The Nation is Vastly Divided and Trump is at Fault

I don’t remember a time when the United States has experienced anything similar to what we are watching play out daily today. Who could have fathomed cities would be torn apart by protests that quickly morph into violent demonstrations that almost as quickly morph into full-blown riots? It’s happening daily throughout America.

It hasn’t been surprising to watch and listen to Democrats blame all of it on President Trump. They seem to forget that each of the cities in which this violence occurs has mayors, local police and fire departments, and the states in which they are have governors that direct their state police forces that are fully equipped and trained to handle violence of these kinds. Why haven’t the cities or states acted in whatever fashion is required to quell the violence? That answer is beyond my comprehension.

Add to that the madness of each of these city’s mayors and each state’s governors have symbolically (and in some cases literally) given President Trump the middle finger placing 100% of the blame for all these travesties on his shoulders. To make matters worse, each of these local and state officials has demanded that President Trump not even consider sending federal officers to assist local and state law enforcement officials in preventing the devastation that occurs nightly.

It should not (but it does) surprise me that in each of the impacted cities across America and in each affected state every mayor and every governor are Democrats!

Does that even mean something?

I think it does.

What DOESN’T surprise me is that President Trump from the beginning has been ready to act, has federal agency officers set to go, and even has National Guard commanders abreast of current status at these locations with an order to be prepared to go when called.

He sent federal officers to Portland when things deteriorated to the point the Federal Courthouse was not just being covered in graffiti on a nightly basis, but firebombed, sustained fireworks, bricks, and rock attacks that were hurled at the Courthouse. In addition to the physical damage already sustained by the multimillion-dollar facility at the hands of these rioters, federal employees working within the building were daily put in danger by this terror. For sending those federal agents, President Trump was excoriated in Portland and in other cities around the nation. He found himself in one of those “damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don’t” dilemmas.

One thing has been proven in these riotous cities: Donald Trump is a learned leader in a crisis. His actions have been swift, well-planned, and decisive. And he happily takes responsibility.

It is certain that the fault for the violence does NOT lie at the President’s feet. It was laughable to hear former President Obama in his eulogy of Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) blame this administration for “attacking peaceful protestors.” Each of these nights in Seattle, Portland, and even Louisville and Atlanta have begun with peaceful protestors and demonstrators. But shortly after sundown in each city, the looters, rioters, and rabid activists sweep into the streets and begin their destruction.

It’s not “peaceful” to bring a club to a demonstration. It’s not “peaceful” to bring a knapsack full of bricks. It’s not “peaceful” to throw small bombs into a courthouse building that explode and leave holes where they strike. It’s not “peaceful” to shine lasers in the eyes of policemen trying to keep safe citizens on the streets. It’s not “peaceful” when those terrorists permanently blinded with lasers three of those policemen.

President Obama was dead wrong. Those people are violent rioters. And to clarify that statement, Portland authorities have legally labeled these “wars” in their city as “Riots.”

Is the President really responsible for the division in the United States?

Think This Through:

I know many are saying today that Trump divided America. Did he really divide us? Let’s together prove or disprove that claim against Mr. Trump. Let’s together determine if he did so when the division of America actually happened.

  • How about when NONE of the Democrats showed up for his inauguration? Do you think that started the division? He hadn’t yet taken the Oath of Office, and except for Clinton and Obama, not one Democrat showed up. Is that when Trump divided America? Can you imagine if the Republicans didn’t show up for Obama’s inauguration because they lost? Can you even begin to imagine what would have happened?


  • How about when 19 minutes after Trump was inaugurated, the Washington Post declared, “The Impeachment of Donald Trump Begins!” Was that when Trump divided America?


  • What about when Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trump’s State of the Union address before the entire World, showing her disrespect for the office of the President of the United States? Did that bring the country together or is that when Trump divided America?


  • How about when Americans endured three years and over 40 million dollars spent on trying to prove that Trump only won because of Russian collusion and not because Americans voted in sufficient numbers to beat Hillary Clinton? Seventeen Democrats did everything in their power to prove that there was Russian Collusion and found NO proof. Was that when Trump divided America?


  • How about the press he’s received since his surprise win.  90% of the Mainstream Media are owned by corporations controlled by major Democrat Party Donors. Add to that 90+ percent of all national press stories about this President have been framed in a negative fashion? Could that be when Trump divided America?


  • Remember the Big campaign donors to Hillary? Michael Bloomberg gave $27 million, Tom Steyer gave $17 million, George Soros gave $9 million, and many others gave millions of dollars to Hillary.  Do you think those donors gave millions just because they loved Hillary? Those weren’t campaign donations, they were “investments” in whatever Hillary Clinton had promised them she would do for them when she became president. They were certain she would win and they would then be showered with massive returns. When it didn’t happen, they lost all those millions of dollars of their campaign “investments.” It was those big donors that lost their dreams of more power, more control, and even more money with Hillary’s defeat. They were angered by their losses. They needed to punish Trump and those deplorables that voted for him. Was that when Trump divided America?

