The Era of “Prosecutors” Doing Their Job Is History

Ever wonder why President Biden doesn’t take questions very often? Or more accurately, why his staff doesn’t allow him to take questions? The easy lay-up handed to him about an altercation between an activist organization and Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema offers a perfect example.

Biden was asked whether he believes it was appropriate for immigration activists to follow Sinema into a women’s restroom and film her. The President, who could have resoundingly condemned the behavior using the podium of the presidency of the United States, chose not to. In fact, he passively endorsed the activists’ conduct by saying that “it happens to everybody” and that “the only people it doesn’t happen to are people who have Secret Service around them.” Biden ended his statement by saying, “it’s part of the process.”

What part of the “process,” exactly, is he referring to? Is filming women in a private restroom simply a procedural hang-up when trying to pass massive legislation? Biden is not only telling on himself here but is revealing a lot about an activist base that sees burning buildings and harassing senators in private restrooms as the only way to move the political needle. Or perhaps Joe Biden, with his history of quips about “garden variety slaps” and grabbing women to sniff their hair in front of the entire country, is just an old-school degenerate who has found his way to the leader of the free world.

Biden apparently believes that if harassing a senator intimidates her into voting for the President’s landmark legislation, then said harassment is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged. But Sinema doesn’t seem like the type to be intimidated. This incident is part of a long-standing pattern that includes both the Democratic party’s attitude towards these tactics and a willing media that also believes Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar agenda justifies harassment.

Feminists remain silent, as do Sinema’s colleagues in Congress. The media simply looks the other way. This political apparatus encouraged the torching of buildings in Ferguson and Kenosha, and to this day still makes quips about Sen. Rand Paul’s broken ribs and collapsed lung at the hands of his neighbor.

Last week, Rolling Stone magazine published a piece calling on West Virginia senator Joe Manchin to avoid the end of all life on Earth as we know it by voting for Joe Biden’s spending package. If you subscribe to that kind of hysteria, then a few harsh words directed in a bathroom are pretty insignificant. It’s why the Steve Scalise shooting was out of the news in a weekend.

That’s the problem with Biden’s failure to fully condemn this behavior. This weekend, it’s invading the privacy of a female senator, while the media chuckles under their breaths. Next weekend, it’s a deranged supporter who believes a couple of senators are responsible for Armageddon. Allowing this kind of conduct to proliferate, we have been told for four years, will lead to more escalation and violence. Biden blew it, and Sen. Sinema’s colleagues should be ashamed of themselves.

It’s Not Just Biden

Stop for a moment: in today’s United States government across the nation, thousands of those “in charge” — governors, mayors, chiefs of police, state legislators, and even city council members — are sidestepping the Rule of Law along with modesty in communication with others and some modicum of civility to promote a political atmosphere completely void of simple human dignity. In fact, each of those guilty in this has voluntarily chosen to enter the fray that few will deny has swallowed our nation. Lawlessness in the streets, gunfights, stabbings, armed robberies, B&E’s, grand theft, and busted drug transactions used to dominate our news cycle, especially on a local level. Those types of happenings are still seen and read about daily. Of late, however, it seems that only the most egregious and heinous are taken seriously enough to really “report” on. It’s too easy to sign up for a cush job that gives one time to surf the net, blog, tweet, and buy Christmas presents from Amazon before it’s too late.

There’s not only NO Joe Biden condemnation for these lawless acts and hundreds more. Joe’s personal diminish of the seriousness of these justifies these acts and others as being “just part of the deal.” The “deal?” He’s referring to “life in America:” you know, that state of utopia which every human will do pretty much anything to own.

Meanwhile, Joe “fiddles” while America burns. Nero didn’t have an exclusive on that honor. Take Chi-town, for example.


According to Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, what happens between consenting adults is a completely private matter. How so? When five gangsters were arrested for holding a public gunfight in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood last week, shooting more than 70 rounds at each other in all, she decided to let them go without charges.  After all, as her office explained to police, it was a quarrel between “mutual combatants !”

Even Chicago’s leftist mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is a bit uncomfortable with this decision.

“I believe that there are charges that can be brought at a minimum against the individuals who initiated the gunfire,” said Lightfoot. “We can’t live in a world where there’s no accountability.”

But she’s wrong — some people not only can live in that world, but they want to. This is the new brand of “progressive prosecutor” — the kind of leftist who will scream, shout, and pump the fist for gun control laws only to let known violent criminals violate those exact laws with total impunity.

Thanks in some large part to Foxx, Chicago has no safe neighborhoods left. Ken Griffin, Chicago’s wealthiest resident, has said that “Chicago is like Afghanistan on a good day, and that’s a problem.” He is talking about picking up his multibillion-dollar hedge fund and leaving for someplace where financial managers are actually willing to live. He also took it personally when someone “tried to carjack the security detail” outside his home, because it’s become that bad.

It’s Happening Through Prosecutors Everywhere

It’s really quite simple to explain what has happened. Wealthy leftist donors such as George Soros have decided they find it amusing to endanger Chicagoans and the inhabitants of other major cities by funding the campaigns of incompetent, dishonest, soft-on-crime district attorneys such as Foxx, Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner, Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby, and others. Based on the spike in violent crime over which these Soros DAs have presided, it seems safe to say that this project is making America’s cities uninhabitable again.

So-called “Soros prosecutors” are also dropping charges and releasing violent, hardened career criminals into San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and other increasingly undesirable cities. The result has been a national crime wave disproportionately concentrated in those cities. This is a major reason why there were so many additional black lives that ended violently in 2020, as the FBI’s latest data indicate. This is where soft-on-crime liberals are taking the country.

The formula for reducing crime is well-known. In the 1990s, a lawless New York City was brought under control through proactive policing and strict enforcement. Crime plummeted because criminals knew they would be caught and caged. And many of those who would have been out committing violent crimes were too busy serving their prison sentences to re-offend.

Today, so-called “progressive prosecutors” are doing the opposite, giving criminals free rein in their cities. Voters living under their misrule need to take their heads out of the sand. Their communities and their investments therein are currently at risk and rapidly losing value thanks to the attitudes and actions of the liberal Democrats they stubbornly and stupidly keep electing to coddle criminals. Their cities are becoming unsafe and unpleasant, and people are increasingly looking for greener pastures.

If Chicagoans want to keep sending their populations west and driving up property values in cities like Mesa, Provo, and Boise, then they are doing exactly what they need to do.

On the other hand, if they want their own cities to thrive — or even to survive, perhaps — they need to start electing prosecutors who actually, you know, prosecute criminals.


Here’s the largest universal contributor to this “new” way of looking by many of those in political power today: from the White House to governors’ mansions, to City Hall, and even to those Justices of the Peace. “We live in a new day; a new era. We need to expect people across the nation to think differently, choose differently, and operate their lives differently from those who are products of the twentieth century.”

Therefore, in these leaders’ minds, there’s no longer the need to hold offenders accountable. After all, they’re just trying to find their way to make their lives as good as possible. Therefore, the old “fly by the seat of your pants” mantra certainly applies today.

It makes NO difference if it’s illegal immigrants who “might” be diseased, “might” have criminal backgrounds, “might” be running from the law in their home countries, that “might” be bringing children of others to the U.S. for the purpose of the sex trade or trafficking. Their just doing the best they can to just “get along.”


If no one is held accountable for the wrongs they commit, how can there possibly be a good ending to all this? The answer: there will NOT be a good ending. With this kind of prosecutor with the sole responsibility of holding law offenders accountable, the actions by those listed above are little more than gasoline on the fire of lawlessness. No wonder crime is soaring across the nation. No state, no city, and no town have an exemption from this.

“Do you think it can possibly get worse?”

A better question might be, “Do you think we can possibly STOP IT?”

I’ll respond in this way: as long as the U.S. has a president who literally suborns lawlessness by his words and actions; as long as governors take the laws of their states and shred them without consideration of what doing so will mean to citizens they govern; as long as members of Congress are driven solely by a selfish hunger to accumulate as much as possible while in office while keeping those actions secret; as long as the Department of Justice sits quietly while lawlessness among those elected D.C. politicians and appointed bureaucrats escalates each year, the environment detailed above will not only continue but will escalate to new heights of hatred, divisiveness, animus between Americans than ever seen before.

It’s probably going to continue on the same crooked path at the same pace accomplishing the same objectives unless, and until, it is stopped.

Doing so will take change. Change is the only way to stop this across-the-board insanity.

Remember this: “Nothing changes if Nothing changes.”

The only way to change the negative results that arise from specific actions is to change those actions.

Do Americans have the will for that? That’s the ONLY important decision to be made.

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1 thought on “The Era of “Prosecutors” Doing Their Job Is History”

  1. Let’s be real, that era went out with the Book of Judges. I’m a retired LEO/Detective. I started my career in the early 90’s. From the get go I could see that the “system” was broken. We as a nation are morally bankrupt. As a result evil has crept into our politics (from the beginning), our courts, our society, and our homes. We need to tear it all down and build upon the solid rock that is Jesus. Nothing short of that will fix this problem.

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