Saturday Bullet Points: April 3, 2021

It cannot possibly get busier in the world around us, can it? The answer: Yes, it can, and it does.

To make sure that you miss NO vital news from this past week, we’re doing a roundup of the highlights for you. What follows are our bullet points which you can access for a description of the important happenings of the week. If you want the full story on any of the bullet points, click on the blue arrow after the description and get all the specific details.

Bullet Points

  • It was inevitable. Anytime you put many young people in close quarters for days and nights on end, something sexual is bound to happen. That’s precisely what was confirmed is going on in one of the migrant centers in South Texas. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s Easter weekend, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Besides the Easter festivities that include Easter egg hunts, family gatherings, and fancy clothes for Sunday, Easter is the one day of the year that the greatest number of Americans attend church. How many will attend? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Friday saw another attack on the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. An apparent lone attacker stormed a barrier in his car striking several Capitol Hill police. One of those officers was killed in the incident. No, the perpetrator was NOT a MAGA American, but was an adherent of Islam and an adherent of Louis Farrakhan. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • The woke mob in the nation has found another innocent target: the Major League Baseball Allstar game. The game was to be played in Atlanta. But it’s now being moved. Why? Not for any legitimate reason, for sure. It’s actually happening at the request of President Biden in response to a new Georgia voting law. For complete details, click on this link:
  • A man was charged with four counts of murder in Orange County in California. The incident occurred at an office complex on Thursday of this past week. For complete details, click on this link:
  • President Biden’s son Hunter has a new book coming out. In it, Hunter talked about an intervention in which all family members got together one day in 2020. Hunter stormed out of the meeting only to be chased by his Dad. The interview will air on Sunday of this week. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It appears that the sex story involving alleged illegal actions on the part of Congressman Matt Gaetz may have some truth to it. And if the stories being told are true, it may include other members of Congress. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Yes, there’s a flood at the southern border. But it’s not water — it’s people: illegal immigrants. And illegal border crossings has set an all time new record. And it’s not a GOOD record or one we as Americans are proud to hold. What is it? For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s factual: COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths are falling, and are falling rapidly. This is good news, right? Certainly it’s great news for the Americans who have been trapped for a year in the fear being spread by the “experts” like Dr. Anthony Fauci. But it is probably bad news for SOME people. Who might that be? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Are you an American who does not trust the leaders in Iran? Do you believe the stories they perpetuate that they have NOT and are NOT pursuing nuclear weapons? Amazingly, most Americans DON’T trust Iran’s leadership to tell the truth. But that won’t stop President Biden from reopening the door to “talk” to Iran about “stuff.” What stuff could Biden possibly be speaking to them about? For complete details, click on this link:


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Saturday Bullet Points: March 27, 2021

Here you go! Catch up on the news of the week you may have missed. Try out “Bullet Points.” Click on the first bullet point and read the several sentences explaining the story. If you want more details, click on the blue arrow at the end. It will take you to a full story that contains ALL the details of the story you may have missed. If you don’t need full details, just click on the next Bullet Point.

