The Assassination Of An American Citizen By His Own Government

There are many who can say that the U.S. Government is NOT  “Government of the People, by the People, and FOR the People.” But no one has a right to scream that more than does Roger Stone. Roger Stone earned the right the hard way, just as did our friend Lt. General Michael Flynn. Both were targets by the so-called “Intelligence Community” which used its considerable power and influence over the U.S. Department of Justice and the Mainstream Media to use Roger Stone in a felonious attempt to destroy Donald Trump.

Call me “Stupid,” but I don’t believe anyone — especially those in our government — should have the unfettered right to launch a non-stop attack on a private American citizen who just happens to be a friend to the former President of the United States. But it happened. And, who knows: it can happen again and probably will.

Roger will join us at “TNN Live!” Friday morning, September 3, 2021. He will share the truth of the events that we all saw and heard during the Russia Collusion debacle in which he was nearly destroyed by the Robert Mueller team for just being a friend of Donald Trump.

In preparation for his visit with us take time to digest the information included in this Op-Ed published last week. It reads almost like a spy novel! His book detailing all of this will be out around the first of the year. Until then, he’s diligently working to right his life after the atrocious injustices he and his wife sustained at the hands of the Deep State in D.C. Yes, the “Deep State” actually exists. And those numbered in its ranks deplore anyone who disagrees with any of its plans for our nation.

Meet Roger Stone

For me, the events of January 6th became a matter of “déjà vu all over again,” as legendary New York Yankees baseball coach Casey Stengel once said. Because I am a forty-year friend and advisor to President Donald Trump and because I spoke at two legally permitted rallies on January 5th and because I expressed reservations about the record number of irregularities and anomalies in the results of the 2020 election, it quickly became an article of faith among left-wing haters in the blogosphere that I was somehow complicit, if not the “mastermind” of the politically counterproductive and contrived events of January 6th.

In fact, here is the statement I released to Gateway Pundit on June 28th, 2021 –

Let me say it again, any statement, claim, insinuation, or report alleging, or even implying, that I had any involvement in or knowledge of the commission of any unlawful acts by any person or group in or around the U.S. Capitol or anywhere in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, is categorically false. And, there is no evidence to the contrary nor any witness who can truthfully and honestly testify differently. Period.”

It was accurate then, and as the world learned last Friday according to Reuters, is accurate today.

The distortionists who dominate media today created a far different impression in their baseless coverage.

Reprising their role in the “Russian Collusion” fiasco in which CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and the rest of the corporate news jackals insisted that I was a “Russian traitor” and that I had received stolen data from Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and passed it on to the Trump campaign. Although the long-hidden sections of the Special Counsel’s final Report revealed that Robert Mueller, with his unlimited legal reach, authority, unlimited budget, and with the sophisticated surveillance technology of the U.S. Government, in active violation of my Fourth Amendment Rights, could never find any evidence of.

Despite the nothing burger of Mueller’s final Report and his failure to take Trump down, as well as the declassified documents that ultimately proved the illegitimate and political attack from the entire Mueller jihad, the Democrats and their allies in the fake news media never abandoned this false narrative. New York Times reporter Michael S. Schmidt won a Pulitzer Prize for promulgating lies promoting a completely false and discredited narrative regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election. If Schmidt had any journalistic integrity, he would return the Pulitzer and confess his dishonesty.

Even though the only charges Robert Mueller and his staff could ultimately cook up were contrived “lying to Congress” charges – despite the fact that no misstatement I made to Congress was material or hid any underlying crime or conspiracy and thus did not violate the False Statements Act, as well as a fabricated “witness tampering” charge in which I was accused of threatening to steal the dog of a Grand Jury witness who testified (falsely) against me. Total bullshit.

How ironic that the witness I was accused of tampering with, Randy Credico, threatened to shoot an exculpatory Grand Jury witness in my case in the head if he contradicted Credico on the stand. Although Mueller’s thugs had documentation of the written threat, Mueller stooge, Randy Credico, was not charged with witness tampering.

The killing fields of the D.C. Federal District Court were efficient, but it was also sloppy. My obvious railroading in the D.C. Court, despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to misreport the actual events in the courtroom and their implication, woke millions of Americans to the unfairness of my prosecution and brought me the prayers and support of millions of outraged Americans who have sustained me, my wife and my family. Sadly, between their smears regarding January 6th, a completely fraudulent civil complaint by the Biden Justice Department regarding my back taxes, and my wife’s valiant struggle against cancer, the stress and financial pressure on our family has persisted unabated.

Mueller insisted that my trial must take place before Judge Amy Berman Jackson because she was presiding over what he claimed was a “related” case of seventeen Russians who were charged with hacking. In fact, Mueller’s prosecutors promised the judge that they would present evidence at my trial that was gleaned from the search warrants in the Russian case. They, of course, produced no such thing because no such thing exists. This is a fraud upon the Court based on no evidence

Every one of Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s pre-trial rulings for the Government was patently unconstitutional, but the most egregious was a ruling that I could not use the issue of corruption or misconduct by Mueller’s prosecutors, the FBI, the DOJ or any member of Congress in my defense. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in Kyles v. Whitley that the corruption of the investigation and indictment is always fair grounds for legal defense. Why would the Government move to bar any discussion of their misconduct or corruption in my case if there was none to bar?

Not only did Judge Jackson manage to keep the phony Crowdstrike report from the public without which there is no evidence that “the Russians” hacked the DNC, and, in fact, Crowdstrike executives later testified that they had no such proof either. This admission was, of course, classified because it undercut the Deep State narrative.

In her unhinged fifty-five-minute harangue at me during sentencing, Judge Jackson admitted that she increased my sentence because I had the audacity to question the legitimacy of the Mueller Investigation which, of course, I have a First Amendment right to so. Based on the declassification of government documents in the final days of the Trump Administration and on Mueller’s own final Report, the legitimacy and legality of the Mueller Investigation is no longer disputed. Judge Jackson owes me an apology but once again the Judge demonstrated that she was, as Tucker Carlson said, a “capricious authoritarianism of a Democratic activist wearing robes.”

Judge Jackson violated my First, Fourth, and Sixth Amendment rights at trial, as well as withholding exculpatory evidence that the Federal Courts would ultimately pry from Mueller. Both the prosecutors and the Judge herself withheld Mueller’s stunning conclusion that they had “no factual evidence” against me pertaining to “Russian Collusion,” WikiLeaks collaboration, or the publication of John Podesta’s embarrassing e-mails.

