Social Justice Warrors Are Becoming “Old News”

The “woke” movement was giddy after January 20, 2021. The Left controlled both houses of Congress.

Joe Biden was drafted as the necessary veneer of 1980s Democratic normality to ram through an otherwise hard-Left agenda.

All the major cultural, financial, economic, entertainment and media institutions had played various roles in seeing former President Donald Trump not just defeated, but also impeached, twice. He was written off as persona non grata after the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

So, academia, corporate boardrooms, Hollywood, the media, the Pentagon, professional sports teams, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street in near-hysterical fashion all boarded the woke train. All boasted of ferreting out “white rage,” and hiring legions of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” czars.

Critical race theory would be mainstreamed to excise racism and discrimination by embracing racism and discrimination.

“Crime” was to be seen now mostly as a construct created by the elite to protect their own privilege, prerogatives, and property. Shoplifting, looting, and street thuggery were just part of living in a normal city.

“Social justice warriors” could replace defunded police. Gone would be most bail, incarceration, mandatory jail time, stop-and-frisk, and broken-windows deterrent policies.

Green agendas, the Left hoped, would fundamentally transform America in putting an immediate stop to man-made “climate change.” So, lots of oil and gas leases were either canceled or their fees vastly increased. Pipelines were stopped. Gas and oil companies were warned that everything from lack of financing to new regulations would soon put them out of business. The golden age of wind and batteries was already upon us.

Modern monetary theorists assured us that printing money would “spread the wealth” and devalue the cash of undeserving capitalists who had too much of it. Printing more cash, they believed, would implant it in the hands of the needy who unfairly had too little.

To the extent inflation followed, it would be a good thing, they hoped, a sign of a newly empowered and robust consumer class long denied “equity.”

COVID was virtually over. We were assured by President Biden that Trump had killed over 350,000 Americans with his lax health policies. In contrast, Biden would soberly vaccinate us all, claiming the vaccine’s efficacy as his own. He predicted victory over the virus by the Fourth of July. The delta variant was still then just an obscure rumor from abroad.

The border would be opened – and stay open. No more walls. As citizens of the world, the Left welcomed in 2 million immigrants who arrived illegally without audit or vaccinations during a pandemic.

As the woke drove terrified old liberal Democrats into hiding, all the old wisdom about human nature vanished. Forget that criminals hurt the poor the most. Discard the quaint idea of Martin Luther King, Jr. that our character, not our color, determines who we are. Ignore the passé idea that inflation eats away at the wages of the working class.

We could always resume the quarantines, lockdowns, and shutdowns that made Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other conglomerates, hundreds of billions in profit, while the mom-and-pop small businesses went broke.

So, what did the people conclude 10 months out from the woke getting their wishes?

The polls reveal that voters don’t like open borders at all. They disapprove of illegal immigration as much they support legal immigrants. They worry about crime and drugs. They don’t want the unvetted and unvaccinated flowing across their borders.

The people want cheaper, not pricier gas. They prefer American energy self-sufficiency. Why, with a cup in hand, go begging to Saudi Arabia and Russia to pump more supposedly Satanic oil?

The people like the police and hate crime. Even the rich among the woke are now scared – some of whom sowed the wind of decriminalization and are themselves reaping the whirlwind of crime.

Most voters care less about our color, but far more about our character. They think a meritocracy, not quotas and tribal chauvinism, explains the exceptional American standard of life.

They despise inflation as much as recession and fear they may now get both.

Freedom-loving individuals don’t like cancel culture, ostracism, iconoclasm, Trotskyization, and commissars. They prefer free speech and treasure the Bill of Rights.

So, in just 10 months the Left got what it wanted. And the people are becoming not just sick of what has followed, but disgusted. They are terrified that the Left is not just failing, but also wrecking the country and them along with it.

The ages have left us adages for the people’s growing anger at the hubristic and now unpopular Left. We know the ancient warnings variously as, “What comes around, goes around,” “You reap what you sow,” “Be careful about what you wish for,” and “The law of unintended consequences.”

Words like “nemesis and “karma” also come to mind. But of the collapse of the woke appeal, perhaps we could say, “It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of zealots.”

Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and the author of “The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won,” from Basic Books. You can reach him by e-mailing

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The Assassination Of An American Citizen By His Own Government

There are many who can say that the U.S. Government is NOT  “Government of the People, by the People, and FOR the People.” But no one has a right to scream that more than does Roger Stone. Roger Stone earned the right the hard way, just as did our friend Lt. General Michael Flynn. Both were targets by the so-called “Intelligence Community” which used its considerable power and influence over the U.S. Department of Justice and the Mainstream Media to use Roger Stone in a felonious attempt to destroy Donald Trump.

Call me “Stupid,” but I don’t believe anyone — especially those in our government — should have the unfettered right to launch a non-stop attack on a private American citizen who just happens to be a friend to the former President of the United States. But it happened. And, who knows: it can happen again and probably will.

Roger will join us at “TNN Live!” Friday morning, September 3, 2021. He will share the truth of the events that we all saw and heard during the Russia Collusion debacle in which he was nearly destroyed by the Robert Mueller team for just being a friend of Donald Trump.

In preparation for his visit with us take time to digest the information included in this Op-Ed published last week. It reads almost like a spy novel! His book detailing all of this will be out around the first of the year. Until then, he’s diligently working to right his life after the atrocious injustices he and his wife sustained at the hands of the Deep State in D.C. Yes, the “Deep State” actually exists. And those numbered in its ranks deplore anyone who disagrees with any of its plans for our nation.

Meet Roger Stone

For me, the events of January 6th became a matter of “déjà vu all over again,” as legendary New York Yankees baseball coach Casey Stengel once said. Because I am a forty-year friend and advisor to President Donald Trump and because I spoke at two legally permitted rallies on January 5th and because I expressed reservations about the record number of irregularities and anomalies in the results of the 2020 election, it quickly became an article of faith among left-wing haters in the blogosphere that I was somehow complicit, if not the “mastermind” of the politically counterproductive and contrived events of January 6th.

