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Saturday Bullet Points: November 27, 2021

Who would have thought last Saturday the events of this week have unfolded as they did. We had just heard of the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse for all charges against him in the Kenosha, Wisconsin incident in which three were shot, two of which died. Two days later, a man sped down Mainstreet in Waukesha, Wisconsin, during a Christmas parade using his SUV to run over at least 65 people who were innocently watching the parade. Six were killed, and 50 or more were seriously wounded. And then Wednesday, we watched as three were found guilty of first-degree murder and other charges in the vigilante shooting of the Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia. The week couldn’t contain any more serious stuff happening, right? Wrong!

We grabbed ALL the big news on ALL the big stories in the past week and give you the most important ones in today’s Saturday Bullet Points. Read the descriptive sentences following each bullet point. If you want more info than those sentences provide, click on the blue arrow link at the end and go to a full story. It’s the best and simplest way to get the hot stories without having to fast-forward through dozens of “snoozers!”

Let’s get it started!

Bullet Points

  • Though the Kenosha jury unanimously found Kyle Rittenhouse innocent on all charges, many on the Left still scream about the injustice of the verdict, especially since the State Media for a year have portrayed the 17-year-old as a beast with no heart or feelings. Imagine what Americans discovered when the truth came out! He DID NOT break any gun laws. He DID NOT chase anyone with a gun. He DID use his gun to protect himself from three men chasing him AFTER they attacked him. In fact, one FBI agent this week explained how Kyle took the perfect steps in everything that happened that night. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • I’m certain you have not already forgotten those Loudoun County Virginia parents who, when discovering their children were being taught Critical Race Theory in public schools, confronted in very public fashion those school board members in televised meetings. Words were very pointed and delivered in demonstrative anger. But do you remember that in Fairfax County, Virginia, parents successfully got books removed from their public schools that promoted illicit sex that included pictures and taught students it was all right for young boys to have sex with men! That is the definition of pedophilia. Guess what? The public schools in Fairfax County are putting those books back into schools. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • The Rittenhouse trial dominated the news for the past 30 days. Because of that, the trial of three Georgians for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery received little coverage — until the jury came in with the verdicts of the three killers. They were all found guilty on multiple counts that included convictions for First Degree Murder. The perpetrators were white, while Ahmaud was African-American. Surely that fact sealed the deal that justice was served in that white men that executed a black man saw the book thrown at them. It comes as no surprise that President Biden seems to disagree with that statement. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • The perpetrator of that SUV-mayhem in Waukesha has a massive file of criminal infractions in his wake that stretch all the way back to 1999. It’s incredible that people in the legal system let him slide time after time when committing a criminal act, many of which were felonies, giving him extremely low bail, if any at all. In fact, he was released just days before the Waukesha horror show after posting just $1000 bail for attempting to murder his wife with the same SUV! We’ve learned much about him. But something very odd showed up: he was a YouTube rapper! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Are you at least a little concerned about the rapidly rising costs of almost everything in the nation? A huge majority of Americans feel like this President has lost all credibility when it comes to managing our economy, protecting us from foreign invaders, and managing our Defense Systems. Inflation is driving prices to records for higher than any inflation numbers in 30 years. Never fear, however: Hillary took time to tell Americans that Joe Biden’s accomplishments as President are being overlooked in a television appearance. We’re “not give Joe a chance!” For complete details, click on this link: 
  • At long last, it appears there is some pending good news coming about our southern border invasion. After initiating and managing the largest and most illegal immigration process in U.S. history, Joe Biden’s hand has been called by federal courts. He has been instructed to restart the “Remain in Mexico” program initiated during the Trump Administration. Trump’s actions saw an immediate drop in illegal crossings to just a trickle before Biden canceled the program his first day as President, which began the flood of 2 million illegals into our country. And Biden hasn’t been in office yet one year! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • We learned on Thanksgiving Day that COVID-19 had created ANOTHER variant. This one was seen first in South Africa. Experts tell us this variant is apparently the worst COVID-19 strain yet. Though little is known about it, the WHO is in meetings to put the process together to engage all the scientists necessary to learn as much as possible about this strain of the virus and to take swift actions to stop it. What does that mean? I can see rampant panic gripping countries across the Globe with egregious lockdowns and, of course, more new vaccines! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Wednesday, I listened to the findings of the Ahmaud Arbery junior read aloud at the trial in Georgia of three men who murdered an African American man out for a jog through a neighborhood. A father, son, and a neighbor actually took video of them chasing Arbery all the way through the shooting. This trial and the anticipation of verdicts not being what many thought were justified had activists from all over the country — including a group of black militants — who publicly declared what would “probably” happen with the McMichaels and their neighbor did not receive guilty verdicts. They got their wish! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • It actually surprised me to learn that the Biden White House asked a federal appeals court to overturn the stay of ANOTHER federal appeals court that twice denied the Biden attempt to implement through OSHA that mandatory vaccine for the employees of private companies with 100 or more employees. Yes, many have shared my conviction I’ve held for some time that the Left has little respect for our judiciary system — especially when it interferes with their political ideals. While millions of Americans face losing their jobs for rejecting one of the COVID-19 vaccinations, Biden is hell-bent on forcing every American to be vaccinated, “Or Else.” For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Not everybody has caved and honored the Biden vaccine mandate. In fact, across the nation, as numerous companies face losing massive numbers of workers who refuse to vax, Biden doubles down on that push while businesses have gone to war. A group is asking a court to stop the rush to force vaccinations on employees using a threat of losing employment if not vaccinated. This further illustrates Biden’s disdain for the Rule of Law. And, whatever happened to that “My body, by choice” cry from the Left? Where is that today? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • That cry birthed immediately following the tragic killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis to “Defund the Police” has created all kinds of havoc across the nation where towns and cities have actually — at least in part — defunded their police forces. Story after story appears recounting horrors that happen because police forces almost in total are experiencing shortages in the workforce that are dangerously impacting the services they provide protecting the populace. Sadly, one young man looked on as his father died in the midst of an incident because there were not a sufficient number of police available on the scene to save his Dad’s life. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Daily we hear of more horrors hidden in Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill pending consideration by the U.S. Senate next week. Besides being the largest spending bill in American history, it’s full of paybacks, pork projects, government giveaways, and pieces of legislation that, if enacted, will take our nation to the point of no return by turning a massive segment of our nation into dependents forever sustained financially by the government. Additionally, through one such revelation, we learned that the bill is packed with bonuses amounting to millions of dollars to cartels from Mexico for the children they smuggle into the nation! For complete details, click on this link: 

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