Hypocrisy Front and Center

“I’m rubber and you’re glue. What you say about me bounces off me and sticks to you!”

Who is right and who is wrong is the 24/7 process of governing in the U.S. And increasingly Americans are tiring in their efforts to keep up with the truth in important political issues of the day. Making that process virtually impossible is the hypocrisy they must wade through to try and find the truth. It seems that political truth is buried deep. To get to it requires digging through the varying stories and perspectives of those stories, the lies and misrepresentations of those who tell the stories, only to when finally getting to the truth finding that it is really not the truth but something someone either made up or painted with a perspective putting some cause in a good light. The trouble is not the story — it’s dealing with the person or persons who tell the story. Enter Pocahontas.

Elizabeth Warren — Massachusetts Senator — who has donned the banner of Leftist righteousness and arbiter of all things politically correct and allowable — has become the Queen of Hypocrisy in D.C. Almost daily she climbs into some pulpit to spew her anti-Trump venom making her minions certain that the President is actually a three-headed ogre who hides under a bridge waiting for unsuspecting African American and Muslim children to cross the bridge only to devour them.

What is craziest to me is that absolutely NOTHING the President does is viewed by Warren as an accomplishment, yet alone something good for the Nation and its people. She has repeatedly called him a racist, a xenophobe, he is Islamophobic, homophobic, and evil. She is not the only Leftist to do this, but she is more visible because she is a U.S. Senator and a likely 2018 presidential candidate. And the Mainstream Media (MSM) love her. Why? Because she will daily spew the same trash that they spin. But she has Congressional “legitimacy.”

The MSM give her a pass everytime she says anything: ANYTHING! I know of not one single instance things she has said have been called into question by the Media, no matter if they were not true. The reason? She has been promoted in the Democrat Party to share the dais of political correctness with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And when Nancy speaks, everybody listens. The pair lead all Leftists in blatant hypocrisy almost daily. They are Leftist newsies’ dream.

Warren-Pelosi Hypocrisy

Elizabeth Warren. Let’s look at the latest Warren hypocrisy. (Actually, her latest is just taking an oldie but goodie and sprinkling some “new” on it) President Trump labeled her Pocahontas because in her quest to intimidate Harvard to give her a prestigious position, she claimed she is Native American. By all counts she is not. She won the position. She has been given multiple opportunities to lay the mystery to rest by taking a simple DNA test, but she refuses. And everyone pretty much knows why. She is now using the President’s statement to raise money!:

(Warren) “You might have heard that Donald Trump likes to call me ‘Pocahontas.’ He does it on Twitter, at rallies, and even in official White House meetings,” Warren wrote in a Monday fundraising email, calling it the “very worst of gutter politics.” In an email, Warren denounced the name as a “racist slur,” saying the president did so because “he thinks that he can bully me and shut me up. He thinks he can bully and silence anybody he wants.” She continued, “We’re not going to stop standing up for middle class families. We’re not going to stop standing up for consumers.” She added in a final push for financial support, “Let’s show Donald Trump that we’re sick of his racist slurs by getting to work to fight his agenda. Donald Trump can keep attacking my family – but I’m going to keep fighting for yours.”

Let’s understand this in context: she lied to Harvard claiming to be a member of a minority to fraudulently obtain a position at one of the nation’s most prestigious universities. By lying and ultimately getting that position that is reserved for a true minority person, she stole a high-paying position from a member of a minority! When confronted multiple times, she refuses to retract her claim or prove her claim with a DNA test. Her actions were white racism against minority Americans!

Nancy Pelosi. Where to begin! “We’ve got to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill,” the then Speaker of the House told us in the ramping up of the passage of Obamacare. She as speaker pushed through the House the most expensive social bill of our lifetime without even reading the bill first as did 99% of the 535 members of Congress who voted for it. Remember the promises: “You can keep your doctor if you want;” “You can keep your insurance if you want;” “Family insurance premiums for a family of four will go down $2500 a year,” and on and on.

Regarding the recent rash of women coming out with claims of sexual misconduct against Congressman John Conyers, Roy Moore, Alabama Senatorial candidate, and former President Bill Clinton, she appeared on Meet the Press. During that interview she stood by her dogged defenses of credibly-accused rapist Bill Clinton, praised alleged sexual harasser John Conyers as an “icon,” and declined to say if he should resign, or whether she believes the three women alleging misconduct. She stopped short of damning Roy Moore saying the facts are not in yet.

When asked whether Minnesota Senator Al Franken should step down even after he apologized, she said,  “His accusers have to accept an apology,” Pelosi said. “The victims have some say in all of this, as well. And that has happened in the past. People have accepted an apology, as is coming forth now that I see in the press.”

Hypocritical? Well, here’s her PREVIOUS position on those accused in such matters: Ten years ago in an interview, Pelosi said that any woman who makes a claim against a man for any type of untoward sexual action against her MUST be believed and action against the perpetrator must be taken immediately.


Americans are confused. I could spend hours listing the specifics of hypocritical statements and actions from members of Congress and others from D.C. There are so many that happen so frequently that no one knows when to believe anything we see or hear coming out of Washington. No doubt the political position of almost all those there are determined not on a day-by-day basis, but on a minute-by-minute basis. I can imagine Pelosi or Warren licking a finger and holding it up in the air to test which way the wind is blowing at that moment regarding any political issue being discussed. They each determine their position based on all applicable circumstances as they apply politically to them at that moment. And their position at that moment is NOT determined by any previous position they held. It’s only about political expediency.

There probably is no relief in sight. So as we watch and listen the various positions they take hourly in discussions about the really important governing actions about to be undertaken — Tax Reform, Debt Limit Increase, Spending Budget, Healthcare again — don’t lock-in on any position you hear a politician take as it being their “forever position.” Tomorrow when the air direction and temperature changes, so might their position.

Remember: “We must pass the bill so we can find out what’s in the bill.”


“Tax Reform” — Really?

Is the Senate tax reform bill being contemplated with or in place of the passed House bill REAL tax reform?

Let’s put this in perspective. One cannot have a serious conversation about tax reform without talking simultaneously about the Federal Budget. Basic business principles begin with an understanding of a budget — revenue and expense. Because of budget reconciliation requirements in the Senate (which I think are hogwash and simply waste coverage), this tax bill is a ten-year bill. During that time, the federal government at current revenue levels will have $43 Trillion dollars of taxes paid mostly by Americans in taxes for the federal government to operate. Keep that number in mind during this conversation.

Current estimates of varied “experts” project the House tax bill will add $1.5 Trillion dollars to the budget deficit over the decade, the Senate plan $1.3 Trillion. There are probably 300 of the 535 members of Congress screaming about the Tax Reform Bill costing the nation o $1 Trillion dollars+ over the next ten years. That is and should be a major concern for our leaders. But with our accumulated budget deficit dollars that the government has been forced to borrow money to pay at $20 Trillion, it is laughable to hear budget hawks crying about tax cuts costing any amount of money. Let’s put their cries in perspective.