In fact, here is the statement I released to Gateway Pundit on June 28th, 2021 –

Let me say it again, any statement, claim, insinuation, or report alleging, or even implying, that I had any involvement in or knowledge of the commission of any unlawful acts by any person or group in or around the U.S. Capitol or anywhere in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, is categorically false. And, there is no evidence to the contrary nor any witness who can truthfully and honestly testify differently. Period.”

It was accurate then, and as the world learned last Friday according to Reuters, is accurate today.

The distortionists who dominate media today created a far different impression in their baseless coverage.

Reprising their role in the “Russian Collusion” fiasco in which CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and the rest of the corporate news jackals insisted that I was a “Russian traitor” and that I had received stolen data from Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and passed it on to the Trump campaign. Although the long-hidden sections of the Special Counsel’s final Report revealed that Robert Mueller, with his unlimited legal reach, authority, unlimited budget, and with the sophisticated surveillance technology of the U.S. Government, in active violation of my Fourth Amendment Rights, could never find any evidence of.

Despite the nothing burger of Mueller’s final Report and his failure to take Trump down, as well as the declassified documents that ultimately proved the illegitimate and political attack from the entire Mueller jihad, the Democrats and their allies in the fake news media never abandoned this false narrative. New York Times reporter Michael S. Schmidt won a Pulitzer Prize for promulgating lies promoting a completely false and discredited narrative regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election. If Schmidt had any journalistic integrity, he would return the Pulitzer and confess his dishonesty.

Even though the only charges Robert Mueller and his staff could ultimately cook up were contrived “lying to Congress” charges – despite the fact that no misstatement I made to Congress was material or hid any underlying crime or conspiracy and thus did not violate the False Statements Act, as well as a fabricated “witness tampering” charge in which I was accused of threatening to steal the dog of a Grand Jury witness who testified (falsely) against me. Total bullshit.

How ironic that the witness I was accused of tampering with, Randy Credico, threatened to shoot an exculpatory Grand Jury witness in my case in the head if he contradicted Credico on the stand. Although Mueller’s thugs had documentation of the written threat, Mueller stooge, Randy Credico, was not charged with witness tampering.

The killing fields of the D.C. Federal District Court were efficient, but it was also sloppy. My obvious railroading in the D.C. Court, despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to misreport the actual events in the courtroom and their implication, woke millions of Americans to the unfairness of my prosecution and brought me the prayers and support of millions of outraged Americans who have sustained me, my wife and my family. Sadly, between their smears regarding January 6th, a completely fraudulent civil complaint by the Biden Justice Department regarding my back taxes, and my wife’s valiant struggle against cancer, the stress and financial pressure on our family has persisted unabated.

Mueller insisted that my trial must take place before Judge Amy Berman Jackson because she was presiding over what he claimed was a “related” case of seventeen Russians who were charged with hacking. In fact, Mueller’s prosecutors promised the judge that they would present evidence at my trial that was gleaned from the search warrants in the Russian case. They, of course, produced no such thing because no such thing exists. This is a fraud upon the Court based on no evidence

Every one of Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s pre-trial rulings for the Government was patently unconstitutional, but the most egregious was a ruling that I could not use the issue of corruption or misconduct by Mueller’s prosecutors, the FBI, the DOJ or any member of Congress in my defense. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in Kyles v. Whitley that the corruption of the investigation and indictment is always fair grounds for legal defense. Why would the Government move to bar any discussion of their misconduct or corruption in my case if there was none to bar?

Not only did Judge Jackson manage to keep the phony Crowdstrike report from the public without which there is no evidence that “the Russians” hacked the DNC, and, in fact, Crowdstrike executives later testified that they had no such proof either. This admission was, of course, classified because it undercut the Deep State narrative.

In her unhinged fifty-five-minute harangue at me during sentencing, Judge Jackson admitted that she increased my sentence because I had the audacity to question the legitimacy of the Mueller Investigation which, of course, I have a First Amendment right to so. Based on the declassification of government documents in the final days of the Trump Administration and on Mueller’s own final Report, the legitimacy and legality of the Mueller Investigation is no longer disputed. Judge Jackson owes me an apology but once again the Judge demonstrated that she was, as Tucker Carlson said, a “capricious authoritarianism of a Democratic activist wearing robes.”

Judge Jackson violated my First, Fourth, and Sixth Amendment rights at trial, as well as withholding exculpatory evidence that the Federal Courts would ultimately pry from Mueller. Both the prosecutors and the Judge herself withheld Mueller’s stunning conclusion that they had “no factual evidence” against me pertaining to “Russian Collusion,” WikiLeaks collaboration, or the publication of John Podesta’s embarrassing e-mails.

Because this fact would have completely undercut their contrived “lying to Congress” fabricated charge against me, they hid it from us at trial. Their argument, that they had no obligation to give it to us under the Giglio decision because it doesn’t pertain directly to the charges against me, fails to recognize that the first eight pages of my indictment claim that the Russians hacked the DNC and gave the information to WikiLeaks, something Mueller has no evidence of, as well as no evidence that I was involved in any such endeavor. One cannot lie about events that one neither has knowledge of nor is involved in. Andrew Weissman, who crafted my indictment is not nearly as clever as he thinks he is, and a blockbuster book; “PITBULL,” by Defense Attorney David Schoen on Weissman’s life-long record of legal misconduct, and a documentary based on that book, will be out in January.

The jury forewoman attacked me by name on Twitter and Facebook in 2019 in regard to the actual case in which she was later selected as a juror, kept those posts on a private setting during jury selection and the trial, and deleted them afterward. In the jaw-dropper, Judge Jackson ruled that the jury for a woman’s actions did not demonstrate bias against me because the judge insisted that the jury for a woman had no way of knowing in 2019 that I was an associate of Donald Trump.

