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Trump Exposed!!!!

Using the considerable research sources at, we were able to uncover some deeply troubling intelligence that has exposed the Trump connections to Russia.  Yes, I’m sad to say those connections are deep, financial in nature, and go to the highest level of government in Russia:  Vladimir Putin.  I know this will dishearten many Americans.  And it’s sad to say, but this will please many Americans who are HRC supporters, members the liberal left media, Democratic senators and congressmen and congresswomen.  It is troubling to say this, but it will also encourage some Republicans from the Establishment who from the beginning did not want Donald Trump in the Party, on the presidential ticket, and especially not as President.

The ties apparently were initiated several years ago as the Russian government found the nation in deep financial straits.  Putin and his cronies began to look for revenue generating opportunities, for the country was cash broke and their credit capabilities had become non-existent due to the political climate of anti-Russian economics in Europe and Asia.  European heads of state shunned the Russian leader and refused to enter discussions with Russian department heads about certain sanctions placed on Russia by the European Union that were being honored not by China but several other Asian countries.  Russia — though not widely known in world geo-political circles — was in deep trouble and facing financial calamity.  Putin needed a way out.  He looked desperately to the Chinese for help.

Baron David de Rothschild

Enter then “businessman” Donald Trump.  Trump was actually in the middle of negotiating development of a number of luxury golf resorts throughout the Chinese Mainland.  As it turns out, part of those negotiations included the Trump Organization acting as a “facilitator” between the Chinese and several of the Rothschild banks in Europe to sell large volumes of gold to the Chinese, who have been quietly trying to corner the World gold markets.  Trump for many years has held close ties with the Rothschild family members — specifically Baron de Rothschild, who is the Chief Operator of the Rothschild banking entity that owns all or part of over 300 banks worldwide.  Many think they own the majority of the gold on Earth.

Rumors that gold that has long been held in Fort Knox, Kentucky has disappeared from the Kentucky fortress.  Senator Rand Paul actually called for an audit of that gold several years ago but was rebuffed by the Obama Administration and nothing was ever done.   It was later discovered that most of the gold held in Fort Knox had indeed been quietly moved to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City for “safekeeping.”  (Most do not know that the Rothschilds own controlling interest in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York)  That gold along with large Rothschild Bank gold reserves were part of the massive deal struck between the Rothschilds and the Chinese using Donald Trump’s companies as intermediaries in dozens of small transactions to mask the deal.  It will probably come as no surprise that a huge portion of that gold ended up in vaults deep within the Kremlin.  That became Putin’s ticket out of the financial devastation Russia was facing — all thanks to Donald Trump.

What was the quid pro quo for Trump?  You guessed it:  Russian hacking of DNC servers, servers of the Clinton campaign, and a “dis-information” campaign throughout U.S. media to assure Trump the Presidency.  Obviously that ploy worked.  This  “wholesale” of U.S. gold through the Rothschilds, through China and then to Russia was actually initiated by a former little girl who grew up in Central Europe who had found a comfortable home in the U.S. — Melania Trump.  She actually introduced her husband to Vladimir Putin during a secret meeting held at a tiny resort in northern Russia.  That meeting was attended by the Chinese President.  For her part Melania was generously rewarded by the Russian President with several plots of land directly on the Black Sea in southern Russia.  The Trump Organization already has plans in place to build a massive resort on the site after Trump’s term in office.

This could very well be the end of the Trump presidency.  I’m certain that when this news hits the national news this weekend, it will go viral and to the news for days.  Today  marks the untimely and unexpected political death of Donald Trump.

A couple of things to note here:  this really was not about gold — it was about uranium.  This really was not about Donald Trump — it was about Hillary Clinton.  This really was not about China — it was about Canada.  This really was not about Melania Trump — it was about Bill Clinton.  In the story above, replace gold with uranium, Trump with Hillary, China with Canada, Melania with Bill Clinton.  Then let’s piece this together for you:

While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton headed a State Department committee that had to weigh in on and endorse any sale of uranium to a foreign entity.  She put together a deal to sell 20% of the U.S. uranium production to a Canadian company.  Then to many’s surprise, that Canadian company sold to a Russian company controlled by Vladimir Putin.  The quid pro quo mentioned above came from Putin to the Clintons when Bill was hired to give several speeches to Russian parties and groups that netted him several million dollars after that sale was completed.  The only thing in the first story that resonates as being truthful (at least in part)  is that Vladimir Putin did through the Secretary of State gain control of 1/5 of America’s uranium.  Though there’s no direct proof that Putin’s payment for putting that deal together was the huge amounts paid for Bill to speak to Russian interests, it cannot be a simple coincidence.

Everyone in D.C. is running around with their hair on fire screaming “The Russians did it!  The Russians did it!”  The Russians DID get 20% of our uranium and did so with the full cooperation and endorsement of the former Secretary of State and former President Obama.  Bill Clinton was paid more than $1 million for making those speeches.  Those are facts.

The sick part of the Russian Investigation is that with all the screaming and name calling, the method of proof of the apparent illegal activities by former Obama Administration intelligence personnel, nobody is discussing the single most important things in this entire story:  the actual data, documentation, and complete details of WHAT was released to whom by whom.  All they want to do is what Washington does best:  scream at each other about who did what about the information and NOTHING about the information itself.

I’m sorry to be a little tricky in the first part of this post, but remember:  It’s April Fools Day!  I just wish this whole story was an April Fools joke.  It’s not.  Hillary really did facilitate the uranium sale to Russia.  Bill really did get millions for speeches to Russians.  The other reality?  With all this actual proof on the table, no one is investigating the real “Russia Gate.”  They want to find a way to bury Donald Trump rather than get the truth.


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