What If Donald Trump was Not Running for Re-Election Today but Barack Obama Was?

I am probably opening Pandora’s box with this story today! There are probably several thousand more will read this story than would have without that headline. That’s O.K. When you finish reading this, you’ll understand my reason for writing this: to make every reader and listener rethink their plan for choosing for whom to vote in November.

The thought that resulted in the title was “what if Obama was today running for re-election AND faced the same circumstances as does Donald Trump? Let’s look at those 2012 Obama re-election considerations as compared to today’s Trump’s challenges AND look at Obama’s 2012 considerations but with Trump running against Romney and not Obama:

  • Imagine that Russia had annexed Crimea during the Trump years rather than while Obama was president. MSNBC and other left-wing media would have incessantly drummed claims that Trump conspired with Putin to let the Russian president smother Ukraine. Other news outlets would have probably chalked up the loss of Crimea to President Trump’s incompetence and his defiance of the foreign-policy establishment.
  • What about Otto Warmbier: remember him? Otto was thrown in the slammer by Kim Jong Un in 2012. But what if that happened THIS year? The story would have been all about Trump being a foreign policy neophyte with no ability to negotiate with totalitarian regimes. But we know from the way it REALLY happened the fault was Obama’s foreign policy mistakes — you know, that foreign policy establishment that today’s media continually maintain dwarfed that of Donald Trump today.

Let’s try an “Opposite:”

  • What if COVID-19 showed up in 2012? The media would have fawned over how calm, resolute, and prepared was Obama in handling such a monumental task so adeptly. The death toll wouldn’t have mattered to the media then. Remember: the COVID-19 pandemic would have occurred in his re-election year, and he had some sketchy history in handling a bad virus. In 2009, H1N1 showed up early in his first year as president. Sixty million Americans were infected by the virus, and Obama’s handling it was not stellar.
  • Democrats and NeverTrump Republicans might deny this and demand that Obama’s response to COVID-19 could have made him more popular. After all, it would have allowed him to show his prowess in handling a healthcare disaster. With COVID-12 (as it would have been), it’s more likely it would have damaged Obama’s popularity and attacked his margin of victory over Mitt Romney. It might have even cost him a second term as president.

Remember this: one of the wildest realities of Trump’s first four years is how the demented American media, in their coverage of Donald Trump, made everything about HIM and not the events that happened on his watch: good and bad. They treated him like he really was a dictator-wannabe or a king instead of an elected president. Their end-goal was to re-establish “the way it used to be” — the establishment back in charge with the old “normal” political processes.

But they want us to all forget their record. They have one that was established not just under Obama but also under “Good Old George” W. Bush. Think back and compare how they treated George W. Bush in his eight years and compare that to how they have treated President Trump. In many ways, they are very similar: with total disdain. And the sandwich-filling eight years under Obama saw the media perpetually either fawning over Barack and Michelle for every imaginable non-event without ever saying one negative word or attacking anyone or any group that disagreed with anything from the Anointed One.

How did the media treat Trump overall in the past four years? (No need to comment) Contrast their treatment of Trump in light of his significant and sometimes glorious accomplishments until COVID-19. Neither Bush 43 NOR Obama had 3.5 years nearly as successful on so many fronts as has Trump.

Wait: Trump did NOTHING for the United States! Trump destroyed the amazing foreign policy reputation that Obama had miraculously plucked from the foreign policy garbage heap on which W. had thrown it.

What about Obama’s targeted sanctions on Russia? Those not only failed to get Putin out of Crimea but also failed to stop the Russian meddling in the 2016 election that we have heard about ever since. What about Erdogan’s consolidation of power in Turkey and China’s turn to a massive increase of power beyond (and within) its borders that also took place under Obama?

Obama was the oracle who came to usher the United States into a “new” world — a “new” and better position in leadership among all countries on Earth. Obama cleared the air with every country with which past U.S. presidents disagreed: every one of them! (It was called his “Apology Tour”) His shovel-ready jobs never materialized, and his billions in handouts to his green energy cronies disappeared. He made all that right, though. Remember: he giggled with some of his White House staff on camera, saying, “I guess all those shovel-ready jobs weren’t so shovel-ready after all.”

One question for all of you: If all the things Obama did in his eight years were so glorious, so successful, so great for America and the American people; if his policies ushered in this astounding transformation from a tired worn out country that was far behind the rest of the world; if he was the beginning of a new world, why did Trump win the 2016 election? Hillary was to be the successor to Obama to carry on with his grandiose changes.

Trump won because the American people held the elites in both parties responsible for horrible conditions at home and abroad. “Make America Great Again” won the election because Americans not only believed Trump could do it — they thought he WOULD do it. And Americans had swallowed all of the Obama pipe dreams for a “better America” that proved to be nothing more than dreams.