Is it a completely contrived narrative by the prosecutors in my case who justified a seven to nine-year sentence recommendation by penalizing me for numerous crimes I had neither been charged with nor convicted of, such as the false assertion that I threatened a federal judge or that I violated the Judge’s gag order with the publication of my book “The Myth of Russian Collusion” although the book was published and released before the judge’s gag on me was ordered?

After blindsiding their DOJ superiors with a sentencing recommendation for more draconian than the actual convictions required and then claiming Barr’s DOJ Officials had pressured them to recommend a more lenient sentence, the four Obama and Clinton-connected prosecutors in my case created a firestorm out of fiction.

Spoon-feeding this shit to their friends at The Washington Post, The New York Times and CNN they created a “factoid”- that Barr interfered in my sentencing on behalf of Trump. That is a simple disprovable lie. Because three of the four prosecutors are no longer in government service, they cannot be disciplined for their unethical behavior. However, public exposure of their corruption is yet to come. Cockroaches run from sunlight.

While four of these prosecutors were smart enough to weave this tale of interference in the sentencing process by the Attorney General to reporters and in op-eds they were also wise enough never to state it under oath. None of these prosecutors could stand up to questioning under oath regarding their conduct in my case. Perhaps that opportunity will come someday.

Rod Rosenstein protégée Aaron Zelinsky whose misconduct in my case will be the subject of its own book was not so smart. In fact, Zelinsky made nine assertions under oath before the House Judiciary Committee that are provably false. In other words, Zelinsky lied to Congress for which he should be prosecuted.

The Washington Post later reported that the three top non-political career Prosecutors at the Department of Justice all denied under oath to the Inspector General that they had ever pressured the prosecutors in my case including Zelinsky who unfortunately made this fake claim under oath before the house judiciary committee.  In other words, Zelinsky lied to Congress. It’s perplexing why he has not yet been prosecuted.

The documentation of Zelinsky’s unethical and illegal behavior in the prosecution of my case will be fully outlined and documented in my upcoming book, “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong – My Political Persecution & The Loss of the 2020 Election.” This will make my formal complaint regarding his conduct to the Maryland Bar a copy and paste job.

On November 3, 2020, arguably the busiest media day of the year, the U.S. Department of Justice released the last remaining long-hidden sections of Muller’s Report in which he conceded that his financially and legally unlimited investigation had turned up “no factual evidence against me regarding Russian collusion WikiLeaks collaboration or the theft of John podesta’s emails. Incredibly Mueller is Report when I want to say that even if he had found evidence of such activity he had concluded that it would not have been illegal and would have been protected by the first Amendment.

While BuzzFeed reported that I was “vindicated, and The Washington Examiner carried the story, all of the major media outlets who had falsely accused me of treason or WikiLeaks collaboration reported… nothing.

The November 2020 revelations from DOJ released at a time to ensure the minimum of media coverage, prove that the charges against me were fabricated and, as I have publicly stated and were used to pressure me in order to coerce me into testifying falsely against President Trump. Unlike Michael Cohen I refused.

Then the fake news media began to recycle the same baseless accusations regarding January 6th. ABC News, was among the most debased and outrageous in their coverage. If the reporters and news executives guilty of character assassination in my case cannot be punished in court, they will burn for all eternity in hell and an indelible record of their dishonesty will be left so that their children and grandchildren will know that their parents were lying scumbags.

Notice how the ABC News headline above has now been completely debunked by Reuters. The efforts by the exact same media outlets who smeared me in the Russian collusion scam were completely recycled in the aftermath of the January 26th disturbance. Their coverage was as stunning and breathtaking as their dishonesty in this new smear. After a virtual tsunami of irresponsible, fabricated,” guilt by association-based headlines and stories by the jackals in the corporate news media, Reuters reported last week is that a senior FBI official confirmed that the January 6th investigation had found no evidence against either Roger Stone or Alex Jones regarding the illegal events of January 6th. Wait! You didn’t see it? Not surprising.

Once again, the very same fake news media outlets who for two years insisted that I was a “Russian traitor” and had illegally collaborated with WikiLeaks and the Russians to interfere in the 2020 election, those news outlets who failed to report Mueller’s stunning admission that he could find no proof of these smears began insisting that my presence in Washington on January 6th and my congenial contact with individuals who may or may not have been involved in the disturbance at the Capitol on January 6th somehow constitutes proof of my involvement or knowledge of the very strange series of events that day.

No media outlet has been more irresponsible in their smear of me than ABC News. “Seen with?” Isn’t this feeble attempt at “guilt by association” transparent and pathetic? Reuters essentially debunked multiple ABC News stories with their stunning story last week in which Senior Government Officials told Reuters that they found “no evidence” of any larger conspiracy involving anyone in President Trump’s inner or outer circle regarding the events of January 6th.

I am consulting several of the most respected defamation attorneys in the country because of my intention to sue ABC News and several of their executives and reporters over their malicious and false smears of me. That said, unfortunately, based on previous Supreme Court decisions, because I am considered a “public figure” the bar to determine actual defamation is quite high. At the same time, certain ABC News reporters must be subjected to the same kind of public abuse based on their actions, as I was subjected to based on their lies.


I agree with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, that it is time to revise the law regarding the defamation of public figures, to ensure fairer coverage of American citizens and to hold the media responsible for their willful use of falsehood omission and distortion in their efforts to destroy the public reputation of anyone they target.

The “guilt by association” technique was carried to its extreme while failing to recognize that due to my epic two-year struggle for freedom and justice, and in my efforts to raise sufficient money for a legal defense after the Mueller nightmare had impoverished me and my family, I casually met and had my photograph taken with literally thousands of people. I have no more responsibility to know the name and background of every person who requests a photo nor am I responsible for all their actions, past, present, or future, but not according to ABC News.

