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What Happened To Pfizer’s Court-Ordered Release of Bio-N-Tech COVID-19 Vaccination Trial Data? Yes, There’s A Coverup!

Millions of Americans were assured by Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIAID, Bill Gates, Hollywood stars, and just about every other famous person that the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson COIVD-19 vaccinations were not only safe but also necessary to prevent the extermination of the human race. I know: that may be an extreme exaggeration, but by the end of your stay here today, you’ll understand that what we were drawn into may be the greatest medical fraud in the history of Earth.

Most Americans wanted to wait to be vaccinated until the normal clinical trials were completed with results that proved the efficacy of the three vaccines as well as their individual safety. However, Fauci led a group of bureaucratic medical sycophants that linked themselves to the power junkies in the federal government and sold most Americans this falsehood: “Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson have established these vaccines are safe and effective.  While clinical trials continue, it is imperative that Americans take the vaccinations, not just for their own protection, but for the prevention of the spreading of COVID-19. Waiting for vaccinations will surely cause unimaginable death and massive healthcare and social issues never before seen in the United States.”

Pfizer was the first medical giant who jumped into the “vaccine roller coaster.” We were given assurances of the safety of their Bio-N-Tech MRNA “experimental” vaccine. Millions received the jab. Shortly behind came Moderna and then Johnson & Johnson. Each had its differences, but they each possess everything needed to protect us from COVID-19, serious illness, and death at the hands of the 21st-century scourge.

We trusted what we were told.

Two years down the road, things in “COVID World” calmed significantly. It was logical for all three Big Pharma companies to show Americans the results of their clinical trials that justified the hurried mass vaccinations. Americans asked for those studies…and waited for those studies…and waited. Finally, the FDA and a judge weighed in on the matter. All hell broke loose. It took a legal group from Ireland to open the floodgate of documents that the FDA informed a judge would take 75 years to fully release. That didn’t go well with the judge. And he ordered a full release of all documents.

A court-ordered release of documents filed by Pfizer with the FDA, further to the granting of the Conditional Use Authorization and thereafter, has resulted in the release of documents on a phased basis from February 2022, with 10,000 documents released in March 2022, 10,000 in April, 80,000 apiece in May June and July 2022, and 55,000 pages after that until all of the documents have been released. Approximately 400,000 pages of documents are to be released.

The Freedom of Information (FOI) request was made by “Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency in America.” The group is composed of medical and public health professionals and scientists from Harvard, Yale, and other institutions.

The FOI request was first made in August 2021. The group looked for 400,000 documents approximately, pertaining to the EUA approval given to Pfizer for their vaccines, the request covering safety and effectiveness, adverse events reports, and, significantly, a list of the vaccines’ ingredients, active and inactive.

The FDA ignored the FOI request, leading to the court application. The court ordered the FDA to release the documents. It was subsequently submitted by the FDA that this could only be done at a rate of 500 pages per month, on the basis of a large amount of relevant documentation involved and the redactions required. Effectively, this would have taken a period of 75 years in order to release all of the relevant data. The fact that the FDA was not willing to release this documentation without a court order, regardless of the public interest issues involved, and the fact they then proposed to release court-ordered information over a period of 75 years, raised an immediate red flag. The released documents to date are heavily redacted — another red flag.

The COVID-19 Vaccines use a kind of technology never before administered to a human population on a mass scale and were rushed out under a EUA authorization. The vaccines are still in trial. Monitoring of adverse events, and full disclosure to the public including both health professionals and vaccine recipients, is an essential precondition for use of these vaccines on the public. In any event, U.S. Judge Mark Pittman rejected the FDA proposal and ordered the release of documents as outlined above. There are approximately eight more months of document dumps pending. A smaller cache of the Pfizer documents was released by the FDA in November and December 2021, and January 2022.

There is much discussion in internet based independent media just now about the Pfizer Study, (within released documents) covering the period from December 1 2021, to the February 28, 2022, as to adverse events reported to the pharmaceutical company. In fact this document was released in a tranche before Christmas and the takeouts from the report are being clarified, essentially, at this stage. The study reveals reported adverse events involving 1223 vaccine related deaths, a subset of 158,893 vaccine injuries reported in this period. These adverse events relate to a caseload of 42, 086 reports to Pfizer, revealing a death rate of one in 35 in the group reporting the adverse events. An issue with the data released is that it does not reveal the total number of vaccinations given. It is impossible to establish exactly the overall rate of serious injury and death in the total population vaccinated without this figure. A death rate, however, of 3% overall has been calculated, extrapolating out from these figures, and giving a generous margin of error in Pfizers favor. Our readers will be aware of the survival rate from COVID-19 infections.

Get set to have your head explode with the revelation you are about to see what so-called medical professionals (with the cover of medical bureaucrats and politicians) hid from Americans and the dangers that purposely were covered.

This will NOT be pleasant.

Dr. Naomi Wolf

There have been two more document dumps since the above report was issued. We will skip forward to the latest release and its contents. Dr. Naomi Wolf has been tasked to investigate the findings of each of these Pfizer document dumps.

Dr. Naomi Wolf reports regularly to Steve Bannon’s War Room the revelations found in the Pfizer FOI documents. In early March 2022, Dr. Wolf set up a campaign portal on her Daily Clout website to allow the thousands of the “War Room – Daily Clout Posse” of volunteers to report their document discoveries in an effort to coordinate the findings. It’s a coordination of thousands of citizen researchers and lawyers.

