It’s Time For a Biden “Special Counsel” — for Hunter

I cannot fathom how the members of today’s American media and Congressional Democrats would have responded when they discovered that Attorney General Loretta Lynch purposely hid ongoing federal investigations into Donald Trump, Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump during the 2016 Trump Campaign. AG Lynch would have been immediately impeached and forever driven from any public service. Death threats certainly would have ensued and no place on Earth would be able to hide Loretta from her media haters.

Now that the election is over and it is safe for the media to cover the Hunter Biden scandal they ignored when The New York Post broke the story in October, things in Washington are getting back to normal. There’s no outrage from any corner about their inactivity in doing their jobs. We could play soundbite after soundbite showing their insolent dismissals of any possible validity of the Hunter Biden laptop discovery with its evidence that implicated Hunter and James Biden and even Joe Biden in corrupt and possibly illegal collusion with Ukraine and China. That doesn’t mention the OTHER contents of the laptop that revealed egregious drug, sexual, and even pedophilia activities. Nope. instead, today’s FBI and Justice Department officials are once again leaking like sieves to their favorite reporters about all things negative about Donald Trump. Hunter and Joe? It’s no surprise they have been given the Democrat Party/media partisan hack free-passes. After all, they both are the “brothers” of members of today’s Lamestream Media.

The New York Times knew before the election that Joe Biden was the “big guy” in line for a secret 10 percent stake in a deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate, but the paper withheld the information from readers. Yet now that Hunter Biden admits he’s under a criminal tax probe, the Gray Lady begins to stir.

In a Friday piece about the perils of the probe for Hunter’s father, the Times writes that “the inquiry originally focused on possible money laundering but did not gather enough evidence for a prosecution, according to people close to the case.” The real question is, what else did the Times know and when did it know it? And why did it keep silent before Election Day?

Try to imagine Donald Trump and his family getting the same deference.

“People familiar with the matter” are also telling The Wall Street Journal that Attorney General Bill Barr kept two separate probes into Hunter Biden quiet during the final weeks of the campaign. Perhaps it wasn’t Barr — perhaps it was the leakers who stayed silent to protect Biden. Or maybe the leakers leaked but the media didn’t want to hurt their candidate, so they waited until after the election. The Journal story says that, in addition to the Delaware tax case, federal prosecutors in New York had been examining Hunter for a year as part of an “international financial investigation.” That would have been worth knowing earlier.

Sources always have an agenda, but when they are permitted to hide behind a cloak of anonymity, readers cannot judge their credibility and motive. Worse, readers increasingly don’t believe reporters even try to tell the truth. Trust in the media was at a historic low before so many outlets betrayed their public duty during the campaign, complete with suppression polls. The supposed cream of the Washington press corps not only showed zero curiosity about the Biden family’s lucrative business schemes, they actively tried to debunk The Post’s stories as “Russian disinformation” or a smear.

A Fox News poll finds that 36 percent of all voters believe the election was stolen from Trump, with nearly seven out of 10 Republicans sharing that view. But if the election was stolen, who stole it? If you’re struggling to answer that question, take a number. Tens of millions of Americans feel certain that the election was stolen. And if you asked them all who was the thief, I bet the answers you’d get would number less than a half-dozen. And most of those six would include the words “Democrat Party.” Democrats clearly wanted to erase the states’ guardrails on ballot integrity, and they did, sometimes with GOP assistance or indifference.

Then there’s Big Tech, whose censors lean only in one direction: censor conservatives only because everyone knows, conservatives are all evil, stupid, uneducated in politics, too slow to understand reason, or all of the above. Silicon Valley political donations and news blackouts are two sides of the same agenda.

The Deep State was naturally all-in for a Trump defeat. More than 50 former intelligence officials, many of whom probably wanted jobs in a Biden administration, signed a letter suggesting the Post reports on Hunter Biden smacked of Russian disinformation. The signers included former CIA chiefs John Brennan, Gen. Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, and Michael Morell, all of whom turned out to be wrong. But the Deep Staters were loyal to their pledge: “Always support never-Trumpers and Democrat professional bureaucrats.”

An honest media would have blown the whistle on all these dirty tricks. But we don’t have an honest media. The one we have either looked the other way or played cheerleader or both. To this day, neither Hunter nor Joe Biden has disputed any of the e-mails, messages, or the sick pictures found on Hunter’s laptop.

Consider this, too: The Post’s details that included interviews with Tony Bobulinski, a former partner to Hunter and Jim Biden, presented more solid evidence about dirty dealings by the Biden family than anyone found on Trump and his family. This is true despite special counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year probe into Russia and the nonstop House impeachment investigations.

The conspiracy against Trump awakened many Americans to another reality: The only way to protect the probe into the Biden family money-grubbing is through the appointment of a special counsel. The need for protection was the logic behind the Mueller appointment, and it applies now, but much more. Why? Trump never tried to tank Mueller. You can bet Biden wouldn’t personally try to ditch a special counsel. But his minions with the last names Schiff, Pelosi, Brennan, and Clapper would certainly dismiss any political righteousness and would somehow dismiss a Biden special counsel. That person might find themselves “suicided!” (We’ve seen that before, haven’t we?)

Not only must any special counsel and his or her investigation be protected from Joe Biden’s White House, but also from FBI Director Christopher Wray. Could Biden’s indication he wants Wray to stay on as FBI Director signal anything to do with a possible Biden investigation? Even without that, Wray remaining as Biden’s FBI Director would be an enormous conflict of interest, as will be for the eventual attorney general. In fact, the special counsel provision is to be used when there are conflicts of interest among investigators and prosecutors. This case fits the definition in every possible way.

Most troubling is that the foreign governments that tried to buy influence with Joe Biden by paying millions to his brother and drug-addicted son know if they got anything in return and whether Biden has compromised himself. Hunter’s biggest deals took place when his father was vice president and in countries where Joe was the frontman for the Obama-Biden administration, including Ukraine, Russia, and China. Don’t think for one moment that any evil politician or business leader in Ukraine or China would hesitate at all to use negative information about any member of the Biden clan to leverage their demands on the U.S. government.

If he does, will that show he is bought and paid for? And what else does China know about the Bidens that Americans don’t?

The decision is up to Barr right now. That fact is a bit unsettling for many Americans. When he announced he had elevated John Durham, the prosecutor probing the FBI’s spying on the Trump 2016 campaign, to the position of the special counsel, Barr said he wanted to provide Durham and his team “with the assurance that they could complete their work, without regard to the outcome of the election.” A Biden probe is potentially far more consequential, and it deserves at least those same protections.

If AG Barr is to point such a prosecutor, he’d better hurry up. Yesterday President Trump tweeted that Barr plans to jump ship before Christmas so he can “spend more time with his family during the Christmas season.”

I wonder if Bill Barr has the honesty and integrity to do the right thing and put the process in place to allow the Department of Justice to pursue the truth regarding the shocking wrongdoing of Hunter Biden. I doubt if Barr doesn’t we’ll ever know the complete details. We certainly would not know details of any alleged wrongdoing on the part of Joe Biden. After all, Joe in the presidential debate stated he had never even talked about Hunter’s international business dealings. He then stated he had never taken a dollar from any foreign entity.

“There’s no hint of any evidence of wrongdoing by Joe!” Nope. The fact that Hunter in writing requested a set of keys and a parking pass for his father “at the new office where Hunter’s joint-venture private equity company shared space with that Chinese billionaire.”

That was just a slip.

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