Meet Dr. Richard Fleming

Friday on “TNN Live,” we welcomed Dr. Richard Fleming to our show. We were introduced to Dr. Fleming by our good friend Sterling Hill — also a medical expert — who shared time with us on Tuesday, June 30, 2021.

I won’t bore you here with details of Dr. Fleming’s career. I’ll just point you to the website where you need to go to find out just how much of an “Expert” is Dr. Fleming. But let me say this: he has no “dog in the hunt.” He doesn’t monetize his information which exhaustively details years of his research into various aspects of diseases which includes all-things COVID-19. He doesn’t practice clinically so he has no storefront to point us to. What he DOES point us to are facts.

For approximately 40-minutes on Friday, July 2nd, Dr. Fleming share reams of information with us you need to hear! And you can hear that interview in its entirety by simply clicking on the file below. When you do so, avoid interruptions and listen closely to the truths he shares and the sources he points us to for further facts.

Dr. Richard Fleming:

TNN Live-Dr. Richard Fleming Interview July 2, 2021 – 7:2:21, 11.29 AM



10 thoughts on “Meet Dr. Richard Fleming”

  1. Dr. Fleming: will the truth ever come out about this very deadly vaccine? can’t Drs like you go on regular channels so these people will believe? Also is there anything people who took the shot can do to remove the poison?

  2. Thank you for your stand on honest science,
    “the truth runs true every time,
    and science is based in truth,
    at the moment,
    nothing we hear rings true or makes sense,
    if you’ve been listening,
    of course you see ,
    the lies and inconsistences’,
    science is based on truth,
    I see no consistency or truth
    in anything proposed today”.

  3. I watched Dr. Fleming on Alex jones show, he needs to see this. There is Graphine oxide in the vaxx. the ones his friend got from Pfizer and Moderna were the clean vaxxes, his friend needs to go and get the ones directly at the vaxx sites.

    Stew Peters with Dr. Arivana Love _ Hydras and Parasites in Vaxx. To Turn Humans into a new Species.



  4. Dr. Fleming
    I need to find out more about Graphine Oxide. I have been able to locate some documents from a independent study of this deadly poison as related to the corona vaccine. This study was done in Morocco.
    I would like to send you a copy of the documents and the video presentation. I have watched your video of your study on the vaccine and I agree with you 100%. I have been anti vaccer since day one. I grew up healing and maintaining my body the natural way.
    From the very start of the alleged pandemic I never wore a mask and I lived my life as normal.
    Back to the documents they are supposed to have been peer reviewed but I need to get them into a professional’s hands.
    My goal, is to educate as many people as possible about this deadly poison that the government is trying to push on the American people. When I joined the military I took an oath to defend and protect this country and the constitution against foreign and domestic terrorist. For Me that oath has no expiration date. I know you have but problems in the past so I send these documents to you on your terms.

  5. On Alex Jones show, you mentioned something to sign.
    I am computer ignorant & cannot find anything that you are leading to sign.
    It goes to a court?
    Sandy Rinaldi, Arkansas, US Army veteran 1971 to 1974, today 31 mar 22

  6. Did you ever send the documents? Have you shared them with RWMaloneMD, NaomiRWolf etc? I would be very interested although it has been awhile so hopefully info out and about.

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