“I Know Nothing, Nothing, Nothing…”

Who can forget that famous Sergeant Schultz from the television series “Hogan’s Heroes” that showed the shenanigans in a German prison camp during WW II by Colonel Hogan and his American and British fellow-captured soldiers. The portly German sergeant was the camp guard who watched over the Americans. But Schultz doubled as the foil for all of Hogan’s measures to take advantage of his German captors. It was a really funny series.

The 21st century equivalent of Hogan’s Heroes is the 2020 election and all of its surrounding comedic scenes that played out November 3rd and still continue. And it’s probable that “Donald’s Heroes” — the series that documents the craziness of the Democrat Party in post-election drama — is going to become an “historical comedy” in itself and certainly a hit series.

Of course, in “Donald’s Heroes,” Joe Biden plays the role of Sergeant Schultz.

Why don’t we get right to the plot!

Presumptive president-elect Joe “Sergeant Schultz” Biden addressed questions about a federal investigation into his son Hunter Biden, saying he is “confident” that his son did nothing wrong.

Biden-Schultz and his transition team have largely dodged questions about the investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes by either not responding or replying, “I’m proud of my son.”

Fox News’ Peter Doocy pressed Biden-Schultz on Wednesday and asked if the presumptive president-elect was confident Hunter Biden did nothing wrong. Biden-Schultz responded, “I’m confident,” and of course “I know nothing.”

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