Is It Time to Panic?!?

Millions in the U.S. are asking that this morning. It’s the first Monday in April of 2020. Another day, another week, another month while the clock keeps ticking, Coronavirus keeps spreading as it keeps on killing.

Maybe it IS time to panic.

As our story published yesterday stated, before we launch Corona panic attacks, we need to step back from the helter-skelter of the unknown, take a breath, and launch an investigation to gather facts with which we can make educated determinations of where we are in this pandemic, even if there IS a pandemic underway. We’ll gather applicable facts with which to educate ourselves and ensure when we make decisions, we are confident our determinations are the right ones.

Three hundred thirty million Americans awakened this morning with the same questions about Coronavirus just as puzzled as are you. This show today is to find confirmation with evidence of the details of our 2020 “Holocaust.” I called it that not to demean anyway the WWII Holocaust that resulted in the extermination of millions by Adolph Hitler, but to draw a parallel to what might result in similar body counts as did Hitler’s massacre of Jews in Europe.

Where do we start? Why don’t we begin with what the medical and political experts have told us about the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus Experts Say:

You know what? We all know what the experts have said daily in the past. Americans are glued to electronic televisions, Ipads and cell phones, and other gadgets to hear the latest. The White House Task Force, the Centers for Disease Control, various doctors and hospital CEOs, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists and general doctors of every kind appear non-stop on national news shows giving us the “facts” about Coronavirus. We hear explanations and advice about anything and everything intrinsic in getting to know about pandemics in general and Coronavirus in particular. Unfortunately, everyone one of the experts we see and hear are telling us things that we believe simply because they are experts! To be clear, there is not a medical professional of any specialty that knows for sure what he or she tells us about Coronavirus has concrete proof to support their claims.

That’s scary!

What they give us is mostly good advice about controlling the environments in which we live to minimize any risk that the Coronavirus may grab us as we enter a specific area or circumstance. We’ll call that dangerous place the “Corona-Zone.” Most of their suggestions are excellent ideas for dealing with almost all respiratory issues Americans face.

Coronavirus Death Facts

I hesitate even to go here. “Facts” are not by definition ever “projections” or “assumptions.” Unfortunately, with Coronavirus, we must accept some “probabilities” because facts based on accurate data are impossible to confirm at this point. But we can look at totals and trends to get some reliable basis for conclusions.

Have you ever wondered how all this Coronavirus noise relates to “other” deaths during the same time as Coronavirus is killing us? Let’s turn to some verified numbers given by some of the experts at the Centers for Disease Control: the “CDC.”

You saw the latest numbers for infections as of early today in the World and in the U.S., followed by the deaths worldwide and here. This chart to the left, when put in context with the daily numbers released by the CDC, has many Americans taking a pause. They are difficult to reconcile.

Coronavirus cases are skyrocketing as are confirmed cases and deaths. That’s what officials are telling us. In context, however, after the fact numbers muddy the water. The CDC chart represents numbers week by week for the months of February and March. The CDC reports 1150 by Coronavirus with 446,778 deaths from “all causes.” During February, there were NO Coronavirus deaths until the final week and there were only 5. However, March brought different results. Weekly numbers went from 16 to 42, then 300, and to 788 the last week. This happened while “deaths from all causes” declined throughout the month. And the last two weeks of March, deaths declined by 20,000 each week.

Should that be happening in this Coronavirus pandemic? Based on what we see and hear, cases and deaths in the U.S. are roaring to never-before-seen heights.

Where Are the Bodies?

Where will the bodies go? Morgues plan as the virus grows… That’s a weekend news headline of an article published by the Associated Press.

Mainland China sees a rise in new coronavirus cases… Uh-Oh! Just when it appeared China had turned the corner on the Coronavirus, “He’s Back…!”

Surgeon general: ‘This is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans’ lives’  He obviously referred to a staggering deathcount. But, alas, no details.

Bodies of COVID-19 victims pile up in streets of Ecuador as residents beg authorities for help  (An article from RT, but NO pictures)

As Coronavirus Deaths Surge, New York City Allows Cremations 24 Hours a Day…  A story from the Wall Street Journal without any pictures or personal stories

But the questions continue to mount when videos like this show up:

Pictured in this video are four New York City Hospitals, one in Brooklyn, multiple hospitals in the greater Los Angeles area, several hospitals scattered around California, two hospitals in Louisville, KY, and several testing centers in Hawaii. ALL have been non-stop by the media as constantly and consistently flooded with Coronavirus patients, lines of patients sometimes even wrapping around medical buildings waiting to get checked-in. Additionally, they have been seen with regular refrigerated trucks to temporarily hold bodies because the morgues have no space.

Where Are the COVID-19 Patients?

Here are just added photos from U.S. hospitals and temporary facilities as well as others around the World each from the last week. These, when downloaded, were each date and time stamped to verify how long they’ve stood where they are. They are as follows: a facility in Mulhouse, France; Ifema Exhibition Hall in Madrid, Spain; a parking lot facility at Mary Washington Hospital; a temporary medical housing COVID-19 patient facility in Indio Springs, CA; a temporary hospital in Central Park in New York City; the Century Link Center in Seattle, WA; a stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil; the Jacob Javitz Center, New York City; and the Barcelona Center in Barcelona, Spain.

