Is the 2020 Election Really The “Big Con?”

Americans have grown accustomed to being told one thing in politics but seeing something totally different. After all, that’s “politics.” But the older I get, the more often it looks as if these promises for and against purported accomplishes for one group or another that never materialize are little more than lies. The polite among us would probably call them something benign like “misstatements” or “unfulfilled expectations.” Come on, Man! They’re nothing but lies. And in the context of four years in office full of such travesties, we can truly call it the “Big Con.”

There have always been con-artists in politics. They exist in every sector of society. But in politics, such tactics are especially deadly. Let’s look at one example of some recent political cons.


Barack Obama famously revealed his over-arching intent: to lead the fundamental change in our nation. When we heard him say that, we thought, “That’s just politispeak,” and went along our way, giving it no thought. We probably should have. For with that promise, Obama put in place a craftily disguised plan to slowly but certainly transition this nation from the most extreme yet wonderful example of government “by the People” to a semi-totalitarian government that is “without the People.”

And it almost worked.

Honestly, there were dozens of cons that showed up, played themselves out, then quietly went away after a failure during the Obama Administration’s eight years. They were right in front of our faces, and we just benignly looked away, giving them not a wisp of attention.

  • There was that “Shovel-ready job” thing. Remember that one? It took shy of one trillion American tax dollars to prove to Obama and his fleet of fellow conspirators that they could actually pull it off. Of course, the “shovel-ready” jobs proved to be not only NOT shovel-ready, but there were also NO jobs. And that one trillion dollars went in the pockets of an innumerable number of folks often disguised as companies that didn’t get their projects in place so didn’t operate as they planned.
  • Then Obamacare was forced down our throats. Once again, Obama showed his minions that the things he said to the American people about this miracle program’s structure would save the U.S. Healthcare System. It would have been another big laugh for the Obama gang if a huge portion of the American public did not see through the sham and began ringing the fraud bell from the start.
  • On the international stage, Obama promised he would be the great leader that would mend the wounds foisted on the rest of the World by years of American selfishness and nation-building. He even went on that “apology tour,” which included a speech to thousands of Germans who thought he was the savior of all, bowing before the Saudi King, and apologizing to each leader with whom he met for all the evil actions of our nation’s past leaders.
  • He was weak before our foes even though he had promised he would draw a line in the sand in Syria and would not send our military members to die in foreign countries. Syria trampled all over his red line, and American patriots continue to die in the sands of the Middle East.
  • Obama despised Israel, its leaders, and its people — so much so that he used American tax dollars to secretly send hundreds of thousands of dollars to fuel an attempt to thwart Prime Minister Netanyahu’s re-election bid.
  • Obama cozied up to Putin and gave Iran, the World’s greatest purveyor of terrorism, $150 billion, of which $400 million was delivered secretly at night in cash.

None of this is to say that President Obama did nothing for our nation. He did. Sadly, much of what he did so quietly and stealthily was NOT to enhance our economy, reduce unemployment, create new jobs, reduce welfare rolls, and bring companies back to the U.S., which had abandoned our shores for high tax corporate taxes and oppressive regulations. It was to push forward the “Big Con.”

“Change” Part II

Fast-forward a few years to the completion of the four years of Donald Trump: the “Orange-Man” who everyone laughed at — until he began to summarily beat the old “Big Con” expectations by many of him by systematically doing something few in politics had seen before. What was so different? An American president not only promised to do a bunch of things but did them! What a novel idea.

We won’t chronicle here all of the horrendous battles he fought against foes that were supposed to be fellow Americans during his first term. He discovered how treacherous American politicians are. He didn’t trust many in his administration, but he trusted “too” many.

A week ago, he faced what his millions of followers (and he) were certain would be an easy run into four more years of leading the nation. But he forgot the United States always ready “Big Con” was headed back to D.C. to work its wiles. And “Orange-Man faced the same foe for the second time. He’s learned a few things the hard way.

Lessons From the “Big Con”

Elections don’t make democracies; free and fair elections do. Today, in the midst of our post-election chaos, we find ourselves in a fight for the latter. This election is about far more than Donald Trump, the man, or even his policies. The question is this: either democracy survives or one political party will be allowed to bully, lie, cheat, and steal its way into power. In other words, perpetrate another “Big Con” on the American people.

