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Saturday Bullet Points: April 4, 2020

Coronavirus continues to dominate every waking moment for most of Earth’s inhabitants. We all peruse television news channels for the newest information about the virus. Many have become speed readers as devouring “Corona-News” from dozens of websites and newspapers.

Why do you think that is? FEAR: fear of the unknown is driving this boat. The driver’s not the President, no member of Congress, no doctor, no military, and no country. Fear is our captain.

Today we are sharing bullet points of stories that in our effort to look below the surface of the news we have found to give you all a peek under the covers. Let’s get started.

Bullet Points

  • Police have found themselves empowered to conduct tasks in their work in keeping their communities safe they have never attempted before. And the intensity and frequency of encounters are skyrocketing. For more details, click here:
  • Television news reporters get paid big bucks to get as close as possible to the subjects of their stories to add more reality to what they present to the public. A second CNN anchor — the first was Chris Cuomo — to discover a positive test for coronavirus. For more details, click here:
  • Social distancing is working well to at least slow down the spread of the virus. But what about those who do not live in life circumstances conducive to social distancing? Many of the elderly among us find themselves with limited options for protection against infection as they live in close quarters to fellow seniors as they share far too much. Sometimes that is a coronavirus. And family members can do little, but just standby and watch. For more details, click here:
  • Yesterday was a landmark in the coronavirus calendar of events. And it was NOT an excellent achievement. For the first time, 1000 Americans in one day lost their battle against coronavirus. For more details, click here:
  • “Till Death do us Part” took on a new meaning this week. A couple that had been married for more than 53 years honored their wedding vow when they each succumbed to the deadly killer during this pandemic. For more details, click here:
  • It had to happen eventually — and it has. Many are finding it difficult to find food. We’ve all seen the pictures of empty shelves in grocery stores all over America. Those pictures have never before been seen in the U.S. But food shortage and difficulties to find specific food items are becoming normal day-to-day functions in the lives of more Americans than faced this problem in the Great Depression. For more details, click here:
  • The European Union is certainly not exempt from the war against the unseen virus. With the UK pulling out of the EU Alliance, Europe finds itself in a really tough spot at dealing with the world on every front without what is arguably their strongest member: Britain. And European Union leaders are deathly fearful for losing everything that remains to coronavirus! For more details, click here:
  • Social distancing has, on the most part, proven at least somewhat useful to slow the spread of the virus. But putting some agricultural workers on the sidelines keeps them from performing many necessary chores in their trade. Coronavirus is preventing those workers from spraying crops around the World. With “no-pesticides-added,” locusts have a daily buffet. For more details, click here:



Are we close to the end of all this? Is there anything we can do to give us some finality in this pandemic? Are we doing the right things? Will the stimulus money promised to individuals, families, and businesses get to Americans in time to salvage so financial stability in their lives?

All of these questions are still out there. Sadly, it appears they will be there for us to question for weeks to come. Let’s pray those “weeks to come” do NOT turn into months.

Let’s listen to and adhere to what our medical experts give to us as ways to protect ourselves, our family members, and others. Please subscribe to social distancing guidelines in the area in which you live.

We’ll be back with an extraordinary story for you on Sunday. Until tomorrow, stay safe, be healthy, encourage someone in your life today who will not expect it.

We’re ALL family!




2 thoughts on “Saturday Bullet Points: April 4, 2020”

  1. Buddy you are doing a wonderful service for us. I have shared every word with my friends and and associates. Tom Dempsy is in critical condition with the virus. Has Dementia and is non verbal. Hope to be with you soon. Thank you.

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