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What Do These Things Mean?

Never before in my lifetime have I watched as so many unexplainable things happen in Washington. It has been uncanny in the last few years to watch the “other shoe” drop on people and circumstances time after time. “Unexplainable” is the applicable word for use in this discussion today.

Washington and politics go hand-in-hand. That alone initiates some things that Americans will never understand. Many of those never get explained — some for purposes of security, and some because someone does not want the public to know accompanying details. But since Donald Trump’s 2016 election, it seems there has been a flood of these mysterious events that occur at the most peculiar times.

“Impeach 45!” Even before the 2016 election, Democrats were already discussing impeaching Donald Trump. The “all-in” Mainstream Media reported about the cries for impeachment but never mentioned how crazy those cries were. Minutes after Trump’s oath of office, several national newspapers released stories discussing his “impending impeachment.”

The Mueller Investigation. Almost the entire Mueller Investigation was rife with strange and unusual elements. Its basis was bogus from the beginning: the investigation of alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump Campaign. Mueller used a team of 30 investigative attorneys that were almost entirely registered Democrats who had supported Hillary Clinton and other Democrat candidates in 2016. Thirty-months and $40 million later, no one was implicated by the Mueller team with any type of connection with the Russians.

A year or so into the Mueller probe, it quietly morphed into an investigation into President Trump’s obstruction of justice. Democrats in the House and Senate were frozen for the entire time, accomplishing little if anything in federal legislation.

To wrap up the probe, Mueller himself faced lawmakers to answer questions about the investigation. Mueller came away as little more than an “empty suit:” no proof of nor even a whiff of intent on the part of anyone that was part of the Trump campaign — or anyone else — to use Ukraine or Russia as a piggy bank or any other way. The Mueller Probe was a bomb.

Sealed Indictments. Not long after former Attorney General Jeff Sessions authorized (in a letter made public) federal prosecutor John Huber Utah to launch a broad investigation into “wrongdoing in the 2016 presidential campaign,” tens of thousands of sealed indictments began to show up in the public registries of eventually every federal court in the U.S. That they have each been sealed means that the public has no way of knowing who the indictments name, the charges against those charged, or any other details. For the purpose of comparison, prior to these indictments being implemented, the most such citations being issued in any year totaled 2300. From November 2017 through October of 2018, 60,000 had been released. It’s 2020, and we still do not know the nature of any of those indictments that are yet to be unsealed.

2019-2020 Impeachment. Those year dates are inserted in the heading because it looks like we may have to differentiate Trump’s impeachment by the years the impeachments were conducted! We’ve had one so far. The way it looks, Democrats have left the door open for another impeachment inquiry before the 2020 November election. They have even stated if he wins the election, investigations into his wrongdoing will continue. We’ve covered for you ad nauseum the entire first impeachment circus. So we don’t need to share those details today. We’ll almost certainly be back with “Trump Impeachment #2.”

Turnovers. In Trump’s first 30 months in office, it seemed he was constantly replacing senior members of his campaign team and those part of his cabinet and other areas in his administration. It often seemed there was no rhyme or reason to some of those replacement decisions. Of course, the Media made each one the “beginning of the end” for President Trump. More of those changes came at the hands of those leaving which immediately fueled the Media to jump on President Trump.

“Media Mania.” Never before in my lifetime has the American media been so obviously in the corner of a presidential candidate as in 2016. From even before Trump announced his run, the Media had Hillary Clinton already moving into the White House. Throughout the campaign and the election, their reporting in support of HRC was non-stop.

Never before in my lifetime has the American media been so obviously negative about a presidential candidate as in 2016. Someone looking in from somewhere else on Earth would have thought Donald Trump was a convicted baby-killer who was trafficking young children.

With the Mueller Investigation, Ukraine-Gate, and the subsequent impeachment of President Trump, at least 90% of Mainstream Media’s reporting was about Donald Trump and whatever was the “Trump scandal of the day.” The Senate acquitted Mr. Trump. But one would think the trial was still in full swing.

The Department of Justice. First, there was Attorney General Jeff Sessions that the media LOVED because he was feckless at best. Remember: he really put the President in a box by his personal recusal from the investigation of the Trump Campaign for Russian collusion. And he gave the President NO warning about recusal as a possibility before he was appointed AG. The President continuously blasted Sessions on Twitter.