While media outlets like ABC News, The Washington Post, and The New York Times willfully and purposely published falsehoods and inaccuracies, their greatest tool is the omission of salient facts. Below them is a whole subset of cretins like Seth Abrahamson who published his own delusional fever dreams because no “legitimate” news organization will employ him since doing so would assume legal responsibility and liability for the baseless horseshit this guy serves up as “news.”

By the way, Abrahamson’s claim that there were not one, but “two War Rooms” inside the Willard Hotel is a fantasy based on bullshit. His claim that Rudy Giuliani was running a War Room is total fiction. Just as his prediction of my “imminent” arrest in February 4, 2021, and his insistence that proof would emerge that I had “masterminded” the entire fiasco at the Capital. Scumbags like Seth Abrahamson are not censored on Twitter or Facebook while I am banned for life from both because of my “constant promotion of disinformation,” in other words, any political narrative that contradicts the conventional wisdom of the ruling elite. I am banned for life on Twitter but the Taliban, monsters who abuse women and children and who have no regard for human life, are not.

Bottom-feeder Seth Abrahamson actually makes a living by smearing me and then using my name for clickbait among the drooling anti-Trump leftists who dominate Twitter. It won’t end well for Abrahamson.

It is almost impossible to describe the experience of being vilified, smeared, censored, travel-restricted, terrorized, threatened, unconstitutionally gagged, legally lynched, nearly bankrupted, de-platformed, canceled, pardoned, and ultimately vindicated, particularly when your ultimate vindication never seems to get the level of media coverage that the original and in some cases fabricated attacks you received at the hands of the Democrat/corporate media/Deep State cabal.

The same prosecutors who said in their opening statement that my trial had nothing to do with President Trump used Trump’s name one hundred and thirty-two times in their closing statement and rebuttal to my defense.

The bloodlust on the American left because I successfully escaped the deadly snare so carefully laid for me by Robert Mueller (Andrew Weissmann), Congressman Adam Schiff and his confederates, the Red Chinese-compromised Eric Swalwell, and that little asshole from Texas, Joaquin Castro, whose political career has reached its zenith and whose trajectory, I assure you from this period forward is only downward. There is more than enough solid evidence of illegal handling of classified documents by every one of these House Democrat fanatics.

After living under a media-created cloud for two and a half years, essentially being gagged while I was lynched, and, by the grace of God having my “death sentence” to serve in the general population of a Covid-19-infested Georgia prison, where the Government insisted there were no existing Covid-19 cases, but in fact, there were hundreds and granting me an unlimited presidential pardon based on my failure to receive a fair trial and the obvious corruption of my trial itself. The President recognized that my Constitutional Right to a fair trial had been abridged and he answered my prayers when he granted me clemency.

The events of January 6th in which I played no part, gave the exact same fake news media assassins who have yet to admit the falsity of their reporting about me, an opportunity to create a new cloud of suspicion based on nothing at all. The Reuters story of last Friday completely debunks the ABC News reports that the investigation of the January 6th incidents would embroil multiple top Trump associates, including yours truly. ABC News’ use of a harmless video in which I stood on the steps and in front of my hotel when I went out to greet supporters on the morning of January 6, this being necessary because the city’s Covid-19 rules prevented.

Just as in the “Russian Collusion” hoax, the truth of my innocence regarding anything pertaining to January 6th will receive scant coverage from the same people who have yet to admit that they were wrong about “Russian Collusion” and that they relentlessly pushed a lie. From the beginning of my stunning and unnecessary gunpoint arrest in the predawn hours of January 25th, 2019 when twenty-nine heavily armed FBI agents swarmed my home to Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s fifty-five-minute political diatribe at my sentencing that the case against me was contrived, politically motivated and that my trial was hopelessly corrupted by politics.

For eighteen months I was legally prohibited from telling my side of the story. With the publication of my next book, “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong – My Political Persecution & the Loss of the 2020 Election,” the hand in hand corruption of the Deep State and their corporate media facilitators will be fully exposed, and the public knowledge of the unethical activities of a number of public figures who have yet to answer for their crimes will be exposed. Karma is a bitch.

Sources at Reuters tell me that the two reports whose dogged coverage of the January 6th conflict have been deluged with complaints from outraged leftists furious that these two journalists have simply reported the facts. Any claim of inappropriate or illegal activity pertaining to January 6th by me has now been credibly documented to be categorically false. Don’t expect the people who lied for two years about my being a “Russian spy” to tell you the truth about January 6th either.

It’s bad enough that the Biden Justice Department has filed an entirely fraudulent civil action against me regarding my back taxes. At the same time, my wife is waging a valiant struggle against Stage 4 cancer, a diagnosis brought on by two and a half years of relentless stress and pressure at the hands of Mueller and his thugs.

Those who want to help me in my legal struggle with these criminals can go to Those who want to help my wife and family finance the cutting-edge alternative homeopathic and holistic cancer therapies that Mrs. Stone is utilizing in her fight for life can go to

God bless Roger Stone and his family.

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Cancel Culture Is Coming to Get You!

Identity politics purveyors, race advocates, and political partisans forbid any discussion that might contradict or even question their narratives. Disobey them at your peril; they’ll call you horrid names — sexist, racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, male supremacist, white nationalist, fascist, and Nazi — and accuse you of “hate speech” as a warm-up to trying to cancel you by getting you fired, your honors revoked, your institutional ties annulled, sued, fined, and jailed.

COVID-19 questions we are NOT to ask:

  • Do lockdowns work at all, other than in the spike in suicides, overdoses, and domestic violence?
  • Are masks at all effective in blocking the transmission?
  • Is the origin of the virus a laboratory in Wuhan?
  • Doesn’t natural immunity exist in those who have had COVID-19?

