Media Problem: We Give Them Passes For Lies

Please do not think that our frequent mentioning of media corruption means we are conspiracy nuts. Why do we have so many media stories? The U.S. media has become the universal “go-to” source for information, especially information regarding the U.S. government. And with Donald Trump in the White House (who is regarded as probably the most controversial POTUS in at least a generation), there is plenty of Trump news on a daily basis.

Certainly that substantively should not be bad news at all. In fact, media sources should be delighted at the constant stream of Trump news. Why? It gives their viewers, listeners, and readers reason to spend more time, listen and watch more often and longer to news stories which interpret into ratings and circulation. Ratings and circulation turn into advertising dollars. And those evil media capitalists like gross revenue!

I strongly believe that those in the media purposely react as they do to the President’s verbal assaults on the lack of accuracy in much of their reporting to create stories about themselves to perpetuate the attention of their followers — for money! That certainly makes sense. With social media, the internet, satellite radio and television instant news programming, conventional news sources have suffered horrible financial losses over the last decade plus. A Trump White House has made them all more relevant and therefore more financially viable.

Enter “Fake News”

Media outlets rail frantically against the term assigned to them by President Trump: “Fake News.” While the President has made it abundantly clear again and again he is NOT speaking of all news from all news sources, it seems that all news sources stay on defense pointing their retaliation attacks at the President for the term.

Americans are not caught in that frenzied war of words between the media and POTUS. And the media understand that. Do you remember the Denzel Washington 1:00 minute video we presented several days ago when speaking to the media?

This Media functions totally on getting to print or on-air first, often at the expense of the truth. Who in good conscience can even claim news today is NOT biased, politically driven, and prospectively “in the tank” for specific purposes?



Media Lies: Which Story is Truthful?

                    Jim Acosta of CNN
             Germany’s Economy
              Comey, Comey, Comey!
CNN: One Day Apart
     Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and War
              Russia, Russia, Russia!

            Social Media Confusion










Do you get the correlation of “Fake News” and Media disdain for the integrity of Americans? Do those in Media think Americans have no memory, no ability to search the internet? Do they think Americans don’t think about checking out a story on YouTube? Or do they just not care?

One thing is certain: today’s Mainstream Media cannot be trusted.

It’s a shame that Americans today that desire honesty, truthfulness, and facts in the news of the World can no longer trust the major media outlets for any of the above.

What’s ahead? Maybe, just maybe Americans have awakened in this horror thrust upon our nation with the Mueller Investigation, “Ukraine-Gate,” the faux House Impeachment Inquiry, and whatever is next in their incessant attacks on President Trump. Maybe now that the truth of the dishonesty of media (it’s odd to use that description of our media, isn’t it?) has demonstrably been exposed the nation will begin to question what is seen and heard and demand facts: not opinions or editorial comments or political narrative or “he said, she said.” Maybe Americans will begin to make the free market of ideas work just like the free market of trade and economics have for centuries. Maybe Americans will embrace the system of “supply and demand” in the news just as happens in the Service Industry, Retail, and international trade. In those, the products and services that are considered by consumers to be the fairest in price and delivery and substance are demanded before competitors’ similar products and services that are not as good or better when compared. That’s what Americans MUST demand in news.

Unless and until consumers send that type of message to today’s media of all kinds, they will continue to shovel the partisanship ideological “news” down our throats and tell us that if we do not accept what they give to us, we’re stupid.

I’ve had enough. Have you?

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