Saturday Bullet Points: April 6, 2024

It’s that time of the week: Saturday. Every Saturday, we give you the week’s news highlights in Bullet Point format. How does it work? We choose the top 10-12 stories of the week and present a bullet point highlighting each in a few sentences. Then, if you want further details, click on the arrow at the end of the bullet point and immediately get the full story on that bullet point. If you have enough information or simply don’t want more, click on the next bullet point and start over.

This week was jammed with important news. Let’s get started breaking them down!

Bullet Points

  • It was quite a surprise when the Biden Administration published the notification that new jobs jumped far beyond the estimates for the newly created numbers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The estimates were for the addition of 275,000 jobs. That estimate was far lower than the actual jobs created. The reported number was 330,000 new jobs. That shocked the nation. Why? Because Americans are simply doubtful about so-called “good job creation” numbers reported by the Administration. And many do not trust the Biden numbers because, in every month in 2023, the reported new jobs numbers were later revised lower — every month! What’s going on? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Earlier in the week, we discovered there were some other mysteries revealed that answered the calls for the explanation for the continuous reports from this Administration about our great economy, including new jobs, payroll increases, and other items that seem to misrepresent the facts experienced by Americans that are in stark contrast with the “Bidenomics” reports. Jesse Waters of FOX News, after some significant research, discovered that things are not so rosy — especially for American citizens. Take a look at Jesse’s factual numbers that expose some really bad “fake news” by the Biden folks:

  • The latest news coming from the Middle East war between Hamas and Israel saw some changes. Joe Biden and his administration had vehemently supported Israel from the first day of that war in which Hamas slaughtered 1200+ innocent Israel citizens in the middle of the night of October 7. But the White House support of  Israel has slipped lower every month since. Though President Biden has been an ardent supporter of the Israel people throughout his political career, he finds himself facing stiff political objections to his strong commitment to Israel. Thursday, Biden reportedly had a terse phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, demanding Israel immediately issue a cease-fire in that war. This is in stark contrast to his previously unwavering support of the Jewish nation. What could be going on? (It’s an election year!) For complete details, click on this link:
  • As if Biden doesn’t have much to worry about, the President saw massive push-back against his Southern Border policies that not only include millions of illegals storming across the border and all the craziness in processing such vast numbers when they arrive and the massive criminality that comes with these illegals is daily growing in numbers of crimes and their severity. NO state or city seems to be immune to this rampant criminality. However, the Legacy Media have NOT covered the outrageous violence against Americans with actual statistics. And they’ve received free passes from the Administration for NOT exposing the angst Americans are feeling. However, one state’s Department of Public Safety — Texas — has compiled and published continually the rampant crimes by illegals against Texans. The details are boggling! See for yourself how bad it is in Texas by clicking on the following link. Then, imagine how horrible it really is when knowing these numbers are only about Texas!
  • Last year, we had a wonderful trip to Israel—the first for Mary Ann and me. It was incredible to see in person the locations from Biblical history we’d heard about our entire lives. My favorite site had to be Jerusalem — especially the site of the Jewish Temple on which Muslims built a Mosque. After returning home a couple of months before the attack by Hamas, I heard for the first time the prophetic explanation for the “Red Heifer.” Based on Bible prophecy — and confirmed by a Hamas explanation for the timing of the October 7 attack and slaughter of 1200+ Israeli citizens — we are scant weeks ahead of the beginning of World War III! Rather than me explain this very important Biblical prophecy, let’s watch and listen to Buddy explain the facts of what is about to happen! (This is VERY important for everyone!)

  • People living across the U.S. and others outside the States who live on the path of the upcoming Solar Eclipse this coming Monday, April 8, have been scrambling to access a location in this phenomenon’s projected path. Northwest Louisiana is on the projected path of this epic event, and we should be in a perfect position. However, on Friday, astronomers revised the original path of the event, which may cause several million who were planning to “attend” the event to miss it or make some drastic plans to move to watch it. For complete details, along with a map that shows the “newly” projected path, click on this link:
  • Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has gone silent since his impeachment was passed in the House of Representatives. Though it’s not likely to be approved in the Senate to be considered for a trial and conviction, Mayorkas is facing some new factual information that may be even tougher to resolve. The recent revelations of the continued release by Homeland Security across the United States of illegal aliens listed on the Terrorist Watch List point directly at Mayorkas. Many in Congress are demanding an explanation from the Homeland Secretary. What will happen, if anything? For complete details, click on this link:
  • The conflict in the Middle East took another turn this week. Monday, Israel attacked an Iranian consulate in Syria. Wait a minute: I thought Israel was at war with Hamas, not Iran! Several of the Muslim terrorist organizations in the Middle East are simply “proxies” for Iran. Hamas, for example, receives all its funding from Iran, as does Hezbollah. Iran has stayed below the video screen during the Israel-Hamas war. But the whole World knows Iran is funding the entire war. Because of this latest attack by Israel, many are expecting Iran to retaliate and to do so soon. What could this possibly look like? For complete details, click on this link:
  • There seems to be NO peace anywhere at this time across the U.S. It appears that everyone is being forced to take sides on every issue! And the results are divisive in numerous ways. This often seems to result in physical altercations as well as huge political battles between the parties involved. One example of this is playing out in Amherst, Massachusetts, at a middle school. It appears that several school counselors allegedly were involved in harmful encounters with transgender students, leading to accusations of racism, the New Yorker reported. Both counselors were hired to calm the heated atmosphere that was permeating the school and created massive racial and DEI issues. (Why can’t we just get along?) For complete details, click on this link:
  • Who expected New York City and 13 other states to be struck by a 4.8 magnitude earthquake on Friday? This was the strongest earthquake in the region since 1884! Aftershocks are almost automatic when earthquakes happen. One such aftershock shook the Big Apple Friday afternoon, with many more expected. Though there were no reported deaths, damages, or serious injuries, earthquakes are some of the scariest natural disasters because they are often not expected, especially in that part of the nation. For complete details, click on this link:

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