If you ask any of these, you’re a “conspiracy theorist,” an “anti-vaxxer,” and you’ll be accused of personally being responsible for untold deaths. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Canada has warned that “physicians who are publicly contradicting public health orders and recommendations, may face an investigation and disciplinary action when warranted.” Because the science is “settled” by whatever “public health” officials say THIS week.

Diversity and equity questions not to ask, unless you want to be called “sexist:”

  • How come female students made up around 60 percent of university students and graduates?
  • Does that not mean that males are “underrepresented” and need special programs to raise their presence to 50 percent?
  • How come there’s a major push in policy, programs, and regulations to increase the number of female students in STEM fields to 50 percent, when females already make up a supermajority in the social sciences and humanities, the fields they prefer and choose?
  • Unless you want to be accused of being an “Islamophobe,” don’t ask whether Islam is anti-Jewish.
  • Don’t ask what the Koran means by “Thou will surely find the most hostile of men to the believers [Muslims] are the Jews and the idolaters” (Koran 5.82).
  • Or “Fight those who believe not in God and the Last Day and do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of [Muslim] superiority and are in a state of subjection” (Koran 9:92).
  • Or why in the 21st century, a government party in a Muslim country demands of its citizens, “Let us prepare ourselves for the decisive battle against the Jews, those apes, pigs, and worshipers of calves. … There will be no peace with the Jews. … This jihad is the jihad.”
  • The Hamas Charter says, quoting a prophecy in the hadith, “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews) when the Jew hides behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.” Do not ask whether this plays a part in attacks on Jews around the world or on Israel.

Aren’t there still men and women? If you ask, imposing this binary, you’ll be accused of literally “denying the being” of the people spread amongst 126 genders. Never mind about biology and its genes and chromosomes; science is so 20th century.

Today, whatever identity anyone imagines is “Truth.” Disrespect anything that anyone claims, and you’ll be canceled. If you decline to call someone whatever pronoun they adopt or invent, you could be fired, expelled, fined, or jailed. The Cancel Culture gurus are demanding in some states for their state courts to issue “an announcement that all parties appearing in court would henceforth be asked to specify what pronouns they want others to use when referring to them, as well as their preferred forms of address.”

Ignore that old biological and Mother Nature thing.

Not using preferred pronouns may lead to contempt of court charges and incarceration. In the case of objecting to the transition of your own children, for example, by calling them by the pronoun for their biological sex, social services will take them away or send you to jail. Do not dare to deny that men can become women and women can become men, or that children of 8 years old should be allowed to choose life-changing medical treatments unless you want to be called a “transphobe.” Anyone can “transition” to a different sex if they feel like it. Unfortunately, detransitioning turns out to be more difficult. And don’t try transitioning to a different race; these attempts have, when discovered, all been fails.

How come biological males who identify as females are allowed to participate in and dominate girls’ and women’s sports? Uh-oh, don’t ask. But is it not irrefutable that males, on average, are larger, heavier, faster, and stronger than females? So isn’t it unjust that they’re allowed to take over female sports? Ask this, and you will be labeled as “transphobic.” Any objection to trans-females in female sports, female bathrooms, female dressing rooms, women’s shelters, and prisons is denounced as “hate speech.”

Given that every year in our nation, around twenty-five hundred blacks are murdered, how come the dozen or so unarmed (but in some cases aggressive) blacks killed by police are the main topic of conversation, and the justification for rioting, looting, burning, assaulting, killing, and defunding the police? What about the thousands of other black murder victims? Why it is, you know, “racist” to ask about the fact that other blacks murder almost all — around 90% — of blacks murdered. Some blacks are murdered by whites and others, but more than twice as many whites are murdered by blacks. Black victims of violence are overwhelmingly the victims of black criminals. This is why blacks do not want to defund the police.

But don’t talk about it, you’re a racist!

How come our most celebrated social organization, a self-declared Marxist organization dedicated to destroying the nuclear family, is now officially endorsed by the Biden Administration and the U.S. Department of State? It is, of course, Black Lives Matter, an organization focused on vilifying police and ignoring black-on-black crime.

But don’t ask, or else you’re a “racist.”

Why have we allied with genocidal terrorist organizations as our most sympathetic victims? Hamas and Islamic Jihad are explicit about destroying their neighbor Israel and murdering Jews all around the world. They’re now the good guys? Ask, and you will be denounced as an imperialist, colonialist, white supremacist, and Nazi. Why is the Biden Administration planning to rebuild Gaza rather than allowing Hamas and Islamic Jihad to reap the consequences of their aggressive actions? If the Palestinians are captive to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, as alleged, why do they vote, when they can vote, for Hamas as their preferred rulers? Fatah just called off the proposed Palestinian election because the polls showed Hamas would win.

If you ask why we’re siding with Hamas, you will be denounced as evil.

Today, freedom of speech is denounced as a cover for hate speech. Certain people’s imagined identities are sacrosanct, while others’ identities are those of oppressors, which must be expunged. Opinion is now closed. Like the third world, despotic countries, and fascist and communist totalitarian states, only the official “social justice” “antiracism” narrative is allowed. Other opinions are punished. “Diversity” is only for race, gender, and ethnicity, not for thought and ideas. Logic, science, and evidence are passé. Is silence a safe option? If you don’t repeat their slogans, they’ll claim that “your silence is violence.”


This is an easy discussion to put a “period” on: we each have NO say-so about the validity or truth of anything we think or so. We have discovered that self-appointed “Woke” or “Cancel Culture” gurus will demand unilateral authority to label us. So what do we do? Should we accept that none of our thoughts, or feelings, or even the things we KNOW are factual matter anymore? HECK NO! No one can change a fact — the “truth” — about anything.

“So, how do we survive this plague of superiority and Wokeness?”

There’s only one way to do it: we each must find a place within ourselves in which we can live peacefully, honoring all those things we think, we know, and who we are, and just shut out as much of the vitriol and hatred as we possibly can.

