How Many COVID-19 Deaths Have REALLY Happened?

Do you get the feeling that we don’t know the REAL numbers of those who have died with an official cause of death as COVID-19?

Please wait a minute: shouldn’t we know exactly how many have died from the virus every day. But we don’t. Why?

The answer to that one-word question is NOT that “they” — the CDC, FDA, and the White House — don’t know that number. It’s because they don’t want Americans to KNOW how many have died from COVID-19. 

It’s foolish to think that as sophisticated as the CDC and FDA are regarding statistics regarding EVERY medical issue that is so deadly as COVID-19, they know ALL the demographics about those impacted by the disease.

We publish here the “Adverse Reactions” report weekly that shows all the “alleged” reactions folks have to COVID-19 injections. Those reports include the numbers of deaths — not from anything other than COVID-19 vaccinations. But the CDC issues a footnote with the numbers in these reports. They tell us the report does NOT represent ALL the adverse reactions to these vaccines because the CDC receives what medical professionals send to them. And the CDC warns that these numbers are just a fraction of the actual numbers of VAERS incidents that have occurred during the previous week.

The VAERS Report has been a weekly release from the CDC every week since 1990. The numbers of adverse events from vaccinations — especially the number of deaths — are dramatically unnerving:

The average number of adverse event reports for the past ten years is ~39,000, including the adverse event report data for all vaccines combined. There are a lot of them.

So we’re looking at about 39,000 total adverse events per year (on average for all vaccines), as opposed to 675,942 (adverse events post COVID jab) in the domestic dataset alone. And this does not include the underreporting factor.

We see the same trend when we isolate standalone adverse events like death. Over 20,000 (post-COVID jab) deaths are reported in the U.S. alone, not including the underreporting factor. And in the previous ten years, the average was 155 deaths for the entire year for all the vaccines combined.

This is over a 6,000% increase in reporting for deaths!

So, the question I’ve been asking (metaphorically) continually asking of the FDA, the CDC, and whoever wants to listen to me is, “What’s the cut-off number of deaths before determining that too many have died?” How many such adverse reactions, including deaths, are acceptable before these officials decide to stop administering the causing vaccines?

Isn’t death the worst outcome in terms of adverse events in the context of a vaccine or any other biological product?


Jessica Rose, Ph.D., a research fellow at the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge in Israel, has taken a deep dive into the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). She shares the details of what she’s finding COVID-19 adverse reactions with us.

VAERS, despite flaws and drawbacks, is one of the greatest tools we have to evaluate vaccine safety. It was implemented due to the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. While vaccine companies were given blanket immunity against liability for adverse reactions under this law, VAERS was created to collect injury reports in a centralized database to monitor the post-marketing safety of childhood vaccines.

The system was actually launched in 1990, so we have three decades’ worth of data to compare trends against. Granted, vaccine injuries are notoriously underreported. Investigations have found only 10% to as little as 1% of injuries are reported.

When it comes to the COVID jab specifically, calculations by Steve Kirsch, executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, suggest injuries are underreported by a factor of 41. But despite that and other shortcomings, VAERS can still provide valuable information about a given vaccine.

Rose is a computational biologist with degrees in molecular biology and biochemistry. While a native Canadian, she did her postgraduate training in Israel, where she still lives. When her dream of surfing in Australia was dashed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, she decided to start writing code for statistics and graphics, and as the pandemic wore on, she applied those programming skills to the VAERS database.

As mentioned, Kirsch has calculated an underreporting factor for post-COVID jab events of 41, which is likely quite conservative. Rose’s calculation is even more conservative than that. She explains:

“Steve [Kirsch] and I are good friends. We’ve been working very closely on all of this stuff for a long time. His underreporting factor is 41. He estimated that based on a peer-reviewed publication that estimated anaphylaxis numbers, so he used anaphylaxis as a proxy for death.

