“Kalamity Kamala” Down South

Let’s face an incontrovertible fact: Joe Biden’s Southern Border Policy is to have NO Southern Border SECURITY!

Go on, rail at me for being a conspiracy theorist. But before throwing eggs at your computer screen or throwing your cell phone into a toilet, consider the “facts” of the Biden border policy:

  • Though Trump’s border wall construction had proven effective in dramatically reducing illegal border policies, Biden stopped construction;
  • Before even becoming President, Biden in numerous national television appearances and campaign adds denigrated Trump’s immigration policies that had worked. In fact, Biden demeaned the Trump policies as inhumane. He told those Central Americans who Trump’s policies sent home that, if elected, he would welcome those immigrants’ return to the U.S. border and into the U.S.;
  • Since his inauguration, Biden’s Homeland Security has systematically reversed EVERY Trump immigration policy possible, opening the floodgate of illegals to storm the border;
  • The presidents of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico have each proclaimed that the Biden Administration’s undoing of Trump’s immigration policies is the SOLE reason for the U.S. southern border crisis;
  • Counting illegals captured when crossing and the “got-always” — the term used by Border Patrol for those illegals documented but not apprehended — approximately 1 million illegals have found their way to the U.S. just since Biden’s first day as President!
  • American citizens across the southern border states are watching their lives under constant attacks by this flood of illegals. These “attacks” may not be physical assaults (though some are), but the social, medical, economic, and law enforcement environments there teeter on collapse because of the massive and constant influx of illegals. And there’s no response from the Biden folks to the cries of those authorities for help.
  • Even Democrat lawmakers’ cries from these states go unheeded by this Administration. These inactions have resulted in governors actually considering taking the protection of their borders into their own hands. And border protection is the responsibility of the federal government. The Biden Administration refuses to respond over and over!

Joe Biden’s response? “There’s no border crisis — there’s a border ‘challenge.'”

Kalamity Kamala To The Rescue!

94 days ago, President Biden announced to the world that his Vice President was appointed to, in effect, be Biden’s “Southern Border Czar.” Indications from the President were that Harris would assume the leadership role in the management role of working with the various agencies, state and local law enforcement agencies, and leaders of the Northern Triangle countries in Central America to coordinate a transition back to peaceful and legal immigration policies.

Kalamity quickly notified the world that her role was NOT to deal with the “actual” southern border issues. The Department of Homeland Security would continue in that role. Her responsibility was to “coordinate and work with the leaders of those Central American countries to assist those leaders in addressing and fixing the ‘root causes’ for mass immigration to the U.S.”

And those countries’ presidents all laughed!

Harris refused to go to the border. She avoided answering the questions as to why she wouldn’t go for months. Actually, she did not go to the Central American countries until two weeks ago! And she only did so because of the incessant calls from across the U.S. for the Vice President to “get to work!”

Her trip to Guatemala and Mexico was abysmal and was met with indifference from both of their leaders.

So, finally, Vice President Kalamity Kamala made the BIG announcement: “She’s going to our southern border!”

VP Harris To The Border: “Show and Tell”

Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit to El Paso, Texas Friday was probably not intended to showcase the success of the Trump administration’s immigration and border enforcement policies. But Harris has nevertheless picked the perfect city from which to learn what policies have actually worked to secure the border. The only way she could learn more about the border than by choosing to go to El Paso would be if she had invited former President Trump to join her.

Harris may not know it, but El Paso has played a definitive role in the decades-long fight to curb illegal immigration along the U.S. southern border stretching all the way back to when the city was the initial headquarters of U.S. Border Patrol.

Under the deportation policies of the early 1990s, Border Patrol agents apprehended as many aliens as they could, but even those deported generally found ways to make it back across the border in the following days and weeks. Observing the ineffectiveness of this approach, Silvestre Reyes, then-Chief of the El Paso Sector of Border Patrol, decided that deterring illegal entry into the country altogether was a more efficient strategy than focusing solely on apprehensions.

“They thought I was crazy,” Reyes said. “But I told them: ‘I’m not interested in apprehensions. I’m not interested in generating numbers. I’m interested in controlling the border.’”

Under Reyes’s leadership, Border Patrol’s Operation Hold the Line increased the volume of border agents and dramatically improved the physical barriers already in place in El Paso starting in 1993. The Operation began as a 20-mile blockade of 400 agents and vehicles every 100 yards along the border on each side of El Paso. It established the border control strategy that influences our nation’s immigration policies to this day.

As a result of Reyes’s groundbreaking initiative, border apprehensions dropped from nearly 300,000 to under 80,000 per year—culminating in over a 70 percent reduction. With the implementation of Operation Hold the Line, Reyes not only proved to his city, his state, and his country that borders can in fact be secured, but also provided the model for border security and immigration policies for years and decades to come. Following the success of the Operation, Congress allocated funds to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service so that Reyes’s “extremely effective border patrol model” could be replicated in other parts of the country.

Reyes was later elected to Congress, where he served eight consecutive terms as a Democrat and as the first Latino to represent El Paso.

In the 13 years after Operation Hold the Line was implemented, violent crime dropped by more than 34 percent. Since 1993, the year the Operation was put into effect, illegal immigration dropped 95 percent in the area over the course of 22 years. Additionally, since fencing in the region was completed, the city’s drug smuggling fell considerably, with marijuana and cocaine seizures cut in half.

During the Trump Administration, El Paso rose to become one of America’s safest cities — even in spite of its nearness to the border and close proximity to Juarez, Mexico, one of the most dangerous cities in the world. In 2019, Juarez had 1,499 murders, while El Paso only had 40. Since El Paso’s border barrier was completed, motor vehicle thefts plummeted by 60 percent. Burglary cases similarly decreased from 7,655 in 1993 to 1,297 in 2017.

When President Trump left office, El Paso had 131 miles of fully constructed border wall and experienced an overwhelming cutback in drug and smuggling activities in places where new border wall had been constructed. In two of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s El Paso zones, apprehensions decreased by as much as 80 percent from the first half of fiscal year 2020 to its second half.

By visiting El Paso Friday, Vice President Harris unwittingly recognized the Trump Administration’s success in securing our border. Through the innovation of Operation Hold the Line and the policies and strategies it yielded, El Paso set the gold standard for a city that knows how to secure its borders and protect its communities — and other cities and states ought to follow its example. The Sun City was the perfect place for Harris to visit, but not for the reasons she thinks: El Paso is an ideal place not to downplay a crisis, but to show the country how to avert one. Leaders and elected officials should follow Silvestre Reyes’s lead and enact policies and systems that secure the border in ways that work.

Instead of building on the Trump successes in border immigration, Harris continued to perpetuate the false information mantra in the very spot to the same people who were part of fixing their OWN illegal immigration crisis that Harris and Biden destroyed!


In the end, the Vice President’s visit last Friday may not have succeeded in anything other than inadvertently highlighting the effectiveness of the border policies she ran against. Let’s hope the rest of the nation can see what she couldn’t. What’s that: “You can’t fix Stupid!”

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