Answers: We Need Answers!

There is an overflowing abundance of theories about what we all have been seeing and hearing for about a month now. Heretofore we’ve had no choice to believe other than the unified story played-out over every news media outlet in the United States. Yes, none of this adds up. But what do we do? Do we believe the conspiracy theorists that say the Chinese purposely loosed the virus on America as payback for the tariffs put on Chinese products exported to the U.S.? Was it a population control biological weapon intended by the Chinese Communists to kill a large number of their own citizens as they have previously to reduce China’s massive population? Could it be a political ploy by Leftists in the nation and the World who are desperate to guarantee Donald Trump will not serve a second term because of voter rejection as payback for the “supposed” Coronavirus responsibility he may have? Or could it be (as HBO talkshow host Bill Mahr has voted for) an attempt by Democrats to crash the economy as a political ploy to send Mr. Trump back into impeachment part two or simply to vote him from office?

The book is still out on all of these. What’s terrifying is that we may never know the factual answer to these questions! Our country, over the last century, has developed the most sophisticated systems for communication, surveillance, controlling nearly every phase of Americans’ lives. Why should we NOT believe what we are seeing is a unified effort to turn our government and our country upside down: to flip from capitalism in a representative republic to a country which embraces some version of Socialism with a defined group or individual at the helm?

What are your thoughts? Why not share them here. Give us yours in the comments section and we’ll share them with all our partners. Or, if you prefer, call tomorrow to TNN Live and share your thoughts live on our 9-11 AM internet broadcast to the World. How do you do that? Call our toll-free number 866-378-7884 anytime between 9:00 and 11:00 AM Central time and tell the world.


Do you want my thoughts? I’ll give you the “short” version:

  • There really IS a pandemic. It may have been started intentionally — by others or maybe even by a radical internal faction of one of the U.S. three-letter agencies to initiate seven months of pandimonium, fear, and hatred.
  • A decades-old group of financial giants comprised of numerous private and government persons hunger for power and control of more than just the U.S. (This has been common knowledge for a century or so) Their goal? To destroy the stability of the currency of every country on Earth. “Fiat” money is what every country except Switzerland uses. “Fiat currency” is that which is backed by nothing tangible: no assets. These globalists want gold, precious metals, diamonds and possibly even massive real estate holdings as collateral to underwrite currencies. Naturally this group would be responsible to “replinish” the World’s currency with a replacement. Whether that replacement would be in total a physical currency or not, it is certain some type of “crypto” or “digital” currency would certainly play a large role.
  • The Chinese are key players in this entire reconstruction. Why? Because they own and control the largest deposits of gold, other precious metals, diamonds and other precious stones of any other country on Earth. Additionally, China has quietly taken massive equity in numerous U.S. technology companies of all kinds to faciliate such a transition. They have significant leverage over the U.S. now because of our massive national debt that seems to be unpayable and therefore uncollectable.
  • I’m uncertain who comprises this group of giants. Certainly, (if such a group exists) to be successful would require having powerful individuals in the areas of finance, government, medicine, technology, and world politics.
  • The World’s three largest and most powerful nations would certainly have to be a part of all this: China, Russia, and the U.S. That would require the leaders of each to have subscribed to this or any other plan to make a move of such unbelievable difficulty. The three most power political leaders today have relationships that just might be conducive to working together for the common good of their countries.

How would this impact us all? First, we must defeat this virus! None of these ideas or any other, for that matter, hold any significance in moving forwad as a nation or planet. Without the ridding of Coronavirus, NO future will exist for millions of those alive today.

Note: Remember our promise to always notify our readers and listeners when we report something that is at least “largely” our opinion? Today, that’s what we are doing.

We started with a butterfly in the stomach when thinking of the state of the nation’s physical health and economic health and how both have taken a gut-shot by Coronavirus. The virus IS real. People ARE getting sick and ARE dying. To what extent and in what number remains to be verified. We hope to be able to do just that soon.

The hospital numbers, numbers of infected and maybe even deaths look to be somewhat inflated. “Look to” are the operative words: we don’t KNOW that — its an opinion.

The existence of such a group IS a reality. No, I do not “know” who comprises that group. But I am positive I know who several are. Exactly what are they up to? I can give you only one guarantee for their objective: to control a bunch of people and everything they have for eternity.

This conversation will NOT end today. It will go on and on, even after the November election. Remember: to this day, we are uncertain who REALLY killed President John F. Kennedy. Who says the bad guys cannot stay hidden forever!

I encourage to share your thoughts with us. Doing that is more important than ever. Somewhere buried deep inside one or some of us are the confirmations for all of our suspicions. And as Americans, we should know!

Send your thoughts and questions to me at, or simply post them in the comments section here.

In tomorrow’s and any and all future shows, you are welcome to call-in, weigh-in on what we are discussing that day, but, certainly, to bring us back in conversation to THIS day about THIS subject and to YOUR thoughts and conclusions. Feel free to start doing that tomorrow!



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