What that means is that when you hear us say these numbers, you have to multiply them by 41, if you want to go with Steve’s estimate, or 31, in the case of mine. Mine is the most conservative estimate. I took Pfizer’s Phase 3 clinical trial data that they presented to the FDA.

There were over 18,000 participants in the drug group and the placebo groups, and there were a certain percentage of individuals in each arm that succumbed to a severe adverse event, which includes death, hospitalization, visit to the ER, a life threatening adverse event, disability or birth defect.

So, 0.7% of people in the drug arm succumbed to a severe adverse event according to their data. I used that rate, and multiplied it by the number of people who had been injected with one shot of Pfizer on a certain date, August 10, and that number becomes your expected number of people that would succumb to a severe adverse event based on their data.

So, you take that number and divide it by the number of reports of severe adverse events, and you get a multiplication factor, an underreporting factor. When you use that base dataset, the Pfizer Phase 3 clinical trial data, you get 31. Ronald Kostoff has also published a paper in Toxicology Reports, and his estimate is 100, I believe.

So, whenever you’re talking about the underreporting factor, I think you should talk about it in terms of a range, because each adverse event is going to have their own (underreporting factor).

I think if people actually knew the reality of what was going on, they would decide very quickly, right now, never to go near these things. This isn’t hearsay. It’s not conjecture. The clinical trials are garbage, and there’s no safety data. I’m not just saying this — it’s very reflective in all of these adverse event data collection systems all over the world.

They’re all saying the same thing, the Yellow Card system in the U.K., the U.S. (VAERS), Australia’s (system). They’re all saying the same thing. As an example, myocarditis and young boys. You know, it’s not something that you can ignore. There’s a reason why this is happening. It’s because the [shots] are not safe.”


Can you remember any other time in U.S. history in which the U.S. government and its Healthcare agencies have accepted any deaths and other adverse reactions to medications as O.K.? You can’t. Why? Because there were none!

How many times does the FDA pull its “fully approved” OK when drugs previously approved resulted in too many and too egregious adverse reactions?

Here is a link to a list of those FDA-approved drugs removed from the market because of horrible adverse reactions. The list contains the 30+ drugs removed previously but also includes a complete explanation of why the FDA canceled its approval:

You’ll want to take some time and digest the explanations of the adverse effects of these medications, including several that resulted in the death of those who took them.

The ones that caught my immediate attention were Darvon and Darvocet:

Manufacturer: Xanodyne

Medical Use(s): opioid pain reliever

Cause for Recall: serious toxicity to the heart; between 1981 and 1999 there were over 2,110 deaths reported

The UK banned Darvon and Darvocet in 2005. The FDA was petitioned in 1978 and again in 2006 to ban the drug by the group Public Citizen.

Here is my summary conclusion:

2,110 people died at the hands of these two medicines. But it happened over 19 years! If you believe the VAERS “reported” death number of 20,244 U.S. deaths from COVID-19 adverse reactions from 1/1/21 – 12/10/21 — eleven months –, it is IMPOSSIBLE to accept that the FDA, CDC, NIH, Democrat Party, and the President of the United States are shoving these vaccines in the arms of Americans because they “KNOW” these vaccinations will “keep us safe.”

In fact, they KNOW they are killing Americans and are NOT stopping COVID-19!

Ask yourself, then, “What could be their motive for doing so?”

There’s only one logical answer to that question. But the answer is in multiple layers and spread across many people and institutions. It includes an untold number of deep, deep “political” purposes. And the answer is actually a summary of all of the parts of this.

I don’t know all the moving parts and names of institutions or people intricately a part of this. But the sum of it all can best be tagged: “Tyranny.”

Start there and let your mind wander through the details of this story and what the FDA has done regarding the historical withdrawal of their authorization for the marketing of the drugs listed in that linked report. You decide what a realistic answer in its entirety really is.

God help the United States of America. And save our children from the despotic medical destruction of their generation.

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