I own a small company. I have clients from the medical industry for which my company provides a service and has done so for twenty-five years. For the services provided, every month each client pays a fee based on the monthly successes of my company in the services provided.

Each year for twenty-five years of providing those services, I with the assistance of managers and accountants prepare an operating budget for the next year that is a combination of projected revenues paid by clients for our services and projected expenses we must pay to various vendors and employees to be able to offer those services. Obviously the goal of implementing the budget is to successfully operate during that year paying less in expenses than the amount of fees paid by our clients for our services. The money paid to us that remains after paying all those annual expenses is our profit. Every company operates with the objective, goal, and plan to make an annual profit.

For some inexplicable reason, years ago the United States Congress made a unilateral decision that it is OK to spend more money than it collects each year in revenues. And each year it practices that principle. In doing so in recent history — specifically during the Obama Adminstration’s eight years — our government spending deficit/debt increase equalled the total deficit of every presidential administration COMBINED since that of George Washington! The lunacy of this is that American voters allow elected representatives to continue this madness year after year, after year, after year…

How did we Get Here?

First, America can no longer perpetuate the hypocritical financial operation of the federal government. Doing so is exactly the same as giving our kids a credit card with a limit, then when they exceed that limit giving them another card with a limit which they exceed, then are given a new card, and doing so again and again in perpetuity. It makes no sense.

Secondly, most Americans do not realize where our government goes to get that new credit card and how they do so: they threaten to shut down the government to get the debt limit raised. Congress has no credit card to use. They rely on the Fed to provide that American Express black card with no limit.

The Federal Reserve simply prints Treasury Bonds. Those T-Bills (as they are called) are sold at Treasury auctions to raise money for the government to spend. Keep in mind the only collateral for those bonds that are sold is the “good faith and fair dealing” of the U.S. Government! But the debt associated with and payment for the borrowed principle amounts of those bonds is REAL.

Just a thought here: how “real” is that debt? What if when it is time to pay the interest every month or quarter to those who purchased those bonds there is no money in the U.S. Treasury to pay? Default. That has never happened in the U.S. But it CAN happen. I shudder to imagine the consequences for such a default.

Here’s another example of the idiocy of Congressional spending:

“An $85 million loan for a hotel complex in Kabul, a billion dollars in missing equipment for Iraqi forces and a $30,000 grant to stage ‘Doggie Hamlet’ are just a few examples of the ‘Federal Fumbles’ a Republican senator has flagged in a new report on wasteful government spending. The 86-page report from Sen. James Lankford identified $437.6 billion in ‘wasteful and inefficient’ federal spending. ‘We’ve got every variety — from very small to very, very large areas of waste and areas where the federal government just dropped the ball,’ the Oklahoma lawmaker and fiscal hawk reported today.”

How Can we Fix This?

You know what is missing in this conversation? You and me. WE pay taxes. We pay those taxes to the government so they will have necessary resources to operate the country…..FOR US. Yet their obvious disdain and lack of concern for the consequences of their financial choices is mind-boggling. Why? THEY do not pay the price for their bad choices of spending — we pay.

Let’s digress to the part of this conversation regarding the cost of this Tax Reform. Who will pay those costs? American taxpayers. Should we be saddled with the responsibility of paying increased taxes or through reduced government services as a direct result of over-spending by the federal government? Absolutely not. But we are forced to year after year. That $20 Trillion debt is now on the back of each American living and today — approximately $62,500 owed by each American. And that does not include interest.

Have you heard anything about balancing that budget the other way: cutting government spending? Absolutely not! Their preference is for you and I to pay more so they can spend more. Let’s talk about government spending:

  • Let’s implement these tax cuts — PERIOD;
  • Let’s let government make up that $1 to $1.5 Trillion deficit from these cuts over ten years by CUTTING SPENDING;
  • “Oh no! We cannot cut spending. What government services do Americans want to give up?” Let me answer that by saying simply: “You guys in D.C. make up that difference.”

How can they do that? Plug the hole. Let’s simply immediately kill that $437.6 Billion government waste going forward….each year….for the next ten years. STOP WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS ON THE SAME GIVEAWAYS THAT TOTAL THAT AMOUNT FOR 2016 AND ALL OTHER SIMILAR SPENDING FOR EACH OF THE NEXT TEN YEARS.

Do the accounting: $437 Billion per year for ten years totals $4.3 Trillion. “IF” the tax cuts approved by Congress go into effect and remain in place for the next decade, there will be NO deficit increase. Even if they cost $1.5 Trillion, the government waste spending stopped altogether adds an additional $4.3 Trillion in net tax revenue. After the tax cut deficit is deducted, the U.S. will have $2.8 Trillion left to pay on our $20 Trillion debt.

Is that too simple? This process with very different and much smaller numbers works in companies of all sizes throughout the United States and elsewhere in the World. Why cannot it work in Washington?

We have NO other options. We must immediately take control of the idiotic spending juggernaut in D.C.

Government Constitutionally is to be “Of the People, By the People, and For the People.” It does not say “Of the Government, By the Government, and For the Government.”





Armageddon Awaits

We stand at the edge, looking down into the deepest, darkest abyss in American history. What’s next?


When the Paul Manaforte-Rick Gates indictments came down, the Mainstream Media launched into their “happy dance,” certain the Trump Russian collusion litigation was about to kick into high gear. When just days later news began to leak about several dozen sealed indictments being handed down by the same District Court in D.C. where Mueller’s grand jury is empaneled, the MSM gleefully reported “The End is Near!” The “End” has not revealed itself yet, and the sealed indictments continue to pile up. Their number is so lofty that the MSM have quietly returned to their caves, knowing that there are far too many sealed indictments pending to be of Trump campaigners. That indictment number? We are still counting but here’s the latest update: 66 Districts sealed indictment count is 4,280. (These numbers are publicly available) How does that compare? Since 2009, the average total sealed indictments produced in the entire U.S. is 1,007 per year. These have all been issued between 10/30 and 11/22 this year.

That number is staggering. Why? There obviously were not 4,280 management level people in the Trump campaign organization. And these sealed indictments have appeared in federal court districts in Central California, Colorado, Virginia, Louisiana, Washington D.C., and other locations. There is no way to verify any details of any sealed indictment. Even leaking such details would be illegal. But the sheer number and the multiple indictment source locations speaks loudly that these may not even be for Russian collusion matters, and probably not just Mueller investigation indictments. What could they be for?

Robert Mueller: Why Is He Special Counsel?

There are a couple of points that are crucial to point out here:

  1. Remember in the 2016 debate when then Candidate Trump promised Hillary that if/when he was elected President he would appoint a Special Counsel to investigate her and the Clinton Foundation? (Keep that in mind…..)
  2. Remember when Mueller “interviewed” with Trump supposedly for the FBI Director job? Was that really a job interview for FBI Director? Think about it: Mueller had term-limited out of eligibility for that job! He was FBI Director for 12 years — the maximum is 10. Obama made a presidential exception for him to stay two extra years.

