Republicans and Other Conservatives are Illiterate

Is that really true? Of course, the claim is false. But there are many on the Left who think it is true and share it with everyone they can. “Certainly no one of importance in the Democrat Party thinks that about Conservatives.” If you have ever said something like that, you’re wrong. They really do!

Don’t believe me. Why not take a listen to one of the most powerful members in the Senate, Sen. Hirono (D-HI)?:

Though you just heard her, let me reiterate what the Senator from Hawaii actually said:

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) said Democrats have a difficult time “connecting” with voters because of “how smart we are” that “we know so much.” Hirono was interviewed by journalist Dahlia Lithwick at the ‘Bend Towards Justice’ conference in Washington, D.C. recently.

“We’re really good at shoving out all the information that touch people here (points to head) but not here (points to heart),” Hirono said of Democrats.

“I’ve been saying it at all of our Senate Democratic retreats that we need to speak to the heart not in a manipulative way, not in a way that brings forth everybody’s fears and resentments but truly to speak to the hearts so that people know that we’re actually on their side,” the Senator said.

“We have a really hard time doing that,” Hirono lamented, “and one of the reasons it was told to me at one of our retreats was that we Democrats know so much, that is true. And we have kind of have to tell everyone how smart we are and so we have a tendency to be very left brain.”

Left brain, right brain: who’s keeping score? I must be honest and say this: no one is keeping score — even Senator Hirono. Democrats (on the most part) think conservatives are if not illiterate, very close to it. And watching and listening everyday to political discourse, it’s made very obvious that the Left hate the Right. And it seems to be never ending.

Not long ago we published this statement here:

“How could anyone — especially leaders in Washington charged with shaping every segment of America and supposedly doing so at the will of Americans — be so consumed with hatred for one man they would abandon the foundation of the U.S. and all it stands for, the millions who have lived fruitful and constructive lives here through several centuries and who have done the same for millions of those overseas, and launch some campaign to destroy this one man!”

Of course we were referencing the disdain the Left holds for President Donald Trump. Originally it seemed that such disdain for President Trump was held at the top of the Democrat Party heap. And maybe it was. But since the run-up to the 2016 election, it has permeated American Democrats and even those further left than Dems. And it’s no longer just disdain. They hold hatred — vitriolic hatred — for Republicans and other Conservatives.

When violence occurs at political events, news of those actions are blasted across television and computer screens and newspapers and radio shows IF the perpetrator is a conservative. What do they do when it’s a Democrat? I’ll answer that question this way: of what party affiliation was the Dayton, Ohio shooter several weeks ago? What was the party affiliation of the shooter at that Congressional G.O.P. baseball practice two years ago? Both were Democrats — die-hard  Democrats who were out to kill Republicans. Did you hear much about those shootings? Did you hear much about the shooters? The answer to both is “little or nothing at all.” Why is that? The Leftist communication arm — the Mainstream Media — make it a regular practice to play-down in reporting of catastrophes committed by Democrat hardliners. It would not play into the hands of Democrats for Americans to know that people like those two shooters and even members of hate group like ANTIFA are Leftists. So the Media simply do not say anything. They could do like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) did when speaking about the twin towers falling in New York: “Somebody did something bad….”

Here’s the ammunition in the 2020 Democrat Party plan to reach across the aisle for uneducated and helpless Republicans that (according to Hirono) are incapable of understanding what Democrats are up to and why: conservatives are too stupid to understand without Democrats dumbing it down so they can. That’s really the way they feel. But they are really in a hole they dug for themselves.

Few know that despite the plethora of young and impressionable Americans that for more than a decade have been fed the liberal fodder regarding the need for bigger government, federally controlled healthcare, free college and community college, and global warming, Democrat Party membership has fallen. Their membership has dwindled to the point where they are frantically trying to sustain existing memberships while attracting new ones. What can they do?

They have a plan:

  1. Entice and even force existing party members to stick to the Democrat talking points. After all, Democrat leaders like Hirono have been successful at convincing Americans that Dems know what’s best for us all. We need to just pay most of our income to them and “they’ll take care of us.” But even with that continuous hard push their numbers are falling.
  2. Why do you think they refuse to work with Republicans to close the southern border and change immigration laws sufficient to stop illegal crossings? It’s because they have been successful at selling many Americans and certainly those from abroad that Democrats are the ones that support illegal immigrants and will continue to support them once they get across the border. That way, everyone that falls into that category is obligated to vote for members of the party that stands for them and stands against those evil conservatives.
  3. And the final plank in their plan is to launch full-speed into the procedure revealed above by Senator Hirono: convince conservatives that Democrats are far better for Americans than Republicans. To do that, because Conservatives are so dim witted, Democrats must stop talking to non-Democrats using their brains (or “facts”) and communicate instead with their hearts. Dumb conservatives are more prone to feel good when Democrats send them “love” instead of honesty. Conservatives are too “simple” to understand the hypocrisy in that.


If you’re conservative, you are labeled by Democrats and other Leftist organizations and individuals as “less-than” those on the Left when it comes to knowing what’s best for you and the country. If you don’t believe that, take a stroll through the Facebook settings and profile of you on your Facebook page. Look down the page of categories Facebook’s algorithim has you shoved into. If you’ve posted anything conservative, spent any time looking at conservative stories or ads, or subscribed through Facebook to any conservative news source or have skimmed conservative news sites, they have you marked as “Conservative.” You’re branded!

Using Facebook is free. Yet Facebook is worth billions of dollars. How could that be? From what is that value derived? Simple: Facebook monetizes everything it publishes and everyone who is a member. Your name and information about you (like just mentioned above) are sold to entities all over the world who use YOUR information to send you ads specific to the “conservative” moniker given you from which they derive income. It’s pretty easy for Facebook, Google, Apple and others to take advantage of you. And you never knew that! Why? Because you’re too “slow.” You’re a conservative.

I’ll end with this: I find it the height of pomposity for Democrats to adopt the attitude exposed by Hirono. But though egregious that members of one of the two major political parties in our nation not only feel that way, but actually promote the righteousness of doing so!

More than once we at TruthNewsNetwork have told you that the difference between conservatives and liberals is that when conservatives disagree with your political beliefs, they may despise your beliefs, but it ends there. When liberals disagree with your political beliefs, they certainly despise your beliefs, but they hate you! They think you’re ignorant or stupid, unable to reason for yourself, and unable to determine who should live in the White House and who represents you and other conservatives in Congress. So they’ll do it for you.

This mindset is not new and it’s not exclusive to Hirono. Remember Hillary Clinton’s statement:

It’s not exclusive to Hillary, either.

Just stay your course. Truth will take care of itself. Yes, there are a number of deplorable who are probably lost in all this, many simply because their lives are too busy or those who cannot stand politics and choose to simply stay out.

But there’s good news in all this. It’s always better to know who you struggle against and exactly what their plan is they use against you. Now you know.

They spread the venom of their message using their political arm and mouthpiece, the Mainstream Media. Conservatives only have their own communication abilities to share their thoughts and the real truth. And it is unfortunate that conservatives cannot rely solely on Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Fox News to get that message and truth to everyone.

Interface yourself. I certainly know you’re smart enough.


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