Because this fact would have completely undercut their contrived “lying to Congress” fabricated charge against me, they hid it from us at trial. Their argument, that they had no obligation to give it to us under the Giglio decision because it doesn’t pertain directly to the charges against me, fails to recognize that the first eight pages of my indictment claim that the Russians hacked the DNC and gave the information to WikiLeaks, something Mueller has no evidence of, as well as no evidence that I was involved in any such endeavor. One cannot lie about events that one neither has knowledge of nor is involved in. Andrew Weissman, who crafted my indictment is not nearly as clever as he thinks he is, and a blockbuster book; “PITBULL,” by Defense Attorney David Schoen on Weissman’s life-long record of legal misconduct, and a documentary based on that book, will be out in January.

The jury forewoman attacked me by name on Twitter and Facebook in 2019 in regard to the actual case in which she was later selected as a juror, kept those posts on a private setting during jury selection and the trial, and deleted them afterward. In the jaw-dropper, Judge Jackson ruled that the jury for a woman’s actions did not demonstrate bias against me because the judge insisted that the jury for a woman had no way of knowing in 2019 that I was an associate of Donald Trump.

Is it a completely contrived narrative by the prosecutors in my case who justified a seven to nine-year sentence recommendation by penalizing me for numerous crimes I had neither been charged with nor convicted of, such as the false assertion that I threatened a federal judge or that I violated the Judge’s gag order with the publication of my book “The Myth of Russian Collusion” although the book was published and released before the judge’s gag on me was ordered?

After blindsiding their DOJ superiors with a sentencing recommendation for more draconian than the actual convictions required and then claiming Barr’s DOJ Officials had pressured them to recommend a more lenient sentence, the four Obama and Clinton-connected prosecutors in my case created a firestorm out of fiction.

Spoon-feeding this shit to their friends at The Washington Post, The New York Times and CNN they created a “factoid”- that Barr interfered in my sentencing on behalf of Trump. That is a simple disprovable lie. Because three of the four prosecutors are no longer in government service, they cannot be disciplined for their unethical behavior. However, public exposure of their corruption is yet to come. Cockroaches run from sunlight.

While four of these prosecutors were smart enough to weave this tale of interference in the sentencing process by the Attorney General to reporters and in op-eds they were also wise enough never to state it under oath. None of these prosecutors could stand up to questioning under oath regarding their conduct in my case. Perhaps that opportunity will come someday.

Rod Rosenstein protégée Aaron Zelinsky whose misconduct in my case will be the subject of its own book was not so smart. In fact, Zelinsky made nine assertions under oath before the House Judiciary Committee that are provably false. In other words, Zelinsky lied to Congress for which he should be prosecuted.

The Washington Post later reported that the three top non-political career Prosecutors at the Department of Justice all denied under oath to the Inspector General that they had ever pressured the prosecutors in my case including Zelinsky who unfortunately made this fake claim under oath before the house judiciary committee.  In other words, Zelinsky lied to Congress. It’s perplexing why he has not yet been prosecuted.

The documentation of Zelinsky’s unethical and illegal behavior in the prosecution of my case will be fully outlined and documented in my upcoming book, “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong – My Political Persecution & The Loss of the 2020 Election.” This will make my formal complaint regarding his conduct to the Maryland Bar a copy and paste job.

On November 3, 2020, arguably the busiest media day of the year, the U.S. Department of Justice released the last remaining long-hidden sections of Muller’s Report in which he conceded that his financially and legally unlimited investigation had turned up “no factual evidence against me regarding Russian collusion WikiLeaks collaboration or the theft of John podesta’s emails. Incredibly Mueller is Report when I want to say that even if he had found evidence of such activity he had concluded that it would not have been illegal and would have been protected by the first Amendment.

While BuzzFeed reported that I was “vindicated, and The Washington Examiner carried the story, all of the major media outlets who had falsely accused me of treason or WikiLeaks collaboration reported… nothing.

The November 2020 revelations from DOJ released at a time to ensure the minimum of media coverage, prove that the charges against me were fabricated and, as I have publicly stated and were used to pressure me in order to coerce me into testifying falsely against President Trump. Unlike Michael Cohen I refused.

Then the fake news media began to recycle the same baseless accusations regarding January 6th. ABC News, was among the most debased and outrageous in their coverage. If the reporters and news executives guilty of character assassination in my case cannot be punished in court, they will burn for all eternity in hell and an indelible record of their dishonesty will be left so that their children and grandchildren will know that their parents were lying scumbags.

Notice how the ABC News headline above has now been completely debunked by Reuters. The efforts by the exact same media outlets who smeared me in the Russian collusion scam were completely recycled in the aftermath of the January 26th disturbance. Their coverage was as stunning and breathtaking as their dishonesty in this new smear. After a virtual tsunami of irresponsible, fabricated,” guilt by association-based headlines and stories by the jackals in the corporate news media, Reuters reported last week is that a senior FBI official confirmed that the January 6th investigation had found no evidence against either Roger Stone or Alex Jones regarding the illegal events of January 6th. Wait! You didn’t see it? Not surprising.

Once again, the very same fake news media outlets who for two years insisted that I was a “Russian traitor” and had illegally collaborated with WikiLeaks and the Russians to interfere in the 2020 election, those news outlets who failed to report Mueller’s stunning admission that he could find no proof of these smears began insisting that my presence in Washington on January 6th and my congenial contact with individuals who may or may not have been involved in the disturbance at the Capitol on January 6th somehow constitutes proof of my involvement or knowledge of the very strange series of events that day.

No media outlet has been more irresponsible in their smear of me than ABC News. “Seen with?” Isn’t this feeble attempt at “guilt by association” transparent and pathetic? Reuters essentially debunked multiple ABC News stories with their stunning story last week in which Senior Government Officials told Reuters that they found “no evidence” of any larger conspiracy involving anyone in President Trump’s inner or outer circle regarding the events of January 6th.

I am consulting several of the most respected defamation attorneys in the country because of my intention to sue ABC News and several of their executives and reporters over their malicious and false smears of me. That said, unfortunately, based on previous Supreme Court decisions, because I am considered a “public figure” the bar to determine actual defamation is quite high. At the same time, certain ABC News reporters must be subjected to the same kind of public abuse based on their actions, as I was subjected to based on their lies.


I agree with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, that it is time to revise the law regarding the defamation of public figures, to ensure fairer coverage of American citizens and to hold the media responsible for their willful use of falsehood omission and distortion in their efforts to destroy the public reputation of anyone they target.