Try as we might, we’re not going to change anyone! They, of course, are confident they can cancel, diminish, and shame us all into submission. Let them think so! It is not the first time in history that a segment of society feels and acts that way. But they NEVER survive for long. Common sense and that old factual gift from God always take over: FACTS.

Here’s a novel idea: laugh in the face of anger or hatred, smile when facing a threat. Always “show” the peace you hold in your heart and mind, and never doubt who you are.

Oh, one more thing: remind yourself often of that Declaration of Independence thing promised you: we are each endowed with unalienable rights by our Creator — not by Cancel Culture!

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The Most Dangerous Tool of the Political Left

There certainly is a plethora of options that might fill that category. Each within that group can be devastating, no doubt. But some are easier to control, simpler to initiate, while several are just the deadliest of the group. I’m certain you can name a few of them:

  1. Political Correctness
  2. De-legitimization
  3. Cancellation
  4. The Racism “card.”

And the list goes on and on. This is certainly not a comprehensive assortment, especially since it seems today’s Left, along with the Mainstream Media, can weaponize a toothpick to use successfully against political foes! But there’s one tool in particular that has rocketed into the lead of all those easily weaponized political tools. We’ll discuss that one here today.


We have witnessed the “Wokeness” expression, and the many tentacles of its thought process creep into the public over these last years. It started as an annoying extension of political correctness, and it metastasized into an ever more present exercise in virtue-signaling after the election of Donald Trump. But now, it has expanded into a central factor in decisions made by everyone from the Democrat-run federal government to an all-in leftist media and compliant private sector.

Being “woke.” The full-strength brand of political correctness takes intolerance and ornamental displays of false virtue to a whole new level.

Wokeness is not like a political system in which a party wants certain things but can only get some of them because of those pesky voters. This is a belief system of a small minority that has metastasized seamlessly to the broader public. With the elite media doing its bidding, no compromise is necessary, so wokeness is increasingly being imposed upon normal, unwitting people who want to judge other people by their character’s actual content but can no longer see their way clearly do so. They exist in a world of “woke” where every single word is evaluated for its potential racist, white supremacist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic implications for those who bear the scarlet “W.”

While many people will buy into the generalized perspective of sensitivity to matters of race, gender, national origin, sexual preference, and all the other demographic factors that seem to inform every decision on the left these days, it is vital to dig well beneath the surface to understand the breadth and depth of full-on wokeness.

How do we do that? From whom can we accept a legal interpretation of the meaning of “Wokeness” and its uses?

Let’s choose someone who lives in the middle of the “Wokeness” target: the Republican Party. Want to narrow that down? How about let’s pick a politician that the New York Times recently used to ramp up the “cancel culture” attention of most Americans and, in its aftermath, opened the door to all-out “Wokeness.”

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) ripped apart the terrifying cancel culture that seeks to silence anyone who dares to disagree with leftist dogma. Cancel culture animates the vandalism against statues — including those of black volunteer troops for the Union fighting against slavery — along with the abortion of television shows and people’s firing.

Cotton briefly listed many of the recent victims of cancel culture in the wake of the George Floyd riots initiated by Floyd’s horrendous death last Memorial Day: a UCLA professor facing police investigation because he declined to postpone final exams to let students protest, a professor under investigation for reading from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail, a professional soccer player who was fired for his wife’s tweet, and “business executives and editors at newspapers and magazines.”

Tom Cotton did not need to mention former New York Times op-ed editor James Bennet, who resigned amid backlash for publishing Cotton’s op-ed.

Lastly, the senator mentioned Ivanka Trump, whose commencement speech at Wichita State University got canceled.

“What is the logical conclusion? What is the end of the cancel culture? I will tell you what it is. It is right here in this city, Washington, the District of Columbia. That’s where it will end if we don’t put an end to the madness now,” Cotton warned.

“Just up the Mall is the Washington Monument. Are we gonna tear the Washington Monument down? Are we going to rename it the Obelisk of Wokeness?” the senator asked.

“Up the Hill is the Washington National Cathedral where so many times we have gathered as a nation over the years to mourn our great leaders, to pray for God’s protection and deliverance in moments of national strife and struggle,” Cotton continued. “Are we going to rename the Washington National Cathedral the ‘Temple of Reason’ as the Jacobins did to Notre Dame during the French Revolution?”

“And what are we going to call this city? Can’t call it Washington. Can’t call it Columbia,” he said, rejecting “Columbia” because it is a version of Christopher Columbus’s name. “Gotta come up with new names, all around.”
“I will say this, the cancel culture, whether in its Maoist or its multiple forms, ultimately is animated by a single idea, that America, at its core, is fundamentally irredeemable and wicked,” Cotton concluded. “I reject that claim fully, wholeheartedly. America is a great and noble nation, the noblest nation in the history of mankind, that has struggled throughout our history, imperfectly but ceaselessly, to live up to our founding creed that all men are created equal. The single greatest defense against tyranny, against racism, against oppression. [Those are] the stakes of this debate.”

Do you see the tyranny of this relatively young tool being used to transform all of our political and social conversations? Heck, most conservatives today are too petrified to even engage in political conversations with others who they don’t know really well. Think about what happened to millions of Americans in the aftermath of the November election last year.

It was obvious to most that while election outright cheating was on its surface not proven to be fraudulent, the normal process of multiple investigations to get to the bottom of the issue prevented evidence from arriving in front of juries and judges. And, OMG, dare to “allege” outright voter fraud somewhere in public, and the Woke folks in positions of authority immediately loosed the mad dogs of Satan on the perpetrator! Take Mike Lindell as an example: the “My Pillow” guy. Mr. Lindell probably has more My Pillows stacked high in his Minnesota warehouse than Giza cotton plants in Egypt — you know, the exotic cotton used in Lindell’s new bedsheets. (Those are Giza cotton plants in Egypt pictured at the top of this page) Because of Lindell’s rabid support of Donald Trump, all the big chain stores dropped My Pillow products as a big item. In fact, he’s had contracts by the dozens canceled for one reason only: Mike ain’t “Woke!”