It seemed for two years there was at least one tidbit of wrongdoing a day by the Obama DOJ in the news: wrongdoing by both Obama AG’s, former FBI Director James Comey, FBI agents, DOJ officials and even assistant FBI Directors.

After Sessions, Mr. Trump appointed William Barr as Attorney General. He too has been an everyday target for the Left. Nothing he does is correct and each of the things he does — regardless of circumstances for his doing so — is worthy of demands from Democrats for his resignation. But Mr. Barr is heavily involved in the latest DOJ “scandal.”

President Trump’s main source of information dissemination is through his Twitter account. POTUS is remarkably proficient at using it. February 10 the sentencing recommendation from DOJ prosecutors of convicted Trump confidant Roger Stone was made public. It was extremely harsh for the crimes he committed. President Trump went to Twitter and blasted the DOJ for the excessive sentence. Almost simultaneously it was released that Mr. Barr had instructed his underlings to consider revision of the sentence. The Media started screaming claims of coordination between the White House and the DOJ while numerous Democrats began crying for Mr. Barr’s head.

The AG immediately went to the media to explain:

In an exclusive interview, Attorney General Bill Barr told ABC News on Thursday that President Donald Trump “has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case” but should stop tweeting about the Justice Department because his tweets “make it impossible for me to do my job.”

Barr’s comments are a rare break with a president who the attorney general has aligned himself with and fiercely defended. But it also puts Barr in line with many of Trump’s supporters on Capitol Hill who say they support the president but wish he’d cut back on his tweets.

“Barr Must Resign.” More than 1,100 former officials of the U.S. Department of Justice (both Democrats and Republicans) have so far signed a letter demanding Attorney General William Barr resign his post because he represents “a grave threat to the administration of justice” in the United States. The open letter accuses Barr of “doing the President’s personal bidding” and in so doing, damaging the “Department of Justice’s reputation for integrity and the rule of law.” Barr has long been accused of seeing his job as defending Trump as a personal lawyer instead of impartially representing the government in all legal matters and is beyond politics. The “fuse” that resulted in the letter: Barr’s alleged abuse of power decision to reduce the amount of prison time a team of four DOJ prosecutors planned to seek for Trump friend Roger Stone, who was found guilty of seven criminal counts. Barr’s decision prompted the four DOJ lawyers who prosecuted Stone to quit the case.

“It is unheard of for the Department’s top leaders to overrule line prosecutors, who are following established policies, in order to give preferential treatment to a close associate of the President, as Attorney General Barr did in the Stone case,” said the letter. “Those actions, and the damage they have done to the Department of Justice’s reputation for integrity and the rule of law, require Mr. Barr to resign.” The letter also said, “because we have little expectation (that Barr will resign), it falls to the Department’s career officials to take appropriate action to uphold their oaths of office and defend nonpartisan, apolitical justice.” It also said the DOJ’s legal decisions “must be impartial and insulated from political influence.”


There are too many of these odd occurrences involving the Donald Trump presidency for this to just be “an accident” or “part of the political process.” It appears much if not all of these are coordinated and are for some specific desired result. What could that be?

I am unsure if anyone can answer that question accurately. And if there is someone who can, I doubt we’ll ever hear that answer. Why? Because if there IS a cause for all this rancor, it could only be part of some type of offense to remove not only Donald Trump from the White House but dismantle the “new” Department of Justice lead by Attorney General William Ball.

Would you like to speculate for a moment to examine what might be some of the reasons for these? Let’s do that:

  • There is a strong feeling by some Americans that Donald Trump is evil, has aspirations for sole power over our nation, and has ambitions to be the head of its government for longer than Constitutionally allowed;
  • There’s a deep-seated hatred among Democrats for President Trump because he interfered with the Liberal cause of moving the U.S. into Socialism by beating Hillary Clinton. She was their “anointed one” who was destined to continue that move away from Capitalism to Socialism.
  • “The World hates Donald Trump and, as a result, no longer looks up to the United States.” I know there are those who feel that way. But I find it difficult to accept that that alone would be sufficient purpose for the many and varied attacks on the President and others in his administration.
  • They disagree with his policies. Remember: through executive orders, he dismantled a huge amount of caustic regulations that stifled not only corporate growth but forced millions into unemployment lines. Trump’s tax cuts devastated the ambitions of the far left to drive the economics of the U.S. even further down the road of bigger government. That always interprets into massive social program expense increases in several ways: adding to existing programs, adding new programs, and by putting those unemployed folks back in the ranks of the unemployed drives welfare and other government assistance programs through the roof. That interprets directly into “government control” — the panacea of the Left.

