Exclusive: 2020 Predictions

Do you want to know what’s going to happen in 2020? “Wait,” you say. “If you know what’s going to happen in 2020, let’s go to Las Vegas!” It’s not about that: it’s about the political landscape of Washington D.C. after election day, November 3rd.

There are many things at stake in that election, not just the presidency. Today TruthNewsNetwork will give you some projections of those changes. Keep in mind; ours are only opinions — as if you didn’t already know that! But we’ve been successful with predictions far more often than wrong. There may be one or two in this list with which you disagree. Feel free to share those (and even your agreement with all or some of these) with us.

Predictions That May Shock You

  • Rep. Adam Schiff will be removed as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. I doubt that many will be surprised at this. Schiff has been a complete disaster for the Democrat Party. His conspiracy rhetoric, complete with multiple lies about the President and even alleged actions that were found to be untrue, plague the California Democrat. Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is already sick of him. She’ll remove him and replace him with a Moderate Democrat probably from somewhere in Middle America. Left and Right coast Democrats are pretty much under siege. Pelosi sees the 2020 House elections as the most important of her political career. For any hope of Democrats retaining the House, Pelosi must sprinkle some magic dust on Americans before November. With Schiff in her stable of thoroughbreds, she recognizes it is a lost cause.
  • AOC takes a hike. This prediction may shock some. The attractive yet naive New York Congresswoman’s luster has dulled in the past few months. While her far-left messaging burns bright with Democrat activists, it has diminished in credibility and, therefore, acceptance from Democrats who are convinced they must campaign closer to the center. And the New York Congresswoman seems to still be in a race to see just how far left she can go without alienating her Manhattan voters. In that quest, it’s relatively apparent she has failed. I doubt Pelosi will take any action to remove AOC before the November 3, 2020 election. Pelosi can certainly pull her from several committees on which she serves and can just let Ocasio-Cortez face a mounting G.O.P. tsunami without any DNC help. Whichever way is sufficient to remove the radical from the left will be good enough for “Pelosi and Company.” They never have, nor will they ever demean AOC. She has become a liberal hero to many Millenials with whom her message about free everything resonates. Getting support during campaign season is one thing, but turning that into real support is another. I’m confident that Pelosi is tired of dealing with the junior high school Representative and would love nothing more than for Americans to make a change to that seat to put a middle-of-the-road moderate in AOC’s district. That race will be exciting to watch.
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein Retires. Uh oh! What do we know that might prod Feinstein into leaving her Senate seat. The California senior senator has been in Washington for a long, long time: since November 4, 1992. Things are vastly different in the U.S. and Congress from what they were in her first term. Feinstein has been a respected moderate voice in the Senate for most of her career. But of late, she has ventured a little out of her element, moving more left than her traditional spot. For that, Feinstein has received some significant grief from her fellow Democrat Senators and voters in her very liberal state. Add to that the fact that she’s now 86 years old. She does not have the same fire as she once did. Indeed she is feeling tired from the constant fighting between Democrat and Republican Senate leadership. We’re not sure she will even serve out the term she just began. If she does choose to hang it up, look for a hard-left replacement for Feinstein. The California Congressional caucus moves farther left every month.
  • China Goes All-in With U.S. Trade Agreement. If this prediction comes through, American businesses of all kinds will see almost immediate windfalls. “How can you predict this when China has been so hesitant to complete the trade deal on the table with the U.S.?” China’s economy, even as large as it is, is tanking. China desperately needs the U.S. markets for its goods services. Since the 1980s, many Americans have taken for granted that China’s products are cheaper and of similar quality as those manufactured in the U.S. and have just accepted that. Chinese products have replaced not only American-made but Japanese-made products that took over U.S. markets in the 50s and 60s. The key to balance this deal with China will be how labor unions will adjust labor costs for U.S. manufacturers that will be a critical element of the success of this trade deal.
  • ”Corruption Gate.” 2020 will see a parade of corruption indictments, plea bargains, trials, and surprise retirements in the U.S. government never before seen. These will result from separate investigations by Federal Attorney John Durham and the Department of Justice. These will target mostly high-level intelligence staffers from the Obama Administration. Former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch will be caught up in this “net-casting” that will see lower-level intelligence and Justice Department workers rolling on those above them in plea bargains. The first to be implicated will be former FBI Director James Comey, DNI Director James Clapper, and CIA Director John Brennan. Evidence of widespread wrongdoing in illegal surveillance, falsification of documents, perjury, and massive mishandling of classified information and materials. Dozens who have nothing with which to bargain will face years in jail as a result. Bill and Hillary Clinton will be implicated but will somehow once again escape with slaps on the wrist except for the Clinton Foundation. The Foundation will shutter its operations as part of a plea deal with the Clintons.