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Bullet Points

  • Eighteen U.S. Senators on Thursday night went to the southern border of Texas to get firsthand information on what’s happening there. In a post-visit press meeting Friday afternoon, each of the eighteen spoke. Each went nuts on the President and his Administration for the deplorable conditions across the board for those illegals in those “detention centers” that are supposed to be well organized, plenty of room, great conditions. There’s no way to put honestly what’s happening there without saying it definitely is not just a crisis, but a Humanitarian crisis. Here’s a video report on the details there with FOX News. It’s nine minutes long but well worth the watch:
  • Uh-Oh: we got some BAD information from the White House. We thought President Biden put VP Kamala Harris in charge of immigration matters at the Southern Border. Nope. Kamala made it crystal clear: she ain’t touching the border horrors! She’s only responsible for “Diplomatic issues.” Yeah, like there’s diplomacy necessary for the Vice President to interact with the Coyotes, Drug Cartels, and human traffickers! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • The Mayor of Oakland, California has a novel idea that she’s about to roll out: giving poor families a guaranteed monthly amount to help them with their basic family needs. It seems to be a really good idea, “taking care of the poorest among us,” right? At second glance, however, the program excludes white families who are also poor. For complete details, click on this link:
  • The Mainstream Media made it perfectly clear for us all: Trump supporters that included White Supremacists, KKK, and Proud Boys stormed the nation’s Capitol on January 6. And their doing so shocked everyone, right? Not right. Social media platform Parler released information showing they gave information — specifics — more than 50 times to the FBI alerting that there would be violence on that day. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Everyone knows that the last segment of 2020 with President Donald Trump at the helm was certainly an economic disaster to the nation. After all, the populist President with his wild ideas to give power back to the American people and put more money in the pockets of Americans devastated us economically. Guess what: it wasn’t so! Even with COVID-19 and egregious lockdowns, our economy soared! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Friday on “TNN Live” we gave our listeners our analysis of that horrendous first press conference for President Biden. It was bad, really bad. We step back this weekend to let the national political “experts” and pundits give us their two-cents about the get-together. As one can expect, the leftist media outlets placed their grades for the President somewhere between an A and a B. None had much of anything negative to say. Today, we hear that one independent journalist a little different view. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It was refreshing to hear an actual “real” reporter write something about our government that was NOT based on political party affiliation. There are numerous things to which we can point that loudly proclaim a reporter’s political appetite and bias. But looking back at this past week, we thought we’d share with you one journalist’s personal experiences in swimming upstream through “political hackery.” To take a look at it all, click on this link:
  • We all know China and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) are committed to overthrowing the United States to assume the title of the planet’s greatest nation. We have watched as the Chinese have infiltrated virtually every American institution from top to bottom. But what we DID NOT know is that they have an in-depth prepared and already-implemented plan to do just that. And, of course, it includes the infiltration of our election systems. For complete details, click on this link:
  • We’ve always been told that everything and everybody in Washington D.C. in our government is for sale. Regarding members of Congress, the alleged holdouts to being bought are few in number. One such Senator is known to be one of those lawmakers: independent, driven to vote on issues in the manner his constituents want, and to often cross party lines in doing so: W. Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin. It probably comes as no surprise that President Biden offered Manchin’s wife a prestigious committee appointment in the Biden Administration. Hmmm…”Quid Pro Quo?” For complete details, click on this link:
  • Maybe it’s just because the Spring Break gang was shutout in 2020 by COVID-19, but the 2021 Spring Breakers have gone nuts in south Florida. Last weekend saw all types of violence and illegal activities across Miami. Beachgoers and Miami merchants and law enforcement folks are bracing themselves for a tumultuous weekend, preparing for the worst. For complete details, click on this link:
  • South Florida is not the only place that expects huge numbers of U.S. college students to show up for the annual Spring getaway. Cancun, Mexico, is the most popular place for most American college students to head IF they don’t go to Florida. And Mexicans tied to their tourist industry — especially in Cancun — are making a decision in their ramp-up to handle the influx of these young Americans. They’re choosing dollars-and-cents over their own health. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Dominion Voting Systems — the international company that was the epicenter of all those allegations of November election fraud — has picked another entity to file a lawsuit against. This time it’s FOX News, which Dominion states in a desperate effort to salvage its plummeting ratings manufactured stories about alleged Dominion voting fraud. And the case is a BIG one! For complete details, click on this link:
  • A shocking development happened on Friday. Former presidential candidate and current U.S. Senator from Utah, Mitt Romney, received a prestigious national award. It shocking many. Why? The award was presented to Romney for his tremendous courage in bucking political partisanship and voting to convict former President Trump in his impeachment trial. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Have you wondered how the government plans to pay for all the “free money” it’s been passing out the past year or so? After all, the only money the federal government has to spend is the money they “take” from us: tax dollars. In the push by the far left to do away with fossil fuel, as the number of automobiles continues to decline, gas taxes at the pump at federal and state levels are certainly going to open a hole in the federal “piggy bank” — US! How to fill it? Why not tax Americans “by-the-mile” for their miles behind the wheels of their cars, whether fossil-fueled or electric? It’s in the works! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Are you looking for a new place with warm ocean breezes and sand to squish between your toes? The old destinations are facing either COVID-lockdowns are fewer tourists because of economic issues or fear of traveling during the pandemic. Here’s a novel idea: why not try Hawaii! Wait a minute: you’ve been to Hawaii a bunch of times or it’s too commercialized. If you believe that, you haven’t been to Lanai, Hawaii’s smallest island. It has two newly renovated Four Season resort hotels and only 3,000 residents to bother you! Of course, it offers the necessity for any island paradise: warm ocean breezes, gorgeous sandy beaches, and crystal Pacific water. For complete details, click on this link:

Saturday Bullet Points: March 20, 2021

Another week, another week with FAR too many vital happenings in the country for most Americans to keep up with. You lost a few of those, I’m sure. We have them and have put them in our Bullet Points today.

Here’s how it works: 1) Read the few sentences included with each Bullet Point; 2) to get more details of that Bullet Point, click on the blue arrow at the end and go to a complete story with details; 3) no interest in details? Just click on the next Bullet Point and keep going!

It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s a great way to start your Saturdays. Enjoy today’s chapter!