The “guilt by association” technique was carried to its extreme while failing to recognize that due to my epic two-year struggle for freedom and justice, and in my efforts to raise sufficient money for a legal defense after the Mueller nightmare had impoverished me and my family, I casually met and had my photograph taken with literally thousands of people. I have no more responsibility to know the name and background of every person who requests a photo nor am I responsible for all their actions, past, present, or future, but not according to ABC News.

While media outlets like ABC News, The Washington Post, and The New York Times willfully and purposely published falsehoods and inaccuracies, their greatest tool is the omission of salient facts. Below them is a whole subset of cretins like Seth Abrahamson who published his own delusional fever dreams because no “legitimate” news organization will employ him since doing so would assume legal responsibility and liability for the baseless horseshit this guy serves up as “news.”

By the way, Abrahamson’s claim that there were not one, but “two War Rooms” inside the Willard Hotel is a fantasy based on bullshit. His claim that Rudy Giuliani was running a War Room is total fiction. Just as his prediction of my “imminent” arrest in February 4, 2021, and his insistence that proof would emerge that I had “masterminded” the entire fiasco at the Capital. Scumbags like Seth Abrahamson are not censored on Twitter or Facebook while I am banned for life from both because of my “constant promotion of disinformation,” in other words, any political narrative that contradicts the conventional wisdom of the ruling elite. I am banned for life on Twitter but the Taliban, monsters who abuse women and children and who have no regard for human life, are not.

Bottom-feeder Seth Abrahamson actually makes a living by smearing me and then using my name for clickbait among the drooling anti-Trump leftists who dominate Twitter. It won’t end well for Abrahamson.

It is almost impossible to describe the experience of being vilified, smeared, censored, travel-restricted, terrorized, threatened, unconstitutionally gagged, legally lynched, nearly bankrupted, de-platformed, canceled, pardoned, and ultimately vindicated, particularly when your ultimate vindication never seems to get the level of media coverage that the original and in some cases fabricated attacks you received at the hands of the Democrat/corporate media/Deep State cabal.

The same prosecutors who said in their opening statement that my trial had nothing to do with President Trump used Trump’s name one hundred and thirty-two times in their closing statement and rebuttal to my defense.

The bloodlust on the American left because I successfully escaped the deadly snare so carefully laid for me by Robert Mueller (Andrew Weissmann), Congressman Adam Schiff and his confederates, the Red Chinese-compromised Eric Swalwell, and that little asshole from Texas, Joaquin Castro, whose political career has reached its zenith and whose trajectory, I assure you from this period forward is only downward. There is more than enough solid evidence of illegal handling of classified documents by every one of these House Democrat fanatics.

After living under a media-created cloud for two and a half years, essentially being gagged while I was lynched, and, by the grace of God having my “death sentence” to serve in the general population of a Covid-19-infested Georgia prison, where the Government insisted there were no existing Covid-19 cases, but in fact, there were hundreds and granting me an unlimited presidential pardon based on my failure to receive a fair trial and the obvious corruption of my trial itself. The President recognized that my Constitutional Right to a fair trial had been abridged and he answered my prayers when he granted me clemency.

The events of January 6th in which I played no part, gave the exact same fake news media assassins who have yet to admit the falsity of their reporting about me, an opportunity to create a new cloud of suspicion based on nothing at all. The Reuters story of last Friday completely debunks the ABC News reports that the investigation of the January 6th incidents would embroil multiple top Trump associates, including yours truly. ABC News’ use of a harmless video in which I stood on the steps and in front of my hotel when I went out to greet supporters on the morning of January 6, this being necessary because the city’s Covid-19 rules prevented.

Just as in the “Russian Collusion” hoax, the truth of my innocence regarding anything pertaining to January 6th will receive scant coverage from the same people who have yet to admit that they were wrong about “Russian Collusion” and that they relentlessly pushed a lie. From the beginning of my stunning and unnecessary gunpoint arrest in the predawn hours of January 25th, 2019 when twenty-nine heavily armed FBI agents swarmed my home to Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s fifty-five-minute political diatribe at my sentencing that the case against me was contrived, politically motivated and that my trial was hopelessly corrupted by politics.

For eighteen months I was legally prohibited from telling my side of the story. With the publication of my next book, “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong – My Political Persecution & the Loss of the 2020 Election,” the hand in hand corruption of the Deep State and their corporate media facilitators will be fully exposed, and the public knowledge of the unethical activities of a number of public figures who have yet to answer for their crimes will be exposed. Karma is a bitch.

Sources at Reuters tell me that the two reports whose dogged coverage of the January 6th conflict have been deluged with complaints from outraged leftists furious that these two journalists have simply reported the facts. Any claim of inappropriate or illegal activity pertaining to January 6th by me has now been credibly documented to be categorically false. Don’t expect the people who lied for two years about my being a “Russian spy” to tell you the truth about January 6th either.

It’s bad enough that the Biden Justice Department has filed an entirely fraudulent civil action against me regarding my back taxes. At the same time, my wife is waging a valiant struggle against Stage 4 cancer, a diagnosis brought on by two and a half years of relentless stress and pressure at the hands of Mueller and his thugs.

Those who want to help me in my legal struggle with these criminals can go to Those who want to help my wife and family finance the cutting-edge alternative homeopathic and holistic cancer therapies that Mrs. Stone is utilizing in her fight for life can go to

God bless Roger Stone and his family.

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Natural Immunity Is REAL! Why Do “Experts” Not Harp On Its Successes?

Do you remember way back in March, April, and May of 2020 when Dr. Anthony Fauci repeatedly touted our need for “herd immunity?” It seemed that in every interview he did on every television network, he claimed we would not be able to beat COVID-19 until we achieved “herd immunity.”  When the timeline for the rollout of vaccines for COVID-19 began to unfold, Fauci went silent about natural immunity. Since then, I’ve never heard any “positive” words regarding natural or herd immunity come out of his mouth. It’s as if he learned something negative about that and didn’t relate it to us for fear of embarrassment on his part for harping on it for months.

After a recent study was released, it appears that Fauci stopped promoting natural/herd immunity as a plus for some sinister reason. Could it be because he has a stake in the vaccine production and distribution — and the money?

I’m asking a question, not making an allegation. However, when it comes to information conundrums among politicians and so-called medical experts whose “facts” and “evidence” presented to us don’t align with actual facts, there’s always a dollar sign somewhere in the circumstances that point directly to them.