  • ”Vladimir-Gate.” Russia’s economy is in big trouble. Foreign markets —especially those in Europe — are relying less and less on Russian products like natural gas and oil. A glut of petroleum products in the market will drive oil and gas prices well below price levels that have allowed Russia to at least sustain numbers necessary to prevent a major economic crash. However, a sliding gross domestic product (GDP) will drive Russian prices to new low levels. It will critically impact their military capability as well as severely handicap Russia’s ability to compete in World markets. Putin will reach out to President Trump for an economic summit to try to firm trade policies between the U.S. and Russia. Trump will demand Putin to negotiate instead with the European Union for financial assistance.
  • Everything Free for Everybody. Because of the election year, Democrat candidates will go all-in for government provision of everything for everybody. That includes college tuition and medical coverage. But they’ll take it to an even higher and more ridiculous and “more” unsustainable level. Besides college, they will float business school and post-graduate studies in Law, Accounting, Medicine (MD, Dental and DVM), and even in Architecture. They’ll tout government payment for it all as well as forgiveness of debt for those who currently have outstanding loans for secondary education. “Medicare-for-all” will morph directly into single-payer healthcare with 100% federal control instead of the current Medicare, Medicaid private/public partnership that operates these programs.
  • Impeachment of a President. The million-dollar question: Will Congress impeach President Trump? The House of Representatives will begin and go through a “sham” impeachment investigation, calling dozens of witnesses. It will try to subpoena the President himself for testimony (which will fail), and will try to twist evidence and hearsay into facts sufficient to reach consensus on several articles of impeachment to pass to the Senate for a trial. Efforts by Democrats will fall flat. No evidence presented will provide Dems proof of any allegations by Mr. Trump that rise to the level of “treason, high crimes, and misdemeanors.” The singular purpose of this process by the House is to discredit the President in the eyes of voters sufficient to result in their confidence in him plummeting to levels that will lead moderate Republicans far enough to the middle to NOT vote for Trump for re-election. The cost of this impeachment process will devastate the Democrat Party. It will take years for their ability to regain any margin of support to sustain any leadership in the House or Senate, and certainly will keep Republicans in the White House for a decade. Many Democrat leaders will be kicked to the curb in favor of younger and Democrats considerably farther to the Left than those currently in leadership. The Democrat Party will indeed be known as the “Democrat Socialist Party of America.”
  • Democrat Presidential Representative. Truth News Network some time ago predicted Senator Kamala Harris would win the Democrat Party nomination for the 2020 election. That was before the California Senator slipped into oblivion because of sloppy campaigning and several “quasi-scandals” that appeared to force her to defend those. There will be a Senator representing Dems in the election: Elizabeth Warren. In a nomination battle in the Democrat convention, Warren will edge former VP Joe Biden for the nomination. In the election, Warren will see her opportunity to break Hillary’s 2016 “glass ceiling” fall apart as her economic proposals for Medicare-for-all, free college, the cancellation of student debt, and historically ruthless taxes on the upper ten percent of Americans will doom her campaign.
  • Presidential Election. President Trump will win both the popular vote and the electoral college in a landslide victory. The Senate will remain with a Republican majority. Republicans will win a slim margin sufficient to control the House of Representatives once more.


If our predictions — or most of them — come to pass, 2020 will be a bleak year for many Democrats and the Democrat Party. But it will undoubtedly be a good year for most Americans. Donald Trump’s policies — especially those regarding the nation’s economy — have proven to Americans that economically, American excellence is still the best on Earth inspired again by innovation and the free market system of ideas and opportunity.

A new generation will move into the public arena beginning in 2020. The tired concepts of Socialism will continue to be exposed just like peeling an onion: one layer at a time. And Americans will learn that this still is the greatest country on Earth — not just for Americans, but for all those with which American companies, individual citizens, and government representatives interface regarding policies and operational structuring as never before. Donald Trump’s second term will be a mostly successful campaign to “Keep America Great.”

Just one question remains unanswered in all of this: What will implicate the Obamas? Remember Michelle Obama’s statement recently when asked about political corruption in the Trump Administration compared to any during the Obama Administration. Her response was, “At least there were no indictments during the Obama years.”

However, it appears her revelation will be short-lived. It seems that in just days, those indictments will be passed out.

It is truly going to be a wild ride in 2020.


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