It’s plausible to me that some of these may contribute to all of the hateful uncertainly that has been purposely initiated by the Democrat Party since Donald Trump’s November 2016 victory. But there are too many that are so obviously timed and coordinated just to be happening in innocence. If they are not all coordinated, I’ll eat a Nike tennis shoe!

But Why?

Here are my two cents: those on the Left are desperate to hide eight-years of wrongdoing — much of which was illegal.

That would explain all the sealed indictments. That would explain the Jeff Sessions authorizing in a letter released to the public of federal prosecutor Jim Huber of Utah to investigate all the wrongdoing during the 2016 election campaign. It would also explain their tremendous displeasure with Attorney General Barr authorizing Connecticut federal prosecutor John Durham to conduct an investigation into FBI wrongdoing (and ancillary matters that result from that original investigation). Durham’s first was “an investigation.” He then released to the public that it had turned into a “criminal investigation.” Durham has used so far at least one grand jury and probably one more.

There’s one big giveaway that leads me to these conclusions: Attorney General Barr did NOTHING unethical or wrong in instructing his department to revisit the sentencing recommendation of a convicted person to confirm the “penalty fits the crime.” That is common in almost EVERY federal criminal case. Secondly, those Mueller hold-over prosecutors were anti-Trump bureaucratic DOJ lawyers with an ax to grind. They spent $40 million U.S. tax dollars and almost three years in the worst FBI/DOJ investigation of my life that achieved virtually NO substantive results. They did not find one person guilty of anything that could have been considered “collusion with the Russians in the 2016 election.”

The bottom line is this: it is my opinion that some or many of those 1100 “former” officials of the DOJ who signed that letter asking for AG Barr to resign were in former Administrations. I am sure some of those may have a name on one of those many sealed indictments. Some may be implicated in Durham’s investigation. Just consider this: one does not have to be an attorney to understand that an Attorney General not only has the authority to ask his staff to find a revision of a harsh sentence to a person convicted of a non-violent crime, but it is also done all the time. It was done numerous times in the Obama Administration.

The “Old Guard” in Washington is afraid. They have been scratching the dirt frantically searching for some way to stop Donald Trump. Their desperation is at a fever pitch because the DOJ is getting close. With Barr and Trump gone, their mischief can remain buried!

That’s Washington, folks. That’s how the Deep State operates today and for the last 50 years: they protect their own.

I missed Part 3 of my impeachment forecast. Part 1 was immediately following Mr. Trump’s inauguration when I predicted he would be impeached before the 2020 election. Part 2 was that the House would impeach him but the Senate would acquit him: two-for-two. Part 3 was the resignation of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. That has not happened…YET. Two-for-three is not a bad day betting on horses!

There are too many smart people looking in on all this. There’s something being hidden; someone’s desperate to keep the covers from being pulled back.

By the way: where have John Brennan, James Comey, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, James Clapper, and others of that clan been hiding lately? Do you think there may be massive amounts of antacid being consumed there?


2 thoughts on “What Do These Things Mean?”

  1. Donald Trump is exposing corruption at the highest levels in Washington. He cannot be bought and that has the powerful elites frantic. Prior presidents could be coaxed into doing what the corrupt political machines wanted them to do by threat, intimidation, or cold hard cash. Donald Trump won’t play the game and that has the powerful elites WORLDWIDE panicking. He destroyed socialist poster child Hillary in the last election and liberals and the media propaganda machines went into overdrive to “right that wrong”. They have failed because Donald J Trump is brilliant…and fierce…and won’t be bullied by anyone. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 4 years of a Trump Presidency.

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