The Truth About “Critical Race Theory”

Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is just an updated form of racism, is the most destructive force of the 21st century. If you said 50 years ago that a half-century since, there would be a successful social movement, dominating academia, politics, and even the business world, holding that the most important thing about a person is his skin color, I wouldn’t have believed it. But that is where we are now.

Roger Simon, a writer, commentator, and political columnist at POLITICO, wrote the following about the curse of CRT:

“Something called Critical Race Theory intervened to turn our society around, head it back toward racial enmity and, to be blunt, destroy our country, and with it our common humanity, unless it is stopped. Unlike slavery, which was overt, CRT is a growing cancer infecting our schools, media, entertainment, and businesses. It is everywhere, often unseen and more often not even known or recognized by a large percentage of the public, so all the more dangerous.

Martin Luther King’s justifiably famous dream that the day will come when we judge each other by our characters and not by the color of our skins has been turned on its head. The color of our skins is to be the be all and end all of our existences, no matter what, no escape. That is what determines our position in life and our fate, beyond class and, apparently, beyond our character as well (i.e. how we actually behave and what we have done). Race is everything. In order to be considered good, you must acknowledge that, literally bow to it, and behave accordingly.

“Whiteness” is the great evil in contemporary America, for reasons that remain obscure. I still don’t understand how CRT bullies have managed to turn 60% to 76% of our population, depending on how you count, into a persecuted group. But somehow, it has happened.

Every aspect of our culture has been infected with this absurdity right up to the corporate board rooms. Even Coca Cola executives are now instructing us on the dangers of “whiteness.” Do they actually believe this hogwash? Who knows? Perhaps they are just scared, cowards playing along with the zeitgeist to keep their lucrative jobs. But if that’s so, it’s worse.

Most importantly, the ideology has infected our schools, even at the lowest levels, to the degree that young children are being hard-wired to hate or distrust each other and, even more sadly, themselves.

White kids — no matter their social class, no matter at what point their families came to America, in many cases decades and more after slavery, fleeing genocides, pogroms, the most abject poverty or whatever — are being taught they are oppressors and must spend their lives expiating the sin of their skin color.

If you wanted to invent an ideology that actually created racism where it doesn’t exist, you could do no better than Critical Race Theory.

That is largely the point, I think. The Democratic Party has calculated that race hatred will work to its advantage, so it is doing everything possible to foment racial conflict and promote racism.

With the blessing of CRT, one of the major goals of the Civil Rights Movement, integration, has also been flipped on its head, back to segregation, with institutions like Columbia University holding separate graduation ceremonies for different ethnic and racial groups. Not that long ago, this would have been considered a racist outrage by the same people.

Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever! That was once the battle cry of Democrat George Wallace. Today, it is the policy of Democrats everywhere. These institutions are now leading the charge against free speech, with Critical Race Theory as their intellectual underpinning. After all, the Bill of Rights was written by white men. It had to be thrown away.

In the battle between free speech and CRT, CRT is winning hands-down.

But the landscape is not entirely bleak. This is a war that might be won, despite the powerful forces now arrayed against our history, our values, our culture, and our form of government.

There is some good news, however. Like many things now, to a surprising degree, this anti-democratic, racially divisive onslaught can be stopped best locally. This is especially true at the critical school level where parents, all of us really, can organize and step forward to stop the indoctrination.

I think the federal government has relatively little to do with the decisive conflict of our time. Local action will decide the issue. This will take bravery and conviction that many have never shown before or even know that they have. But they do. Many are beginning to show it across the country. Among the most courageous doing so now are black men and women who see more clearly, feel more acutely, than any of us the disastrous betrayal of the civil rights movement and their own people by Critical Race Theory and are opposing it vehemently.

The promise of America is open and available to all individuals regardless of skin color or station in life.

We reject the concept of group identity and all its ancillary components, including white privilege, systemic racism, equity, etc. By rejecting group identity, we empower and celebrate the achievements made by an individual’s merit – hard work, creativity, personal investment, and risk-taking.

The private sector and free enterprise are the fastest and most financially rewarding routes to a better life for the Black community.
  • Getting a job and earning a living brings dignity, respect, and value to a person’s life.
  • Private-sector job creation is the cornerstone of prosperity for all Americans.
  • We reject socialism in all shapes because it deprives individuals of their personal value, robs them of their unique contributions, and values them only as members of a special group.
  • It is through the private sector that Americans, including black Americans, can create wealth.

Many Americans are already taking aggressive action against CRT, first in our schools, second in major corporations, and third is the permeating American society with this disease. But there’s good news about even that!

The Mainstream Media, who were the anointed ones to bring CRT into every corner of our lives, are in panic mode. Americans have awakened to the reality of the gut-wrenching effects of this “new” Leftist-inspired scourge. They are besides themselves because of such an obvious pushback by conservatives of every political ilk, not just Republicans. And the “Leftstream Media” are going crazy!

They’re consumed with “What do we do? How do we best push back against their pushback? They’re kicking our butts!” But never forget this: Democrats — especially leaders in their party — though seeming to be stupid, are anything BUT stupid. NOTHING they say or do is off the cuff. It’s all planned, orchestrated, implemented, as directly initiated by Democrat Party Leaders. But, they too are scared to death!

What’s their universal weapon to fight against “anti-CRT” folks? Chuck Todd of NBC gave an example of the Media’s desperation. Todd maintains this GOP pushback is “manufactured:”

Their summation of all of the massive attacks of Critical Race Theory by conservatives is that it CANNOT be based on merit, core convictions, and the fact that most Americans feel that CRT is a farce. There MUST be some coordinated effort that is not just managed but funded and purposely put into play by Trump supporters! This panel’s conclusion was that there’s no way this could ever happen if it didn’t happen the same way it does among members of the Democrat Party and the party’s media mouthpieces: planning, coordination, and demands (and threats) for everyone to “stay on message.”

“It’s impossible,” they maintain, “that no ‘reasonable’ person could possibly believe that CRT is not valid and is not necessary for the lives of Americans.”

They’re running scared!

Americans MUST learn from this. When conservatives who agree with policies and ideas espoused by GOP leadership but then do nothing but sit on their hands, they’re doing so fuels the Left to head for the goal line unimpeded. As you just saw, NBC’s “big guns” on their Sunday show could find NO plausible explanation for what is happening. So, of course, their default position is that conservatives have found someone to fund a pushback to make everyone think Critical Race Theory is bad! Forget about the facts that prove it is NOT just bad; it’s evil.

I close with this: is it not ironic to see almost daily now Democrats in every level of American life pick up and use as weapons against political opponents the very same things Democrats have commanded in unison are evil!

“Racism is the scourge of humanity and always has been.” That’s not a Democrat talking point — it’s true. But, today, we are seeing these same purveyors of equality use racism as a tool with which they attack conservatives. Their default is “skin color.” If you’re white, just because of your skin color, you are evil.

Thankfully, many Americans are seeing the truth and are doing more than just nodding in agreement. Democrats made a big mistake pushing CRT out first in our schools. They thought conservative parents would just sit quietly while they stole a generation of kids to turn into mind-numbed robots. By starting this at the school-age level, they quickly discovered that moms and dads don’t take kindly to teachers using racist ideas to teach our kids that our kids are racist!

That is insane.

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  1. William Jones

    This is the best information for all of the citizens of the United States. I appreciate you. The Demo-rats are dividing this country. Martin Luther King would be rolling over in his grave! Critical Race Theory is horrible! All Lives Matter in the eyes of God! He loves all of us !

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