Saturday Bullet Points: June 26, 2021

When you thought there is no way to pack more insanity into seven days, you find out you were dead wrong. This last week’s events proved there is NO way to project just how crazy politics and politicians can be. And it’s not just in Washington. There’s plenty of insanity in government to spread around our nation and spill over into nations around the World. There’s so much dissension, anger, fear, and hatred that few countries on Earth can brag about their law and order and great social environments. The World is turning to pure chaos as its “go-to” state of being!

Let’s look back over the past week, grab some of the biggest stories you may have missed, and detail them in our Bullet Points. Read the first sentence or two in each one. After reading those, if you want more details about the story, click on that blue arrow at the end. It’s a hyperlink that will transfer you to a complete story with all the facts. If you don’t need more information, skip forward to the next Bullet Point.

Let’s dig in!

Bullet Points
  • I was expecting this one to happen. President Biden’s Department of Justice has filed suit against the state of Georgia regarding part of the new election law passed by the Georgia Legislature and signed into law by Governor Kemp. Think about it: there was no way for Joe Biden NOT to take action against the law that Democrat pundits have screamed nonstop is racist. I think the timing is suspicious with the midterm elections looming in the headlights. The suit was filed in federal court. That means that even if the first court disallows the suit it will certainly be appealed. And if it is not resolved in the lower courts, it’s headed to the Supreme Court. That means it’s doubtful the results will be in place before 2022’s election. Do you want more details? Click on this link:
  • Have you joined the Bitcoin craze? It’s the latest thing in the investment world. I think it probably gets so much attention because it is so new and unique. Many folks who have cashed in on cryptocurrency have made massive profits. But a large group of investors located primarily in South Africa is singing the blues. Why? Two young Bitcoin investment managers walked away with a massive amount of their clients’ cryptocurrency, and it is probably the largest heist of its kind in World history! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Poor Meghan and Harry. After they stepped away from the Royal family, it seems their doing so sent them to “the poor side of town.” Well, not really. But if one listens to their sad stories, you’d think they’re flat broke, and the Royals have turned their backs on the couple, especially regarding financial matters. Remember that Oprah interview with Prince Harry? He told Oprah his family had cut all financial ties with the pair. Now we learn they’re certainly NOT in trouble regarding dollars and cents — or British pounds. Daddy gave Harry a bundle of cash that supposedly made them whole. And there’s more! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Not many Americans realized that as part of the Trump Immigration program, illegals during the Trump Administration that came to the border that were caught were in large numbers returned to Mexico. In fact, the numbers of those who made their way into the U.S. undetected dripped to record low levels. How was this happening? A simple piece of legislation named “Title 42” is the ticket to take such action. However, President Biden is making plans to cancel Title 42, which means several things, but, chiefly, it means the floodgates will open even wider for illegals to flood the border in even greater numbers. For complete details, click on this link:
  • One of if not the most egregious issues of our day is child sex trafficking. And most Americans are oblivious to its evil and prevalence in the U.S. After all, we’re the most advanced nation on Earth. Things like that don’t happen here, right? Wrong. The feds just announced a huge bust in Georgia and the rescue of more than a dozen children from sex trafficking. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Have you kept up with the federal unemployment payments paid in addition to state unemployment benefits paid to workers out of work since the pandemic? Currently, those unemployed are receiving a weekly bonus of $300. That may not sound like much, but it’s keeping millions of workers from going back to work. Why? They’re making more now with state AND federal unemployment checks than they would make going back to work! You would think EVERY American would want that situation. But a recent poll of American workers shows that is not the case. Many Americans want those benefits to stop immediately! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Friday, former Minneapolis police office Derek Chauvin was sentenced after his conviction for murder in the death of George Floyd just over a year ago. Few will ever forget what happened that day on national television. Chauvin brutally held Floyd down on a Minneapolis street while Floyd cried for assistance and died right there. Chauvin is headed to prison to pay for his crime. How long is he going to live behind bars? For complete details of the case, the court findings, and his sentence, click on this link:
  • Did you watch on Thursday as President Biden in the White House answered questions asked about various things by members of the media? Regarding several questions asked, he answered in a way that caught everyone by surprise. He whispered his answers on the microphone! Nobody expected anything like that from a President! And his doing so has taken the World by storm. Media pundits worldwide have been talking about it since. His doing so was so creepy and freaked out so many people, the title for Biden, “Creepy Joe,” is trending on Twitter! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Have you heard the name Cece Telfer? Cece is a champion hurdler who was set to compete in this year’s Olympic trials. But Cece was ruled ineligible. Why? Cece is Transgender and she failed to meet the World Atheltics’ guidelines to complete in the trials. What’s up with that? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Few in the U.S. will argue that Big Tech — especially the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple, and Google — have grown “too big for their britches.” Even Democrat lawmakers in Congress have been saying for years something must be done to rein in the egregious actions of these giants in censoring the content posted by members of the American social media community. Even the former President of the United States was kicked off the sites and is still not allowed to post content, even after he left office! Antitrust legislation is pending before Congress to stop this partisan censorship. This past week, the House of Representatives approved a couple of measures in Committee to take on Big Tech. For complete details, click on this link:
  • The game of golf is a God-send for many Americans, especially our seniors. What better way for these folks to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors and each other than heading to some of the most beautiful landscapes that do every part of the U.S. Sadly, however, many of these seniors are prone to forget they’re not quite as young as they once were. That means they’re not quite as agile. Unfortunately, several of these seniors have drowned on the golf course! How is this possible? Golf is played on grass! For complete details, click on this link:
  • For some reason, adults around the nation who were in large rabid in the early stages of COVID-19 vaccines becoming available, hurrying to get in line, have in large part changed their minds. In the middle of the month of April, healthcare officials are pointing to the time when many across the nation just stopped getting vaccinated. And that has folks in the Biden Administration upset. What are the reasons for Americans’ skepticism and hesitance to “take the stick” that so many clamored for just a few months ago? Medical professionals in West Texas may have some ideas about that. For complete details, click on this link:

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