Bullet Points

  • In order to keep things “real” at the White House, the Administration decided that any staffer who had used marijuana previously is unfit to serve President Biden. They were forced to resign or be fired. That brings up this question: what about VP Kamala Harris who admittedly publicly on a radio show she had not only used marijuana, but did so often. Is she the next to go? For complete details, click on this link:
  • “There are no problems at the southern border!” That’s Nancy Pelosi. What’s there are some challenges and problems to work out. Otherwise, everything is OK. Really? Yep. The House Speaker says everything is under control. That’s unbelievable, but she said it. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Meanwhile, Americans don’t feel the same as does the Speaker. A large majority in the country have been anxiously waiting to see and hear the facts coming from our border. But the Biden Administration has forbid members of the Press to accompany government officials to see first-hand what’s going on there. Further, DHS, CBP, and other federal employees have been told implicitly NOT to allow any pictures or videos to be taken. What’s going on? Pelosi says, Nothing. But current DHS Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, who repeatedly has claimed we have no crisis there, surprised everyone on Friday and finally took a trip to see for himself. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Have you already forgotten the name “Lindsay Boylan?” She’s the first former Andrew Cuomo staffer to come forward publicly to reveal sexual harassment at the hands of Governor Cuomo. Boylan finally gave partial details of what her charges include. It’s the first time Americans have heard that Cuomo told her he wanted to “mount” her! For complete details, click on this link:
  • The experts have told us the younger American children are the less likely they are to catch the COVID-19 virus infection. Even if they do, less than one-tenth of one percent will likely die. Yet, America’s CDC Guru, Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Wednesday that infants will be vaccinated for COVID-19 beginning soon. For complete details, click on this link:
  • How much of your privacy is too much for you to feel comfortable, especially when given to the government? Like it or not, our federal government has amassed access to a huge percentage of our lives’ details without us even knowing about it. They do it in the name of “security.” After all, they each took an oath to “protect and serve us” if we elected them. Don’t we trust them? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Talk about someone who absolutely has no connection to reality! And she, Jen Psaki, is the “fact coordinator” for this President. Psaki says with Biden’s proposed income tax increases, corporations don’t have to raise prices on consumers on any of their goods and products so Americans will all be “hunky-dory!” (She really claims this) For complete details, click on this link:
  • We hear it again and again: “There’s no crisis at the southern border!” Let’s don’t let the truth ruin their great leftist talkling point. Unfortunately, even though the Biden Administration has muzzled Border Patrol and DHS employees there with demands to NOT tell anyone anything or show any pictures, TX Governor Greg Abbott reports that in two of the three facilities holding immigrant minors there’s no clean running water and in two of the three, more than ten percent of the illegals housed tested positive for COVID-19. Yep, there’s no crisis at our southern border, right? For details, click on this link:
  • Why is it OK to leaders in each of the nation’s largest cities — 37 of them — to allow murders to continue to rise at egregious rates on their political watches? It’s happening, though. And the citizens in those cities have basically just turned a back to the criminality. Maybe people are being conditioned to the massive increases in murders and other crimes as their “new reality.” For complete details, click on this link:
  • The Cancel Culture has struck again. This time it’s a “redo” of the cancellation of the significance of the Star Bangled Banner. What? Yep. We see protesting college basketball players once again taking a knee during the anthem to follow former San Francisco 49er QB Colin Kaepernick’s lead. I thought we were through that? At the Mens’ NCAA Basketball Tournament many are not. For complete details, click on this link:
  • The FBI has stepped into the nursing home debacle in New York that saw thousands of elders die needlessly from COVID-19. The U.S. intelligence agency is apparently looking into the alleged purposeful editing of COVID-19 death statistics to make New York Governor Andrew Cuomo look good to the public during the pandemic. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court took up an abortion case that, depending on their findings and actions, could change the rules regarding abortions. Mississippi officials had appealed an appeals court ruling that had invalidated a ban on abortions after 15 weeks gestation. The ruling was met with precedent that the Supreme Court prevents bans when the fetus could not live outside the womb. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top flip-flopped on all things COVID-19, has reversed course once again. Friday, the CDC announced, “Oops, we were wrong about the mandatory six feet social distancing mandate for schools to safely reopen.” (There really wasn’t an “Oops!” in their announcement) What is the safe distance now? For complete details, click on this link:
  • It comes as NO surprise for most that the House passed a bill — H.R. 8 — to ratchet down the purchase of guns by clamping down on those who are eligible to buy guns. There was ANOTHER gun control bill passed at the same time. For complete details, click on this link:

Saturday Bullet Points: March 13, 2021

The week is about done, and what a week! President Biden on Thursday gave his first national speech as President to the American people. Illegal immigration at the southern border has quickly morphed into a “human pandemic,” no matter what the mainstream media or members of the Biden Administration say. Facts prove it’s in just two months of this administration become the worst immigration crisis in the history of the U.S.

What else happened that’s really important this past week? We’ve done the deep-dive for you as we always do. These bullet points give you a short synopsis of each big story. If you want more information, click on the blue arrow at the end of a few sentences. If you already have all the information you want, click on the next bullet point.

Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for looking in.

Saturday Bullet Points

  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo finds himself in a political quandary: should he resign or hang on. It was revealed that another woman — the sixth so far — reported sexual harassment by the Governor. Dozens of state and federal lawmakers, including some from his state, are calling for the “Love Gov” to step down. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Democrats control the House and Senate and, of course, the White House. Because of that, we will inevitably have Democrat attacks against the 2nd Amendment. The House has already passed two gun control bills: one tackles hi-capacity magazines, and the other takes-on gun registration and universal background checks. Next for these two bills in the U.S. Senate. And Senate Majority Leaders Chuck Schumer announced the Senate would take both up for deliberation. For complete details, click on this link:
  • We’ve all been trying to get accustomed to wearing a mask. Question its efficacy, refuse to wear one in public: neither will change the fact that three million of these masks are used up and thrown out every minute! A group in Denmark has sounded the environmental alarm on the disposal of this massive number of masks. They MUST be bad for the environment. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Former First Lady Michelle Obama had a hectic life during the eight years of Barack’s presidency. Besides being First Lady, she too was the mother of two teenage girls. Now the girls are mostly away at college. What does a First Lady do after leaving the White House? Michelle, in an interview, confessed to her obsession for knitting that she took up during the pandemic. She also confessed she had some mild depression because of the racial violence and George Floyd’s death last year. But, there’s more to this story. For complete details, click on this link:
  • This story is a bit bizarre, to say the least. NBC’s streaming service is preparing a series to air that chronicles 12-months of a man’s life who found a life insurance policy that would pay even if the insured commits suicide — provided that the suicide does not occur during the first year of the policy. Apparently, the show is going to last twelve months! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, is ground zero in the trial just getting started of Derek Chauvin, one of four cops accused of complicity in George Floyd’s death on Memorial Day last year. As jury selection is underway, national guardsmen and local police expect widespread uproar to surround the trial for its endurance. A large section surrounding the courthouse is barricaded width cement walls and fencing. It’s been deemed to be  an “autonomous zone.” For complete details, click on this link:
  • What was the source of the COVID-19 virus? A Chinese government lab in Wuhan, China, has been rumored to be the originating source of the virus, but the Chinese government has continually debunked that theory. But now, an American expert that was part of our contingency that when to the lab in Wuhan and actually went through the lab and its processes and now states he believes COVID-19 originated in a Chinese bio-weapons experienced and it escaped. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Former President Trump has been out of the public eye since leaving D.C. for Florida. Rumors of his intentions and plans have been abundant — many of which are literally unbelievable. And he’s been surprisingly missing from public view, on the most part. He shocked some folks by showing up at a dog rescue center. What was that all about? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • California Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has been a real disappointment in the U.S. House of Representatives. His chief role has been to mount and maintain nonstop attacks against President Trump during the entirety of his presidency. But Swalwell has become the bullseye of the angst of numerous Republicans for his antics and several other questionable matters. It seems that Swalwell allowed himself to become involved romantically with a Chinese spy. The FBI revealed the truth about her two years ago. Swalwell confronted her, and she immediately fled the U.S. His relationship with her would surely have disqualified Swalwell from serving on the House Intelligence Committee IF he was a Republican. As a Democrat, he’s so far been protected by Speaker Pelosi. However, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, also from California, is determined to remove Swalwell from that committee. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • NFL and Tom Brady fans can breathe easier today. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, coming off their Brady-led SuperBowl victory, have agreed to terms with Brady with a contract to keep him in Tampa a while longer. For complete details, click on this link:
  • The state of California will be getting a new governor IF almost two million Californians get their way. That many California voters have signed petitions to recall Newsom for a myriad of problems that Newsom created as Governor. Much of the state’s angst is due to his overbearing COVID-19 lockdown demands that have obliterated schools and business in mass fashion. Will they be successful? For complete details, click on this link: 