So why the meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office if he could not serve again as head of the FBI? Do you think that maybe the President was laying the groundwork with the “pending” Special Counsel anticipating an appointment by Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to investigate “all” things Russian related from the 2016 election? His written appointment spelled all this out:

“The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct the investigation confirmed by then-FBI Director James B. Comey in testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on March 20, 2017, including:

(i) any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and

(ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and

(iii) any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. 600.4(a).

If the Special Counsel believes it is necessary and appropriate, the Special Counsel is authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from the investigation of these matters.”

Possible Mueller Investigation Subjects

  • Obviously the named purpose for his appointment and subsequent investigation was regarding Russian collusion with Trump Campaigners that directly impacted the 2016 election. No matter that it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Russians in NO way impacted the results of the election, (multiple officials — including such heavy-weights as Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA)  — have confirmed that multiple times); no matter there is no U.S. federal law regarding collusion of any kind being a criminal offense, that now proven fake Russian/Trump dossier gave never-Trumpers — both Republican and Democrat — all the ammunition they needed to demand a Special Counsel.
  • “HillaryGate” is a likely additional target for the Special Counsel. Even though the Uranium 1 uproar had nothing to do with the 2016 election, it was inundated with Russian government connections — including Vladimir Putin. Those implicated in the U.S. uranium transfer to the Canadian company that was sold to a Putin directed Russian company number a hundred or so. Caught up in this is obvious Pay-For-Play that resulted in at least $140 million in questionable contributions to the Clinton Foundation suspected by many to be quid pro quo for who was at that time certainly going to be President.
  • Also in line for “further” investigation is the Clinton email scandal. Former FBI Director Comey detailed in that famous press conference quite a few evidentiary items conclusively illustrating how Clinton herself broke numerous federal laws regarding the mishandling of classified information. Though Attorney General Sessions recused himself from personally investigating Clinton election and certain other Clinton issues, neither Mueller nor the FBI recused.

There is another potential target for all of these sealed indictments. And it is not a secret for many in D.C. and certainly not for any members of the Intelligence Community over the past 30 years or so. Very quietly since the Trump election certain media outlets have let slip stories about local and federal authorities arresting many involved in human trafficking including pedophilia activities. In fact there have been hundreds of arrests. In my sleepy little northwest Louisiana community about 100 have have been arrested by local, state, and federal authorities in several sex trafficking operations linked with multi-state prostitution  — including of children. Rumors have been abundant for decades about mass pedophilia whose participants include a huge number of state and federal politicians and numerous famous and wealthy individuals. The Potomac Region is reported to be riddled with these people and these operations.

But this is no new story. Turn your calendar back to 1988 during the George H.W. Bush Administration. Reports of a child prostitution ring centered in Omaha, Nebraska broke on a national level. The horror was that the victims of this atrocity were residents of one of the most well know and most reputable homes for many years for boys: Boys Town. It was dubbed the “Franklin Scandal” because the chief organizer of this was Lawrence King, who ran the Franklin Community Credit Union of Omaha.

The Franklin scandal is the story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful. The ring’s pimps were a pair of political powerbrokers who had access to the highest levels of even the federal government. Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks. The legislators’ efforts resulted in a rash of mysterious deaths and the overpowering corruption of federal and local law enforcement, including the FBI, Secret Service, and Justice Department, effecting an immaculate cover-up of the trafficking network. The story received some newspaper coverage but there was a TV News Media blackout on the subject. For this reason, most Americans have never heard of it.

Former Republican Senator John Decamp was involved in the production a documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence” that was to air May 3, 1994 on the Discovery Channel. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed. A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired F.B.I. chief, Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved. I have watched the video. Though the quality is sketchy (the video is not the final mixed version) the content is staggering. Former CIA Director William Colby weighed in on the “Franklin Scandal” confirming its legitimacy before being quieted by his superiors.

You didn’t read or hear about these? There was no FOX News around then, but you didn’t have to wait for FOX — those bastions of conservatism Washington Post and NY Times ran stories about it. Read “their” versions here:

Washington Post  OMAHA’S HURRICANE OF SCANDAL  https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/lifestyle/1990/04/01/omahas-hurricane-of-scandal/f762dad7-c72c-415e-a17c-bd4ece10fa44/?utm_term=.f33597b66578

New York Times  A Lurid, Mysterious Scandal Begins Taking Shape in Omaha http://www.nytimes.com/1988/12/18/us/a-lurid-mysterious-scandal-begins-taking-shape-in-omaha.html?pagewanted=all

The “Real” Horror

If you wish details Google to get actual names of the perpetrators and victims. The Omaha FBI office who handled the federal investigation made it clear there would be NO real investigation into any alleged D.C. politicians or famous folks. It should come as no surprise to many that in doing so, by intimidating each of the children who stepped forward to publicly reveal these horrible acts and identify their perpetrators, they attacked a couple of the victims so aggressively one recanted her sworn testimony and others simply disappeared and never produced their testimony. The girl who recanted was charged and convicted of perjury and sentenced to serve the highest prison term for perjury on record in any jurisdiction in the U.S. The power of the Feds make such things possible. There were also numerous “unexplainable” deaths of those involved.


In bullet points, here are the only logical conclusions I can make about Robert Mueller, 3,152 sealed indictments with more to come, HillaryGate, and the pending unsealing and execution of a bunch of indictments:

  • General Michael Flynn and his son will certainly own two of those indictments for their failure to register as agents of a foreign government — the same thing Steve Bannon was indicted for. There may be others in the indictment pile for them. And there may be similar indictments for others involved in the Trump Campaign. But there will be NONE for the President;
  • Hillary Clinton: there is no doubt in my mind that a large number of those indictments are for those involved in the Clinton Campaign, the Clinton Foundation, those involved in the Uranium 1 deal, both in the United States, Canada, and Russia. Certainly any/all of those involved in the process of destroying emails, hard drives, actual cell phones, and hiding and avoiding providing evidence to the FBI during the email investigation will be included in those indictments. Also, it would not surprise me if the senior members of the Democrat National Committee who participated in thwarting the will of Democrat voters by manipulating the system to guarantee no Bernie Sanders nomination are possible indictment candidates. Some of them are also complicit in the Hillary email scandal. Then there’s Debbie Wasserman Shultz who refused to make DNC servers available to the FBI for forensic examination after reporting the hacking of their servers. And then there were her actions allowing those foreign IT operators virtual unfettered access the Congressional servers which also violated laws regarding protection of classified information;
  • “PediGate:” there is information released from several reliable sources that at least one-third of members of Congress are or have been involved in prostitution, including child prostitution. I failed to mention above that in that “Franklin Scandal,” boys AND girls from Omaha were often taken to Washington D.C. by Lawrence King to “entertain” politicians at special parties he hosted at his $5,000 per month mansion in Washington. This horror is not limited to D.C. or to politicians. It is rampant across America. I am certain the majority of those indictments issued and sealed by judges in these varied jurisdictions are for perpetrators of this child abuse;
  • It is possible that the “PediGate” investigations are being undertaken by the Justice Department under the direction of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and not part of the Mueller investigation.