“Trump World”

The mainstream media’s coverage of the Trump administration has been an exercise in self-deception of the press themselves. “Trump World” has not been about Donald Trump, other than he made explicit what the elites have long disguised: that the American government (as comprised by those elites within it) that guided our country since the end of the Cold War has broken down and that the establishment leaders who wish to return us to “the way it was” lack legitimacy with the public. The public knows that change of some kind is needed, and it attempted to bring about change by electing Barack Obama and then Donald Trump.

The coronavirus and its consequences just might be enough to defeat President Trump in November. But the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not solve any of the problems that led to Trump’s election in the first place. Quite the contrary: the ruling class will be more alienated than ever, self-assured that the dismissal by voters of Trump is the same as the affirmation of elite rule as it existed before Trump. Under Biden and Harris, post-Trump America will be a country ready for another Trump — or someone even more terrifying to the elite.

That might be true even if Trump is reelected. A second-term president often focuses on foreign policy, with Congress half or entirely run by the opposition party. Trump has been making better, more “Trumpian” and more competent personnel appointments in recent months, so a coherent change in governing strategy may be possible in a second Trump term. He has also been willing to use executive power to reshape trade and immigration to the extent that his powers allow. But the changes the federal government needs to make to serve the country as a whole must be made by the legislature as well. Without these reforms and a concentration by ALL in government on the well-being of Main Street over Wall Street, the stagnation will continue.

The media, the Education system, and corporate America must also get serious about their failures. But four more years of “Trump World” may mean four more years of elitists screaming about the President’s sole responsibility for everything that goes wrong. The hope is that the shock of Trump’s reelection would be a slap-in-the-faces of those on the Left that consider themselves some sort of “ruling class” sufficient for them to face the realities of the new world in which we find ourselves. That is no safe bet, but it’s the only chance for real and longlasting change available.

After Trump, next year, or in five years, there will be a reckoning. And if the failed elites who made Trump necessary in the first place have not changed their ways, they will find themselves lost at sea by whoever wins control of the government in five years. And whoever that is will purposely put them on that boat, shove them away from a dock somewhere. They’ll probably have put a small hole in the bottom of the boat, too!

Obama Dishonestly Attacks Attorney General William Barr

The former President did something rarely ever seen. A President seldom attacks members of the administration that follows his. President Obama believes his interpretation of the actions of Attorney General William Barr to notify the court the DOJ is dropping charges against Lt. General Michael Flynn had no basis in the law.

“The news over the last 24 hours I think has been somewhat downplayed — about the Justice Department dropping charges against Michael Flynn,” Obama said, according to Yahoo News, in a web talk with members of the Obama Alumni Association.

“And the fact that there is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free,” he reportedly said. “That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of the rule of law is at risk. And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we’ve seen in other places.”

Wait a minute: is this from the President of the United States that for eight years arbitrarily determined which department of his administration and under what circumstances would simply IGNORE U.S. laws! Is he doing what today’s mainstream media and many Democrats are doing? They too, selectively choose which laws are OK to enforce, which are OK to ignore, and who can with impunity ignore the laws they dislike.

Don’t forget that Obama’s first Attorney General, Eric Holder, was told to stop prosecuting federal lawbreakers for drug crimes. They were to prosecute “only those guilty of dealing and drug trafficking.” Mr. Obama did not personally break any federal laws in doing that, but he certainly suborned the commitment of crimes that sometimes were felonies.

Would someone please forward to me the laws signed by Mr. Obama that allowed anyone to enter our country illegally? Yet during his eight years, he not only allowed our southern border to be raped by millions of illegals, but he also fueled the explosive numbers of illegal crossings by handcuffing U.S. Customs agents preventing the performance their duties.

There was a civil rights criminal action underway before Obama’s inauguration that began during the George W. Bush Administration. In a mostly-white section of Philadelphia that was inhabited mostly by senior citizens, several members of the New Black Panther Party on Election Day stood at the entrance to one polling location holding clubs. They were dressed in full military garb. Those clubs in their hands were sufficient to keep quite a few people from voting.

The Bush Justice Department began a case against the Panthers for civil rights violations through election interference. Shortly after Mr. Obama took office, his Attorney General instructed prosecutors to drop the case of election interference.

President Obama kept-up with FBI investigation of his former director of the Department of National Intelligence, Michael Flynn. He made that clear in a January 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting. Obama notified members of the outgoing DOJ present in that meeting that he “knew all about the details of the investigation into Michael Flynn.” One DOJ attorney in that meeting testified that she was shocked that any president would know any of the details of the Flynn case or any other active FBI case.

Someone who fashions themselves to be a Constitutional Attorney as does Obama certainly should have, before giving his own opinion, examined the case and its details. I doubt Attorney General Barr or any DOJ prosecutors assigned to the Flynn case consulted with Mr. Obama. On what did he base his criticism of this DOJ’s actions? Certainly, it was NOT the facts and evidence from the Flynn case. Could it be that he made those remarks based on something from his past interactions with Lt. General Flynn – maybe because of the same reasons Mr. Obama labeled Flynn as one of the two chief challenges that President Trump was going to face as President? Obama in a transition meeting with Trump responded to the question, “Who are what are the two most dangerous things Trump would face” Obama’s answer? Kim Jong Un and Michael Flynn.

Think about that answer. Instead of mentioning Russia, China, ISIS, Syria, illegal immigration, or something else actually a REAL threat to the United States, he chose North Korea as “primo-dangerous” to our nation along with Lt. General Michael Flynn.

There is NO reasonable answer to why Obama did so. There’s no doubt Obama wanted Flynn discredited and gone from government service. Why? Maybe there was a thing or two about Mr. Obama and his international “stuff” Flynn discovered as O’s DNI Director. Is Obama hiding something from the nation? Never!

Here’s another applicable question: If Obama was concerned about our justice system and the rule of law, where were his cries against the DOJ injustices during HIS years as President? HIS FBI manufactured evidence with lies and coverups to seize the Constitutional rights to “equal justice under the law” from Flynn. HIS justice department created the Russia Collusion investigation based on manufactured “facts” which they used to lie to a judge to receive a warrant to surveil American citizens. Why wouldn’t a president who claimed to be a “President OF the people” demand transparency to Americans by HIS Justice Department?

What woke him up?

The apparent exoneration of Lt. General Michael Flynn.

Is there something brewing that might just throw some bad light on President Obama? Many are thinking that’s so. After all, he during his eight years in office, made it clear that regarding all things presidential, HE was “The guy.” He was involved in everything. NOTHING happened just because it happened. During his administration, everything that was done had a purpose.

What could be his purpose for this attack on Barr?


  • A.G. Barr doesn’t play politics at all;
  • The DOJ’s actions on dropping Flynn’s charges have Obama worried;
  • Certainly, he must be concerned about details surfacing that proves his involvement might have been unlawful;
  • He is tired of seeing the “change” in the nation during his eight years deleted;
  • He’s afraid of a second Trump term.

Obama wasn’t through with his attacks on this Department of Justice or the Trump Administration: “So I am hoping that all of you feel the same sense of urgency that I do,” he said. “Whenever I campaign, I’ve always said, ‘Ah, this is the most important election.’ Especially obviously when I was on the ballot, that always feels like it’s the most important election. This one — I’m not on the ballot — but I am pretty darn invested. We got to make this happen.”

His words once again prove what his party and those even left of Democrats are dedicated to seeing happen: Total government control of the Nation.

He never tried to hide it. In fact, he bragged about it:

“We are five days away from fundamentally changing America!”

He stated that at a Missouri campaign rally in October of 2008, just before his election. He was elected, then immediately began ripping apart the structure of our 250-year-old capitalist system to begin the socialist transformation of the greatest nation in World history. The U.S. won that title by refusing the socialist system of top-down government again and again!

In closing two quick notes: First, Mr. Obama incorrectly stated Lt. General Flynn was convicted of perjury. He wasn’t convicted of anything. He pled guilty to lying to the FBI in their entrapment scheme in which the FBI told him if he did NOT plead guilty they were going to indict his son for federal crimes.

Secondly, the DOJ is NOT “letting Flynn go” — they can’t! Federal Judge Sullivan will take the DOJ’s motion under advisement and make a determination to either accept their motion or not. If he refuses the motion, he then has the option of continuing the federal case. (Mr. Obama, you probably have forgotten that politicians do not have the power to enforce laws in the U.S. That’s the job of the Justice Department. But we understand your mixups. You’ve been really busy in implementing a plan to undercut this President and the will of the American People)


At least Part One of the “What’s Obama doing?” question was revealed yesterday (Mothers’ Day) on the morning news talk shows. Democrats were everywhere defending all those Obama officials who were exposed for lying under oath before Congress and directly to the people of the U.S. on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC for YEARS! In today’s edition of “TNN Live,” we go into those details. You do not want to miss the show! (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM)

Let’s face facts: when the top dozen or so Obama FBI leaders along with another dozen from the Obama Department of Justice were caught and finally exposed for creating and perpetuating lies about this President to cover the lies of the last President, those Obama Sunday sycophants would have been much better served by sitting quietly drinking coffee Sunday morning instead of doubling-down on national television on the Obama Administration Evils. Yet they continue!

And the evil exposed is NOT just in politics: it’s in national healthcare!

Buckle-up folks: Monday morning at “TNN Live” and the entire week are going to be epic. With revelation after revelation, a sad picture of devastating leadership in America pushed our country to the brink of not socialism, but pure, unadulterated Communism!

“Facts Matter.” Get them here every day, but especially all this week.