The Study

A new Israeli study on coronavirus immunity suggests that people who were previously infected with the virus benefit from significantly stronger and longer-lasting immunity than the immunity provided by vaccination alone.

The study, a retrospective observational study conducted by Maccabi Healthcare Services, Tel Aviv University, Ashdod University Hospital, compared Israelis from three groups: people who had received the vaccine and were never infected (SARS-CoV-2 naïve), people who were previously infected and did not receive the vaccine, and people who were infected with SARS-CoV-2 and then vaccinated after recovering.

Researchers found that natural immunity is stronger and longer-lasting than vaccination but also noted that a single dose of vaccine likely could offer additional protection from the Delta Variant to those who recovered from SARS-CoV-2.

For the study, researchers analyzed anonymized Electronic Health Records, a database covering records for 2.5 million people in Israeli, spanning March 1, 2020, to August 14, 2021.

The study grouped the subjects into categories based on vaccination status and previous infection, correcting for demographic factors including age, sex, location of residence, and the timing of infection or vaccination.

In the first analysis, which only compared natural immunity to vaccinated immunity among the SARS-CoV-2 naïve, two cohorts of 16,215 people each were studied, with equal representation of age, sex, location, and time of infection or vaccination.

This model showed 256 total cases of infection, 238 were ‘breakthrough infections’ of the vaccinated and COVID naive, while 19 were reinfections among the unvaccinated, previously infected group. Adjusting for comorbidities, vaccinated COVID-naïve people had a 13 times greater risk of infection than the previously infected.

Of 199 symptomatic cases, 191 were among the vaccinated, just 8 were among the previously infected. After adjusting for comorbidities, researchers found the vaccinated were 27 times more likely to suffer a symptomatic case of the virus in comparison to the risk previously infected people had of having symptomatic reinfection cases.

A total of nine hospitalizations were reported, eight of them among the vaccinated COVID-naïve group, with one among the previously infected. No deaths were reported in either cohort.

The researchers also compared two groups – each including 14,029 people – one in which the subjects had been previously infected but never vaccinated, and one in which they were infected and then later vaccinated with a single dose.

This model found that vaccination with a single dose of the vaccine cut the risk of reinfection nearly in half, with the previously infected vaccinated group having a 0.53 risk factor compared to the unvaccinated recovered group.

However, the vaccine appeared to make slightly less of an impact in cutting the risk factor for symptomatic illness.

Sixteen of the recovered-and-vaccinated cohort reported symptomatic reinfection, compared to 23 subjects in the unvaccinated cohort. One unvaccinated patient was hospitalized, while none of the recovered-and-vaccinated patients were hospitalized.

Considering comorbidities, the study found that recovered-and-vaccinated subjects had a 0.65 risk factor, or 65% the risk of the unvaccinated recovered subjects, for developing a symptomatic case of the virus.

The authors concluded that when studying the effects of the Delta Variant, “natural immunity affords longer-lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization due to the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity.”

But, they added, a single dose of the vaccine appears to boost the protection enjoyed by the previously infected.

“Notably, individuals who were previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the BNT162b2 vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant. The long-term protection provided by a third dose, recently administered in Israel, is still unknown.”

The researchers suggested that the stronger and longer-lasting protection enjoyed by the previously infected “could be explained by the more extensive immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 proteins than that generated by the anti-spike protein immune activation conferred by the vaccine,” while adding “this remains a hypothesis.”

The study appears to corroborate the data collected by Israel’s Health Ministry earlier this year which compared the likelihood of reinfection during the fourth wave of the pandemic to the likelihood of breakthrough infections among the vaccinated.

The data presented to the Health Ministry in July found that the vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely than the previously infected to be diagnosed with the virus. However, no distinction was made between vaccinated patients who were COVID-naïve or previously infected, nor were comorbidities accounted for.

A previous study, conducted in Cleveland, Ohio, found that there is likely little to no benefit for recovered SARS-CoV-2 patients receiving vaccines against the coronavirus.


One would think with the extensive historical examples of the medical “experts” like Dr. Anthony Fauci that originally touted natural immunity was the panacea we all needed, some of these experts would be lauding this study and its results. When I first read it, I expected a bunch of “I told you so’s” from those claiming to be the ones who promoted herd/natural immunity as our “necessary objective.” That has not happened and I don’t think it will.

Why is that? One can only speculate. But, in the context of the way this played out from the beginning, it is not a far reach to conclude there must be “a” or “some” reason(s) for these experts and mainstream media to ignore it. What could those reasons be?

Here’s one logical reason for the ignoring of such studies:

The international big pharmaceutical companies involved in the vaccine production against covid-19 collectively earned more than 24.5 billion euros in the first half of 2021, driven by the high demand for the drug.

According to data compiled by Efe, the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson (J&J), parent of Janssen, achieved a net profit of 24.5 billion euros in this period, which represents an increase of 66% compared to 2020.

The last to present results on Thursday was Moderna, which earned about 3.4 billion euros as of June, thanks to its vaccine sales, which were just under 5 billion.

The US company, which had lost 203 million euros in the same period of 2020, invoiced 5.3 billion during the first six months, after the sale of 302 million doses.

The pharmaceutical company raised its sales forecasts for this year to 16.9 billion euros and expected to deliver between 800,000 and 1 billion doses, which has demonstrated an efficacy of 93% in the six months after the second injection.

Pfizer earned a net profit of 8.8 billion euros so far in 2021, up 53% year-on-year, while its turnover amounted to €28.2 billion, up 68%.

Does anything jump out at you in that story other than the obvious massive profits for these companies? Did you notice the profit amounts are reported in euros and not dollars? Why do you think that is the case?

The answer is very obvious: this news report came from a newspaper in Madrid — NOT a U.S. outlet. Spain’s currency is euros as are other European countries. No U.S. mainstream media published these profit details of these pharmaceutical companies. 

There WERE reports of there being profits. But none made it a big deal. Why not? Because the “customer” for these Pharma giants was and is The United States Government.

We’re not saying there was any irregularity in all of this. But there are far too many unexplainable occurrences in this pandemic and its details to believe that no one has a personal financial stake in maintaining the furor in COVID-19 and all its mysteries for MORE profits.

We’ll leave this rabbit trail we’ve gone down, but not before we ask this question: Besides our government spending billions of taxpayer dollars on “COVID Insanity,” what are the costs involved and for whom?

The answer is simple: the lives of millions of people around the world who decided to trust what these experts had to say — even when much of the instructions given have proven to be wrong and, at least in part, have resulted in deaths, many of which could have been prevented.