We all know President Trump’s confrontational and bombastic method of dealing with those who have visible opposition to his political ideals. Think about this: knowing that and his propensity to use Twitter to attack any and all who stand against his presidential agenda, why would he NOT have attacked Robert Mueller and this investigation? ALL HE HAS SAID ABOUT IT IS THAT HE HOPES IT IS COMPLETED QUICKLY SO AS TO PUT THE QUESTIONS ABOUT COLLUSION BEHIND US SO WE CAN GET ON WITH MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! I am certain the reason he has not said a thing about Mueller is the former FBI Director is using his appointment document details to instigate a far-reaching, thorough investigation of Russian collusion AND (as stated in Rosenstein’s appointment) “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”

There are many reasons why Washington D.C. is so slow to do anything. Many speculate on the process. I do not. There is no doubt in my mind the government institutions in Washington have sucked from voters during decades the power of government purposely retained in the Constitution for the American people. With that power they have artfully crafted a process whereby through their accumulated power they control pretty much everything. From election cycle to election cycle they throw a proverbial bone to members of the opposing political party to make voters feel warm and fuzzy about their care and concern for us. Meanwhile, they take as much as half of what we make and spend it mostly on all those things they deem important in total disregard of the wishes those whose money they spend. Principle in their process is to maintain the vehometh they have fed with our power — the Federal Government.

Americans are virtually powerless to make changes necessary to re-direct this course. After all, to stop this would require changing of laws. And who makes those laws? Not taxpayers, not business owners or school teachers or police officers or factory workers. Members of Congress make the laws. The first step for a major change to at least stop the growth of this monster would be mandatory term limits for those in Congress. But who can make that happen? Congress. I doubt they would agree to limit their access to the taxpayer feeding trough.

The only other option is a state called Constitutional Convention. That takes 34 states. Seventeen have already given Congress notice of their formal application for such a convention. Amending the Constitution is the only good way to make necessary changes.


Please understand in the research for this I have spoken to quite a few people who are in the “information pipeline.” I am NOT a Conspiracy Theorist. Nothing above has been confirmed by fewer than four different sources, each reliable. It is scary for me to think such horrors are occurring in America today. Besides the lives of men, women, and especially children who have been traumatically and permanently altered by those who prey on others, criminal justice authorities have stood by and allowed these things to happen and the national media have turned their backs on it. Why? Primarily because of those who are responsible. I’ll scare you to death: several of the children from Omaha hauled to Washington for these parties were even given late night tours of the White House!

I know: my use of “Amageddon Awaits” may be a little extreme. But, I have said this before and I’ll say it today: buckle up — we’re about to go on a wild ride!



There is something in the wind whistling through Washington D.C. that will very shortly set the World on fire at its revelation. It will make the election of Donald Trump as insignificant as a foul ball hit in a t-ball game in Fordyce, Arkansas. And it will change the landscape of America’s political system forever. I will on Monday morning give all our readers the inside skinny on it all. Until then we will not post anything as we finalize details of this bizarre tsunami about to flood our world.

Our U.S. subscribers will receive your email notification of the story about 3:00 AM Monday on the east coast. Our European subscribers will receive it at 0100 Greenwich (GMT)  Monday. You may want to share this with friends and family.

I trust that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and spent time with those you love and who love you. Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season every year which is the perfect 30-days to count all our blessings.

When I was a young buck and was often prone to gripe out loud when things did not go my way, one of my life mentors in the midst of one of those outbursts asked me this: “Who’s coming to your funeral?” I thought about it for a moment and replied, “My friends and my family.” He drove his point home when he said, “Then you need to spend your life investing in their lives instead of worrying about the things you cannot control.”

Let’s invest in our friends and families this holiday season. Let me be the first to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (Don’t wait until December 25th — let’s celebrate the true meaning of Christmas each day starting right now!)

Talk to you Monday morning.


What/Who Is The Republican Party?

Want to ascertain who and what is the REAL Republican Party?

Here’s what/who the GOP is NOT, at least today: it is NOT the Party of working class Americans. It is NOT the Party of big business, in spite of what Democrats say. It is NOT the Party of immigrants who are looking for a home with a government “by and for the People.” It is NOT a Party that answers to its nationwide constituents nor represents their interests. And it is NOT an honest Party — at least most of the time. So who/what is it?

Unfortunately for Republican Party members, it is a Party run by a group of old white guys that have since Reagan/Bush 41 maintained a choke-hold on the term “Conservative.” It is as if they have trademarked the name and are ready to litigate against anyone who claims to be a Conservative without their approval. THEY define its rules and regulations. THEY determine who is in leadership, who can and who cannot speak on the Party’s behalf, who can run for office wearing their banner, and what Conservatives MUST hold as the Party’s purpose and message. There is zero individuality in the current Grand Old Party.

Is The GOP Gone?

The Party of Reagan died shortly after his second term. Bush 41 — a true RINO — ushered in an era in D.C. that was created for one purpose and one purpose only: to quietly and stealthily nudge America toward a “Socialism Lite” political structure. After the amazing foreign policy victories throughout the 80’s coupled with a complete American economic revival, Americans were easily lulled to sleep. Complacency took control.

You may ask why Bush the Elder would lean to the left after co-piloting the eight years of the Reagan Revolution. Simple: Reagan’s philosophy of smaller government, more input from American citizens in governing, fewer regulations coupled with economic victories flew in the face of the former CIA Director and Reagan’s Vice President. Bush secretly wanted to quietly rebuild the D.C. ruling class that called themselves Republicans but were not conservative at all, but “Moderates.” His reasoning was driven by a pursuit for power, not money or status. He knew with government power, money, status, and everything else he wanted was a by-product of the political power he could accumulate.  He knew in light of the Reagan successes and the historic economic accomplishments, Americans would not even notice. And he was right.

Bush 41 orchestrated tax increases in spite of his famous statement at the GOP Convention: “Read my lips — NO MORE TAXES!” He broke that campaign promise that may have cost him his re-election bid against Bill Clinton. Americans should have realized with that broken promise he was the first “post-Reagan RINO.” He quietly initiated the “Socialism Lite” movement and Clinton in his eight years pushed that agenda harder and further left. Enter Bush 43.

Bush 43 did exactly what Republican presidential candidates must always do to get elected: run as slight right-of-center conservatives. Then when elected, move to the left to govern. It worked for him just as it had for his Dad. He governed (at least in his first term) more conservatively than his father — especially on economic issues. The Republican base adored him; the Left hated him. Iraq’s second war with the U.S. put him in a bad place with liberals, but he was able to use it to pander to the real conservatives in his party. His orchestration of the surge in Iraq pretty much saved what would have probably been a huge defeat at the hands of al Qaeda, and Republicans loved him for it. But for true conservatives, he did little else.