Here’s a question: If you’re a Democrat who does not support President Trump, have you ever listened to Trump or thought through any of the accomplishments or campaign promises he’s kept? Have you ever gone to one of his rallies or watched one from start to finish on television? Or have you just closed your mind to ANYTHING he has accomplished for ALL Americans?

When you determine your answer to that, then ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did Joe Biden do for America during the last 47 years in which he’s held office?
  • What did Joe Biden do for African Americans when he and Obama were in office for eight years?
  • What did Joe Biden do in his entire life to create private-sector jobs?
  • What did Joe Biden do to help the American middle-class workers?
  • Why do you think there are so many people tearing down statues, burning our flag, beating up police officers, disrespecting our founders, and hating our country? Their doing so is a direct result of today’s educators that have carefully denigrated the United States history.

If you are a teacher reading or listening to this today, please answer for yourself the following:

  • Do you teach that it was Democrats who founded and operated the Ku Klux Klan; that the leader of the KKK was Robert Byrd, who was elected to Congress and served as a representative for West Virginia for decades? It was Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama that eulogized Byrd at his funeral. Each claimed that Byrd was their mentor, their friend, and who taught them much about fairness. Was that when Trump divided America?
  • Do you teach that Democrats in America that fought the Civil War to keep slavery?
  • Do you teach that inner-city ghettos were created by Democrats to maintain control of slaves after they were freed?
  • Do you teach that Planned Parenthood was founded in inner cities to control the black population by killing their unborn children?
  • Do you allow a student to speak when he/she disagrees with you to say that Trump is a horrible president, or the electoral college must be eliminated? If you do allow that student to speak, you’re allowing the exercise of Free Speech. But do you teach the reason for the establishment of the electoral college occurred was to guarantee that even Americans who do not live in large cities have a Constitutional assurance their vote counts as much as those who do live in big cities?

President Trump’s family members and close friends have, since the day of the 2016 election, been vilified, chastised, demeaned, and hated by many Americans for one simple reason: He won the election.

Maybe THAT was when President Trump divided America!


Have you noticed that Democrats and other Leftists object to everything he does and have not once supported or applauded any of his actions that have helped make America stronger and more economically stable than in decades? Why haven’t they supported any of his considerable actions that have dramatically improved the lives of all Americans?

Answer: They can’t afford to support those things that have helped Americans. If they do, their support will help him win a second term in office.

If Mr. Trump wins in November, it will destroy the Democrat Party – and Democrats are scared to death.

By the way, did you forget about those cages that Leftists claimed President Trump used to cage illegal immigrant children? Those cages were built or used first by President Obama. He created the cages and put them in place to house illegal immigrant children. Was that all over the news when Obama did it? During Trump’s administration, those were the same cages used for the same purpose as did Obama’s Homeland Security.

Donald Trump recently commuted the sentence of Roger Stone and was demonized by the Left for doing so. There was not even a whisper of criticism when Obama commuted the sentences of 1715 inmates of which 330 were given their commutations on Obama’s last day in office. 405 of those were people who were sentenced to life without parole.

Don’t forget that Biden and Obama allowed the “H1N1” virus, or “Swine Flu,” to infect 60 million Americans before declaring it a health emergency seven months after the first confirmed infection. (So far, only four million Americans have contracted COVID-19) Did the media ever call that flu the “Obama Flu” or blame the Obama Administration for it reaching our shores? Compare Obama’s Swine Flu media coverage to the flurry of attacks levied against President Trump when he quickly halted travel from China at the end of January of this year. In February, Nancy Pelosi went to Chinatown and said, “Come on down! There’s no virus problem in Chinatown!” Joe Biden called President Trump a xenophobe and a racist for implementing that China travel ban. U.S. medical experts later stated that the President’s doing so saved Americans from hundreds of thousands of additional COVID-19 infections. Did you see those congratulatory Trump stories for that success for America?

Imagine what this country could accomplish if the Democrats worked with President Trump and the G.O.P. to further improve the economy, eliminate the coronavirus, restructure our inner cities where he’s already created Opportunity Zones that encourage minority home and business ownership and include new job training programs.

Do you know that more than 60% of African American parents are desperate for School Choice? When President Trump offered it, teacher unions and their members threatened to walk away and leave teaching. Their doing so was simply a demand to allow them to keep control of those inner-city schools that are devastating to African American children and are solely responsible for the horrible educational status for those children from those schools.

There’s just one important question that is critical for every American to answer honestly, but only after thinking-through the pluses and minuses of the candidates running to be the residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the next four years. Who is best suited to finish our war against COVID-19 and quickly get us back on track to recovery? Your honest answer to that question should be the ONLY determinate you use for your decision to vote for Joe Biden (or whoever may end up replacing him on the Democrat Party ticket) or President Trump.

Happy Hunting in ferreting out the Truth!


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