Saturday Bullet Points: March 6, 2021

It seems like the week just flew by. But it certainly did not. This past week (just as has every other week the past few months) was chocked full of stories: BIG stories. There were so many that were not just big but important, you probably missed several you needed to know about. Our Bullet Points will take care of that. Read a few descriptive sentences after each Bullet Point. If you want more details simply click on the blue arrow and it will take you directly to a complete story.

Relax, get caught up, and drink that second or third cup of Saturday morning coffee with us!

Bullet Points

  • There’s political anger and then there’s REAL political anger. It’s so vile in Washington that one Democrat lawmaker took the time to search the social media accounts of her GOP counterparts who questioned the results of the November 3rd election. And she’s releasing them in an effort to discredit them, possibly justify their removal from Congress, or even see criminal actions for their complicity in the insurgence! For complete details, click on this link:
  • The U.S. Supreme Court has sure been busy the past few weeks. And today they are reviewing a case that may impact the U.S. voting system for years to come. In an Arizona case, two critical voting issues are being decided. Either or both could change everything. For complete details, click on this link:
  • The historical number of Executive Orders a president has made early in their administration was eclipsed in the first few days by President Joe Biden. One of his acts forces female athletes to participate in competition against transgenders who are biological males who identify as female. His action has set the nation on fire. Mississippi’s governor is about to sign a bill that mandates this action CANNOT happen in his state. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott has certainly been in the news of late. The latest conversation about the governor is regarding his commitment to support a pending bill that will prevent social media platforms from censoring conservative posting. And it’s getting nasty! For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s been uncanny to watch as the uncertainty of all-things COVID-19 instigated massive lockdowns across the nation. Several states have rebelled against these state lockdown orders. But California has remained solid in their lockdown commitment: until Friday. California is going to allow Major League Baseball AND DisneyLand to reopen! For complete details, click on this link:
  • We all know there was NO voting irregularities in the November election, right? No so according to a case in a Mississippi court. A judge has ordered a new election in one local race in which it was discovered 79% of absentee ballots were invalid. For complete details, click on this link:
  • In the $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 bill that is now in the Senate for debate, a House ruling by a parliamentarian prevents a $15 per hour federal minimum wage to be included. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) filed a separate bill to make the minimum wage change. It failed! And Dems were involved. For complete details, click on this link:
  • President Biden while campaigning made it clear his plans were to reopen the southern border to illegal immigrants again if he was elected. He was elected, and he HAS opened the border. In doing so, his actions have created a border crisis in just a few weeks. Former President Trump on Friday blasted Biden for his actions calling it a “tsunami.” For complete details, click on this link:
  • This next point is a shocker. CA Representative Eric Swalwell is known for his hatred for the former president. But what he did this past week is mind-boggling! Swalwell has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Trump for Trump’s alleged responsibility in all of the actions of those who stormed the Capitol on January 6th. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Millions of Americans have watched the actions of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo being released confirming his purposeful hiding of COVID-19 death statistics for elderly New Yorkers who died based on the governor’s written orders. Surprisingly, the President has been silent on the issue. But the White House has taken a stance. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci will not let go of his constant edicts (which change from week to week countering his previous instructions) telling us what we CAN and SHOULD do to battle COVID-19. He’s just as vehement telling us we CANNOT do. He’s even targeting those in our military who, in large part, are refusing to take a vaccination. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Certainly by now you’ve heard the insult uttered against people in Texas who support Gov. Greg Abbott’s reopening of his state that includes doing away with the mask mandate. Biden called those people “Neanderthals.” Actor Dennis Quaid doesn’t like Biden’s slam against he and his fellow Texans. What is Quaid going to do? For complete details, click on this link:

Saturday Bullet Points: February, 27, 2021

It’s Saturday morning and time to catch-up on the happenings from the past week, some of which you probably missed. We did NOT miss them. It works very simply: After each bullet point we give you a sentence or two that describes each story. If you want full details, just click on the blue “swoosh” at the end of the description. Go to a story that gives you “the rest of the story.” Dig in!