Saddest of all is that we may NEVER know the truth — if we don’t already.

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Saturday Bullet Points: August 28, 2021

This past week can be best described as a “week full of American disasters.” Those disasters include the incessant misinformation coming from the White House, the State Department, and even President Biden himself. After a week in which we saw 130 Afghans and 13 U.S. military service members slaughtered by two bombs at the Kabul Airport, we anxiously watched daily to get some sense of the reality of the status of the rescue of an unknown number of Americans and Afghan citizens. These are huddled in secret locations throughout Kabul waiting for assistance to get to the airport and aboard rescue flights to escape certain death at the hands of terrorist rebels. We are told that 105,000 Afghans and Americans have left the country on U.S. military and private chartered jets. However, we have NO knowledge of how many of those rescued are Americans!

Let’s catch up on the latest stories regarding this horror: some you have seen/heard, some you have not. After reading the first few sentences of each bullet point, if you want details click on the blue arrow at the end of the description and you’ll be referred immediately to the full story. If you need no details just go to the next Bullet Point. PLEASE pray for all those still in Kabul — for their protection, safety, and quick return to their homes.

Bullet Points

  • I don’t want to sound negative, but…the Pentagon late Friday released a story stating a U.S. drone strike on a moving vehicle a few miles from the Pakistan border killed the “ISIS-K Planner.” (no name given) The story as reported by FOX News is very iffy, however. It says it could NOT be confirmed for certain that “Planner” was who was responsible for the bombing in Kabul, nor could it be confirmed that he was killed “for certain” in the drone strike. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Who was the brain surgeon that made the decision to give the names and personal information of all the Americans that were living in and around Kabul to the Taliban! That’s exactly what the Biden Administration did. Just imagine the reasoning that went into that decision. The Taliban are the very ones we’ve been fighting in Afghanistan for the last 20 years. They’re the ones that rape young girls and boys, behead Christians, burn or hang women who dare to show their faces in public, and are the sworn enemies of all “infidels.” And they have — thanks to Pres. Biden — the names of Americans in Kabul desperately trying to get out! For  the complete details, click on this link: 
  • You probably saw the President in media appearances during the week tell the press that World leaders have “universally” expressed their support of the President’s actions taken in the Afghanistan withdrawal. He said this again and again in the face of numerous media reports from all over the World that echoed the chagrin of numerous leaders who are horrified at Biden’s actions! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • A number of members of Congress and also American military leaders were shocked when President Biden and the Defense Secretary ordered the closure of Bagram Airforce Base outside of Kabul. The U.S. spent billions of dollars constructing it included the most strategic and thorough security measures to protect our military stationed there while giving us easy access to bring people and equipment in and out of the nation. It also housed thousands of prisoners captured during our time in Afghanistan. The horror at this could not be more obvious than in the wake of the bombings and deaths Thursday at the Kabul airport where there is VERY little security. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • As one would expect, President Biden is bringing thousands of Afghan refugees to the United States. The process and expense for doing so are monumental and no one will step forward and give the American people any details. This is especially troubling in the wake of the estimated 1 million illegal immigrants who have crossed our southern border in the past year. Where are these “new” refugees going once they arrive on U.S. soil? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Every American has looked on in anger when viewing the aftermath of the Thursday bombings at the Kabul airport. Reportedly, 130 Afghans died as well as 13 American service members, and the number is rising. It is believed the perpetrators were a splinter group of ISIS, known for suicide bombings. But no one has stepped forward and claimed responsibility. Americans waited and waited, and WAITED for a heads-up from the U.S. President. And most wanted to hear his commitment to find those who committed these atrocities and make them pay. What did he say when he appeared? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • It was expected that President Biden’s reasoning regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal was made public would be questioned. Using the word “questioned” is a bit kind. World leaders, citizens of other countries, and many Americans both in and out of the military are wondering what intelligence this President is using to make these outlandish decisions. And the Mainstream Media has joined the questioning of Mr. Biden — even CNN! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Sadly, one of the constant statements made by the President when responding to questions is that former President Trump is the culprit who orchestrated this pullout of American troops from Afghanistan. It’s sad for this reason: Biden, beginning on Day 1 of his presidency, immediately terminated dozens of OTHER Trump policies. When asked about the departure from Afghanistan, Biden said the Trump Administration had negotiated an agreement with The Taliban and Afghanistan, and, for that reason, Biden said he would honor it. Forget about the fact that the numerous policies of the Trump Administration he canceled were agreements with the American people! Forget that President Biden says continually in press briefings, “The buck stops here.” He SAYS that, but he doesn’t MEAN that. And, many in the media agree with Mr. Biden. When you read this story, you’ll probably get mad! 
  • Members of the media have breathlessly chased people who are stuck behind Taliban lines in Kabul to get the “Truth” of the conditions for those that cannot yet get out of the country for safety elsewhere. One especially troubling interview happened between FOX News and an Afghan man who is in fear for his life because he assisted our military in Afghanistan and knows the Taliban know who he is and are looking for him. He used the assumed name “Carl” in the interview. His comments will shock you! 
  • We’ve all heard members of the Biden Administration when facing the media brush off questions about the current inflation in the U.S., saying it’s only temporary. Guess what? They’re wrong! Inflation numbers are staggering. At the close of business on Thursday current inflation numbers tied the all-time inflation maximum numbers from 30 years ago. What does that mean? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Remember the lies that were crammed down our throats by mainstream media regarding the riot at the Capitol on January 6th? “Multiple Capitol policemen were killed by Trump supporters!” As it turns out, only ONE person was shot and killed that day. That person was a Trump supporter — the person who was shot. The shooter was a member of the Capitol police force. In the aftermath of it all, it is puzzling to most Americans that first, the identity of that police officer has NOT been released to the public OR to the family members of the person he shot. And the D.C. coroner listed the cause of death as Homicide. Even with that, NO ONE is going to prosecute the shooter for, on live video, shooting a former member of the U.S. Military in the back of the neck: Ashli Babbit from San Diego. She was unarmed and was not threatening anyone with any type of violence when the incident occurred. How, however, the policeman decided to come forward and justify his actions for the killing of Ashli Babbit. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Shh…we’re not supposed to talk about this. Another state has discovered massive issues with the mail-in ballot count in their state in the November presidential election. Exactly 82,766 ballots went “missing” or were “undeliverable” in Wisconsin. That sounds like no big deal, right? Biden’s margin of victory in the state was just 20,000 votes! Obviously, those “missing” and/or “undeliverable” ballots probably made the difference in the Wisconsin electoral votes. For complete details, click on this link: 

Is Kabul Biden’s “Waterloo?”

