Whose Truth: Yours or Mine?

As you know, we at TruthNewsNetwork have committed from the very beginning that what you see and hear in our stories and podcasts will be based on 100% truth that we have confirmed and verified. Certainly you understand that making such a commitment means the requirement of significant research, re-research, and multiple confirmations. Why is that required? Because typical news sources today do not share that same commitment.

And it’s not just news sources. Have you heard the latest from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) discussing her latest examples of racism and police violence? Here it her tweet about the subject:

That tweet ignores the incontrovertible truth of the matter inserting political narrative calling it “the truth.”

First, Michael Brown was NOT murdered. Secondly, there was NO police violence in that instance. Both were confirmed as the result of not some Ferguson rednecks hurriedly convened to reach a pre-determined result based on a racial bias. A Ferguson grand jury after significant and lengthy investigations concluded they could not find justification for charging the Ferguson officer who shot and killed Brown with a crime. Then after a significant Obama Justice Department investigation into the matter, the DOJ too declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting. At the completion of an 86-page DOJ report, Attorney General Eric Holder concluded with these cryptic remarks: “Because Wilson did not act with the requisite criminal intent, it cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt to a jury that he violated 18 U.S.C.§ 242 when he fired his weapon at Brown. For the reasons set forth above, this matter lacks prosecutive merit and should be closed.”

According to that Missouri grand jury and according to the Obama Department of Justice, the Ferguson, Missouri reference point of Warren’s above tweet does not substantiate her allegation. According to those two investigations, Warren’s statement is false. Yet millions in America concur with her statement that Michael Brown WAS murdered and that his death WAS a direct result of police violence. Warren and those millions of Americans “feel” her statements are the truth. But they’re patently false.

But we can’t stop there. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) weighed in saying pretty much the same things as did Warren about the Michael Brown/Ferguson shooting:

Harris too called Brown’s death “a murder,” which exhaustive investigation contradicts.

America’s mainstream media (to no one’s surprise) ramped up their charges against Officer Wilson which not only lighted but continuously fueled the flames of anti-police and anti-racism that sparked riots in Ferguson and other American cities like Baltimore in which tens of millions of dollars of store owners in both cities were destroyed and many were injured. The Black Lives Matter organization was birthed from the Michael Brown incident. All of this happened as the direct result of fake news, and mischaracterization of facts by some and lies by many who purposely  gave their false stories to the media for personal reasons. But none of it happened as the result of police brutality or a murder.

Who is Right?

Were either Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren truthful in their tweets? We’re beginning to more and more hear answers given to different questions that go like this: “MY truth is that…..”

What does “My truth” mean?

I’m a south Louisiana Cajun from a family where when my brother or I decided to lie to a teacher and got caught, it would have been fruitless when confronted by our parents to respond with this: “I didn’t lie about it. I just gave her MY truth.”

It comes to this: there are NOT two or three versions of the truth on any issue. Truth is Absolute.

I befriended a young African American man not long ago who became a REAL activist in our cities. He took extremely aggressive public positions against not just police brutality, but the police — period. He decided to take on City Hall for any number of issues in the Mayor’s Administration and personally attacked other city leaders. He demonstrated, carried protest signs, posted prolifically on Facebook, attended every city council meeting, and even made himself homeless, living on the street. Freddie was quite a spectacle.

Most thought he was trying to do something that would get him arrested so he could somehow through that further his causes. He did just that. But his now two stints in jail still haven’t boosted his cause. They’ve just resulted in a criminal record.

I felt it was incumbent for me to introduce myself to him and take him to lunch. I wanted not to confront him about any of his “stuff,” but I just wanted to let him know there was a local adult who cared about his zeal and fervor and was willing to hear him out.

It was a pleasant lunch: no raised voices, no arguments. Of course I disagreed with some of his causes and certainly his methods, but I could not question his zeal. But the heart of THIS story revealed itself when he asked me about my opinion of racism. I responded to him immediately with my definition. He then replied with this, “I respect your opinion. But that’s not MY truth.” (By the way, Freddie’s back in jail)

There you go! “My truth.” Freddie was simply parroting what millions are hearing every day, so much so that it’s becoming commonplace: “This is MY truth.”

Can there be more than one truth about things? Can you have a truth that’s not the truth to me? Let’s get some thoughts from the pros.


I think maybe this practice that is becoming more and more prevalent may be a purposeful happening. How so? If we adopt such a philosophy of life, no one can ever be held accountable for any of their actions or things they say. 

Just look at the examples above by two very prominent leaders in American politics, Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. They obviously know beyond any doubt and it was confirmed by a grand jury in Missouri AND by the Department of Justice that Michael Brown was NOT murdered by Ferguson police office Darren Wilson. Yet here they are years later, both running for president and campaigning, and they tweet that Brown was murdered. They claim that their statements are “their” truth.

As the video stated, in a world in which that could be true, our society could not function: no laws, no rules, no answers, and no accountability. Such an environment DOES exist. It’s called ANARCHY.

When Freddie responded to me about “his” truth, I immediately made it clear that truth IS absolute, that right AND wrong are absolute, that FACTS cannot be facts without being absolute.

Nor can the Truth — period.

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