Bullet Points

  • Connecticut Federal Attorney John Durham announced his resignation on Friday. Before you panic, the ONLY thing he resigned was his position as federal attorney. He will full-time execute the role of Special Prosecutor to continue the investigation into wrongdoing by the Obama/Biden Administration in the Russia Collusion investigation of Candidate and then President Trump. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) gave a dramatic speech at CPAC in Orlando on Friday. He whipped the conservative crowd into a frenzy, especially when he called the #1 nemesis of the U.S. “Chi-merica.” What does that mean? For complete details, click on this link:
  • It certainly comes as no surprise that, with the election of Joe Biden, we have a surging and already-massive illegal immigration problem at the southern border. Just weeks into his presidency, Joe Biden is scrambling as are his immigration and border patrol officials to get their arms around this mass of people flooding to our southern border. The Biden Administration is woefully unprepared. And the entire issue is President Biden’s fault. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It probably comes as no surprise that another major U.S. city that is governed by far left local and state officials is suffering with a massive increase of crime shortly after they made the decision to, and subsequently have, defunded the police. And they have allocated the money saved to black communities. It’s San Francisco. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Have you ever wondered how at Planned Parenthood abortion centers how facilitating and performing the abortions of tens of thousands of American babies impact those in leadership at these clinics? Certainly the constant process of killing babies must take its toll. One former PP clinic insider says it makes her feel like “an administrator at Auschwitz during WWII.” For complete details, click on this link:
  • Great news on Friday! Johnson & Johnson received emergency use approval from the Federal Drug Administration to begin use of the third COVID-19 vaccination. How is it different from those already in use by Moderna and Pfizer? For complete details, click on this link:
  • No one can reasonably maintain that there were not numerous achievements for the American People during the Trump presidency. However, those on the Left are still quick to deny the significant facts that prove the good really happened — or at least the Trump was responsible. At CPAC on Friday, former Rep. Jason Chaffetz blistered Republicans who choose to diminish the results of President Trump, opting instead to judge his White House tenure based solely on their opinions of his personality while ignoring the good he did. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Accusations are flying from numerous Americans at the actions taken this week by the Biden Administration against Syria in a U.S. air strike. It’s reported the attack was retaliation against Iran for allegedly killing several Americans last year. But Biden was nasty in his barrage of insults of President Trump’s for the attack on his watch that took out Iran’s #1 General who had personally ordered the killing of several hundred Americans in the Middle East. For complete details, click on this link:
  • U.S. Intelligence agencies released classified information on Friday that apparently implicates the Saudi Crown Prince in the brutal execution of a Saudi national who worked in the U.S. as a reporter. Saudi Arabia has consistently denied any responsibility. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Even though a $15 per hour minimum wage is to be included in the House version of the COVID-19 stimulus bill, it will not survive in the Senate. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has an idea: why not pass a law requiring big corporations like Amazon and other billion dollar corporation to pay a $15 minimum wage rate? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Of course, CNN showed up at CPAC to “report” on happenings there. Their #1 anti-conservative reporter Jim Acosta was confronted at the conference in Orlando and asked why CNN concentrates on Sen. Ted Cruz dropping his two daughters in Mexico during the Texas freeze but ignores the 10,000 seniors who died at the hands of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It comes as no surprise that House Speaker Pelosi uses convenient comparisons to justify doing some of the strangest things in Congress. Pelosi this week in the wake of passing “The Equality Act”likened  the stigma of  Transgenderism to that of AIDS. Sound a bit strange to you? If so, you’re certainly not alone. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Did you know the Olympics are headed to China? Many in the U.S. are NOT happy about that and feel the Olympics should be moved elsewhere. Nikki Haley suggested that having the events in China is a bad idea. Why? According to the former governor, China is just like Nazi Germany was in 1936. For complete details, click on this link:
  • We’ve all heard stories of UFO’s in various settings. But pilots in flight have reported dozens of cases of viewing and even watching for extended periods of time UFO’s in crazy acts in flight most recently. The latest comes from American Airlines pilots in the recent past. For complete details, click on this link:

Saturday Bullet Points: February 20, 2021

Boy, this past week was a doozie! Just when you think we’d seen it all, here comes a frigid Arctic storm that sent temperatures in the South to North Pole levels. In fact, in Austin, Texas, the low-temperature Tuesday of this past week was lower than the low in Juneau, Alaska! Figure that one out. But one thing that did not change was the difficulty in ferreting the truth from the bizarre political events that get crazier each day. This week did not disappoint. We get to the top such events in today’s Bullet Points.

Take a look at each bullet point below. They each begin with a short description of a news story. If you want complete details on what the highlights describe, click on the blue “swoosh” and go to a full story. If you’ve already seen the details of the full story, just skip to the next one.

It’s a great way to begin each weekend. Grab a cup of coffee and forget about the newspaper. Relax and catch up on the week in our Saturday Bullet Points!

