Is COVID-19 2020/2021 a Test-Run For Something Else?

Conspiracy theories regarding every part of our “pandemic” abound. Some of them have been outlandish, for certain. But isn’t the fact that any theory is a “conspiracy theory” always outlandish — until one or two of them are confirmed to have NOT been conspiracies? So how do we discern which are real and which are conspiracies?

There is NO magic answer for that question. There are no “formulas,” no in-stone definitions, no magical medical “tests” for medical conspiracy theories. But if that is true, how can we tell which are real? The importance of knowing all the facts surrounding any such conspiracy must be confirmed or debunked. And that’s what today’s “fact-checkers do.” There’s “,” “Fact,” “OwlFactor,” “Credder,” “,” and “Listle,” to name a few. But here’s our problem: NONE of these and other fact-checkers are reliable ALL the time. But they certainly weigh in on EVERYTHING in the news immediately following any “suspect” piece of information is released, and someone begins to share it.

Unfortunately, this initiates another even more important question for our consideration: Who fact-checks the fact-checkers? The answer: OTHER fact-checkers!

Who can we believe?

COVID-19 Pandemic

Even today, tens of millions of people still question the source(s) and realities of COVID-19 and every part of our pandemic. We could spend this entire week publishing stories illustrating how crazed people are about it. (We won’t do that) But, think about it: trillions of dollars have been spent in the quest to stop this killer virus, and 5,200,2016 people have died worldwide, according to Worldometer. Drug manufacturers are making billions directly from governments to produce very suspect vaccines, all of which have nasty side effects that include death and permanent disabilities. And now we are told we need two, three of these vaccinations and boosters that  may be lifetime annual booster shots.

Unquestionably, governments worldwide have seized control of citizens using the fear of COVID-19 as justification for their taking over lives. First, it was “lockdown for 14 days, and we’ll get past this.” Then came masking and social distancing. Then government business lockdowns — but only impacting handpicked businesses. Bars, strip clubs, big-box store chains like Walmart, Sams Club, and all the grocery store chains remained open for being deemed “necessary.”

Have you noticed what happened as this total lockdown worldwide began to be slowly exposed as unnecessary?

  • COVID-19 cases and deaths did not stop—the numbers we are given ebb and flow. But a year into this pandemic, we see no end in sight.
  • Vaccines are not working — at least now how the “experts” guaranteed they would. We still have infections and deaths from the virus as we now get nothing but excuses from those “experts” claiming “the virus has morphed once, twice, three times — so far.” That means, of course, we all are forced back to the drawing board for our third, fourth, or fifth round of mandates for masks, social distancing, business closings, and brand new fears initiated by these same “experts.”
  • With every new surge in cases, Dr. Fauci and others of his minions are sought by news outlets for their latest projections and instructions for us to dodge “COVID-Death.” There’s absolutely NO accountability for the missed predictions and must-do orders when it’s proven again and again to have not worked as promised or not at all.
  • Politicians worldwide have all sown fear among the population of their countries as a tool with which they can test the nerve of their citizens by forcing more lockdowns and closures using even police arrests of those who dare to ignore all of their totalitarian measures called “mandates.”

None of what I’ve relayed above is news to you. You, like me, have probably spent hours trying to understand what is “really” happening in COVID World” and why it’s happening. And you, like me, can probably come up with just one or two possible answers. And the answers the “experts” keep giving us don’t align with the results promised to us all.

NONE of this adds up to the results they gave us beginning in January 2020 that have been “adjusted” when previous ones fail only for the “adjustments” to fail as well.

It all makes me question whether we’re hearing the truth or is there something sinister going on.

Is This All Part Of A Sinister Plan?

Where did that prediction from Fauci originate? When he made that statement — which is as specific as possible without naming an exact disease — was he considering some virus or bacteria that was known at that time?

What about Bill Gates. Gates is far more than just the guy who founded Microsoft and invented PCs. He operates one of the wealthiest foundations in World history that spends billion in healthcare research, primarily in vaccine exploration and implementation. He too has spoken extensively about our “coming pandemics:”

  • The next deadly disease that will cause a global pandemic is coming, Bill Gates said on Friday at a discussion of epidemics.
  • We’re not ready.
  • An illness like the pandemic 1918 influenza could kill 30 million people within six months, Gates said, adding that the next disease might not even be a flu, but something we’ve never seen.
  • The world should prepare as it does for war, Gates said.

That came during a symposium in 2008 discussing our needs for preparation for “the next global pandemic.”