No, it’s not just a song by “Abba.” It was a famous battle.

The Battle of Waterloo was fought on Sunday, 18 June 1815, near Waterloo in Belgium. A French army under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by two of the armies of the Seventh Coalition, a British-led coalition consisting of units from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Hanover, Brunswick, and Nassau, under the command of the Duke of Wellington and a Prussian army under the command of Field Marshal von Blücher, referred to also as Blücher’s army. The battle marked the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

All that information is simply “fluff” around the essential stuff resulting in and from Waterloo. The Battle of Waterloo was a “humdinger.” It obviously involved many different combatants, did not last long. Napoleon lost. And four days later, Napoleon abdicated his throne in France.

Uh-Oh! You got the relation between what’s happening in Afghanistan and what happened at Waterloo. Could similar circumstances between the two world events resolve in the same fashion?

In his speech to the nation about our withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden was right that a long legacy of American involvement there preceded him. But across the board, in domestic and foreign policy, any new president inherits realities that precede him. The issue confronting every president is what principles and policies will be implemented to deal with these existing realities that will define his administration.

Most clear now is that America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is surrounded by a perception of confusion, weakness, and humiliation. For anyone who believes that our nation should be a beacon of strength for freedom in the world, that beacon has been deeply tarnished.

According to The Jerusalem Post, these are the nations that will most benefit from this moment: Qatar, Russia, China, Pakistan, Turkey, and Iran. According to the Post, “Most of these countries have hosted the Taliban or tacitly backed them.” In other words, this round has been won by forces in the world for whom freedom is not a value.

Biden, in his remarks, said, “We went to Afghanistan almost 20 years ago with clear goals: get those who attacked us on Sept. 11, 2001, and make sure al-Qaida could not use Afghanistan as a base from which to attack us again.”

This is inaccurate. Months after the attack on Sept. 11, 2001, President George W. Bush defined a two-pronged strategy of retaliation in his State of the Union address. One, “Shut down terrorist camps, disrupt terrorist plans and bring terrorists to justice.” This was accomplished in our successful military incursion in Afghanistan. But second, “We must prevent the terrorists and regimes who seek chemical, biological or nuclear weapons from threatening the United States and the world.”

Bush rightly noted that Afghanistan could not and cannot be viewed in isolation from forces in the world that hate us and hate our ideals. This humiliation of our nation in the current withdrawal from Afghanistan strengthens those forces. Although Biden decided to continue withdrawing from Afghanistan, he reversed President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the deal with Iran. Biden’s deal strengthens rather than weakens Iran and creates a path leading to the nuclear capability of this dangerous and threatening nation. But most critical is to appreciate that we cannot defend our nation abroad if we are not clear who we are at home.

President Ronald Reagan observed, “While America’s military strength is important … I’ve always maintained that the struggle now going on for the world will never be decided by bombs or rockets, by armies or military might. The real crisis we face today is a spiritual one; at root, it is a test of moral will and faith.” Our enemies, per Reagan,” must be made to understand: We will never compromise our principles and standards. We will never give away our freedom. We will never abandon our belief in God.”

It is here that Biden’s credibility is so deeply in question.

Under the leadership of this administration, the values that Americans have always known that protect individual freedom and protect God-fearing Americans – certainly those that understand this as Christianity – are on historically shaky ground. Cancel culture and wokeness limit our ability to speak and run our private lives and businesses freely. The values that have sustained marriage and family and protect the unborn have been dangerously weakened.

Government expansion and incursion into private life are unprecedented. Per the Hoover Institution’s John Cogan, if Biden plans find their way into law, “for the first time in history, more than half of all Americans would be on the federal dole.”

How can we expect leadership in Afghanistan or anywhere else abroad for these American values when we don’t see it at home?

American Military and Political Leadership is a Void

Biden’s handlers worked diligently in 2019-2020 to sell to the American people the fact that Joe Biden had a career FULL of foreign policy achievements during his 40-year political career both while he was a U.S. Senator and his eight years as Vice President in the Obama Administration. Yep, they told the truth — kind of. The only truth in the previous statement is that he WAS a U.S. Senator and WAS a U.S. Vice President. Regarding “foreign policy achievements:” he had NONE.

In hindsight, we can see what a dumpster fire the Obama/Biden White House was overseeing America’s national security and foreign affairs.

  • Failed “red lines” and genocide in Syria? Check;
  • The Russian annexation of Crimea? Check;
  • ISIS establishing a caliphate and spreading its deadly tentacles around the world? Check, check;
  • Then there’s Benghazi and the failed regime change in Libya. Check;
  • The disastrous Iran nuclear deal gave the world’s leading sponsor of terror $150 billion, much of which ended up in the hands of terror proxies. Check;
  • No one can overlook that on Biden’s “lead from behind” watch, North Korea dramatically expanded its nuclear arsenal while Russia meddled in U.S. elections — with hardly a wrist slap. Super Check;
  • The Obama Administration emptied GITMO on his watch, releasing scores of jihadis back onto the battlefield while also trading five hardened terrorists for deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Check.

Rank-and-File Democrats in Congress have begun to see the absence of reason in the Biden Foreign Policy team while the State Department and Defense Department leadership are doing NOTHING but scrambling for answers. It’s NOT working.

The fact that any of the explanations we are hearing from the National Security Advisor, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense are all minus ANY factual information, any reasonable and complete explanations, and certainly no evidence of any plans to extricate the thousands of Americans still behind Taliban lines that they Biden Administration continues to promise to “get them out.” Sadly, that promise is empty. Why? Even those cabinet members quietly agree there is LITTLE chance, if any, to get those Americans along with our Afghan allies out of the country safely before Biden’s arbitrary and mysterious August 31 deadline.

Each day it becomes more apparent that President Biden has NO grasp on governing our nation. These foreign events playing out now in Afghanistan have made it abundantly clear that this President has no grasp on what is necessary to take decisive measures in Afghanistan IMMEDIATELY.

As this story is being written, the suicide bombing of a gate at the Kabul Airport sadly killed twelve U.S. military members. Our military on the ground — not necessarily our military at the Pentagon — is face-to-face with terrorists. And those terrorists represent an uncountable assortment of well-organized, well-trained, and well-financed militia who each despise the United States and all those who represent us. It’s hard for Americans to understand how anyone is so committed to killing “The Great Satan.” “The Great Satan” is the United States of America. Please make no mistake: The Taliban, al Qaeda, ISIS, and multiple branches of these terrorist organizations exist solely to destroy every person on Earth who is NOT an adherent to their versions of the law and religion.

