The “Rule of Law” is Under Attack — By OUR Government!

The United States of America is an exceptional nation in world history. As no other nation, it has stood for limited government, separation of powers, the Rule of Law, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, free-market economy, and other principles outlined in its founding document, the United States Constitution. These have contributed to making America incredibly free and prosperous, a magnet for immigrants from nations worldwide, and an undeniably positive force in the world for most of its history.

More and more, however, these founding laws and principles are under attack. Key pillars of American history and identity are being vilified and destroyed. Educators teach oncoming generations that the narrative about individual liberty and constitutional checks and balances that have survived and prospered for Americans for two centuries is a mask for wealthy, white, European men to dominate. Such thinking has made its way into the highest levels of America’s government, to the point that, on many issues, politicians share the views of the nation’s worst enemies!

This trend is terribly dangerous. Contempt for America’s heritage is fueling a wholesale departure from it. The founders established the nation on Biblical morality; this growing movement is amoral and areligious. It is anti-history, anti-tradition, anti-authority, and anti-law.

A breakdown in the Rule of Law is devastating to a nation. Our world is filled with nations where the government does not enforce law and order. As a result, criminality, corruption, bribery, thuggery, and lawlessness are burning from coast to coast, as are the low living standards that always accompany them. As America abandons the laws on which it was established, this is its future. America’s Founding Fathers warned explicitly of this very problem.

To take just one example, President George Washington said in his first inaugural address, “The foundations of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality.”  In his famous farewell address, he said, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.”

Many American Leaders Ignore the Rule of Law

Don’t gasp when reading that. This practice of American leaders who thumb their noses at the Rule of Law is rampant across our nation. And it has been for a decade or longer. Why, with the knowledge that the Rule of Law is the greatest of the multiple American institutions that separates us from the “Pack,” leaders would ignore our laws is beyond me. But I think I’ve puzzled through to an answer: These elitists in government feel THEY are more knowledgeable than all others and are empowered to ignore laws with which they disagree and to promote the illegalities they support in disregard of American law. Our current administration is making a mockery of the Rule of Law.

  • President Obama notified his first Attorney General to stop non-violent drug offenders’ prosecutions despite federal laws against illegal drug abuses. Why would those be termed “illegal” if not to be prosecuted when violated?
  • The same holds for winking at the rampant and open-encouragement of illegals crossing into the U.S. at our southern border by the thousands. It’s violations of multiple federal laws in doing so. Yet, somehow in the name of some unknown “humanitarian necessity,” the Biden Administration is openly encouraging illegals to “come on down!” And this happens while the nation is in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. We learned on Thursday that hundreds of illegals in the last two weeks had been allowed into the country without being tested for the virus.
  • ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter members and activists for the last two years have destroyed an estimated $2 billion of federal, state, and private property across the nation in supposed protests and demonstrations that are actually organized riots. They include acts of physical violence against citizens, the looting of businesses, burning of numerous buildings, and, needless to say, the disruption of businesses of all kinds that has resulted in numerous closures.

The “Blame Game”

If it were not so serious, it would be humorous to watch as heads of law enforcement agencies and political leaders at local, state, and federal levels stand before television cameras decrying these acts of violence. But then they do nothing to hold offenders accountable!

Black Lives Matter adherents destroyed a section of Minneapolis during the uproar after the horrendous George Floyd killing. Millions of dollars of property were destroyed, with dozens of businesses shuttered permanently. Minneapolis and Minnesota law enforcement authorities have done nothing beyond the arrests and pending prosecutions of the four officers involved in Floyd’s death. The destruction of the Rule of Law happens before our eyes, and these authorities justify it because the perpetrators’ “cause” was a good one. Explain that to the owners and employees of the businesses that were destroyed, the people who live in the area who are still afraid to be out on their streets after dark, and the African American couple who invested their entire savings into a restaurant that was about to open only to watch their lifelong dreams be turned into ashes by these Rule of Law violaters.

Portland, Seattle, Rochester, Washington D.C., Louisville, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago: names of just a few of the cities that have been torn to pieces by this violence. And leaders do little or nothing to hold those accountable for their lawbreaking and certainly do little or nothing to stop repeat attacks. Why do they continue to allow this to happen? They have personally dismissed a constitutional edict upon which this country was founded: the enforcement of the Rule of Law.

