Hillary Hides Pedophilia in Her State Dept.

NBC Admits Hillary Clinton Used her Job to Cover up Pedophile Rings as Secretary of State

Whoa! While it has been rumored for some time that the former Secretary of State and presidential candidate had some personal involvement with underage prostitution and pedophilia, those rumors remained “rumors” — until now. While still not confirmed, it is factual that investigations are currently underway into illegal sexual activities that involved U.S. State Department employees, some of which are “high level” employees — even an Ambassador. A State Department whistleblower has given the Inspector General quite a bit of information that includes documents with explicit details. Those allegations have been under investigation apparently for some months and may be as long as eighteen months. Though much is unclear and certainly some features are unknown, what we DO know is that this alleged pedophilia activity at the U.S. State Department happened while Clinton was Secretary of State and that she at least had in-depth knowledge of details. It is unknown if she had any personal involvement.

NBC broke the story and reported it on-air one time. We cannot find any follow-up NBC News story that gives more details or even references the investigation.

The NBC investigation was broadcast at a time when they were still a real news organization rather than a branch of the Democratic Party’s PR department and provided internal State Department memos to back up claims of a massive Hillary Clinton elite pedophile ring cover-up.

“Serious allegations concerning the State Department,” NBC anchor Chuck Todd announced before launching into the disturbing details that mainstream media would be unable to report on in 2017.

“According to internal State Department memos, the agency might have called off or intervened into investigations into possibly illegal, inappropriate behavior within its ranks allegedly to protect jobs and avoid scandals.”

“There is an old saying in Washington that the cover-up is worse than the crime. But in this case, both parts of it are disturbing,” Chuck Todd continued.

“Allegations of prostitution and pedophilia, and allegations that those crimes were somehow covered up or not researched. So the State Department has to respond to those claims, and those investigations involve misconduct by State Department officials, including an Ambassador and security agents attached to then secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.”

“The allegations are that these investigations were whitewashed, quashed altogether and that those orders came from high up.”

“NBC has obtained documents relating to ongoing investigations into some disturbing allegations involving State Department personnel and at least one ambassador. A State Department memo says, quote, “the Ambassador routinely ditched his protective security detail to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children.”

“The memo also says a top State Department official directed State Department investigators to “cease the investigation” into the ambassador’s conduct.” It’s just one of what another document describes as “several examples of undue influence” from top State Department officials.”

(There is something very puzzling in this story reported by NBC News. We’ll explain in our Summary below)

Pizza Gate

Do you remember the noise during the 2016 campaign alleging that Hillary Clinton was somehow involved in an unofficial “sex club” operating at Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington, D.C? The pizza parlor allegedly became a meeting place for adults engaged in sexual activities that included prostitution and pedophilia. It purportedly included as “participants” both of the Clintons and the Podesta Brothers — the most potent non-elected Washington resident in political circles — Tony Podesta — and his brother, John, who at the time served as campaign manager for Hillary Clinton.

Major media reports on “Pizzagate“ — as this earth-shattering story would be named —  would have us believe that anyone who gives credence to this story is off their rocker. The term “fake news” rose to prominence shortly after this story broke in early November of 2016, and was quickly applied to debunk any report seriously investigating Pizzagate.

Only one significant media news report (from the CBS Atlanta affiliate) presented substantial evidence of this disturbing story of influential people possibly involved in pedophilia. Yet two days after its airing, that revealing news video was strangely removed from the CBS website and replaced by a report on fake news about Donald Trump. This disappearance of an important news story and the undeniable evidence below suggests Pizzagate is a vast story that someone may not want Americans to know.

Note that the pedophilia issue has nothing to do with political affiliation. Though Pizzagate involves mostly high-level Democrats, many Republicans are guilty of child abuse. The most prominent case – which got very little press – was the conviction of Republican Dennis Hastert, who served as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, one of the most powerful political positions in the Unites States. Hastert was sent to prison by a judge who called him a “serial child molester.” He also happens to be friends with Tony Podesta.

Pizzagate originated from the Wikileaks release of thousands of emails from John Podesta in October and November of 2016. (Podesta formerly served as chief of staff for Bill Clinton in the White House before much later becoming campaign manager for Hillary Clinton.) The Pizzagate story got its name from several strange usages of the word pizza in the released emails. Yet the most convincing evidence of something serious involving Pizzagate can be found in the archived Instagram account of James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington, D.C.

James Alefantis

Alefantis is connected with John Podesta, as evidenced by an email exchange released by Wikileaks in which Podesta agrees to have dinner with him. Alefantis is also friends with John Podesta’s lobbyist brother Tony, who was named by GQ Magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in Washington, D.C. John Podesta did not make that list, by the way, yet strangely, James Alefantis was numbered among those on this list of the 50 most influential people in Washington.

