The Racsim of Sudafed

Do you believe there is voter fraud in federal elections? Have you heard numerous politicians rail against claims by some that there is rampant voter fraud? So which is it: are those who would stake their careers on the fact there is no voter fraud deluded or are those who swear it not only is rampant but that many politicians know it exists and by denying it promote it? Before we finish today, you’ll have your answer.

There you have it: I guess we have our answer. According to President Obama, in his very last press conference as President put the claims of voter fraud to rest. Any news of voter fraud in his words is “fake news.”

  • According to a Pew Charitable Trust report from February 2012, one in eight voter registrations in the U.S. are “significantly inaccurate or no longer valid.” Since there are 146 million Americans registered to vote, this translates to a stunning 18 million invalid voter registrations on the books. Further, “More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters, and approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.” Numbers of this scale provide ripe opportunities for fraud.
  • In a recent poll of illegal aliens, 13% stated they had previously voted in federal elections.
  • In May 2016, CBS2 Los Angeles identified 265 dead voters in southern California. Many cast ballots “year after year.”
  • North Carolina announced in April 2014 that 13,416 dead voters were registered, and 81 of them recently had voted. Among 35,750 North Carolinians also registered in other states, 765 voted in November 2012, both inside and outside the Tarheel State.
  • South Carolina’s attorney general concluded in January 2012 that 953 people “were deceased at the time of their participation in recent elections.”
  • The Public Interest Legal Foundation recently discovered that Virginia removed 5,556 non-citizens from its voter rolls between 2011 and last May. Among these non-Americans, 1,852 had cast a total of 7,474 illegal ballots across multiple elections.
  • Philadelphia tagged 50,000 voters who had duplicate voter registrations.
  • Texas Secretary of State David Whitley announced his office had identified 95,000 non-citizens who are currently registered to vote in Texas — 58,000 of whom have voted in one or more elections.
  • Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, has worked with colleagues to produce groundbreaking research on noncitizen voting. Based on national polling by a group of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult noncitizens in the U.S. voted in that 2016 presidential election. He extrapolated that that percentage would have added 834,381 net votes for Mrs. Clinton, who received about 2.8 million more votes than Mr. Trump.

We could go on and on giving you example after example, statistic after statistic, story after story illustrating voter fraud in America. Examples like a rental car found the day after Florida elections at the Tampa airport with boxes of completed ballots that were forgotten by the renter. Conventional wisdom is that those were to be used to help pick winners.

But even in the face of all these facts, even in the front of all the cases in which actual criminal litigation takes place, and people actually go to jail, the U.S. Department of Justice does nothing to implement a process or several processes to assure Americans that every American of legal age who registers and votes can be confident their vote really does count and that no one is able to cheat by rigging the voting system against them and all other legal voters.

Why does the DOJ sit on its heels about this? We know they’re swamped, finding crimes committed in many other areas that impact Americans and even our government. But in the wake of learning foreign governments are working diligently to influence our elections and these examples of voter fraud given above, yes, the Justice Department realizes the most important and precious thing in our nation that differentiates us from most other countries is our election system. And Americans want it protected.

But do our politicians?

Politically Speaking

The easiest way for politicians today to influence the tide of American opinion is blanket allegations of racism. We see it happen all the time. We will not get into a discussion today on what is and what is not racism. We all know that it’s real and that it is a horrible stain on the historical fiber of our nation. But let’s be clear on this one thing: with all of the allegations by politicians of systemic racism in our elections they allege is to disenfranchise minority voters, where are specific examples they give to Americans that justify those claims? We don’t see or hear of them! Why is that? Because they’re not happening.

Indeed, there are isolated examples of people attempting to impact elections for one reason or another. And when those appear, Americans certainly expect law enforcement to take care of those holding any offenders accountable for their wrongdoing. That said, Americans are tiring of every time someone of another political party wins elections those in the other party start screaming about vote tampering and voter fraud. The simple fix is for local, state, and federal officials to all get on the same page, identify the already identified election fraud and deal with those, but put in place a process to make sure that none happens moving forward. There is no better defense against allegations of voter fraud than “that did not happen because it cannot happen in the American voting system. Our government has instituted a failsafe process to make certain no election tampering can change any votes.”

What’s the holdup for such a system? Unfortunately — in this case, at least, there are not sufficient in number enough Congressional members who are willing to take definitive action to stop voter fraud. I know: it’s hard to fathom that such exists. But it does. Who is it?

Why do you think Democrats have so viciously attacked President Trump and other Republicans for trying to close our southern border? Think about how ridiculous and dangerous their obstinance in implementing closed borders has been. The answer is simple: they want the border to remain porous and actually would prefer if we’d do away with the southern border completely.

Their Reasoning

Democrats have for at least 60 years appealed to minorities — especially the African American community. Democrat leadership has convinced a vast majority of that group that their party is the party that cares for minorities and that Republicans are evil.

In doing so, they paint a version of history that is the opposite of the truth regarding the political support for minority rights in America. In doing so, the Democrat Party has created a narrative that tells black Americans that they owe their votes to Democrats because of Democrat Party policies that those black Americans should know help blacks and other minorities.

None of this is true.

