We Want the REAL COVID-19 Story!

In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, conspiracies abound. We don’t chase conspiracies theories here. But in our quest to ferret out the truth, we keep butting heads with details in the stratosphere that simply do not add up. So we have been and ARE investigating those. But we have a problem.

Through the Coronavirus chaos, we have conducted research using normal investigative processes. But we keep running into closed doors and roadblocks we’ve never before seen. They are occurrences on the streets of America that do not align with the news narrative or with “facts” presented by medical and government authorities. Too often during the last few months, some of those “facts” presented to us are actually untruths.

What is happening?

The Authorities

Millions of us tune in daily to the White House Task Force briefings of the latest Coronavirus news. In those, we get updates on the numbers of infections, deaths, geographical data showing the concentration of those infected, the latest medical findings, and then instructions on how for us to handle Coronavirus in our personal lives.

It has been in these briefings we’ve learned about possible cures like hydroxychloroquine, antibodies, and, hopefully, a soon-to-be-released vaccine. We’re briefed on methods with which to interrupt the viral spreading, (social distancing and personal quarantine), the economic impacts of the state and federal shutdowns of businesses, and a never-ending string of stories which recount the personal horrors of the results of the virus. Our hearts are ripped apart numerous times with horrific examples of the unseen enemy’s devastation.

Of late, we see the Task Force projections that are given so demonstrably change — sometimes daily. Certainly, some of these changes happen because of revelations of the unknown. Often it results from inconclusive and sketchy data. We’ve been told by both Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci multiple times that “projections (or the “models”) can only be created from data. If they do not have accurate data, they cannot create accurate projections or models.

We’ve even watched as these same experts discount information from other “experts” that shows up in the news. Dr. Fauci seems especially prone to get defensive when someone questions facts he’s shared or presents data which he has not seen or analyzed.

Who has the right numbers? Whose data is the “best” and most accurate?  When will we get answers from our political and medical experts who will give us the confidence in their accuracy?

We’ve discussed before the overwhelming and most effective tool of Coronavirus: Fear. It seems that a simple virus has forced its way into the mainstream thinking of every person on Earth while commanding the top spot in all news reporting. Meanwhile, “Corona-Fear” usurps the thoughts of everyone.

We’ve also said that Corona-Fear’s power comes solely from the fact that all about it, except its results, are unknown. Bundle that with naked fear and the dominating emotion of the uncertainty of the unknown, and the result is Fear.

What’s Ahead?

I’m no psychic, nor a prophet. I can’t tell you much about your day tomorrow, your week or month ahead, or how this will all end. I can predict that this pandemic WILL end. I cannot say how.

But what most are doing is gazing at the battlefield of Coronavirus and its present devastation without looking at or adding in the “other” stuff. Let’s for a bit today talk about that “other” stuff.

While we consider that, don’t get lost in the past. Boy, that’s hard to do if you look, listen, or watch media reports about it all! But in all the noise of the reporting, we’re missing one absolute we must obtain to successfully move forward: the Truth.

Can We Dream?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Don Lemon of CNN, Rachel Maddox of MSNBC, Sean Hannity of FOX News, would join Rep. Adam Schiff, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would join President Trump in a nationally-televised broadcast Monday evening? In that broadcast they each take turns reading a paragraph of a unified written statement like this:

“Tonight, Americans huddle in their homes, paralyzed with fear. No one knows what to do to survive what appears to be the greatest and most tragic event in our history: Coronavirus. It is natural to fear what we cannot understand. It is natural to fear the might and determination of an enemy we cannot see. It is natural  to obsess about our tomorrows because none of us know what those tomorrows will look like, where they might find us, or IF we will have tomorrows.”

“Many of us have from fears and weaknesses attacked those in our lives who we have labeled as our enemies, looking for ways to place blame for Coronavirus at their feet. We are wrong for doing so. Autopsies are never prudent when someone is still living. And this pandemic is still breathing, thriving, and daily growing stronger. We’ll have time for finger-pointing at the end.”

” It’s time for us all to drop the tags of Race, ethnicity, economic status, religion, political leaning and sexual identity to become just plain old Americans. We as a nation have done just that numerous times in our history. Our nation was founded on the principle of ‘All for one and one for All.’ We’re at that very point in American history once more.”

“It is sad it has taken wars, economic depressions, foreign terrorist attacks, political upheavals, riots, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornaodos to trigger a change, a transition from a country comprised of millions of individuals, to a country our forefathers called ‘One Nation under God.'”

“Are we at that point today? Can we get to that point? Can we achieve that lofty but worthy goal one more time? Will we stand as One while the task to defeat the latest onslaught of evil to take-on our nation breathes its final breath?”