All but a handful of the 50 people listed on GQ’s list are deeply involved in politics or the media, and many are household names. So how did James Alefantis, known only as an owner of two DC restaurants and an art aficionado, make this list of most influential people?

To explore this question, take a look at the archived Instagram account of Alefantis, who goes by the username “jimmycomet.” Shortly after the Pizzagate story exploded on the Internet, he made his account private, but it is still available in the archives at the link below.

By way of disclaimer, please remember that TruthNewsNetwork does not confirm or deny the accuracy of allegations that are made here for which we have no personal confirmation. Several news sources have corroborated this particular story. However, (especially in this caustic news environment), we give you information that is “out there” and, to us, are more than just wild allegations. Keeping that in mind, feel free to access below Mr. Alefantis’ Instagram account. But warning, be prepared for some disconcerting images, some of which are very sexually suggestive. We offer this link so that you can see and hear some of the degradation that seems to reside in our nation’s Capital.


I hesitated to publish that link. The content is disgusting. Regardless of who is or who is not involved in this particular chapter of “Pedophilia in D.C.,” any at all should repulse all Americans and anger you for it happening at all.

Before we summarize today’s story and add that revelation we promised at the end of the first segment, know this: Donald Trump and his Department of Justice have been crazed at rounding up and prosecuting human and sex traffickers along with pedophiles.

Numbers Never Lie

During Trump’s first month in office alone, authorities arrested over 1500 individuals for charges related to pedophilia, while there were less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests in 2014, according to the FBI.

According to a report published by the White House in March of 2018, 518 victims of human trafficking were rescued, and 1,602 human trafficking suspects were arrested in 2017 by a dedicated unit at the Department of Homeland Security.

During the same time, a government-funded human-trafficking hotline received reports leading to the identification of 21,644 victims.

After a nationwide sting targeting sex offenders online captured more than 2,300 pedophiles. This criminal sweep occurred during March, April, and May of 2018, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

The DOJ announced the arrests in June and revealed the effort was called “Operation Broken Heart,” but the massive round-up of suspected online child sex offenders has gone virtually unreported by the major national media.

In addition to the 2,300-plus arrests, Operation Broken Heart led to the identification of 195 offenders guilty of child pornography or child sex abuse, and the identification of 383 child victims of child pornography or sexual abuse, reported ICE in a statement.

This story should be the biggest story in the national news. Instead, the mainstream media has barely if at all covered these mass pedophile arrests. As Border Patrol confirmed, human traffickers recycle children at our borders while liberals cry over immigration policies.


This story today is not a “stand-alone.” It must be viewed in the context of the corruption that long ago took control of many of America’s elected officials and others who work in our government. Why it happened and how it happened are both unimportant. What IS important is that it lives with us, it impacts the lives of millions of innocent men, women, and children, and it is destroying the moral fabric of our nation right in front of us.

When one puts today’s story together with yesterday’s account of the concerted media consortium with the Democrat Party to commit wholesale news fraud every day on the American people, it’s easy to understand how vapid from morality, truth, and justice our government is. Members of the Media just tag along.

We have no idea just how much of all this is sexual wrongdoing is hidden from us. I’m sure it’s far more than the plethora of examples we are allowed to see. Probably if we knew just how much, we’d be scared to death.

Do you still say to the TruthNewsNetwork staff and me “You’re just in the tank as conspiracy theorists? None of this hoopla is true.” If you still think that, digest this:

The NBC Story on pedophilia in the State Department on Secretary Hillary Clinton’s watch was first reported on NBC —- IN 2013!

Obama did nothing to follow and investigate the story. His DOJ stood silent. And the Democrat News Agencies took their cue and followed suit: no follow-up in NBC, nothing from CNN or MSNBC. Certainly, there was no mention in the Washington Post or New York Times. They’re all in the tank.

Thankfully for the young boys and girls in the nation, President Trump promised while campaigning and followed suit after his oath of office: tens of thousands of those implicated in human and sex trafficking and pedophilia have been brought to justice — far more in just three years than in all eight of Obama’s White House.

Haven’t you heard about any? Exactly! Mainstream media is in the tank with Democrats. Most — but certainly not all — of those implicated in this debauchery are Democrats. But there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Today as never before, we must all be committed to this: if you see something involving kids and possible sexual abuse of any kind, call the FBI. They have taken swift and severe action in the last three years to save thousands of kids of all ages. No child deserves to awaken every day, afraid for their lives.

We can stop it. We MUST stop it. And we need government servants who not only agree with that but will harness with their political might whatever they can contribute to this cause.

Our kids deserve that.



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