Bullet Points

  • We haven’t heard much about the investigations in the Capitol craziness from January 6th. We have heard that authorities have identified about 200 “persons of interest” identified for wrongdoing that day through face recognition software. There have been several arrests mentioned, but almost all came with few or no details. But what we DID hear on Friday was 35 Capitol Police have been temporarily suspended while being investigated. For complete details, click on this link:
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been under constant fire for his role in the deaths of many senior New Yorkers from COVID-19 during the pandemic. His problem is a policy that he unilaterally implemented that demanded any senior taken from a senior residence center to a hospital where if/when tested positive for COVID-19 MUST be immediately returned to the facility from which they came. That needlessly infected thousands of others in that senior center, many of which died. Cuomo’s is in deep trouble! He’s now got Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gunning for him. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Most people know that Governor Cuomo’s brother is an anchor at CNN: Chris Cuomo. In the critical arctic storm aftermath in Texas, many state and local politicians are under fire there for not preparing Texans for the storm results. Chris Cuomo on-air at CNN has not even mentioned the problems allegedly at his brother’s hands in New York. But what Chris did was make fun of a Texas mayor who resigned over the uproar in his city about the severe issues for his constituents during the Texas freeze. Chris is now under the gun himself for snide remarks on-air about that mayor while ignoring his brother’s debacle in New York. For complete details, click on this link:
  • ANTIFA thugs have continuously ripped apart the downtown sections in Portland, Oregon, with rioting and looting for the past year or so. They’ve destroyed buildings, caused businesses to shutter, attacked individuals, and even invaded homes. Police in Portland have done little to stop the continuation of ANTIFA violence. But the state nor the city have taken any steps to designate ANTIFA as a specific entity to be labeled. The state of Montana is not waiting for ANTIFA to come its way with destruction. Their legislature has taken preemptive steps. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It is uncontroverted there were problems in not just the actual election process on November 3, 2020, but also in the vote compilation process in multiple states. We’ll probably never know what the real voting picture was in that election. We haven’t heard of any massive election reform measures at the state level — until today. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has presented to his legislature plans to investigate and overhaul parts of their election process that are suspect. For complete details, click on this link:
  • There are many expectations for many government changes initiated by the Biden Administration. Most of Joe Biden’s campaign promises were simple: “let’s undo every Trump executive order and let’s remove all of the conservative-backed pieces of legislation and replace with Democrat versions. That process has begun in earnest. But there’s one underway that we just uncovered: a plan for banks to refuse banking services to the enemies of Democrats! For complete details, click on this link:
  • It didn’t take long for Joe Biden to fulfill another of his promises: The United States is now back in the Paris Climate Accords. President Trump withdrew our nation from that international agreement that accomplished very little for us while mandating that U.S. tax dollars in the hundreds of billions over the next decade-plus into the Accords while being demanded to take climate actions that will cost billions more. That while China — the largest polluter by far in the Accords — pays only a fraction of the U.S. number and does not have to perform on the reduction of their environmental issues for ten years. For complete details, click on this link:
  • First, it was Al Gore; then it was John Kerry. Each became climate-change specialists for reasons no one can explain: neither are scientists, neither know anything about our climate and certainly neither have no idea about what and how humans can even impact Earth’s environment, even if that’s possible! And now that John Kerry is back in the saddle in the Biden Administration, he’s informed us that we only have nine years before the end of the world because of climate change. For complete details, click on this link:
  • FINALLY: some good news regarding COVID-19 cases. Apparently, the numbers of cases across the nation are steadily declining over the past month or so. But the CNN news model is this: “Never let any good news destroy a good news story.” And that exact thing has happened. CNN issued a warning to Americans that the COVID-19 good news really is NOT good news. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Maybe we finally have some excellent instructions on how to fix all the ailments in our Country. We just thought things were improving significantly during the Trump Administration. If one listens to all those “experts” on the left, things are not only “not so good,” they’re terrible. Maybe we should start fixing our problems by first doing something to put us on the right road: ignore all the left tell us! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Moving the nation to a totally non-fossil fuel energy system certainly sounds good. Oh, doing so would put millions of workers out of jobs, but just think of the great things it will do for our environment! Wait a minute: didn’t Texas and other southern states get in trouble during this deep freeze in part because wind turbines froze and solar panels don’t produce energy from sunlight? Neither has been fruitful in these states the last week or so. Maybe we should just accept facts and change our plans to make the use of fossil fuels even more efficient, and maybe add some more nuclear power plants. For complete details, click on this link:

Saturday Bullet Points: February 13, 2021

This past week was certainly dominated by the Impeachment trial of Donald Trump: a private citizen, but still in the bullseye of hatred of the Democrat Party. Because of the historical basis of the trial, (only second time in history a President/Former President was impeached twice) other news of importance was certainly lost in the shuffle. Never fear! TruthNewsNetwork grabbed them all and we have them here today. Read the description of the content of stories. If you want more details, click on the blue “swoosh” to go to the story represented in the Bullet Point.

It’s a great way to wrap up your week assuring you miss no important news!