He perpetrated with the assistance of Congress a massive wave of spending (led by the obvious huge weight of debt to fund the War) that began the deep spiral into what is now $20+ Trillion. He opened the door and Obama took the cue and took America to another level of debt that has brought the nation to the most perilous economic point in U.S. history. None of this was based on conservatism other than the “Bush tax cuts.” That action was the only real conservative legislation spearheaded by Bush the Younger.

Let’s be fair: George W. Bush did push for some very good conservative causes starting with his decision in 2001 to jettison the Kyoto global warming treaty so loved by Al Gore, the environmental lobby, elite opinion, and Europeans. He instituted enhanced interrogation of terrorists which saved numerous American lives. He reinforced America’s degrading relationship with Israel, which was badly needed.

His next success was No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the education reform bill cosponsored by America’s most prominent liberal Democratic senator Edward Kennedy. Though it came with mixed results, he instituted a new benefit for seniors with the Medicare prescription drug benefit, enacted in 2003. He did receive a large volume of backlash from some conservatives for the drug program signaling a move toward socialized medicine. But the bulk of what could be called governmental achievements during the Bush 43 Administration were remarkably slim.

To be honest, the most conservative action by the U.S. government in post-Reagan D.C. was the Contract with America orchestrated during the Clinton Administration by Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich. It was the first piece of such legislation passed since Reagan (and since for that matter) that drew Americans into the belief there was possible hope for Conservative America. Remember the Contract?

Does Conservatism Have a Chance in This Congress?

Not under the direction of current House and Senate leadership. You gotta like Speaker Paul Ryan. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, tries hard to NOT be liked by Americans. If you drew a picture of a what an average American Republican voter imagines a typical GOP leader in Congress looks like, it would be of McConnell. He is the epitome of current Republicanism that most Republicans rejected in the presidential primaries. GOP voters feel strongly that status quo Republican leaders have in large part thrown in with House and Senate members from across the aisle to maintain the status quo in every way. Voters feel rejected, lied to, and without conservative leadership.

GOP voters also feel that their representatives in Congress are refusing to support the President that voters elected to get the things done the voters wanted:

  • tax reform,
  • repeal and replace Obamacare,
  • stop illegal immigration,
  • build the southern border wall,
  • roll back abusive government regulations,
  • stop the rampant exodus of American jobs to foreign countries,
  • incentivize companies to remain in the U.S. saving jobs,
  • getting economic growth in the nation to 3%.

In one year, Republican members of Congress have failed to achieve what President Trump and many members of Congress promised voters during campaigns would be achieved if they and Trump were elected. They were elected — they’ve done nothing.


The Tea Party was a breath of fresh air. It looked like beginning with the 2012 election conservatism had new life. And indeed Tea Party candidates who represented real conservative change upset many status quo Republicans in primaries and several were elected. Alas, politics took over, and Tea Party infighting ruined its effectiveness going forward. It simply disappeared.

Conservatism needed an outsider — someone who would never be beholding to anyone in any political party, who was successful, strong minded, non-political (or at least non-political thinking) and who could resonate with Middle Americans that the GOP as well as the Democrat Party had left behind. Seventeen candidates through their hats in the ring to chase the GOP presidential nomination. Only one espoused those elements that grass roots Republicans recognized was necessary to resurrect true conservative ideals in D.C.: Donald Trump.

As the World has watched his individualism, his understanding of battles experienced by everyday Americans, the World began to understand he was the only one of the 17 that could do it. Americans elected him.

In spite of the hearts of Americans, the establishment Republicans in D.C. would not relinquish their choke hold on maintaining political mediocrity. They tried everything to defeat him in his election and even today continue their efforts to defeat him with roadblock after roadblock in passing legislation promised in the campaign. Fortunately for Americans in the middle class, their actions are obvious and easy to identify. Those renegade “conservatives” in the GOP establishment have been exposed. And many will face the “voters knife” in the 2018 mid-terms.

The only way true Conservatism can possibly survive is if Donald Trump is successful. To be successful he must not only push through Establishment Republican resistance at every turn in the road, he must defeat Democrats AND the Media, who have sworn to run Donald Trump out of the White House. Fortunately he is not beholding to any “big guys” who funded his campaign — there aren’t any. He not only understands working class Americans, he is committed to them. Even better: they understand his commitment to them and have embraced him as the answer to Middle America’s woes.

For Americanism to not just survive this decade but flourish, it will take literally draining the swamp. That means the graft and corruption, the power and dollar plays for total control, the favoritism and elitism must each be removed from the D.C. landscape. America as we have known it will look just like the utopia Obama envisioned — a top-heavy, government regulated socialist state — in just a few years unless President Trump can drain the swamp (beginning with Congress), and allow American voters to replace the uncooperative swamp creatures with real working legislators who will implement legislation as promised in the campaign. That is the only way to restore conservatism to the Republican Party and put REAL Republicans in Congress.

America needs a Leader. And we need for all those who sold-out to the power hunger of the past to fade away, and to do so quickly. Every day new horrors about those currently serving in Congress and some from the past are being exposed. There’s been too much narcissism, too much quid pro quo, too many hand-outs and sweetheart deals. John Q. Public from Middle America needs 535 members of Congress to begin again to make every decision about legislation based solely on what is best for John Q.

Give this President a chance, give him the legislation he needs to accomplish what American voters put him in the White House to do, and let’s see what happens. After all, if we don’t like his results we can simply vote him out in 3 years now.

After all: Hillary will certainly still be around!








Men will be Men

Does anyone else think this current atmosphere of sexual harassment is totally out of control?

There are so many facets to these daily revelations of men taking advantage in numerous ways of young men and women. I am not a naive human, but I am really surprised to see these stories dominate the media and to learn how prevalent these sexual encounters have become. And with each comes a wave of anger, divisiveness, and “righteous” indignation. These revelations have shined a light on a heretofore dark secret world of debauchery alive for decades. “We are better in America,” is what we so often say about bad things that happen in other nations. But this environment of harassment says otherwise.

There is some good in not only having this exposed with all its variations, but so much exposed so quickly has awakened the U.S. to it as a major problem. We can show the world just how much better we are “IF” we solve this problem. And that’s going to be a tough one. Let’s take a look.

Men will be Men. I’ve heard that all my life. In reality, that typically means some man has done something wrong and someone else is making an excuse for him. But there’s truth in that statement: men are biologically, emotionally, and psychologically to attracted to others sexually. And in living everyday life, sometimes one of those characteristics takes control of a guy. Unfortunately when that happens, often young men and women are the objects of that obsession.

We could spend time here listing all of the untoward sexual encounters among famous people from the past along with the current ones. But we all know it has gone on for many years and that no economic or social class has been exempt. It affects every part of American culture. With such universal media coverage of every thing in our lives, nothing escapes exposure. We now understand the Scripture that says, “Be sure your sins will find you out.”

Why Hasn’t This Been Stopped?

There are probably several possible answers — all of which are probably true. One answer is that most often the perpetrators are older than the victims and usually hold some position of authority in the victims’ lives: teacher, employer or manager, older neighbor, and sometimes even a parent or other senior family member. The intimidation factor goes a long way in securing the silence of victims.

