The Conundrum Faced by Every Biden Supporter

Biden-voters certainly find themselves facing a conundrum today. What’s a “conundrum?”

“Conundrum: an intricate and difficult problem.

I cannot fathom how ANY American voter can cast their 2020 vote for president in favor of Joe Biden. Why and what justification is there for making that statement? Buckle in! This is going to be a ride that may be a bit uncomfortable for some.

The “Joe Biden Conundrum”

For there to be a “Biden Conundrum,” one must conclude that they have “an intricate and difficult problem” directly with and/or about Joe Biden. I’ll go on record by confirming that Biden voters DO have such. How so?

Unanswered Questions

1:  “Vice President Biden, will you — if elected — pack the Supreme Court?”

Biden: “I’m not going to answer that until after I’m elected. If I answered it now, you’d make that THE issue in your reporting.”

How is that a conundrum?

It is undeniable that the U.S. Supreme Court’s makeup is one of the most critical (and historical) political issues of this generation and EVERY other generation. Voters understand that. And so does Joe Biden. Biden has already answered this question, and most voters don’t even recognize what he said IS his answer:

“The American people don’t deserve an answer to that question.”

That’s right: he said that. So what is the conundrum that statement initiated?

For Biden voters to give him their vote without the answer to that important question, they must reconcile that it is not OUR right to know the answer to that critical question before we choose a president in the November 3rd election. How a candidate for president answers this question IS the right of voters to know. Remember that numerous leaders in the Democrat Party are on record stating Democrats WILL pack the Supreme Court if Biden wins the presidency and Democrats gain the Senate’s majority-control. Isn’t it reasonable for Americans to know how each candidate in this race will address that question?

To dismiss the right for Americans to know his answer, Biden must either think one of these two things: either he truly thinks Americans have no right to know what he will do, or he simply is afraid to answer “Yes” OR answer “No.”

Why might he be fearful to answer? If he says, “I will NOT support packing the Court” he will enrage Democrats who WANT to do just that — especially the far-left in the party. If he says, “I WILL support packing the Court,” he will enrage moderate Democrats who wish for the Supreme Court to remain the same regarding the number of justices.

2:  “Vice President Biden, you have stated numerous times that you never spoke to your son Hunter about his business interests in Ukraine. However, Hunter himself stated he discussed it numerous times with you. Are you telling the truth or is Hunter?”

What a conundrum! If he answers that Hunter DID discuss personal business details with his Dad, he admits he lied to Americans. If he maintains that Hunter never spoke to him about his business in Ukraine, he labels his son as a liar. That’s a perfect example of a “conundrum.”

This horror story is for Biden himself, and one that he could have avoided. It also illustrates how he continues a habitual practice from his political past: he speaks on a topic without first thinking through possible answers to questions and just throws one out. He could have eliminated this conundrum by first carefully considering the ramifications for him with each possible answer.

“Vice President Biden, you told a story of how you threatened the Ukrainian President regarding a U.S. loan guarantee that you would NOT authorize unless he fired the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian company on whose Board of Directors Hunter served. Was your purpose in doing so to protect your son from criminal involvement that might be exposed in that ongoing investigation?

Another conundrum! On what basis could Biden threaten Ukrainian President Poroshenko? An internal criminal investigation by a sovereign nation is NO business of the United States Vice President. Biden’s dilemma is this: if he answers that he did so to stop a corrupt prosecutor in Ukraine, he would then be asked to reveal on what authority did he do so. He would never implicate himself in wrongdoing. But it has turned on Joe. Joe Biden HIMSELF is now the subject of a Ukrainian criminal investigation into HIS alleged criminal involvement in the Burisma Holdings corruption.

3.  “Vice President Biden, what was your involvement in the investigation of alleged collusion with Russia by members of the Trump Campaign and Donald Trump himself?”

Uh Oh! Joe is REALLY facing the music now. Classified documents have been released to the public that detail meetings with President Obama and intelligence officials that show Biden in the meetings. They also show Joe gave input in the infamous January Oval Office meeting in which Obama confirmed his personal involvement in the investigation from its inception.