“As a group of national leaders, we are today telling with one unified voice to each American that we are ALL IN. We are committed to pull together, minus any and all previous prejudices and partisan perspectives, laying our personal and public agendas to the side to find answers: TOGETHER. We must beat Coronavirus. We must renew and reinvigorate our liberty. We must once more rejoice in unison rather than as individuals for the blessings from living in the greatest and freest country in World history.”

“We believe we can do these things: with your help. And we are here to tell every American we MUST have you united with us to puzzle as One our way through the war with THIS enemy, just like we have again and again.”

What impact would that make on our country? How would it make you feel? Wouldn’t it be nice to return to our booming economy without bitterness and anger for those different from us but who have joined with us to become one? Wouldn’t it be prudent for us all to do that instead of watching our lives melt away slipping into the oblivion as have dozens of other countries?

To do that, we must first find the Truth of where we are in this fight. I’m certain we don’t know that today.There are far too many unanswered questions about this enemy for Americans to feel the confidence sufficient to make us join with our fellow citizens in one mind and one accord. There are many puzzle pieces — far TOO many — that do not fit for us to unite comfortably. Here’s what’s up:

The “Process”

Our questions MUST be answered. Americans MUST be given thorough and sourced answers, so the confidence in our national leadership can be restored. If that doesn’t happen, it is useless to believe that trust and unity can happen. We’re all human. WE MUST KNOW THE TRUTH!

“Of what things are you speaking? What do we not know?”

  • Why every day do we see reports, pictures and live videos from reputable (though often not “mainstream) media sources of hospitals in New York City and Los Angeles which we’ve been told are inundated with Coronavirus patients, so much so that medical staff is stepping over bodies in hallways where gurneys hold patients waiting to be seen?
  • Why do these videos and pictures show empty streets and sidewalks and hospital lobbies that we are told are so filled with Coronavirus patients that medical staff is being brought in from other states to help handle the overflow?
  • Why are hospitals that are called “Ground Zero” and report dozens of daily deaths and using refrigerator trucks to serve as temporary morgues, none of which are shown anywhere: national, local, or international news sources of any kind?
  • Why when one does a Google search using this: “pictures or videos from inside hospitals showing all the patients in the ER and elsewhere treated for Coronavirus,” does not one result offer any pictures or videos from ANY U.S. hospital at all. I’ve conducted that search a dozen times in the last week. One such picture DOES show up. It’s actually a part of a CBS News story. (Tomorrow we’ll discuss with you the truth of that story and picture)
  • Why in the media spin surrounding the arrivals of USNS Mercy in Los Angeles last week and the USNS Comfort in New York City, each with one thousand bed capacity have a combined total of fewer than 20 patients Sunday night?
  • Why in the nauseating gluttony for “dirty news” by today’s Mainstream Media have we not seen reporters and photographers storming into these hospitals to get scandalous pictures of these thousands of patients dying from this disease?


Here’s what we are going to do Monday morning on TNN Live: we are going to open up our microphones via telephone to all of you to join our conversation about these exact things. We’re NOT going to do so to throw rocks at anyone for doing something wrong or doing nothing at all. We’re going to do this to hopefully instigate an environment of ravenous hunger for the TRUTH in all of this.

None of you must miss our live show from 9:00 to 11:00 Central Monday morning. We’ll begin the show with the latest factual information, statistics, and government directions added to the Monday morning real “news” about Coronavirus. We plan to then open our phone lines to you to join me live to discuss your thoughts, any information you have personally, questions you may have, and the things we all need to do together to get this massive “fix” underway.

Our toll-free number for you to use to join is 866-37TRUTH. That’s 866-378-7884. When you call, wait a few seconds for me to answer and welcome you, and then let’s go!

If you have verified information with sources that you can give to validate the information, PLEASE share it with all of our partners. We have tens of thousands who will be listening in. And if you’ve not called before, do not worry. I will steer you through our conversation in a way in which you’ll be comfortable to share your thoughts.

Remember this: You’re a partner in this — each of you. This is YOUR voice, YOUR way to share on a large scale all the things in Coronavirus that you know, don’t know, or don’t understand.

We’re in this to find ways to move forward together. But moving forward cannot happen until we find the truth and our leaders not only commit to transparency but open the doors of mystery to all Americans.

See you in the morning!


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  1. Great idea … our family has wondered where the pics and video are!! We do have friends I NY that are struggling and who have family members fighting and dying from CV19 so we know something bad is happening !! Praying for clarity and healing of our land!!

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