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“The Perfect Storm:” COVID-19

The original “Perfect Storm” was a nor’easter that absorbed Hurricane Grace, and ultimately evolved into a small unnamed hurricane. It developed off the coast of Atlantic Canada on October 29 of 1991. Forced southward by a ridge to its north, it reached its peak intensity as a large and powerful cyclone. The storm lashed the east coast of the United States with high waves and coastal flooding. When it moved over warmer waters, the system transitioned into a subtropical cyclone before becoming a tropical storm. It executed a loop off the Mid-Atlantic states and turned toward the northeast. On November 1, the system evolved into a full-fledged hurricane, with peak sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. It did approximately $200 million of damage to the U.S. It never had a formal name but was named the “Perfect Storm” for a reason: multiple weather elements had to be part of such a storm or it never could have developed, mutated, and taken-on its weather characteristi.

I believe we are living through the Perfect Storm that may eventually be revealed to be one of the greatest travesties in our nation’s history. COVID-19 is “our “Perfect Storm.” And it could not be happening without all of its twists and turns as it has crept through the world and our nation. And just as is the original storm, the twists and turns have each been unexpected and therefore surprising. And each had and has the experts scratching their heads.

Why a Travesty?

Without blowing a conspiracy horn, let me say that numerous elements of COVID-19 do not even resemble the elements of any previous pandemic nor do any of the reported COVID-19 results or statistics. The differences are so stark and dramatic they cry for an explanation. And no one who has stepped forward to explain has been able to reveal any of the “why’s,” the “how’s,” or the “here you go’s.”

None of it adds up. It’s just like the movie about and the REAL “Perfect Storm.” There’s just NO WAY this perfect storm should exist.

Modern medicine has always found ways to find and expose each mystery like those hidden inside of COVID-19. We won’t waste your time detailing each one. They’ve each been thrown in our faces since early February as part of fruitless explanations by “experts” for what is happening, how and why it’s all happening. And they each have proven to be incorrect.

I’m not bashing any of those experts. I’m setting the stage for a serious and objective look at this perfect storm. Nothing happens without specifics.  It’s the specifics of the “COVID-19 Storm” experts MUST sort out. Logic always plays a leading role in pandemics. A+B=C is always a constant unless facts are not available to support the identities of A or B. It appears that is the point at which we find ourselves.

In the case of THE “Perfect Storm,” the storm occurred because of elements A and B that were both present and comprised a great portion of the storm. A and B together may have actually created it. We don’t know that. But we DO know that the pair added together equal C in 1991. Our “C” is Coronavirus. That is certain. I guess we need to find the identities of A and B.

Let’s give it a shot.

A & B

What seen factors are in front of our faces and in our ears every day, all day regarding COVID-19? There are only three.

One encompasses all things in medicine related to the virus. “Medicine,” in this case, includes healthcare physicians, technicians, scientists, hospitals and clinics, and lots and lots of pharmaceuticals. These are all hands-on in the fight against COVID-19.

Two is everything “people-related” pertaining to anything regarding infection, treatment, hospitalization, healing and, sadly, death.

There’s a second component in the “people-related” matter in this equation: Communication. In this storm, the people issue has actually become as big or even bigger than the COVID-19 which is our “C.” And the people component is comprised of many different sources and methods of communication.

There’s always the “people-to-people.” Personal here-say has existed as long as there have been at least two people. Then people formed families, then multiple families. Next came folks gathered together in working environments, social groups, etc. It’s been a very successful way to share news and information. And it’s always first-hand.

Community-wide communication gave people the ability to pass along information on a scale much greater than one person at a time. That may have begun with written letters, then grew into bulletins and newspapers. Electronics gave us digital billboards, computers, the internet, satellites, and each of the specific vehicles with which to communicate on a mass scale.

Third in this is in large part the most obvious of all these, but it is SO obvious it’s almost invisible: Politics. Intrinsic in communication regarding healthcare issues on such a large scale always involves an additional element to information sharing. Politics becomes a critical part of it. After all, when a nation struggles with a disease that impacts its citizens on a scale as has COVID-19, the government MUST be a part of it. The larger the crisis the greater is the government’s role.

Today’s politicians find themselves dealing daily with a huge issue never seen before in the U.S. at any level such as with COVID-19. We’ve had pandemics; we’ve had other virus breakouts, none of which has proven to be this widespread this quickly. And with the communication commodity which provides instant news coverage of anything and everything, politicians discovered they MUST control news dissemination to control the narrative sent to the American people.

Their reasoning needing, wanting, and even demanding control of this narrative? To prevent mass chaos that might result in riots in the streets, panic in the retail marketplaces, the destruction of healthcare facilities, and even violence that might rise to the level of severely injuring and even the murders of American citizens.


What’s the dilemma in this perfect storm for which no one so far has given a complete and reasonable and believable answer? Not one thing that is part of this storm makes sense!

  • It’s origins are hidden
  • It’s method(s) of transmission remain unknown or, at least, uncertain
  • It’s spreading transmission methods or unclear
  • It’s successful treatment processes remain unknown or unconfirmed
  • It’s containability has yet not been determined
  • Whether or not it will mutate into additional and maybe more dangerous strains is unconfirmed

In all of this uncertainty about our “C,” why have politicians taken total control of every aspect of this pandemic? I think if we find the answer to that question, we will find the facts necessary to make this equation work. And remember this, today’s politicians do NOT work alone. Politicians during the eight years of the presidency of Barack Obama found away to takeover and take control of the messaging of a political party. At least in the Obama years and the 3.5 years of a Trump Administration, the media’s choice of political party has been and is the Democrat Party. Democrat politicians have recognized that gift, have made it part of the political dna, and have weaponized it. And they are using that weapon to take control of every aspect of Americans’ lives during our very own Perfect Storm.

There’s no conspiracy here. Since the 2016 presidential campaign started, the Media have been in the tank for any entity, any idea, any stone they can use to get rid of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is their “C!”  They have snatched the people-to-people communication mindset and put it in tandem with the messaging capabilities of today’s Mainstream Media to perpetuate that thinking among the American people: Donald Trump is evil. We’ve watched it through every attempt of their united front to remove the duly-elected 45th President of the United States from office.

Many, and I’m one of them, think that the Democrat leadership in Congress has concrete plans to use all things Coronavirus-related to aggressively force Donald Trump from the White House. Whether it happens through formal impeachment or multiple simultaneous House committee investigations into everything involving the president in this pandemic, so much so he from exhaustion just throws in the towel, they will do anything to remove him from their lives.

I do not have any answers to how we should respond or what we can do. But know this: when something doesn’t smell right — especially when it comes to politics in America today — the smell is coming directly from something that has spoiled, is rotting, and in doing so will spoil everything around it.

Something is certainly in part rotting and in part is dead at the U.S. Capitol.

And our “Perfect Storm” picks up speed and intensity.


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