As one can imagine, the sheer volume of documents and background data has been and is monumental. With each release, more and more detail has exposed that much of what Pfizer, Fauci, and other U.S. government officials told us were at best “disinformation” if not lies. And with each dump of documents, these gross misrepresentations reveal what we at TruthNewsNetwork have maintained from the very beginning of our battle with COVID-19: The purposeful misrepresentation has led to the dramatic injury and death of an untold number of Americans of every age. Additionally, even more Americans have been (and many still are) suffering from Vaccine Adverse Effects that were and are the direct results of VACCINES — NOT COVID-19.

The latest dump of 80,000 pages of Pfizer’s clinical trial notes and findings occurred just days ago. It undoubtedly is the codifying of the suspicions of millions who questioned much of what was told regarding everything to do with COVID-19 and its necessary treatment.

Rather than try to reproduce in writing the dialogue of Dr. Wolf on Steven Bannon’s show, here is Dr. Wolf to tell you herself. It’s 9:00 minutes that will make your lunch and dinner a little difficult to digest today. (Click on the “Dr. Naomi Wolf” link below to hear the audio file)

Dr. Naomi Wolf re-Pfizer Vax Doc. Dump


What does this all mean to each of us? It means our federal government and medical bureaucracy together have perpetrated something on the American people that is yet unclear. But we KNOW it is serious. And we KNOW it is evil.

We obviously have numerous questions that beg for answers:

Q. Why hasn’t the legacy/Mainstream media reported on this to the American people?

A. There has been some reporting. But there have been NO in-depth reports given by any of the television broadcast networks: ABC, CBS, or NBC News — or even the cable news channels: FOX, CNN, MSNBC, Newsmax, or One America Network.

The “why” question is still to be answered. It probably is deeply embedded in the “obligation” of each of these networks to our federal government. Remember: throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, (and even before) our government ran the entire response to COVID-19. And the media were obliged to carry the news given to them by our government as “FACT.” For that matter, they are still somewhat in a position of obligation. But, any good investigative network certainly has access to the same Pfizer data as do we. “If” our conclusions were conspiracy theories, even FOX News and other cable networks would have certainly addressed that, don’t you think?

Question. Based on the information contained in the hundreds of thousands of pages already released by Pfizer this year, it appears there must be a sinister purpose for every part of COVID-19, the vaccines, their rollout, and the tight hold by the government and Big Pharma on ALL information pertaining to the disease and its treatments. Is it possible our government intentionally purposed these serious medical issues and even deaths for some reason?

Answer. I must stop there. We at TruthNewsNetwork have opinions on the subject just as you. But it’s too early to turn “opinions” into “facts” on the matter. I will say that I do not see any legitimate purpose for the way this process has played out that could possibly be good for Americans. That also applies to citizens of EVERY other country on Earth.

I encourage you all to investigate, read, and dig into the Pfizer documents that have heretofore been released. Know that they are full of trial data that will be hard for a novice to follow. That is expected in such cases. But I encourage you to note ALL of your questions and prepare them in a concise and orderly fashion that includes the page number(s) for anyone who answers your questions to reference.

Also, ask your physician for an opinion on all this. I already have from my doctor. I’ll save his synopsis for later as he has much left for verification himself.

One thing on which we all can agree: our government and medical bureaucrats have been dishonest at best throughout this entire COVID debacle.  The loss of trust from the American people for the heretofore heroes of our society — our healthcare professionals — is DEFINITELY warranted.

What remains are the answers that we all want.

We WILL get there — eventually. Just know this: in the interim, there WILL be casualties — MORE casualties. But let’s not let the fear of the unknown destroy our lives.

There’s plenty more to come. Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “What Happened To Pfizer’s Court-Ordered Release of Bio-N-Tech COVID-19 Vaccination Trial Data? Yes, There’s A Coverup!”

    1. Donna:

      I’m so sorry to hear of your plight. We will pray for your recovery.

      If you care to provide more details so we can relay your story to our readers, feel free to do so.

      Again, Thanks!


  1. I was to receive a medical procedure from a doctor but he asked that I go get the two shots of the vaccine.
    I did so,even though I was dead set against it.But needed the procedure more.Once I had it,I went back to the doctor and he refused to do the procedure.Told me to find another doctor to do it. A bit annoyed,and upset with this doctor because I would not of taken the vaccine.
    Few months later I had a heart attack and a cardiologist was in the building.Followed up on me .He had me come to do stress test and did an echocardiogram in his office and his findings was mycarditist percarditis A defect of my heart and it’s all due to the vaccine (moderna and phizer) I am having heart attacks,been told to rest ,no stress and no strain on the heart. I am on blood pressure medication,heart medication and baby aspirin twice a day. Not the life I was looking for.
    Staying in the house, lying on the couch and watching my life go by.When I should be with my children and my grandchildren involved in their lives.But No ,stuck on the couch for 24 hrs 7 days a week.
    Donna Nesbitt
    Victoria Harbour Ontario Canada LOK2A0

  2. After receiving 2 Pfizer vaccines I stopped . My heart now has a right bundle branch block . I’ve never had any kind of heart issues until the vaccine 7%have gone into a RBBB SINCE GIVEN THE PFIZER VACCINE. Stop getting the vaccine now…

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