The Georgia Steal That is a LIE: What’s Really Happening?

The cries against Georgia’s General Assembly for restructuring their voter laws have driven the entire nation to choose sides: one (controlled by the “Cancel Culture”) that wants NO rules in how, when, and where voting happens and one (that includes all “thinking” American citizens) who ARE concerned about the security of our voting system and think that proving one who casts a vote is the person who is legally registered and authorized to cast that vote.

So What is Going On?

It’s not unusual for a major U.S. Corporation or two to bow to the Cancel Culture Mob and “cancel” some benign cause or small company. Their doing so usually rises from some issue the elitists who comprise Cancel Culture have deemed to be egregious to the entire world but are grievous ONLY to those elitists.

What is unusual is that President Joe Biden is so committed to bipartisan cooperation and fact-based governance that he’s launched an ignorant and incendiary attack on the new Georgia voting law.

Biden says the new law is “Jim Crow in the 21st century” and “an un-American law to deny people the right to vote.”

Biden’s attack has been joined by Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, and Delta Airlines. All three are international monsters who rely on the members of the Cancel Culture for their very existence. Two of the three counts on Cancel Culture’s adherents to buy products, tickets, and paid advertising. The third’s existence is based totally on the travel market smiling at all they do.

How dare a state make voting laws more inclusive, easier, and safer!

It’s now practically mandatory for Democrats to launch such unhinged broadsides. Elizabeth Warren, accusing Georgia governor Brian Kemp of having stolen his 2018 election victory over Democratic activist Stacey Abrams (a poisonous myth), tweeted, “The Republican who is sitting in Stacey Abrams’ chair just signed a despicable voter suppression bill into law to take Georgia back to Jim Crow.”

  • The old Jim Crow was billy clubs and fire hoses; the alleged new Jim Crow asks people to write a driver’s license number on their absentee-ballot envelopes.
  • The old Jim Crow was poll taxes; the new Jim Crow is expanding weekend voting.
  • The old Jim Crow disenfranchised voters en masse based on their race; the new Jim Crow is limiting ballot drop boxes to places they can’t be tampered with.

It’s hard to believe that one real voter will be kept from voting by the new rules.

To better ensure security, the law requires that voters provide a driver’s license or state ID number to apply for a ballot and one of those numbers (or the last four digits of a Social Security number) when returning the ballot.

The law narrows the window for requesting absentee ballots, although it still allows plenty of time. A voter can request a ballot as early as eleven weeks before an election — that’s almost three months! — or as late as eleven days prior (any later date risks the completed ballot not getting delivered in time).

Ballot drop boxes were a pandemic-era innovation in Georgia. The law keeps them while limiting their location to early voting sites.

After getting blowback over proposed limits on a weekend early voting when black churches run their “Souls to the Polls” events, Georgia lawmakers expanded the potential for weekend voting — an option to add two Sundays to the already extended Saturdays to vote.

The law gives the State Election Board more authority to take over local election operations. Still, there’s no doubt that election officials in Fulton County, where metro Atlanta is located and long lines at the polls are common, have been incompetent.

Perhaps most controversially, it bans people from distributing food or drinks to voters standing in line, an effort to keep partisans from trying to sway voters near polling places. But family members of friends can provide water and even food for those standing in line until they reach 150 feet from the door to the polling location. But poll workers can provide food and drink for general use.

The deeper point is that in the contemporary United States, with such wide and ready access to the ballot, changes around the edges don’t disenfranchise people.

Georgia considered limiting no-excuse absentee voting to voters 65 and over. Even this wouldn’t have dissuaded anyone from voting. A study published by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research found that turnout increased in 2020 just as much in states without no-excuse absentee voting as in states with it.

Strict voter-ID laws have long been denounced as voter suppression. It’s not true. According to a 2019 working paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research, “strict ID laws have no significant negative effect on registration or turnout, overall or for any subgroup.”

And Democrats issued dire warnings about the effects of the Supreme Court in 2013, ending so-called preclearance that required federal approval of changes in the rules in certain jurisdictions.