We could keep going all day, giving different examples of “Wokeness,” cancel culture, and dozens of other tools which the left choose to attack all who oppose them. I thought we’d complete today’s story with a list of a few that I’m certain will ring true with you. Each of these has been, and certainly will be again, used to attack folks who are NOT “Woke.” Of course, only those with official membership in the “Cancel Culture” Club for elitists are eligible to engage in battle with any of these (or other) “Weapons of War:”

  • It is now racist for a white person to translate the work of a black person.
  • It is now homophobic for a straight actor to play a gay character.
  • It is now racist for a white therapist to treat a black client – because, of course, the cross-cultural dissonance would make it impossible for any white person to evaluate a person of color free from their own unacknowledged bias.
  • It is now racist to have advanced high school programs – because that means some people would be hurt and demoralized by not being selected for the advanced classes.
  • It is now transphobic for biological females to reject having to compete against trans women, i.e., biological males – even though they must compete in an environment the equivalent of starting every at-bat in baseball with two strikes against them – and have not even a faint hope of achieving a comparable level of physical strength.
  • It is now Islamophobic to criticize any tenets of Islam – no matter how extreme or threatening.
  • It is now science denialism to question the ongoing COVID lockdowns – just shut up and follow orders.
  • It is now science denialism to question any tenets stemming from climate change alarmists – the debate is over, it’s settled science, shut up and listen.
  • It is now bigotry to support the scientific method of adjudicating the scientific hypothesis – in plain language, that means ignoring the science. However, I did think that’s what the woke folk say that conservatives do.
  • It is now racist to promote the ethos of individual dignity over collectivist identity politics – you are no longer an individual but either an oppressor or victim of oppression.
  • It is now racist to criticize a noble person of color, be it a famous athlete or celebrity – because, of course, you couldn’t possibly begin to understand the depth of the struggle if you’re white and therefore should – here we go again – shut up.
  • It is now transphobic to posit that only women menstruate – again with that pesky science.
  • It is now racist to publicly proclaim your support for “wrongthink” black individuals such as Thomas Sowell or Larry Elder – they’re not real black people because they’re not woke.
  • It is now misogynist or misogynistic to note that women greatly outnumber men in universities – oh, those unyielding statistics.
  • It is now sexist to publish scientific research that yields sex differences that are contrary to accepted politically correct orthodoxy – of course. We can’t have men and women being different.
  • It is now racist to point to FBI murder statistics broken down by interracial markers of victim and perpetrator – because we can’t trigger the woke folk with facts showing black on white crime dramatically higher than white on black crime.
  • It is now racist to openly support national borders – because who are we to decide who gets to live among us?
  • It is now racist to seek to curb immigration from countries that espouse deeply hateful and anti-liberty values.
  • It is now racist to request that job offers be based on the merits of an individual’s dossier rather than on the use of immutable traits – i.e., your color and gender.

And we save the best for last, the one which proves once and for all the full-on depravity of the woke belief system:

It is now racist to argue that mathematics yields right and wrong answers – because that might damage our self-esteem, already so devastated from either the guilt of our whiteness or the victimhood of our non-whiteness. Nothing could better exemplify the toxic, fact-free culture of wokeness.

Are you “Woke?” Here’s a question: if your answer to that question was “yes,” how the heck did you determine you ARE “Woke?”

Am I “Woke?” I have no idea! Therein lies the proof that the Left has commanded the tool with which to obliterate all foes, no matter their source: “Wokeness.”

Seriously: Am I “Woke?” It’s killing me to know!

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The Georgia Steal That is a LIE: What’s Really Happening?

The cries against Georgia’s General Assembly for restructuring their voter laws have driven the entire nation to choose sides: one (controlled by the “Cancel Culture”) that wants NO rules in how, when, and where voting happens and one (that includes all “thinking” American citizens) who ARE concerned about the security of our voting system and think that proving one who casts a vote is the person who is legally registered and authorized to cast that vote.

So What is Going On?

It’s not unusual for a major U.S. Corporation or two to bow to the Cancel Culture Mob and “cancel” some benign cause or small company. Their doing so usually rises from some issue the elitists who comprise Cancel Culture have deemed to be egregious to the entire world but are grievous ONLY to those elitists.

What is unusual is that President Joe Biden is so committed to bipartisan cooperation and fact-based governance that he’s launched an ignorant and incendiary attack on the new Georgia voting law.

Biden says the new law is “Jim Crow in the 21st century” and “an un-American law to deny people the right to vote.”

Biden’s attack has been joined by Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, and Delta Airlines. All three are international monsters who rely on the members of the Cancel Culture for their very existence. Two of the three counts on Cancel Culture’s adherents to buy products, tickets, and paid advertising. The third’s existence is based totally on the travel market smiling at all they do.

How dare a state make voting laws more inclusive, easier, and safer!

It’s now practically mandatory for Democrats to launch such unhinged broadsides. Elizabeth Warren, accusing Georgia governor Brian Kemp of having stolen his 2018 election victory over Democratic activist Stacey Abrams (a poisonous myth), tweeted, “The Republican who is sitting in Stacey Abrams’ chair just signed a despicable voter suppression bill into law to take Georgia back to Jim Crow.”

  • The old Jim Crow was billy clubs and fire hoses; the alleged new Jim Crow asks people to write a driver’s license number on their absentee-ballot envelopes.
  • The old Jim Crow was poll taxes; the new Jim Crow is expanding weekend voting.
  • The old Jim Crow disenfranchised voters en masse based on their race; the new Jim Crow is limiting ballot drop boxes to places they can’t be tampered with.