Bullet Points

  • The newly elected United States Representative from New York, Claudia Tenney, was sworn into office this last week. The swearing-in of members of Congress every two years are historical events. Because they are, family members of those entering office are always invited to the ceremony. Not so in this case. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi forbade the son of the representative — who happens to be enrolled in the Naval Academy — was not allowed to attend the event. Why? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Over two days in the Senate chamber, House Managers presented their case on which they say is full of sufficient evidence of Trump wrongdoing on January 6th and other occasions to justify his removal from office. Never mind that the Impeachment Clause of the Constitution states the Senate can only remove a “sitting” President, they still want a guilty verdict. One legal expert says what the Managers presented was anything BUT real evidence in their case. For complete  details, click on this link:
  • It’s now the time of year which most Americans despise: the tax season. Everyone needs to understand that this year is WAY different from previous years. There are very important changes in IRS filing regulations that all should know before they or their tax professionals proceed with tax returns. What are the changes? For complete details, click on this link:
  • The House Managers, in most experts’ opinions, made a mockery of the Constitution in their arguments to justify a guilty verdict for Mr. Trump. Rep. Ted Lieu gave a raucous speech in which he railed that President Trump during ALL of his campaign rallies made comments continually that alone were incitement on his part for his supporters to commit violence. His arguments were so egregious that a dozen GOP Senators actually got up and left the Senate Chamber! What did he say that enraged them so? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Who says that Big Tech monsters Facebook and Twitter are not joined at the hip and do not protect each other from outside influences and attacks? Twitter has permanently banned independent research group Project Veritas founded by James O’Keefe for allegedly violating the company’s rules on sharing “private information” without consent. For complete details, click on this link:
  • We reported this story yesterday on our 9-11 AM show, “TNN Live.” But it certainly is serious enough to repeat so that all know exactly how dishonest many in political leadership are — including the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. One of his aids released that the New York government — on Cuomo’s orders — hid the true numbers of the deaths of NY seniors in nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Why did that happen and what does the report say? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Several states are considering laws to ban athletic competitions that pit biological males that are transgender against biological females. That has happened again and again over the past few years and is drawing worldwide criticism for the practice. Which states are taking such actions? For the names of those states and the attendant circumstances, click on this link:
  • Three FOX News personalities have filed motions in court asking the court to dismiss Smartmatic suits against them individually. FOX News already filed for relief from the $2.7 billion suit filed against them. The lawsuit claims the three caused financial damage to the company through their claims following the November 3, 2020 presidential election. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Southerners have a tough time getting accustomed to driving in winter weather. Many from elsewhere think it’s because Southerners just don’t know how to drive. Not so. In the South when the weather gets cold, first it rains for a long time. As temperatures fall, roads ice over. It’s that ice that gets them. A Thursday pileup on I-35 outside of Ft. Worth saw at least 133 vehicles in the madness with at least 9 confirmed dead so far. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Any person who believes that Joe Biden is above spouting political rhetoric, making promises that he breaks almost immediately and lying to Americans, is dead wrong. A few weeks ago Biden made a commitment about those who work for him if caught in any type of egregious activity. Biden said he’d fire them “on the spot.” Well, it happened, Biden did NOT fire that person “on the spot.” Who was it? What were the circumstances? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Former South Carolina Governor and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has separated herself from time to time during the Trump Administration from the President. But Haley during the 2020 campaign was very supportive of President Trump. But since the election, she has very obviously starting campaigning for a run for the GOP nomination for President in the 2024 election. And Friday she made an even more demonstrative move to separate from Trump. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Politico and other fact-checkers are quick to “expose” wrong information published by some of their news competitors. But maybe Politico should spend less time fact-checking and more time confirming their own sources. For instance, Politico has reported some really “speckled” facts about the Biden Family Syndicate and its sketchy wrongdoings in several areas. The Wall Street Journal decided to fact-check the fact-checkers at Politico. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It did not take long for Joe Biden to totally open the illegal alien “spicket” to allow illegals across our southern border in large numbers. Late Friday it was announced that the Biden Administration ordered that 25,000 illegals that have been held in Mexico awaiting their asylum claims to be adjudicated to be released in the U.S. immediately! For complete details, click on this link:

Saturday Bullet Points: February 5, 2021

Time flies when we’re having fun, doesn’t it. I don’t know so much about “fun,” but we’re having a bunch of things happen — so many happenings that it’s hard to keep up with them all.

Never fear: we’ve got them all covered for you in our “Saturday Bullet Points.” Look at each bullet point, read the description of the story, and, if you want details, click on the blue “Swoosh.” It will take you straight to a complete story.

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Bullet Points

  • Rob O’Neil, the Navy Seal who shot Osama bin Laden, appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show to discuss the Cancel Culture that is taking over the U.S. Military. He was joined by a fellow member of the military to chime in. They both pointed to the massive hypocrisy from the Left that is permeating even the military. For complete details, watch this brief report:

  • The Thursday overnight craziness that saw the U.S. Senate in session from 2:00 PM Thursday until 6:00 AM Friday morning resulted in what was obviously going to happen: Democrats have won the battle to borrow another $1.9 Trillion to add to the trillions already spent on COVID-19 relief. The procedural action gives President Biden virtual solo power to proceed without any Republican support. For complete details, click on this link:
  • President Biden on Friday in the wake of the bleak manufacturing jobs picture for both December and January painted a really bleak picture of the nation’s economy. What happened to the miracles he pledged he would bring with him to Washington to immediately “fix” our COVID-19 economic disaster?  He said it will take ten years to repair! For complete details, click on this link:
  • It surely comes as no surprise to Americans that China took advantage of the U.S. during 2020 and even into 2021 in what they sold to us in the way of COVID-19 necessities. It’s now been confirmed China sent millions of counterfeit masks and even bogus test kits to the U.S. during the pandemic. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Remember that sweet young European girl that put the World on its ear at the United Nations, Greta Thunberg? Now, Greta has apparently stepped over the line in the nation of India! She is the target of a criminal investigation by authorities in India for providing false information which instigated riots among farmers in India. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Gavin Newsom’s tenure as California’s governor is in trouble. We’ve kept you apprised as a petition for a recall election has circulated around the state. It was just announced over one million Californians have signed up to remove him. The petition is barely 100,000 signatures short of the number needed to force a recall election. For complete details, click on this link:
  • You better be careful about any claims you make public about your suspicions of voter fraud in the November 3rd election! The Cancel Culture will do everything within their power to dump you from every good thing in which your are involved. The Gateway Pundit, in an effort to finally find the truth, requested  several months ago the video footage from the TCF Center in Michigan from election night. They just received it. The results are mind-boggling! For complete details, click on this link:
  • First Lady Jill Biden cemented the fact that many Americans never new about her: she is an expert on what dogs think and feel. To that end, she is featured in a SuperBowl ad in which she encourages Americans to continue to wear masks. We need to do it for our dogs — because that’s what dogs want us to do! For complete details, click on this link:
  • If you work at the Pentagon, your job just might be in trouble. And if you happen to fall within three particular circumstances, your job IS in trouble. What are they? If you’re a Trump supporter, a female and pregnant, LOOK OUT! For complete details, click on this link:
  • If you have any number of genetic things you have inherited from your ancestors, in most cases you’re simply stuck with what those genes look like in your life. But, according to the new science of Epigenetics, there are some things you can do to fight the natural results of those inherited genes. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s common knowledge that Texas is a very Red state. It’s also well-known that many Texans don’t like the current state of political affairs in the U.S. Keeping that in mind, Texas Republicans passed a motion to support the Texas legislature to pass a bill allowing Texas to secede from the nation and become an independent entity! For complete details, click on this link:
  • By now, all have heard Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ report of the horror she personally experienced during the storming of the U.S. Capitol. A huge majority of Americans are skeptical of her claims regarding being previously sexually assaulted and that the sexual assault experience made her January 6th experience horrifying. But, CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon joined together to make any psychologist shake their head by claiming this: “A threat doesn’t have to be real for you to believe it.” (You can’t make this stuff up!) For complete details, click on this link:

Saturday Bullet Points: January 30, 2021

“EO Biden” had a REALLY busy week, didn’t he? And in issuing three dozen executive orders, he set the United States on its ear. Tens of millions are in shock after what he has done. Let’s put that to the side for today and enjoy our weekend. In doing that, let’s catch up on the other really important items you may have missed.

Please see below our “Saturday Bullet Points.” It’s a compilation of the biggest news stories of the week. We give you a sentence or two describing each news story. If you want to get more details about the story, click on the blue “swoosh” link at the end of those sentences. That will take you to a full story.

If you already have all the news on one of the items and don’t want any details, just click on the next bullet point.

There’s much happening that will continue. Don’t miss any of it. Stay close to all the way through it. We’ll keep you posted. Enjoy!

Bullet Points

  • We have heard very little about the pipe bombs placed at the headquarters of the Democrat Party and also the Republican Party. All we’ve been told is that they were REAL bombs and that they are looking for “a” person suspected of planting the bombs. Apparently, the FBI received some new information. It must have been serious because they have upped the reward for the perpetrator to $100,000. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • It is not usual for bureaucratic government “top dogs” to come to their positions with some baggage. After all, politics is a dirty game. Joe Biden is set for some necessary explaining because his Treasury Secretary has more than just one or two pieces of baggage with her! Janet Yellen, former head of the Federal Reserve, took the Treasury job from President Biden and will be dealing daily with the monsters on Wall Street who really run the nation’s economy. The problem is that after leaving the Fed, Yellen raked in millions for “speaking fees” from those same Wall Street tycoons. Expecting any “quid pro quo?” For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Everyone knows that Big Tech in its entirety despises President Trump. Facebook, Twitter, and several other social media platforms canceled his accounts during the campaign. Believe it or not, Facebook has formed a committee to examine all of the “reasons” Facebook had for terminating Mr. Trump and to make a decision whether or not to let him come back! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • We’ve always known that China is full of “techno-geeks” that have the same (or even better) tech skills as does the U.S. But we DIDN’T think that China was able to get into ALL the details of Americans’ lives as easily as they apparently have. It’s been reported that China has the goods on 80% of American adults! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • You might be surprised to learn that every day, the evidence is piling up that verifies that the D.C. assault on Capitol Hill was orchestrated, so much so that the evidence is severely weakening any potential case against President Trump. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • By now I’m certain you’ve at least heard about the Gamestop/AMC debacle playing out on Wall Street. Tens of billions of dollars are involved. But it appears that the war this has started is NOT just between big Wall Street Banks and Hedge Funds and smalltown Day Traders. Instead, it’s really between Elites — the Big Wall Street guys — and Populists — the Donald Trump created individual traders. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • The New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, has become the darling of the Mainstream Media. Many feel he’s a viable candidate for President in 2024. However, the Mayor has tarnished his credibility a bit by underplaying his role in the deaths of thousands of seniors from COVID-19. And he’s downplaying a report just released that reveals he also had authorities UNDER REPORT the numbers of such deaths. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Now might be your only chance ever to buy a multimillion-dollar mansion for pennies on the dollar. Why is that? Extremely expensive homes are flooding the real estate market as millionaires and billionaires are fleeing America’s biggest cities headed for tax havens in states like Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and Nevada. For complete details, click on this link:
  • There has always been animosity between lawmakers in Washington based on political party affiliation. But it’s never been like it is today. Hostilities are reaching a fever pitch fueled in part by fears of actual violence that more and more in Congress feel like may target them. And Democrat leadership is fueling that fear. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Do you remember hearing all those quotes supposedly from former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in which Mitch expressed his anger for the President and that he would even consider voting to convict Mr. Trump in an impeachment trial in the Senate? Well, maybe Mitch didn’t say those things: or maybe he really did but for a planned purpose. What could that purpose be? Maybe to blow-up any impeachment trial before it even begins! For complete details, click on this link:
  • The leader of the Middle Eastern nation who is the greatest ally to the U.S. in the region — Benjamin Netanyahu — may have a problem in his re-election bid. He has always had the support of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community that may not be behind the Prime Minister. And COVID-19 is at the center of the problems. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Everyone knows President Biden stopped construction on the southern border wall. Nobody is discussing the direct and immediate impact of that decision. First, a bunch of people are instantly out of jobs. Secondly, the job of building the wall is contracted between the federal government and multiple vendors: contracts, which means breaking contracts. And what about all the materials for construction that are literally on the ground in southern states? For complete details, click on this link: