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Pure Editorial

I am taking these moments today to express what is purely opinion without providing any supporting documentation, quotes, or hard evidence to support it.  Unlike most in government today I am disclosing these are my opinions only.  If I was a politician I’d probably say “What you are about to hear are facts.  And because I’m a politician don’t you dare question their validity.”

I am sick and tired of:

  • “The Russians are coming!”  Geez…months after the election, two months after the inauguration, and the Left are STILL every day vomiting new claims of Russian intervention in all things Donald Trump.  Wait, they are not NEW claims:  they’re the same old claims.  “Putin hacked the election to get Trump elected;”  “Putin hated Hillary and would do anything to get Trump elected;”  “Putin and Trump had a bro-mance and had business dealings together;”  “Trump had business ties with Russia;” etc.  Come on!  Aren’t we smarter than that?  Do you actually believe that in the greatest intelligence infrastructure on Earth and immersed in the most vitriolic anti-President environment in American history, IF there was credible evidence of Trump ties to Putin we would not have already seen it plastered at every Leftist media outlet already?
  • “Donald Trump and his followers are xenophobes, Islamaphobes, homophobes, elitist snobs who care only for the rich.”  Really?  Would somebody PLEEZ give me real evidence — not hyperbole or crybaby soundbites — that any one of these constantly trumped up charges by the Left are true?  NOTHING in Trump’s life — either before or after his election as President — validates a single one of these allegations aimed at every breathing conservative on Earth.  Facts.  Let’s hear some facts.  Wouldn’t hearing information based on facts by today’s Socialist Leftists be refreshing?
  • Nancy Pelosi:  No explanation necessary.
  • Establishment Republicans:  It seems that the GOP “Old Guard” either have forgotten already or never accepted that not only were the Obama/Clinton Democratic ideals rejected last November, so were the tired, old, watered down lip service platitudes served up to Americans in the heartland for years by those “nasty old men who wear suits and ties all the time — even when they shower.”  Get it guys:  the base of REAL American conservatives do not like the way you’ve done business and have rejected your methodology at trying to control not only Republicans in the base of your own party but even middle-of-the-road Democrats.
  • James Comey.  Comey’s Obama and Clinton direct and indirect ties need no real vetting.  Just try Google.  The Director of the FBI almost daily makes statements, allegations, and disclaimers that cry of collusion and CYA (look it up) to take care of just one thing and one thing only:  James Comey.  He like a bull in a china shop has destroyed what little credibility remained at the FBI after its dismantling by the Obama Administration.  Even though his appointment was for centuries, (at least it seems so) President Trump can demand his resignation at any time.  DO IT!  Get a real intelligence expert who doesn’t give a rip about political aspects of the job with specific instructions to go after all the bad guys and girls in every aspect of American life — no political expediency allowed.  Comey has misled so many for so long he is playing the old game now copying Chicken Little:  “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”
  • Maxine Waters:  Gotta say, I love the wig.  I thought they buried it with James Brown, but she actually wears it better than the Godfather of Soul.  When I see her (and if I can get past the wig) I struggle to make sense of what she says.  Why?  Nothing makes sense:  “Donald Trump is the ogre under the school bridge that hates Barack Obama and Mexicans and brought Putin to lunch at the Carnegie Deli.  He hates the little people so much he has ICE throw them in the river behind the Wall and he must be impeached.  Why?  Because he farts in the Oval Office.”  Did I leave anything out?
  • Has anyone even bothered to look into the speckled past and evil doings of Chuck Schumer?  If they did and if they reported it, you would wonder how he could be in the Senate and why he’s not in Leavenworth.  Examples:  There’s not enough space here.  When you get a moment, check out the fact that under the guise of taking on Wall Street, Schumer forced the recently resigned NY U.S. Attorney into NOT prosecuting those involved in a multi million dollar devastating scam of investors by Wall Street bankers that netted Schumer cronies millions upon millions of dollars.  Included was denying those investors even the right to sue for damages in civil court.  That U.S. Attorney is Preet Bharara, (that’s right: “Preet”) who was hand picked for the job by Schumer himself.  Chucky’s hands are dirty from a lot of other shady dealings, too.  But who’s surprised?

Enough of my opinion.  Let me finish this by reminding those of you who were cognizant of America (that means “old enough to remember”) the Jimmy Carter “4-year era that seemed like a century era” in the U.S.:  Carter left a hundred or so Americans hostage in Iran for a year or so, the American economy was collapsing, (mortgage rates were at 15%, prime bank lending rates were 18%) the U.S. education system was failing, government spending went through the roof, American confidence in its government was zero, unemployment soared, etc.)  Life in America was miserable.  The only reason more Americans were not cognizant of how bad it was:  no internet and only ABC, CBS, and NBC national radio and television.  On many levels America stood on the brink of similar nastiness at the end of the second Obama term.  I will not detail specifics.  If you are objective and read, you know what they are.  With the presidency of Donald Trump just one thing is certain:  Change — not the Obama “hope and change” — change from the socialist policies and regulations of a President who summarily rejected American individualism and excellence and exchanged that for Globalism.  To many it seemed as if Barack Obama was ashamed to be American and ashamed of America.

No one can say the same things about Donald Trump.  It is abundantly clear to that he is deeply American and embraces the fundamentalism injected into the fiber of the Nation by our founding Fathers.  His policies espouse the nationalism so longed for for so long by Heartland Americans who subscribe to and long for “government by the People, of the People, and for the People.”  With Trump, they have that.

So is the Trump presidency just 71 days in imploding and is it teetering as Chuck Todd of NBC claims?  I’m simply not sure what Earth Todd lives on — certainly not this one.  Come to think of it, let me list in closing a few more “I’m tired of’s:”

  • Chuck Todd and all things NBC:  NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews
  • THE VIEW:  what redeeming qualities are there on this show?  Make sure children are no where near the television
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz:  I know she’s no longer DNC Chair.  But I feel intense nausea even now when I see her picture
  • Hillary Clinton:  PLEASE stay in Chappaqua.  And don’t do as you recently promised:  come “out of the woods in Chappaqua.”  And if you do venture out and participate in an interview, DON’T LAUGH!

Thanks for indulging the editorial blather I have spewed here.  I feel better now.  But after thinking through and then writing that last paragraph, I’m heading to “call Ralph” again.  Some things you just can’t forget…like Hillary laughing.

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