First, Democrats brought slavery to America, built it into a monster enterprise, and did not want it to stop. “That’s not what was taught in history class,” you might say. “We were taught southerners — primarily wealthy Republican plantation owners — fought to keep slavery. It took Democrats from the North to free the slaves in the Civil War against those southern slave owners.”

Yes, southern plantation owners were indeed among many who wanted slavery to remain. But those plantations owners were almost all white Democrats. Just remember this: 300,000 white Americans lost their lives in the Civil War fighting to give slaves their freedom.

But even as the Democrat cries of racism against Republicans through decades, facts prove otherwise:

  • A Republican president led the nation to abolish slavery and not a Democrat Party president. Abe Lincoln made it happen:
  • The Republican Party passed legislation to free slaves against stiff resistance from Democrats.
  • The Republican Party passed legislation that gave blacks the right to vote over intense Democrat angst.
  • A Republican President — Dwight Eisenhower — gave African Americans the right to serve in the American military.
  • A Democrat President, Lyndon Johnson, tried to pass the Civil Rights Act but could not get it done. He had hardly any support from Congressional Democrats. It took a large contingent of Republicans to join Johnson to pass it.

There are many members of a minority that have heard these lies so many times they feel they have but one choice: to accept them as fact. I listened to this first when I was a kid, “Tell a boy he can jump over a barn over and over again until he actually will believe he can jump over a barn.” The same holds true here. But there must be some way we can find a consensus regarding two things: there is systemic voter fraud in almost every federal election, and we must find a way or several ways to build a system to prevent voter fraud.


Let’s get right to it. Please note: this should apply for every voting precinct in the U.S. for every federal election. Because currently national elections are overseen and operated by local and state voting authorities, it will require a federal-state partnership with the two entities working together. Probably, states would piggyback on this federal process to assure their elections are tamper-free. We will NOT discuss logistics or operational details here. These would necessarily be worked out by state and federal authorities. In our opinions, here is what to be failsafe this process must contain:

  • IT security products at both federal and state levels that prevent outside electronic intervention and surveillance;
  • a state central IT clearinghouse that can both view actual elections as they occur and can tally voting results for every federal election in almost real-time;
  • real-time communication from these state election offices with a national clearinghouse run by the U.S. Department of Justice;
  • the ability to police each voting precinct as voting occurs to spot any who attempt on-sight voter tampering;
  • probably the most critical part of such a system is a backup paper ballot system to use if/when any electronic voting system has fatal errors or if surveillance shows voter tampering.

But the most important piece of this process is to protect the entire system in the easiest fashion — the one that Democrat politicians have fought for years: Mandatory voter ID verification for each voter for each time they vote. Seeing or hearing this will make Democrats go crazy! Why? It foils the numerous opportunities to cheat in elections!

Factually it has been proven that millions of voter registrations are incorrect, those registered are deceased, or voters no longer live within the precinct of registration. Using voter ID would end these from impacting votes. But Democrat politicians scream at possible legislation for Voter ID as being “Racist!” That’s their fallback every time. When asked how it is racist, here are the most common reply:

It is unreasonable to expect an African American, only by the color of his or her skin, to be able to procure, hold, and present a photo ID. Primarily, according to the Left, from the Democrats to their allies in the media, Black people, as opposed to Asian Americans and Whites, lack the mental capacity to take a valid photo ID to the polls.

Yes, that is laughable.

I recently watched a news special in which a reporter walked through downtown Philadelphia — a predominantly Democrat stronghold — and randomly stopped black people to ask about this common excuse for Voter ID. To a person, those questioned thought this was incredibly biased and untrue. One young college student put it this way: “I must have an ID for everything — driver’s license, to cash a check, open a bank account, rent a car, board a plane, go to a doctor, or to even go to a Congressional campaign rally! It’s an insult to every black person I know to say it’s too hard for us to get a government ID,” the college student stated.

Further, no person can receive Welfare benefits, Medicaid benefits, unemployment insurance, or even a job application without an ID. There are very few important things we all must do that do NOT require identification — identification that almost all have already.

But the most outrageous requirement for an ID is this: even though Democrats are the ones who trumpet this travesty and have whipped their followers into a frenzy about it for years, one cannot enter the Democrat Party Convention in 2020 without a picture ID!


It’s time for Democrats to stop playing the race card — period — and especially about Voter ID. Voting as someone else in federal elections is a federal crime punishable by fine and imprisonment. Americans can get official ID’s — especially voter ID’s — at no cost from local voting registrar offices universally. And if transportation is a problem, they will arrange to make that happen. There is no justifiable reason for any eligible voter to be unable to obtain an official ID sufficient to vote. And those who say otherwise are lying. Americans need to make ourselves heard to our elected representatives. Congress must pass comprehensive Voter Fraud legislation that begins with Voter ID.

Oh, and that title above regarding racism of Sudafed? No matter your age or color, when one goes to a pharmacy to get the common cold and flu medicine Sudafed, he or she must present an ID. Sudafed is one of the main ingredients used by those who make homemade meth.

But how is that racist? That’s simple: most meth-heads are Southerners — white Southerners. And making those Southerners provide an ID to purchase Sudafed is Racist — because almost all of them are white!


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