Another answer is the culture of acceptance of such acts. We have all heard actual stories of mothers (who often have been abused themselves) who although hating watching their spouses abuse their children simply turn away choosing to ignore the attacks. Whether it is for personal fear or some warped sense of responsibility for a child to please an older family member in this way, there is simply no good explanation or excuse for allowing those to happen.

In the case of politics, it appears that in Washington D.C. a culture of sexual harassment has been thriving in the highly charged atmosphere in which some of the most powerful people in the World live and work. We now have learned that for some time, the House of Representatives has maintained a “Sexual Harassment Slush Fund” comprised of taxpayer dollars. It is used specifically to payoff interns, pages, and some junior staff members who have been sexually abused or harassed by their bosses and/or other House members and senior staffers. We do not yet have any of the details of the fund, dollar amounts , who has used it, or how it has been specifically used, but media calls for those details are ringing out. Do not be surprised for a Freedom of Information Act court order to obtain the House release of that information during the holidays. Obviously, members of Congress probably are not going to take the lead on stopping the longstanding practices involving sexual impropriety and abuses among their ranks.

Fact or Fiction

Here’s the 900 pound gorilla in this room: Lady Liberty. Problem is, the #1 thing that makes America the greatest nation in human history is the fact that the government does not impose its thoughts, ideas, rights, and wrongs on U.S. citizens. Our “Bible” is the Constitution. While the landmark separation of how government treats its citizens in right and wrong disputes — at least in criminal cases — is “innocent until proven guilty.” We each have the “presumption of innocence.” No, that legally does not apply to civil matters. But its reality reaches far into Americans’ discernment of rights and wrongs.

The dilemma is this: how can an absolute answer be found in most of these cases when evidence that can prove or disprove sexual harassment and abuse allegations has been buried sometimes for decades? Should we in the cases of these most often hidden transgressions decide based on a default position of guilt or should the accused be “innocent until proven guilty?” And who would make that determination? Lady Liberty — long the symbol of American fairness in such determinations — wears a blindfold while holding a scale. When if ever is it right for someone — anyone — to with a finger change the balance between guilt and innocence?

How Can Sexual Harassment be Stopped?

It MUST be stopped. No doubt there is no easy answer, but we must find one. Here are my thoughts:

This “environment” that has actually fostered these acts and their proliferation in numbers throughout all of America was created by Americans. And the acceptance of it as simply a part of life in the USA has become almost universal. In doing so, thousands if not millions of young men and women have been at least direly and permanently impacted by these abuses, and some scarred irreparably for life. Just as is the case with our children and even adults in our lives, recognizing there IS a real problem does not fix the problem. But seeing the problem as a problem is necessary to allow change. But it’s just a start.

For any changes to be created and implemented, the mental and emotional state of the Nation that even allows sexual abuse must be obliterated. That is a tall order. At least an entire generation of this unacceptable behavior must make a 180 degree change. Personally, I think that is unlikely. So what’s an alternative?

We did not get here quickly. It has taken generations of compromise, benign acceptance, both in a vacuum of ignoring these practices to get us to this moment in history. We cannot get it right overnight. And there will be a price to pay.

Fortunately in this electronic, hi-tech world of satellite and internet instantaneous information worldwide distribution, we now have a tool that can make time fly. With the right leadership and developed plan combined with a mass American will to rid our world of sexual abuses of any kind, we can see it happen in the during the next decade.

Unfortunately though, in that process, there will be casualties. How so? We are caught in a catch-22. We have no way of knowing how many and who have already been victimized by sexual wrongdoing at the hands of others. While the process of ridding the nation of all the elements of this, some of these people will necessarily become sacrificial lambs. IF as we do in criminal law, we adopt for these cases “innocent until proven guilty,” those that have already been abused without hard proof of the abuses will not see a good conclusion for their stories. And some of their abusers without proof of their wrongdoing will walk free. I see no other way to quickly change a socially embedded process that for so long has been allowed. It’s a process, it will be hard, and it will take time.


Two things to note:

  1. Americans from every socioeconomic group, political class, race, religion, and ethnicity, must agree not only is sexual abuse and harassment of every kind wrong, but that we must make a change and stop it to eliminate the horror and permanent damage they cause. And these same Americans must determine to pool solution ideas together and implement laws to support the stopping sexual harassment;
  2. Every American adult must subscribe to this process just as we have chosen to teach our children to not talk to strangers, and never get in a car with someone without parental consent. And every American adult MUST get involved in this process and take action as agreed to in “The Plan” to protect American youth of any age.

What happens if we don’t do this? Exactly what has apparently been happening for centuries: young children and young adults will be stalked and abused by sexual predators just as they have been for so long.

Is that the heritage we want to leave for the next generation?


Abraham Lincoln

We give President Lincoln much credit for his accomplishments during his political career, much of for his brilliant speeches. Like this list of “Abe Lincoln Truths.”



You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift;

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong;

You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer;

You cannot further the brotherhood of Man by encouraging class hatred;

You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich;

You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money;

You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn;

You cannot build character and courage by taking away Man’s initiative and independence;

You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they would and should do for themselves.

Abraham Lincoln: 1859


You must admit that in 1859, President Lincoln must have been looking ahead toward 2017. Each of these statements are spot-on for what we are living today in the U.S. Or maybe times in the United States and circumstances in 1859 were pretty much the same. But, honestly, I think he is simply pointing out some the basest tendencies of humans in their treatment of others.

In all of his “cannots” he has actually pointed out one specific negative of those that turns from “cannot” to “can:” “You CAN change a man or woman by giving them hope and opportunity along with encouragement to beat their circumstances.”

We certainly do not see that enough.

From “The Left:” Absolutely NO Substance

It is virtually impossible to believe anything we hear from the Left.

Why is that? The answer is simple: the truth is seldom an element of what we hear. One thing that is certain is everything that those on the Left say or write supports a Leftist political agenda. And everything and everyone are secondary to the importance of the fulfillment of that agenda.

In addition to this objective always just below the surface of what we see and hear, there is the ever-present double standard about everything they are part of. Take the current state of “political” affairs — that special Senate election in Alabama next month. Certainly the horrendous details of Judge Roy Moore’s sexual philandering as many as 40 years ago with underage women have not been lost on you. The chargers and the charges are daily piling up new allegations like Canadians are piling up firewood to get ahead of the winter weather. Women of all ages, from all backgrounds, and from everywhere in the nation are stepping forward to cast a cloud of evil over the Alabama GOP candidate running to fill the empty seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. With every new allegation or salacious story about Moore comes new charges against the former Alabama Supreme Court Justice. Please know that ANY sexual harassment by anyone is evil and unacceptable. This in no way is an effort to legitimize anything Moore has allegedly done. It is simply to show by comparison how politicians on the Left do not receive the same treatment for the same sins as those on the Right. (Please see the story posted here “Judge Roy Moore: Bulletpoints”)

Is What’s “Good for the goose, good for the gander?”