It’s as if Fauci and Gates — who have worked very closely this century in collaborations in the area of viral and bacterial diseases — each “know” something regular Americans know nothing about. And it’s about pandemics, horrible diseases, and creating medicines to stop them.

What do they know that we do not?

Then there was this back in November of 2011 during the Obama Administration:

Over the last year, the Obama administration has aggressively pushed a $433-million plan to buy an experimental smallpox drug, despite uncertainty over whether it is needed or will work.

Senior officials have taken unusual steps to secure the contract for New York-based Siga Technologies Inc., whose controlling shareholder is billionaire Ronald O. Perelman, one of the world’s richest men and a longtime Democratic Party donor.

The story details the process of, and describes the necessity for, accumulating almost half-a-billion dollars worth of an experimental smallpox drug — not a vaccine. The story, published in the Los Angeles Times, details the process and explanations for this massive transaction. I suggest you read the story yourself. The link is below:

But there’s more. Quietly, the Biden Administration has been buying large amounts of anti-smallpox medicine:

SIGA Technologies Announces Department of Defense Increases Funding to Develop Post-Exposure Prophylactic Indication for TPOXX®

The use of TPOXX for PEP could provide significant potential benefit in the event of a smallpox pandemic or outbreak. While vaccines would play an important role in containing the spread of smallpox, they are only effective if administered prior to infection or no later than four days after infection. However, symptoms of smallpox do not typically appear until approximately 14 days post-infection, and there is currently no diagnostic test to determine infection prior to symptom onset. Given the uncertainty of an individual’s infection status in that two-week period, and the highly contagious nature of smallpox, the administration of a vaccine in combination with TPOXX could be an important strategy for reducing morbidity and mortality in a smallpox outbreak. Dosing of TPOXX in the PEP indication is expected to be 28 days rather than the 14-day dosing currently recommended for its use in treating patients with active smallpox infections. This would increase the amount of TPOXX used for each exposed person compared with each infected person.

“During our FDA Advisory Committee meeting in May 2018, several committee members emphasized the importance of evaluating the potential use of TPOXX not only to treat smallpox symptomatic infection, but also to treat patients with known smallpox exposure who have not yet developed symptoms,” said Dr. Phil Gomez, CEO of SIGA. “An expansion of the TPOXX label to include its use for PEP would provide greater flexibility to deliver TPOXX to those who might benefit from treatment during a potential outbreak.” (see link to the story)

Do I really feel like another pandemic is on its way and that it will be a smallpox pandemic? I honestly have no idea. But when all of the secrets regarding COVID-19, its origins, and the seemingly carefully prepared mistakes that have been made by our medical professionals in its prevention and treatment, people much smarter than me have begun to question if any of THIS pandemic has been coordinated. It certainly has been manipulated by many who we have trusted.

Bill Gates has famously stated he’s expecting what he’s termed “Pandemic #2” at any time.

Before we close this today, please listen to this audio that explains why many experts are sensing in alarming numbers that there’s another pandemic for the nation waiting in the wings. Whether or not it is Smallpox or some other killer remains to be seen — if there is even going to be one. But it’s good to grab as much information as possible to be prepared for the possibility.

Click to listen: Pandemic One or Two?


No, I am NOT a conspiracy theorist. I have NO idea if any of this is true. PLEASE don’t think, and PLEASE don’t tell others, that “TruthNewsNetwork is forecasting a purposeful Smallpox pandemic.” That’s not what we’re doing nor what this story today is about. It’s about fact-finding.

Consider this: can you say “factually” that we will NOT have a Smallpox or other type of pandemic? No one can truthfully say that. And we certainly don’t feel it’s going to happen. But we DO question how and why all the puzzle pieces in a puzzle that has been labeled for decades as “manipulated healthcare emergencies” seems to be fitting into a picture of that. Isn’t it prudent to consider ALL the possibilities? After all, smallpox is deadlier than even COVID-19.

Read the story links listed above. Watch the Fauci video and listen to the audio links above. If you do that — if for NO other reason than to consider others’ “opinions” — you’ll be able to develop a thought process about all this, put to rest some ideas you may have held, and maybe determine there are OTHER things we all need to consider.

Wouldn’t it be better to feel confident telling our children and grandchildren, “I KNOW there’s nothing to be afraid of regarding getting sick. Our leaders have made all the preparations for us so that we don’t have to worry about getting sick as did many during COVID-19.”

I want to tell MY kids and grandkids that today, but I cannot — at least not honestly.

Until I can, I will keep digging. And you’re welcome to come along!

(By the way, I welcome your input)

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