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What Was Surprisingly Missing From the DNC Convention?

Members of media hailed the all-digital Democratic National Convention. The Washington Post’s conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin gushed that the week-long Zoom show should be nominated for an Emmy. Honest onlookers, however, would notice that there wasn’t an explanation as to why the event had to be held this way: China.

Among the many dignitaries, senators, and celebrities, no speaker aside from the party’s nominee thought to mention China or its concentration camps, its freedom-crushing laws imposed on Hong Kong, or connect the communist country to the global pandemic that crashed the world economy and resulted in hundreds of thousands of needless deaths. There were more speakers with business ties to China, like Hunter Biden and Michael Bloomberg, than there were mentions of the country. When New York governor Andrew Cuomo addressed the pandemic early in the conference, he referred to COVID-19 as the ”European virus.” It was a dangerous and dishonest dismissal from a politician who is more concerned with his new book deal than the record body count in his state as a result of China’s reckless cover-up.

Biden referenced China exactly once, to propose that protective equipment be made in America so that the U.S. will ”never again be at the mercy of China and other foreign countries.”It’s a good policy and one that was similarly spelled out in the Trump administration’s ”Buy American” draft executive order, which the President has yet to sign. But Biden did not elaborate on how he personally plans to accomplish bringing back the medical supply industry, and the press, of course, did not mention his remark by noting that N95 mask and PPE shortages were not replenished under the Obama administration after the H1N1 flu crisis in 2009. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in a presidential nominee who was Vice President during that ”oops” moment.

Yes, Russia is a nuisance overseas and online. Still, it is China that will continue to be the preeminent global threat and most apparent foreign policy challenge to the incoming president. It appears the Democratic party has no intention of taking this seriously. How will a Biden administration engage with a foreign power that shows no signs of yielding and global institutions that refuse to hold it accountable?

So far,  it seems that the party is willing to appease or ignore China if they can sacrifice Trump in the process. It may work, but once Trump is gone they can no longer blame him for China’s post-pandemic maneuvering in Hong Kong; its attempts to buy junk bonds from foreign nationals; its data collection efforts using apps like TikTok, and its economic influence over trading partners in the U.S. who haven’t learned their lesson. Walmart CEO Douglas McMillon told Fox News, ”It is our hope that the two countries will work together in the years to come, to find ways to have a collaborative relationship. We want to be able to do business in China. I know a lot of US businesses and farmers want to as well.” Would a President Biden put pressure on corporations like Walmart who choose profits over protecting employees and their families from another economic fallout?

The Democrats’ choice to ignore these questions very well could cost them the election. Biden’s acceptance speech set up a fight of good versus evil but cast the wrong actors in the battle. It is not about Biden versus Trump, but about America versus China. The American people may believe that Trump could have done things differently, but they also know that he (and Europe) are not to blame for the pandemic. If Trump chooses to confront China head-on at his party’s convention next week, he will be offering voters an alternative that does not favor Biden.

Questions Not Asked Nor Answered

But there were a plethora of other questions that were not asked so therefore not answered at the DNC podcast convention — missing Q&A that are expected and even demanded from presidential nominees. You probably can think of a few. Let’s assume for a moment:

Question: “Mr. Biden, what are your plans to end the COVID-19 pandemic?”

Answer: “President Trump caused the tremendous spike inCOVID-19 because of waiting too long to act. I know how what needs to be done, and we will end the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Question: “What is necessary to stop the racial violence on the streets of America’s large cities?”

Answer: “The Trump Administration initiated this when Trump stated following the Charlottesville riot there were good people on both sides. He showed his racist tendencies by calling White Supremacists good. We’ll take that head-on because we must change the policies of racism and violence promoted by Trump’s policies.”

Question: “What is your position on the ‘Defund the Police’ movement?”

Answer: “In my administration, we will aggressively support the Rule of Law. We will take actions to support the constitutional right for all Americans to practice their guarantee of Free Speech. No government should ever try to circumvent Americans’ Constitutional Rights. Come on, Man! This is the United States of America, not Russia!”

Question: “Vice President Biden, the entire nation is rocked with this pandemic and the pandemonium which it has caused. Americans are struggling just to pay bills and keep food on their tables. Can we expect that to change under a Biden presidency?”

Answer: “Barack and I are the ones that started the great economic comeback of 2017, 2018, and 2019. Trump decided to pay off his big supporters by giving them huge tax cuts at the expense of the Middle Class. We’ll immediately make the changes necessary to go right back to the Biden/Obama economy that made life better for everyone.”

Question: “But haven’t you stated you would rollback the Trump tax-cuts from 2017? About the record employment achievements during the Trump years? Won’t tax increases the size of those you have discussed put the U.S. economy back where it was during your administration?”

Answer: “We inherited the worst economy in decades when Barack and I took over. It took years of hard work to get things turned around. But we did. Come on, Man! don’t you know Trump claimed the credit for what we accomplished and then killed it all by allowing the pandemic to crash all the good work we did!”


Here’s the bottom line: Biden has promised he’s going to fix everything because he knows HOW everything “should” be operating. And the only reason it isn’t going well is because of this inept president.

Think through that for a moment: Biden HAS said he knows how to fix this pandemic and to reopen the economy.

He knows what should be done? Yet he’s allowed 176,000 Americans to die when he could have stepped forward and stopped their deaths by giving us the fix!

He knows what should be done? Yet he’s allowed millions of Americans to be put out of work along with the shuttering of thousands of businesses not knowing how to survive economically? He could have stepped forward with his economic cure and saved millions of jobs AND thousands of horrors for Americans faced at the hands of this economic nightmare!

Folks, let’s be honest: Joe HAS said all these things publicly. “Why has no-one confronted him publicly to put him on record with his answers?”

That’s pretty hard to do when the only times he’s popped his head out of his Delaware basement to speak publicly are in speeches — most of which are pre-recorded and probably edited — and has not once held a press conference in which reporters have been allowed to ask questions with follow-ups! 

How could Americans possibly know what he REALLY knows and plans and has to offer the American people?

Do you know what’s the most maddening thing about this: the American Mainstream Media have given him a total pass from answering any real questions to enable Americans to understand who Joe Biden really is and who he would be if elected President.

And the Democrat Party plan to keep it that way!

Don’t be shocked if/when it is announced that Joe Biden will NOT debate President Trump.

I’m not predicting that, but every day I am led to believe it is a real possibility. Why would they do that? Because any good debater would most likely destroy the former VP in a real debate.

It might make no difference at all. Media are not talking about something: the “Helmut Norpoth Model.” It’s an electoral college compilation of probable results in this presidential race.

You KNOW my opinion of polls: and it’s not favorable. And I am NOT predicting this will actualize. But when a model correctly predicts 24 of 26 presidential elections, it gets my attention. And one of those correct predictions was 2016!

What’s going to happen? If Joe would ever tell us the details of what he “knows” needs to occur in the nation, I think we’d all have a much better idea of what is going to happen!


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