Ominous Clouds Over Heretofore Guiltless Obama Administration

FOX News with the following headline set the stage for what appears to be a slow march up the hill to the castle by villagers with torches ablaze:

“Who could be in Durham’s investigative crosshairs? Obama-era figures have reason to sweat.”

During the first three years of the Trump presidency, those on the left still continuously hurl allegations against the President that run the gambit from treason, collusion with Russia, to calling a dead terrorist a dog. All of these portend the end of American civility in politics — as if civility in politics even exists.

This has been expected for a couple of years now. But until just recently, the alleged wrongdoing of those individuals from the Obama Administration — primarily those from Intelligence agencies that remained as part of the Trump Administration — seemed to be lost to those investigating. This followed the release of the abusive emails and texts between Peter Strozk and Lisa Page, along with a secret agenda of many holdover-Obama-officials committed to the destruction of the Trump presidency. It seemed to most that it all was to be forgiven — or at least forgotten. But apparently, that is no longer the case.

Who are the most likely targets of Federal Attorney John Durham of Connecticut who Attorney General William Barr assigned to follow-up on alleged wrongdoing at the inception of the Russia Collusion story? The likely Durham targets are former CIA Director John Brennan, reputed to be responsible for giving the infamous Steele Dossier to former Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) to pass to the FBI, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper who is now a CNN contributor, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and Justice Department officials Bruce and Nellie Ohr, previous #2 at the FBI Andrew McCabe, and a host of other upper-level management members. The person who was not named above and who many thought was “a” if not “the most” significant player in the apparent Trump Russia hoax was former FBI Director James Comey.

James Comey

On Friday, October 25th, Former FBI Director James Comey stated that if President Trump won the 2020 election, he would leave the United States and move to New Zealand. Comey has since being fired been on a whirlwind tour promoting his book, giving speeches to groups around the world, and has been a favorite for Democrats who have sought to use Mr. Comey to fuel the fires of Trump impeachment. New Zealand has some pretty stringent rules about accepting outsiders to become permanent residents in their country. And with the continuous cloud of allegations over James Comey, one wonders why former Director Comey would even mention that in his recent speech. But after a blockbuster revelation, it seems likely that “if” New Zealand had considered offering Comey residency, his invitation may be either withdrawn if it has been offered. Why is that? Mr. Comey’s new address may have a federal prison zip code.

Listen carefully to this disclosure regarding Mr. Durham’s ongoing investigation as it pertains to James Comey and others:

Many will find it puzzling that Comey would cooperate with John Durham in this entire matter. Comey has, from the beginning, brazenly staked out his position on moral high ground regarding all of his actions about President Trump. Comey took his termination at the hand of the President as a shot to his enormous ego and has  relished invitations to any stage, television camera, or microphone to demean President Trump whenever possible.

And then there’s his book. Have you read it? In A Higher Loyalty, Comey has made it clear that even though he’s spent most of his career in government, he sees himself as a different, more noble creature than the politicians around him. His superior “self attitude” is very evident. Take the choice Comey faced, as described in his book, about what to do after President Trump urged him in a private meeting to “see his way” to letting ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn go without charges. He could have passed on the president’s instruction and urged the investigators to turn their attention elsewhere. To rebel, he could have moved on the president’s remarks as possible evidence in the investigation — or ordered the bureau to start investigating Trump himself.

He did neither. Instead, he recorded the conversation in a memo but deliberately didn’t tell the people working on the Russia investigation about it because he wanted the investigation to unfold precisely as it would have in the absence of presidential pressure.

This illustrates the James Comey, who was terminated by a President, who, as FBI Director had already joined a concerted effort with others from the FBI and the DOJ to overturn a presidency put in office by the votes 63 million Americans. He never gave thought to what that might cost the nation, do to those American voters, or the Rule of Law. Comey proved his opinion directed all matters concerning the 2016 election and its results. That opinion? Comey knew best who should at least NOT be President: Donald J. Trump.

My Two Cents

I have always been an unrepentant “Truther” — an American who believes not only in the power of Truth but that, when allowed, Truth will always be revealed. We’ve  seen that happen again and again in our nation, in world politics, and in our personal lives. To that end, I have, for most of my life, refused to embrace desperation when uncontrollable circumstances seemed to potentially be fatal. I’ve always held firm in the face of dire circumstances content to wait patiently for Truth to ride in on a white horse and save the day.

My Mom and Dad thought I was gullible because of that. They didn’t understand. I have always been an optimist. And often, embracing that has proven costly. It’s cost me credibility, personal and business status, and job advancement. In my own company, believing naively in others cost a lot of money and caused much angst to my family because of my naivete. Not surprisingly, however, is that in every such circumstance, Truth has always shown up. It may have come too late to save my credibility, a job or a job promotion, and certainly a lot of money — in a case or two more than a million dollars. But it has always arrived at the right time.

Do you know what has accompanied Truth every time it has shown up in these dire circumstances? The joy of knowing that I did what I felt was right and best. And I always gave others the benefit of the doubt. Any lies, gross misrepresentations of others in business deals, (even criminality in several transactions) were never about my succumbing to temptation to say or do what was necessary to close a deal. The wrongdoing was of others. If there was naivete, it was on my part. More often than not, the sting of being taken advantage of disappeared whenever the light of Truth exposed the evil of others.

That’s a pretty good feeling.

And one more thing: as a Christian, I’ve always operated with the belief that if I act honestly, avoiding even hints of misrepresentation, God will always give me the benefit of any doubt and will always protect me. Sure, I’ve been lacerated, beaten up, and scarred several times. But the scars, bruises, and knife wounds, along with the mental anguish of being used, all have healed. And I can sleep with a clear conscious without looking over my shoulder every day.

I wonder if James Comey can say the same things?


So what’s next for Mr. Comey? I don’t know for sure. But I can surmise what might be ahead, based on past examples of federal law. Let’s suppose together what might be ahead for James:

  • Lawyering Up. No doubt, he is about to be on the receiving end of what he has forced on many others during his FBI career. Legal defense in federal matters is astronomically expensive. He can expect to spend $500,000 to $1 million on a defense team. But don’t fret: he can afford it. His $2 million book advance set his net worth at approximately $14 million. He’ll survive.
  • Public testimony. That would probably not be foreboding for most. But Comey is not only arrogant and proud, but he is also narcissistic and cares deeply for the opinions of others. His position at the FBI was one in which he felt superior (at least professionally) to not only those who worked for him at the FBI, but to all those from the private and public legal sectors. Comey will view his probable Congressional and courtroom testimonies as public humiliation that for him is undeserved. He is not one that processes humiliation well.
  • Plea Bargaining or a Trial. Neither is a good option for Mr. Comey. Whichever of these he chooses, he will view as a defeat. He is, by nature, a fighter. And he relishes the fight as much, if not more, than the result of the battle. But in both bargaining regarding potential jail time or the inevitable humiliation of a trial, James Comey will be confronted with the worst life circumstances that any narcissistic federal prosecutor could face: either would be a total failure.

Don’t think for one moment each of these possibilities — and probably many others  — have not already consumed James Comey’s thoughts. He’s at a dead-end for which he has no easy way to turn.

So what will James Comey do? He may already be doing it: cutting a deal. There are plenty of players  in this fiasco which James Comey can “give” to Mr. Durham. Unfortunately for Jim, he is the biggest fish in this pond called “Get Donald Trump.” I think his bargaining chits are very few. And I doubt John Durham is interested in anything Mr. Comey can offer. Even the Truth — certainly the Truth — will not do James Comey any good.


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