Not so much if you’re a Democrat. When it comes to the sexual misconduct of Dems, the ever-present double standard pops up every time. Let’s look at a few:

                Weiner and Spitzer

Former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer and Congressman Anthony Weiner

Spitzer was disgraced and ultimately resigned his post as NY Governor when his involvement in a high-end prostitution ring was made public. Weiner — the estranged husband of Hillary Clinton confidant Huma Abedin — was “exposed” (pun intended) when he was caught posting pictures of his own various body parts in internet communications with underage girls. Even though both ended up relinquishing highly visible political posts in their scandals’ aftermaths, Democrat leadership locally and in Washington failed to step forward to publicly register their horror for the NY Governor or the former Congressman.

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

Sanford disappeared for almost a week without notifying his staff or his wife. With South Carolina’s capital, Columbia, buzzing with talk of impeachment, Sanford, 49, held a press conference to explain himself: he’d gone to visit an Argentinian woman with whom he’d been having an affair. Apologizing to his wife and four sons and choking up repeatedly, Sanford said he’d spent “the last five days of my life crying in Argentina” and had ended the yearlong dalliance. Sanford now serves in Congress.

Congressman Barney Frank

              Bill Clinton with Barney Frank

The powerful Massachusetts Congressman almost undid his D.C. career in 1989 after having an affair with Steve Gobie, a male prostitute. Although Frank was single at the time — thus not committing adultery — he did pay someone for sex (with personal funds), which is illegal in his state of Massachusetts. Congressional leaders never even talked about Frank and certainly never took any negative action for his illegal activities. He served in Congress until he was ready to retire and never lost any prestige or power.

Bill Clinton

In the early days of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, the most damning evidence was presented by Linda Tripp. A close friend and confidante of Monica Lewinsky, Tripp recorded her conversations with the White House intern — conversations that revealed intimate details of what Lewinsky said was a sexual affair with the President. It was these tapes that, when handed over to special prosecutor Kenneth Starr in 1998, led to the expansion of the investigation into Clinton and Lewinsky’s supposed relationship, paving the way for an eventual impeachment vote by the House of Representatives. Of course the President survived the impeachment proceedings and until this day is held in the highest political regard by millions. And he was never attacked in the media or by Democrats on the Hill. The women who stepped forward detailing sexual harassment by the former Arkansas governor and President were Juanita Broaddrick,     Paula Jones, Kathleen Willy, Arkansas news reporter Leslie Millwee, former fundraiser Sandra Allen James,

Senator Al Franken

The former SNL comedy star was exposed for sexual harassment today — so far by two women. Also released today were the audios of appearances Franken has made in front of live audiences where he makes comic remarks about sexual harassment. In one of the cases a picture showing his attempt at sex comedy with one of the women who was asleep at the time has been released.

“Rocky Balboa”

Almost simultaneously with the release of the Franken information was a verified story of Sylvester Stallone and an associate having simultaneous sex with a 16-year-old girl in a Las Vegas hotel room. And a police report was filed by the girl. Details of the report and the incident are pretty graphic. Of course a spokesman for Stallone has denied any of the details in the report. Reportedly Stallone threatened the girl if she went public because “both men were married.” Las Vegas police decided to not move forward with any legal actions against the Hollywood star even though because she was a minor they could have. Their reason? The girl who was obviously petrified declined to file charges.


There’s a disparity in the way Leftists treat the allegations against Clinton and those of other powerful men. President Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly and now Judge Roy Moore and the rest are unequivocally denounced as sexual predators, and their alleged victims are believed. But when Leftist pundits even bother to comment on Bill Clinton’s wrongdoings, the former president is merely accused of crimes; he has alleged misdeeds on his record; his actions require us to uncomfortably re-evaluate his legacy; his accusers are untrustworthy, or they’re simply promiscuous; and besides, it doesn’t matter, because he’s not running for president anymore. Most of the others detailed above received the exact same treatment. But maybe things are changing.

Geraldo Rivera today evaluated the apparent change in the way America globally is viewing sexual harassment from its view of harassment during the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. It seems that society may have stopped totally turning its back to such shenanigans. As an example, one writer for a well known New York daily reached out to about a dozen individuals who had years ago publicly stood by then President Clinton during the volley of sexual harassment (and even rape) allegations against him. Today, NONE would reaffirm their support of the former Harasser in Chief.

The “case” against Roy Moore may best illustrate this change in attitude. How? Every accuser has shared horror stories about their treatment by the Senatorial candidate that were mostly from incidents from 30-40 years ago. NONE has provided any evidence. Yet many in the public automatically believed the allegations and immediately turned against Moore.

Franken and Moore may be the sacrificial lambs in this process. It seems Americans may have gone from one extreme — ignoring claims of sexual harassment unless proven — to the other — believing all claims of sexual harassment even without evidence. Historically, when circumstances like these unfold that influence such drastic and immediate changes, eventually at resolution the process evolves into a solution in between. In those cases, for a period of time there will be those caught-up in one extreme or the other. We may be at that stage now.

Regardless of how the process plays out, it absolutely MUST play out fairly. The standard of sexual harassment must be equally meted out to any offenders regardless of political or economic status. After all, aren’t we all promised “equal justice under the law?” That Constitutional promise should be universal and apply here as well, even outside criminal circumstances. Americans deserve no less than that from other Americans.

In these cases, “What’s good for the goose MUST be good for the gander.”


Judge Roy Moore: Bullet Points

The lightning rod in D.C. is attracting voracious electrical power for one purpose and one only: to dump Judge Roy Moore.

Quite a few readers have been waiting for my comments on this highly controversial and critical topic. However, I do not have a for-sure answer for the question on everyone’s mind, “Did he do it?” I will say this emphatically: if he DID sexually go-after these women when they were under-age, those were reprehensible acts committed by a much older man taking advantage of these women’s age and naiveté and he should pay a severe price. But there are many things to consider in this Alabama dilemma. Let’s look at a few:

