesters.”

Last month, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden accused Trump of being a president “who sows chaos” and is seeking to “instill fear in America” and appealed to voters not to believe Trump’s re-election would lead to a cessation of violence.

Gutfield appears to be suggesting that should Biden lose, the unrest would switch from being fueled by racial injustice to being driven by a sense of grievance among Democrat supporters fed a left-leaning media diet of rancor against the GOP and Trump.

This is a theory being pushed by some right-wing websites, such as the Conservative Firing Line, which had one contributor predicting that Black Lives Matter protests and the pulling down of confederate monuments were a precursor to violence and that “leftists have deliberately pushed for a second bloody civil war in America.”

But Biden Won!

Wait a minute — not so fast. Biden has not won, YET. And that fact may be the gasoline poured on this fire of anger, anarchy, rioting, looting, and the destruction of our cities.

“President-elect” Joe Biden — who is NOT “President-elect” — made a pitch to President Trump’s supporters in his victory speech on Saturday night.

“I understand the disappointment tonight,” Biden said. “But now let’s give each other a chance. It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric and lower the temperature.” Biden added: “And to make progress, we have to stop treating our opponents as our enemies. They are not our enemies. They’re Americans.”

The unity message in the president-elect’s address was consistent with much of his presidential campaign’s rhetoric. It was also in line with how Biden acted himself during his many years in the Senate — he was a dealmaking moderate, not a hard-left partisan. But some members of the party Biden is now set to lead for the next four years do not appear to have received his memo, as they lob angry rhetoric at those who have worked with and for, and even those who support, Trump.

“Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said in a tweet. “I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

“You can’t heal or reform the GOP who are now an extremist party,” Wajahat Ali, a contributing writer for the New York Times, said. “They have to be broken, burned down and rebuilt. When Biden is in power treat them like the active threats to democracy they are. If those who committed crimes aren’t punished then they will be more emboldened.”

Heaven forbid what they might be saying if Donald Trump won the election!

Some have advocated for a “truth and reconciliation commission” to go after those who have worked for the president. In fact, a group to catalog those individuals already exists called the “Trump Accountability Project.” Michael Simon, who previously worked on the 2008 Obama campaign and in the former president’s administration, pledged the project would provide a “record of every staffer, appointee, donor, endorser,  and enabler.”

But some on the left attacked not only political types who might have worked with or for Trump and the Trump GOP, but also the president’s rank-and-file supporters.

But there’s always a nice guy in the room that cries, “Can’t we just all get along?” Billionaire Mark Cuban appeared to attempt to extend an olive branch to Trump supporters on Twitter, saying that “The overwhelming majority of Trump voters are NOT stupid, not racist, not anti-science. Mocking, gloating, and holding grudges divides us further. We need to start talking again and come together as Americans.”

Nice guy that Mark Cuban. In his tweet, he DID give credit to about half the Trump supporters who, according to him, “are NOT stupid, not racist, not anti-science…” That sounds eerily like, “you can put half of Trump supporters in a basket of deplorables,” doesn’t it? But, I guess for Leftists, being “kinda nice” is better than “Take ’em out and hang ’em high!”

Then there were these folks:

“Whether Trump supporters are hostile or misled makes no difference to victims of gun violence, an uncontrolled pandemic and heartless immigration policies — all of which are choices,” Brandon Friedman, a former member of the Obama administration and columnist for the New York Daily News, said. “We should reach out to *those* families long before attempting to reconcile with deplorables.”

“I won’t empathize with, support, forgive, understand, make amends for, reconcile with Trump supporters. Not a single one,” tweeted Preston Mitchum, a liberal community organizer in Washington, D.C. “He was a proud white nationalist who proudly raised up many white supremacists. That’s who supported him. And I make no apologies for saying this.”


I normally am pretty optimistic about most things. But I do not have a fuzzy feeling this whole “Let’s just get along” thing is in the top 20 plans for many of the Democrat diehards who are raring to grab the hunting dogs and shotguns and head to the woods to “shoot them some conservatives.”

But there’s one thing that probably would make them leave the shotguns and go find some something “heavier,” like AR-15’s, hand grenades, and RPGs. A Trump victory right now is about a 50/50 probability, in my estimation!


Just think about it: if the Left is thinking like those who spoke above about conservatives in America and what they plan to do to “pay them back” because Joe Biden IS the “President-elect,” what will they do if these revelations growing exponentially every day that show rampant election fraud result in a Trump victory?

Let me make a prediction: Democrat Party Leadership is NOT worried about either of these possibilities. In fact, I think their plan of attack for this campaign went something like this: “We’ll let the vote-handlers do their stuff. If they’re successful, that will be wonderful. But there’s a good shot it won’t work. Here’s what we’ll do if we fail: we’ll start screaming, ‘Trump stole the election! Joe Biden won the presidency fairly and democratically. Trump sent out his lapdogs to manipulate vote tallies, create fake stories of massive voter fraud that doesn’t exist, and he’s stolen the election!”

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and every Democrat of any other ilk that feels disenfranchised will undoubtedly ignore any truth and take to the streets. If you think American cities met “Ugly” after George Floyd’s death at the hands of police in Minneapolis, wait until you see Manhattan, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia. Numerous other U.S. cities as homes and businesses burn to the ground!

This may come as cold water in your face, but do not diminish this: it IS a strong possibility.

“Why would Democrats initiate anything that would lead to certain destruction and continued chaos? And what makes you think they would?”

Answer: Have you heard a single Democrat step forward and make a statement something like this: “We join with Republicans and encourage election officials in all 50 states to carefully and diligently examine every part of this election process to assure Americans our election system is safe, secure, and that we all can sleep knowing the Constitutional guarantee of American votes always being safe?”

You haven’t heard that — and you won’t hear that.

I’m sad to say, but the truth is more evident than ever: the U.S. Constitution, its protection, and maintenance are not a priority for this Democrat Party. A single objective drives them and their followers — many of whom don’t even know it –. That objective is to seize as much political power as necessary to take total control of the country. And if a few conservative casualties are required along with a few hundred burned skyscrapers, McDonald’s and Starbucks are lost in the fray, so be it.

That’s the only explanation for AOC, who most certainly plans to identify and punish all Trump supporters, no matter who and no matter where. Constitutional liberties and laws be damned!

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