This, too, was wrong. A paper by a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oregon concludes, “The removal of preclearance requirements did not significantly reduce the relative turnout of eligible black voters.”

However, none of the facts can overcome the attachment that Biden and other Democrats have to their emotionally resonant and politically powerful Jim Crow smear.

So What’s Really Going On?

Try this experiment: go to Google and type in the search bar, “Text of Georgia’s voting law.” You’ll see five search pages that each are full of stories that “explain” the voting law, but only one that offers the actual text of the law: the New York Times. (you can find it in .pdf format at the bottom of this page) The Left refuses to allow Americans to see and hear facts on anything that shows up in our political system. After all, THEY are solely those endowed to give us facts.

Then why don’t they give us JUST facts?

The bottom line is this: the truth of this law is NOT necessary for it to be used to perpetuate, and even expand, on the voting irregularities in the November 3, 2020 election. (Heck: you get canceled just for saying there WERE irregularities!)

The effects of the cancellation of Georgia’s hosting the Major League Baseball All-Star game has NO impact on the Cancel Culture elitists. It’s just the fulfillment of their continuous objectives all pointed at stopping ANY truth from showing up in the American marketplace of ideas. 

What about Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines? The management of each company is scared to death that THEY will somehow be canceled if they do NOT join the Mob and cancer whoever the Mob goes after: in this case, the state of Georgia.

There is no thought given to factually support the Allstar game cancellation. The new Georgia voting law is in NO WAY racist, does NOT make it harder for minorities to vote, and gives minorities MORE opportunities to cast their vote than ever before!

President Biden’s home state’s election laws — Delaware — are FAR more restrictive for minorities. New York and Wisconsin voting laws are actually racist and egregious — at least by applying the “new” standard set by the Mob for Georgia. And Major League Baseball is headquartered in New York. And Wisconsin’s are pitching to host the All-Star Game in Milwaukee!


Who is controlling the agenda of the Mob regarding Cancel Culture? This latest craziness confirms who that really is: a group of compelling and very wealthy Americans who, in unison, have taken total control of the messaging of EVERYTHING to Americans. Numbered among that group are the social media giants, the billionaire Big Tech folks, and, of course, the bureaucrats who now have total control of our government. And there’s one big thing that this MOB is sworn to eliminate in their messaging to us about everything: The Truth.

Lester Holt, the anchor of NBC’s Nightly News, said  Tuesday that journalists should be more active in communicating what they see as the “truth” on any given issue, giving the cut-and-dried example of informing readers that “the sun sets in the west” and disregarding any contrary claims.

One goal of media organizations should be to expunge “misinformation” from their reporting, Holt said.

“I think it’s become clearer that fairness is overrated,” Holt said. “Before you run off and tweet that headline, let me explain a bit. The idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in. That the sun sets in the west is a fact. Any contrary view does not deserve our time or attention.”

Holt added, “Decisions to not give unsupported arguments equal time are not a dereliction of journalistic responsibility or some agenda. In fact, it’s just the opposite.”

“Imagine, if you would, what the pandemic would look like without the media holding leaders to account for vaccine rollouts or countering harmful misinformation or why some communities are being left behind,” Holt said.

Using Holt’s premise, Americans don’t know anything, should NEVER seek the truth on their own, and, according to today’s elitists, the Media should be our SOLE source for facts.

There was NO mention of the rampant lies and gross misrepresentations by the media that happen daily.

My final thought on this is simple: we all, while the Mob is canceling the Truth, should cancel the Mainstream Media. We should STOP giving them our eyes and ears and our time. We don’t know what to believe that they tell us. How many lies from them are acceptable?

Open this Georgia voting law file just below. Read the law for yourself. Then ask yourself one question: “Are MLB, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and even former President Obama canceling Georgia based on facts?”

The only answer you can “truthfully” is “No.”

But, according to the Mob, we don’t have the right to make that decision, do we?

Click on this link to download Georgia’s new voter law:

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