What can we do regarding filling the void of leadership in the U.S.?


President Biden should step aside. It should be obvious to him — even in his diminished cognitive state — that he doesn’t have what it takes to handle this pending genocide of innocent Afghans and Americans in Afghanistan by this terrorist conglomerate.

What would it look like if President Biden DID decide to resign as President? Obviously, the process would be fairly simple. He would simply resign as President. The Vice President would simultaneously take the oath of office and assume the presidency. But there are many Biden confidants that not only do not think Joe Biden will ever resign, and they don’t want Joe Biden to resign! After all, no matter the physical or mental state of a U.S. president, he or she can stay in office as long as they choose or until they’re replaced. Replacing a President is specifically detailed in the U.S. Constitution.

The first is Impeachment. We’ve been through that process recently, haven’t we? Twice, the Pelosi Democrats attempted to remove Donald Trump from office. They first, on both occasions, voted articles of impeachment in the House of Representatives and sent those articles to the U.S. Senate, after which a trial of President Trump was held. The Senate refused to remove Trump from office.

The second is the 25th Amendment of the Constitution.

After President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Congress proposed, and the states ratified the 25th Amendment in 1967 to outline the transition of power formally. Before that, the vice president didn’t officially have the power to take over.  The amendment states that if the president dies, resigns, or is removed from office, the vice president becomes president. If there is a vacancy in the vice presidency for any reason, the president can choose someone to fill it. And if the president is unable to fulfill his/her duties – like when President George W. Bush was under general anesthesia for colonoscopies in 2002 and 2007 – he can temporarily transfer his powers to the vice president and get them back when he’s done.

How Would the 25th Amendment Work in This Case?

Under the amendment’s fourth stipulation, it would only take 14 people to depose the president: The Vice President and a majority of the President’s Cabinet size if it increased or decreased in number.

Section IV reads:

“Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”

The “Final, Final”

Let’s face it: it’s doubtful Joe Biden will ever step down as President. Being the Commander in Chief has been a lifelong dream for Joe. Many feel Democrat Party leadership negotiated some deal with him to be a “temporary” President so that history would identify him as such. Then at some future point, he would step aside for the Vice President to take over.

In my opinion, neither option is viable and certainly neither would be a good option to choose!

In each option, Vice President Kamala Harris would become President. Can you imagine what horrors would erupt under her guidance? Look at her horrendous record as a prosecutor in San Francisco, then the Attorney General of California, U.S. Senator, and then as a candidate for the United States presidency. In which of these did she have even marginal success?

The people of California messaged their resounding NON-support of her in her presidential campaign. That’s why she dropped out of the race before the first primary election.

Sadly, it appears that whoever holds that office in the White House will be Mr. Biden or Ms. Harris until January of 2025 on Inauguration Day.

Which would you rather it be: Joe Biden or Kamala Harris?

OMG! That’s what you call a “conundrum.”

I wonder if Hillary is available?

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By the way: I thought you might like to reminisce a bit and listen to that big hit by the group Abba from the 70s: “Waterloo.”

Is This the Best We Could Do?

Is what we are seeing coming out of Washington really what American Democrats voted for last November? We have a Congress hell-bent on ONE thing and one thing only. And it isn’t crafting legislation “for” the American people. Their work in this legislative session has been exclusively about rushing to get measures passed that will cement a Democrat majority in both houses of Congress forever while taxing and spending our great, great, great, great, great-grandchildren into poverty. And they do it all for the cause of “investing in our infrastructure.”

No, they’re not talking about roads and bridges. Their definition of infrastructure skips right by the “roads and bridges” thing and jumps on the backs of “social infrastructure.”

What the heck is “social infrastructure?” Being the smart guy that knows where to go to get definitions of the Gen-Xers terminology, I did just that. And I STILL don’t know what it means. You decide:

“Social Infrastructure is a subset of the infrastructure sector and typically includes assets that accommodate social services. Examples of Social Infrastructure Assets include schools, universities, hospitals, prisons, and community housing. Social Infrastructure does not typically extend to the provision of social services, such as the provision of teachers at a school or custodial services at a prison.”

Wow! I really get it now. But for those who don’t quite rise to the level of “Wokeness” necessary to comprehend what that all means, let me dumb it down for you: Social Infrastructure is REAL infrastructure that adds on all the egregious and nasty spending pork projects for legislators that wouldn’t be passed if they were stand-alone pieces of legislature. And they include REAL infrastructure items plus a whole bunch more!

Congress doesn’t have time to put together details of these spending measures, then send them to the appropriate committees for analysis, discussion, and debate. In committee hearings to examine specific pieces of proposed legislation — when they HELD committee hearings on legislation — they formerly had a process called “regular order.” They had witness testimony about the pros and cons of each. Hearings included the introduction of amendments, the committee approval process, and then to the floor of the House for MORE discussion, MORE debate, MORE amendments, and then the voting process.

Some brain surgeon in Congress two decades ago figured out the American people don’t care about the Xs and Os of legislation. So they decided it’d be prudent to just throw these 2000-page bills to the public 24 hours before voting on the floor of the House. And don’t dare ask them questions: they don’t have time for such menial tasks.

What’s the justification for this? There are more important things for members of the House to do. They must “spend time in their districts to meet with their constituents and weigh in on legislative matters that concern their voters.” Want me to define what that really means? “It cost a fortune to run a campaign. We go home to meet with our supporters to answer their questions about government. But what we REALLY do is raise campaign money!”

Then There’s “Uncle Joe”

No one should be surprised at the actions initiated by Pres. Biden in the past seven months. After all, he promised over and over in his “basement” campaign speeches that he was going to spend, spend, spend, and tax, tax, tax. He hasn’t officially gotten to the “tax” part yet, but he’s got a really good start. Just his executive orders have thrown the nation into massive inflation not seen since the Jimmy Carter Administration.

Who isn’t angry at Biden at this point? The man brings new meaning to the word dither. He was five hours late to his address about Afghanistan
Tuesday, and what does he do? He talks about the “Build Back Better” agenda. Can you do this job, Joe? Why did we wait five hours for some crap
pitch about universal pre-K? Americans are trapped, and by all accounts, you’re totally fine with that. You promised that American troops would remain until every American was out. That’s a lie. We’re leaving on August 31 because “the Taliban said so.”

