Storied Weatherman Al Roker Tackles Adverse Reactions To COVID-19 Vaccinations

Beloved weatherman Al Roker, who transformed his life with bariatric surgery years ago and showed America how weight loss could be permanent, has always been honest about his health on television. In January 2021 he was so excited to get vaccinated for COVID-19 that he clicked the enter button over and over to get his precious appointment for the shot. He did the best he could to ask reasonable questions about efficacy and safety of Dr. Daniel Baker, a Medical Director at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York.  Al:  “Is it safe” Dr. Baker “absolutely.”[i]

Baker nervously went on to say that masks were still necessary and that we all had to get the shot for it really to work on a population level. At that time, papers were pouring into the medical literature that SARS-CoV-2 viral infection was causing blood clots and the causative agent was the Spike protein.[ii]   While the consent form likely did not mention blood clots, Baker could have covered his bases by saying the vaccine is new, that all of its side effects are not known, and that we do not have assurances that it protects against COVID-19 for more than two months.

Those phrases would have avoided this embarrassing and frankly negligent medical vignette that has resurfaced showing Roker giddily getting jabbed on live TV. If Roker followed the schedule it is likely he received four shots going into August, 2022, when he made it known to the public he had another booster. In September, he contracted a mild case of COVID-19 — as expected with Omicron — and did well until he was hospitalized in November with blood clots that shot to his lungs.

This condition, called pulmonary embolism, can be fatal if the clots are large enough and lodge in the pulmonary arteries to shut off enough blood flow. As of November 11, 2022, the CDC has reported through VAERS that 13,487 Americans have been hospitalized after COVID-19 vaccination with life-threatening problems like pulmonary embolism.

This could be under-reported by thirty-fold.  So in a few short months, Roker demonstrated to America that the booster gave him zero protection against presumed Omicron, and how the sequence of shots followed by breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 respiratory infection was temporally related to pulmonary embolism.

Progressive accumulation of Spike protein from both the injections and the infection loaded his body with a long-lasting protein that stimulated blood clot formation.  Chances are, if Roker had stopped after the first two ill-advised shots, he never would have been threatened by pulmonary embolism. I wouldn’t be surprised if Roker announces he has a familial genetic tendency towards blood clotting that is common with Spike protein-induced venous thromboembolism.

Here are the latest CDC published Vaccine Adverse Reaction data. Please note, these numbers are “likely” to be 30 times MORE in number than these reported. (That information comes from the CDC) It is likely that these vaccination adverse reactions are AT LEAST 30 times higher.

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