  • Did he really do it? Unfortunately for all who really want the truth, incidents like these that allegedly happened as long ago as 40 years very seldom leave an evidence trail. Eye witnesses — if there were any — over such a long period of time often forget specifics that would weigh into the narrative that could show whether or not the claims are true. Short of that, there is only word-of-mouth;
  • Why did it take 30-40 years for some of these women to step forward? For those who would reply that their silence was for shame or fear of reprisal, I will agree that certainly these reasons often apply in these incidents. But it has been my experience that usually when a young girl is sexually assaulted in this fashion, someone knows and will reach out on behalf of the girl. No, that is not a certainty. But it is a likelihood. There must be another reason or other reasons for such a long delay;
  • Why did these women not step up when this campaign began rather than waiting until just a few weeks before the runoff? I can better reconcile a wait on their part until after the primary. Some may have quietly hoped for Luther Strange defeat of Moore in the primary, and the Judge would have simply gone away. But if that was their reasoning, I would expect to have heard their cries against Moore to begin immediately following the primary;
  • What do these women have to gain in implicating Moore like this? One possibility is to try clear their minds of the hurt such acts cause that sometimes result in irreparable emotional problems. Another possible reason is to do the right thing by keeping such a sexual predator from receiving a national platform that (if these alleged actions are true) no man should be given, and in doing so, stop him from further such travesties against others;
  • Is there any other possibility for their stepping forward and doing so now? Don’t forget: Moore did not just launch his political career. He served politically in Alabama extensively and for many years. The 70 year old Alabama attorney served as Assistant District Attorney for Etowah County from 1977-1982. He served as Judge for the Sixteenth Circuit Court of Alabama from 1992-2000. Moore was elected to the position of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2001, but was removed from his position in November 2003 by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary for refusing to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments commissioned by him from the Alabama Judicial Building, despite orders to do so by a federal court. Moore twice sought the Republican nomination for the governorship of Alabama (in 2006 and 2010), but lost in the primaries. Moore was again elected Chief Justice in 2013, but was suspended in May 2016, for directing probate judges to continue to enforce the state’s ban on same-sex marriage despite the fact that this had been deemed unconstitutional. The fact that during Judge Moore’s significant and lengthy political career, in which he was elected by Alabama voters several times, none of these or other women stepped forward with these or other complaints of sexual harassment. That bothers me. Each of these women were Alabama residents at the time of the alleged incidents. It seems they would have wanted to protect other Alabama girls from such a predator by exposing him. If they did not come forward before, why now?
  • Might there be financial rewards in this for them? Most Americans would dismiss that as a possibility, until — Gloria Allred. Speaking of lightning rods, Allred is the self-appointed sexual harassment poster child for women. She’s an attorney. Attorneys as a rule do not work for free. I expect that regardless of the results of the Moore election, we will hear that lawsuits against Roy Moore are being filed. Why? Money.

What’s Going On?

What we are witnessing is the full-fledged legitimization of a new way to attack political opponents without needing the truth. Let’s face it: no one — except Roy Moore and these women —  know factually whether he is guilty or not. And we must agree that in this nation of information there exists somewhere any evidence  sufficient to convict a guilty politician — IF there was evidence in existence of these alleged acts — Democrats would have dumped it all into the national media feeding frenzy pond. They would have wall-papered the news with that evidence daily. But they no longer need evidence or facts. The Left has almost unilateral control of the entirety of the Nation’s media. And those in the media kill for such stories for three reasons only: to get a great and scandalous story which will dominate multiple news cycles so as to further their careers; to report as fact the most salacious stories possible to cause their newspaper sales, internet hits to skyrocket, or numbers of electronic viewers/listeners to spike as a result; money — ad sales that are based on those numbers to jump in direct relation. There is no story too juicy, no story too salacious, and no subject exempt to be a possible target of a story — factual or not — that will enhance these objectives.

“News” is no longer news. It is perpetually (in most cases) a narrative created by someone to enhance whatever cause or effect desired by that someone with no regard for the truth that may or may not be intrinsic in the story OR the way it is presented.

The other really sad fact about this is even though probably not a criminal matter, Roy Moore is guilty. Gone is any presumption of his innocence. He is guilty until/unless he proves his innocence. And in just the couple of weeks remaining before the election, IF he could possibly prove each of these is untrue, he has no time to do so. (That is another reason why the timing of these claims is suspicious) This further illustrates the conundrum I mentioned above: facts are no longer necessary to support claims. The Media and their specific narrative determine guilt or innocence.

It has gotten to this point: you can destroy a man’s life if you simply (in the presence of the appropriate people) ask that man this in a voice loud enough for all those people, “When did you stop beating your wife and kids?” In today’s climate, that man is immediately adjudicated to be guilty of felonies against his wife and children.

No matter what the Moore outcome, everybody loses. Even if he is innocent of all these charges, he has already lost. It is impossible to undo first impressions. Ever notice how a newspaper will print front-page above the fold a sexy, seedy story about a local dignitary? Ever notice than when they get the story wrong and are forced to print a retraction you’ll find it in fine print at the bottom of the page just before classified ads? What people hear and read first is almost always their belief of what is true.

Again I emphatically say: if Roy Moore is guilty of these acts, he should be shut out of any semblance of public life for the rest of his life. If he did not, he deserves nothing that he is going through today. And the voters in Alabama who are really the ONLY ones directly impacted by these actions are being lambasted with all this noise. They must make decisions about this that you and I do not: to vote for him next month as Senator or not.

In this and other incidents like this, the only winners here are the Media: more newspaper sales, higher tv and radio ratings, more ad money for newspapers, radio and televisions stations, and internet news sites. Everybody else loses….period.

Is the PGA the next NFL?

In the uproar over NFL players protesting  during the National Anthem, it has been revealed that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell — who has refused to mandate players stand during the Anthem — is negotiating his contract renewal with NFL owners. He now makes $30 million plus a BUNCH of benefits. But that is not good enough for the Commissioner — he needs more. He has reportedly made demands for his continued services to NFL owners: $50 million salary (a 67% increase) PLUS life-time use for him of a NFL funded private jet and NFL funded health benefits for his entire family. This is happening at the same time NFL television ratings and game attendance have fallen off a cliff chiefly because of his refusal to act like a Commissioner and stop the pre-game player protest nonsense. Fans are beyond angry. Many have decided to simply go somewhere else with their professional sports support.

During the dilemma of fans looking for a place to move their professional sports support, it seems prudent to compare the NFL with another very popular professional sport: PGA golf. So….let’s compare: NFL or PGA

  • Golfers don’t have some of their players in jail every week.
  • Golfers don’t kick dirt on, or throw bottles at, other people.
  • Professional golfers are paid in direct proportion to how well they play.
  • Golfers don’t hold out for more money, or demand new contracts, because of another player’s deal.
  • Professional golfers don’t demand that the taxpayers pay for the courses on which they play.
  • When golfers make a mistake, nobody is there to cover for them or back them up.
  • The PGA raises more money for charity in one year than the NFL does in two years.
  • You can watch the best golfers in the world up close at any tournament, including the majors, all day every day for $25-$30. Even in the nose bleed section, a Super Bowl ticket will cost over $500 from a scalper.
  • Golfers keep their clothes on when being interviewed.
  • Golf doesn’t have Free Agency. In their prime, Palmer, Norman, Nicklaus, and Player would shake your hand and say they were happy to meet you. NFL players after games go straight from team dressing rooms, jump in their cars, and leave fans behind.
  • At a golf tournament, (unlike at taxpayer-funded sports stadiums and arenas) you won’t hear a steady stream of 4-letter words and nasty name calling while you’re hoping that no one spills a beer on you.
  • Golf course don’t ruin neighborhoods — football stadiums do.

By the way, in keeping with his confrontational reputation, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has put the NFL on notice that if the NFL owners compensation committee agrees to a contract extension with Goodell without first bringing the deal to all NFL owners he will file suit.

You know who is lost in all this NFL hoopla? Fans. After all: who are we? We’re just the ones who buy tickets, by merchandise, play NFL fantasy football and watch games on television. What do we matter?

Curling is looking more and more interesting to me…..