In this atmosphere of high concern regarding foreign access to the United States, we owe it to each other to discuss with clarity real facts about immigration.

Sharia Law

Please find below an explanation of what Sharia is: Key Tenets of Sharia Law The following are some of the most important—and, particularly for Western non-Muslims, deeply problematic—tenets of sharia, arranged in alphabetical order. The citations for these findings are drawn from the Koran, schools of Islam and other recognized sources are offered as illustrative …

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We are approaching a dangerous spot in our nation that may soon start costing American lives.  In fact, we may already be at that spot.  And it began from an honest and thoughtful perspective, driven by genuine respect and concern for others.  So far it has randomly resulted in the loss of American lives although …

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Illegal Aliens

We hear nothing from the politically correct media or Leftist pundits that ever mentions the world “alien.”  The preferred connotation is “illegal immigrant” or “undocumented immigrant.”  To enter into an honest conversation about this topic, we must understand who we are discussing.  So let’s look at unbiased definitions: Alien or Immigrant “An alien is someone …

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European Illegal Immigration: “Coming to Amerika”

The establishment media is largely ignoring ethnic violence as illegal immigrants stream into Europe.  The following from Kurt Nimmo of “The latest incident occurred in a Danish refugee center near Copenhagen where a “a stateless Palestinian” in a refugee center stabbed a police officer.  Groups of migrants are engaging in gang-like violent behavior across …

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How do Muslim Governments feel about Immigration Executive Order?

It’s pretty obvious how the Left in the U.S. feels about the temporary pause on immigration as outlined in President Trump’s executive order.  They continually beat the “Muslim ban” drum even though it is anything but a Muslim ban.  (Never let the truth get in the way of a good anti-conservative slam, right?)  But what …

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