It’s hard to believe that one real voter will be kept from voting by the new rules.

To better ensure security, the law requires that voters provide a driver’s license or state ID number to apply for a ballot and one of those numbers (or the last four digits of a Social Security number) when returning the ballot.

The law narrows the window for requesting absentee ballots, although it still allows plenty of time. A voter can request a ballot as early as eleven weeks before an election — that’s almost three months! — or as late as eleven days prior (any later date risks the completed ballot not getting delivered in time).

Ballot drop boxes were a pandemic-era innovation in Georgia. The law keeps them while limiting their location to early voting sites.

After getting blowback over proposed limits on a weekend early voting when black churches run their “Souls to the Polls” events, Georgia lawmakers expanded the potential for weekend voting — an option to add two Sundays to the already extended Saturdays to vote.

The law gives the State Election Board more authority to take over local election operations. Still, there’s no doubt that election officials in Fulton County, where metro Atlanta is located and long lines at the polls are common, have been incompetent.

Perhaps most controversially, it bans people from distributing food or drinks to voters standing in line, an effort to keep partisans from trying to sway voters near polling places. But family members of friends can provide water and even food for those standing in line until they reach 150 feet from the door to the polling location. But poll workers can provide food and drink for general use.

The deeper point is that in the contemporary United States, with such wide and ready access to the ballot, changes around the edges don’t disenfranchise people.

Georgia considered limiting no-excuse absentee voting to voters 65 and over. Even this wouldn’t have dissuaded anyone from voting. A study published by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research found that turnout increased in 2020 just as much in states without no-excuse absentee voting as in states with it.

Strict voter-ID laws have long been denounced as voter suppression. It’s not true. According to a 2019 working paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research, “strict ID laws have no significant negative effect on registration or turnout, overall or for any subgroup.”

And Democrats issued dire warnings about the effects of the Supreme Court in 2013, ending so-called preclearance that required federal approval of changes in the rules in certain jurisdictions.

This, too, was wrong. A paper by a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oregon concludes, “The removal of preclearance requirements did not significantly reduce the relative turnout of eligible black voters.”

However, none of the facts can overcome the attachment that Biden and other Democrats have to their emotionally resonant and politically powerful Jim Crow smear.

So What’s Really Going On?

Try this experiment: go to Google and type in the search bar, “Text of Georgia’s voting law.” You’ll see five search pages that each are full of stories that “explain” the voting law, but only one that offers the actual text of the law: the New York Times. (you can find it in .pdf format at the bottom of this page) The Left refuses to allow Americans to see and hear facts on anything that shows up in our political system. After all, THEY are solely those endowed to give us facts.

Then why don’t they give us JUST facts?

The bottom line is this: the truth of this law is NOT necessary for it to be used to perpetuate, and even expand, on the voting irregularities in the November 3, 2020 election. (Heck: you get canceled just for saying there WERE irregularities!)

The effects of the cancellation of Georgia’s hosting the Major League Baseball All-Star game has NO impact on the Cancel Culture elitists. It’s just the fulfillment of their continuous objectives all pointed at stopping ANY truth from showing up in the American marketplace of ideas. 

What about Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines? The management of each company is scared to death that THEY will somehow be canceled if they do NOT join the Mob and cancer whoever the Mob goes after: in this case, the state of Georgia.

There is no thought given to factually support the Allstar game cancellation. The new Georgia voting law is in NO WAY racist, does NOT make it harder for minorities to vote, and gives minorities MORE opportunities to cast their vote than ever before!

President Biden’s home state’s election laws — Delaware — are FAR more restrictive for minorities. New York and Wisconsin voting laws are actually racist and egregious — at least by applying the “new” standard set by the Mob for Georgia. And Major League Baseball is headquartered in New York. And Wisconsin’s are pitching to host the All-Star Game in Milwaukee!


Who is controlling the agenda of the Mob regarding Cancel Culture? This latest craziness confirms who that really is: a group of compelling and very wealthy Americans who, in unison, have taken total control of the messaging of EVERYTHING to Americans. Numbered among that group are the social media giants, the billionaire Big Tech folks, and, of course, the bureaucrats who now have total control of our government. And there’s one big thing that this MOB is sworn to eliminate in their messaging to us about everything: The Truth.

Lester Holt, the anchor of NBC’s Nightly News, said  Tuesday that journalists should be more active in communicating what they see as the “truth” on any given issue, giving the cut-and-dried example of informing readers that “the sun sets in the west” and disregarding any contrary claims.

One goal of media organizations should be to expunge “misinformation” from their reporting, Holt said.

“I think it’s become clearer that fairness is overrated,” Holt said. “Before you run off and tweet that headline, let me explain a bit. The idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in. That the sun sets in the west is a fact. Any contrary view does not deserve our time or attention.”

Holt added, “Decisions to not give unsupported arguments equal time are not a dereliction of journalistic responsibility or some agenda. In fact, it’s just the opposite.”

“Imagine, if you would, what the pandemic would look like without the media holding leaders to account for vaccine rollouts or countering harmful misinformation or why some communities are being left behind,” Holt said.

Using Holt’s premise, Americans don’t know anything, should NEVER seek the truth on their own, and, according to today’s elitists, the Media should be our SOLE source for facts.

There was NO mention of the rampant lies and gross misrepresentations by the media that happen daily.

My final thought on this is simple: we all, while the Mob is canceling the Truth, should cancel the Mainstream Media. We should STOP giving them our eyes and ears and our time. We don’t know what to believe that they tell us. How many lies from them are acceptable?

Open this Georgia voting law file just below. Read the law for yourself. Then ask yourself one question: “Are MLB, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and even former President Obama canceling Georgia based on facts?”

The only answer you can “truthfully” is “No.”

But, according to the Mob, we don’t have the right to make that decision, do we?

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