When New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is asked why there’s so much violence on city streets, he blames the NYPD, the New York State government, Donald Trump, and everyone else, taking no personal responsibility. He NEVER accepts blame. The same holds in D.C., Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and these other cities. They all play the “Blame Game.” Meanwhile, their cities burn while a young up-and-coming generation watches as their leaders support the lawbreakers and their actions by simply doing NOTHING.

America’s Founders Recognized This Was to Come

On Jan. 27, 1838, 28-year-old Abraham Lincoln gave a speech describing America’s greatest danger:  the “mobocratic spirit.”  This speech is known as the Lyceum Address, given when our young country was facing great internal strife and debate about our collective path forward as a nation.

In words that ring far too familiar today, he said, “I hope I am over wary; but … there is, even now, something of ill-omen amongst us. I mean the increasing disregard for law which pervades the country; the growing disposition to substitute the wild and furious passions instead of the sober judgment of courts; and the worse than savage mobs, for the executive ministers of justice.”

He warned that “if the laws are continually despised and disregarded if their rights to be secure in their persons and property are held by no better tenure than the caprice of the mob,” then this government cannot last.

Author and journalist Malcolm Gladwell said, “The first person who throws the rock is a lot more radical than the hundredth person. By the time the riot has attracted a hundred people, you don’t have to be nearly as much a daredevil or a hothead or committed to any of those things to want to engage in a riot.”

It seems throwing that rock has become more and more common and thus easier and easier. We see it on social media chat pages, in the media, and even amongst lifelong friends. The anger is rising, the passion is intensifying, and the rock-throwing has become harder and more dangerous.

As March 4 has arrived — the QAnon conspiracists’ “D-Day” — we have heard that some on both ends of the political spectrum plan protests and perhaps riots. To what end? President Lincoln ended the Lyceum Address: “There is no grievance that is a fit object of redress by mob law.” I could not agree more.

Men and women in law enforcement and the U.S. military have mobilized to deter and prevent violence in our nation’s capital. They do this even while in the middle of the worst days of the COVID-19 pandemic. They do this, for most of them, without yet having received a vaccine. They do it, even when they may disagree with the institutions of power in a state like California that put criminals in prison ahead of them in line for vaccinations, not to mention the sick and elderly. They put themselves in harm’s way, once again, to help defend our way of life and to push back against the mob. We owe it to these men and women who stand up on the front line to push back against the mob mentality wherever we see it, not to lose faith in our political processes even when we may disagree with our elected representatives, and to encourage everyone to work within our system of government to achieve our desired ends, and not seek to tear down that system.


This should be THE fundamental perspective Americans — at least for the foreseeable future — should have about the operating principles of the Biden Administration: the U.S. Constitution was a good framework for our forefathers to use for the beginning of our nation. In their minds, however, that document is outdated, does not apply to 21st-century America, and either needs to be made 100% definable as the Leftists now describe it. Laws, principles, and fundamental premises from the original document no longer apply. Moving forward in our history, laws will be defined and enforced in only the manner the leadership from the Left determine. Any other thoughts on the matter will not be allowed.

Does that seem extreme to you? I hope so. And if you after reading this today disagree with this premise, just file it away in your “quickly recallable” file folder so you can reference it during the balance of the Biden/Harris Administration.

In just 45 days, this president in tandem with this Congress has taken more actions in total to undo the Rule of Law and other tenets in the Constitution than has any other U.S. president. And he’s just getting started.

We will chronicle each of these stark and dramatic changes and their impacts on Americans and the ripple effects they have on our partners as well as our opponents across the Globe. Be assured of this one thing: there’s an underlying template for the Leftist Cause that is driving this. And tomorrow make sure you come back here: we will give you the first two planks of what they are using to jumpstart this push for their ultimate goal.

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1 thought on “The “Rule of Law” is Under Attack — By OUR Government!”

  1. Well thought out and described! Rule of Law protects us from lawlessness which is what happens without it!

    Personally frustrated with our country and spiritually challenged more than ever to pray, lead my family and those I have influences. This ship will not turn quickly and we must all do our part to restore God first, Rule of Law society! It starts with ME!!

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