The stakes, at this moment, could not be higher. Some Republicans are used to losing and meekly conceding defeat. But the President and the largest number of voters for any Republican in American history know that fighting until the end is necessary — and winning is not wrong. For five years, the Democrat party and their allies in the corporate media, the swampy government bureaucrats, and the Big Tech platforms have fought Trump with every weapon at their disposal.

They feverishly repeated every deranged theory that Trump was really a Russian asset operating as Putin’s Manchurian candidate, and then cheered on his impeachment for it. An FBI lawyer altered evidence to spy on a U.S. citizen while texting bragging about his political escapades via Twitter to his colleagues. When, less than a month before the election, Facebook and Twitter outright banned the circulation of a New York Post story involving corruption in the Biden family. Media outlets happily did the same.

The New York Times accused Trump of faking his post-COVID White House appearance with a green screen and using a secret Twitter code to activate right-wing extremists. CNN is now settling libel suits for its role in instigating a vicious social media campaign and physical threats against a Catholic high school kid — all for the crime of wearing a MAGA hat. Remember when Media outlets breathlessly ran with a fake story about Trump killing an entire pond of Japanese koi fish. Yet, they refused to cover the violent riots that broke out across the country this summer? They stood in front of buildings that were literally on fire, claiming the protests were “fiery, but mostly peaceful.” They told us that border walls don’t stop illegal immigration, riots don’t spread COVID-19, but schools and church services do, and Joe Biden would win in a landslide.

Congressional Democrats ran on a platform meant to fundamentally reshape our institutions to reshape the country with a permanent Democrat majority. Packing the Supreme Court isn’t about checks and balances. It’s about establishing permanent Democrat power. Adding D.C. and Puerto Rico as states isn’t about helping those poor Puerto Rican people. It’s about adding four additional Democrat senators. Abolishing the electoral college isn’t about some distorted notion of fairness. It’s about cementing a massive and dominant role for coastal urban centers in selecting our presidents from now on.

Do you envision the “Big Con” yet?

These are the people — the alliance of mainstream media, Big Tech platforms, and a Democrat party hell-bent on snatching and permanently controlling political power for themselves — who want you to believe that the unmonitored vote counting of historical numbers of mail-in ballots, which mysteriously continue to appear from thin air, are completely aboveboard. They want you to listen as they lecture you about “what’s good for the country.” They want you to believe them when they paint every good-faith Republican effort to ensure democratic transparency as fascist tyranny. They want to shame you into meek submission “for democracy.”

Absolutely not. They have not earned our trust, and they do not deserve it. They should be given no political quarter. Yet they continually “assume” we owe them that. After all, they know more than we and therefore are worthy.

It’s just another chapter of the “Big Con.”

This election is about the presidency, yes, but more than any other, it is about who will rule: the militant woke millenials who think “healing America” involves excluding half of it, or Donald Trump, the chaotic TV cowboy who rode into D.C., guns blazing, and accidentally unmasked the political swamp-rot of Washington’s corruption. There’s only one option available for the United States Constitution and its supporters. And it is not the “Big Con.”

The fight of this election is as pragmatic as it is political; it is between a party that will defend our way of life and a party that has every intention of destroying it.

Every legal vote must be counted. Every necessary legal measure must be taken. Not an inch should be given — not just for one side or the other, but to restore a downtrodden and defeated world with faith in the structure and processes of America’s election and governance.

The militant Left that has lied to America countless times cannot be trusted to tell the truth about what’s happening. Open the count, line up observers, ensure every vote cast is a legal one. If there are discrepancies, they must be explained rather than dismissed. Our self-government requires consensus. That consensus is fragile. Without trust at its foundation, it will shatter. The 71 million people who cast a vote for Donald Trump deserve this fact-finding as much as every other American voter.

American voters deserve much more than simply another chapter of the “Big Con.”

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  1. Not my writing but so very true: “This election is more than exposing political corruption it’s about exposing an adversary who is just getting warmed up and God wants us to see it clearly to see if we will respond.”

    Are we going to speak now or forever hold our peace?

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