In that meeting was also the White House Chief of Staff, Nat’l Security Advisor Susan Rice, James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, and DOJ Acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Biden voiced a suggestion to invoke the “Hatch Act” from 1939. Invoke it for what? To indict Trump incoming National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn for his numerous contacts with the Russian Ambassador to the United States.

If Biden answered saying he had NO involvement in the case, (in which he has already denied he was involved) he would be caught in a lie. But if he admitted he played any role in the hoax he would self-implicate putting himself squarely in the bullseye that is widening daily exposing numerous Obama officials in illegal activities.

Biden’s Greatest Conundrum

It’s Joe’s mouth! For a moment, forget the bundle of lies he has told throughout his 47 years in D.C. Concentrate on his 2020 lies:

♦♦Donald Trump supports White Supremacists, Right Wing Extremists, the KKK and is a White Supremacist himself;

The President has numerous times in numerous interviews and speeches specifically denounced each of the above — at least seven times.

♦♦Trump is a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, and is xenophobic. Biden stated that when Trump closed the U.S. to incoming Chinese at the end of January to stem the flow of COVID-19;

Trump was applauded just weeks after his January close of the U.S. to Chinese entry by numerous medical experts who said his doing so saved thousands of American lives. Biden himself stated later Trump that in closing the country Trump did the right thing.

♦♦In his September Town Hall, Biden said he confronted Trump in January in an Op-ed excoriating the President for his refusal to tackle COVID-19 at the time.

In fact, the Washington Post printed that Biden did NOT say anything in that Op-ed about COVID-19 at all.

♦♦Who can ignore Joe’s insistence TODAY that he he will NOT ban fracking if he is elected president. Further, he says he never said he would.

A video shows Biden when confronted in a presidential primary by Bernie Sanders, Joe said he WOULD ban fracking if elected.


We could continue to list Joe’s lies that certainly create conundrums for those who support him. It’s tough for any American to back any candidate running for the highest office in the nation who not only possesses a propensity to tell egregious lies regarding numerous things, but he/she continues the same practice during the campaign. And some of those are not NEW lies, but his recycling of the same old lies he told decades ago!

Political apologists who have any integrity run from any candidate that so willingly and frequently tells lies. But for some reason, Democrats are treating Joe Biden exactly like the people of that fairytale country did their king in that old story.

A ruthless king loved his tailor-made clothes. He demanded his tailor make new suits all the time and demanded each suit be better than the last. The king’s demands so enraged the tailor, he decided to fool the king and make him a “fake-suit” that really was nothing at all: NOTHING! The king came to try-on the new suit and was shocked that he couldn’t see the suit when the tailor held it up for him to see. The tailor said, “The quality of the material in this suit is so intricate that average people don’t even see it.” Not wanting to appear to be average, the king applauded the suit and thanked the tailor.

The king decided to don his new suit and ride down Main Street to show it off to the people of his kingdom. The tailor spread the word about the suit through the city that the king — who all the people intensely disliked — was going to parade through the city and that the suit the king was wearing was not real at all.

The king took his ride and all the people applauded loudly as his carriage passed by. But at one point, a boy in the back of the ground proclaimed “The king is wearing no clothes. The king is nude!” Suddenly, everyone began to laugh at the king for being outed for his vanity by a young boy.

The story is not just true about Joe Biden and his blatant falsehoods. It speaks to the millions of Americans who are so willing to ignore his pattern of untruthfulness and subsequent vanity for one reason and one only: he is now the presidential candidate and they feel Biden is the only one who can possibly beat Donald Trump.

It is a horror to know that these millions are willing to ignore the constant lies of Candidate Biden and will vote for him simply because of their hatred for Donald Trump. Their willingness to do so exposes how void our nation has become of honest, loyal, and patriotic Americans who are committed to righteousness and the Rule of Law.

By the way, Biden’s issues are NOT a conundrum for me. After I watched Donald Trump for the first months of his administration, I realized his substance spoke much louder than the “Queens-Talk” that comes out of his mouth. He is the epitome of “Substance over Symbolism.”

For Americans who want real Substance, Biden is YOUR conundrum: there’s very little truth there and absolutely NO substance.

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