We cowered to terrorists.

There is no way we can evacuate everyone that needs to get out by that deadline — and Joe Biden seems okay with that (via NBC News):

With President Joe Biden intending to stick to the Aug. 31 deadline for U.S. troops to leave Afghanistan, it’s becoming clear that thousands of the Afghans who helped the U.S. won’t be evacuated, a scenario that has engendered deep frustration inside U.S. national security agencies.

“People are furious and disgusted,” said a former U.S. intelligence official who declined to be quoted by name. A defense official said he grew nauseated as he considered how many Afghan allies would be left behind.

At the CIA, “officers feel a real sense of obligation, moral obligation and personal obligation” to the Afghans they supported and trained,” said former CIA Director John Brennan, an NBC News national security consultant.

The U.S. proposed to extend the withdrawal date by four days, offering a promise to hand over a functioning airport to the Taliban after cleaning it up and leaving a Turkish staff to run it. But the Taliban refused to entertain any extension, two defense officials said. The result, U.S. officials said, is that evacuations are likely to slow considerably by Friday to give the military enough time to effect an orderly withdrawal. That isn’t nearly enough time to evacuate all the Afghan interpreters, drivers, and others who helped the 20-year U.S. effort in the country, and it may not be enough time to remove every American, officials acknowledged.

Biden was more concerned about his domestic agenda Tuesday. That’s all you need to know about this fiasco. Afghanistan is burning, and Americans are going to be left behind, but “Build back Better,” right?

It shows that he’s been disengaged, isolated, and totally disconnected from the whole situation. He was on vacation when Afghanistan collapsed — and he was content on staying in vacation mode.

Biden and his crew are making calculations believing that the American people won’t care that at least 7-8,000 citizens are trapped and at the mercy of Islamic terrorists. The thing is, I’m sure Biden’s getting sound advice from the military, who he hates.

Spare me with the “his late son was in the National Guard” talking point. We’ve known for years of his penchant to chew out the brass. He’s arrogant when he shouldn’t be — and it’s going to get Americans killed.

We have the makings of a massive American hostage crisis in Afghanistan. I wouldn’t be shocked if it went that way. Why not? This president is weak.


Don’t be fooled into believing Democrat leaders in D.C. don’t have a process in place to take this lunacy in the Biden Administration to the next level. The “next” level will NOT include the current President. For those who are hell-bent on getting rid of Biden ASAP, be careful: you may get what you’re asking for. That would be VP Kamala Harris stepping up a notch or two. The only other option is to wait Joe out for the next three years or so.

Just imagine if we had the “Giggler-in Chief” calling all the shots. Think about what Afghanistan would look like today. If you think it’s bad with Joe calling the shots, imagine the differences we would inherit with “Kalamity Kamala” calling the shots.

What should we do? It matters little what WE think about what WE should do. Congress must be stopped. These pieces of legislation that pander to The Squad under the watch of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) MUST stop. Yes, it will take a few Democrats standing up to the upstart power broker from Queens. And whoever takes on that role will immediately become a target of the Left.

But hasn’t our “Representative Republic” since its founding been “off the People, for the People, and by the People?” Our forefathers painted this picture to ensure that government existed from the bottom up and not the other way — you know, the way it’s running now.

Until a few more members of Congress find some gravitas and are willing to take on the Nancy Pelosi-Chuck Schumer lapdogs, we will continue down this road toward destruction. That certainly will be the case if Sleepy Joe continues to drive the boat.

I think Jill needs to remodel the “Delaware Basement Oval Office” to look just like the REAL Oval Office. She needs to take Joe home for a long weekend and tell him America moved the Oval Office to Delaware. Let him work from the basement! Jill could set up a few zoom calls each week with fake world leaders so Joe can talk about what a great President he is and how the kids used to love to rub the hair on his legs when he was a lifeguard!

She may need to get him a new “sippy-cup,” though. He keeps leaving the other one on Air Force One.

All this is NOT funny at all. But if we don’t chuckle, we’ll all go to bed crying every night.

And I threw away my “sippy-cup” about 64 years ago!

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“Your Papers, Please” is Only The Beginning

I’m well aware of the global crimes against humanity being perpetrated against a large proportion of the world’s population…. I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil…and dangerous products [the gene-based vaccines]. Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President, and Chief Science Officer

Natural immunity is the best of all forms of immunity.  Dr. Peter McCullough

We do know that COVID-recovered patients have a higher side effect rate when they do get needlessly vaccinated.  Dr. Peter A. McCullough

All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.  Adolf Hitler

Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of a socialized state.  Vladimir Lenin

In a recent article, I linked to the video, “Stop the Shot…The Rest of the Story,” which featured top physicians, scientists, and attorneys.  At the close of the program, Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP, and Chief Scientist at Pfizer voiced salient remarks we all need to act upon to save ourselves and our nation.

He tells us not to be frightened of the virus because we have excellent safe and inexpensive treatments.  The risk is exaggerated.  Stop being scared.  The lockdowns, masks, business closers, and forced vaccines are not sensible.

There is no sense in what our government is doing, but it is frightening.  As attorneys, Tom Renz and Reiner Fuellmich said, “You’ve got to object.”  Yeadon tells us we’re in WWIII and there are no allies.  Dr. Simone Gold, head of America’s Frontline Doctors ( says, “You out there are the cavalry, we have to rescue ourselves.”

Yeadon tells us that he read a paper by a psychologist that spelled it out for him…we have to share to get the ball rolling, and you don’t need to be a scientist or give an essay on science, you just need to tell people that things don’t feel right.  Talk to people on the street, your neighbors, your friends.  If you don’t, he says, “Eventually there’ll be a knock on your door and someone will be there saying, ‘You have to be vaccinated.’ And I’m frightened of that.”

Dr. Yeadon is more than right.  I tell this to young people working in the groceries, some look at me like deer caught in the headlights, but others listen and I tell them where to find information.  I sent one clerk to the web for Dr. Ryan Cole’s White Coat Summit 17-minute speech.  We must stop this now!  Speak up and save our country.

Medical Tyranny

Last week Devvy Kidd emailed me that Pfizer’s clot shot will be licensed this week and that means the demand will rise for vaccination to enter stores, go to work, see a movie, have surgery, or attend a wedding or funeral.  The first thing I heard Monday morning was that the FDA had licensed the Pfizer jab.  This is the end of all medical freedom. “Your papers please,” is only the beginning.  As for the Food and Drug Administration, Devvy’s comments were spot on when she said, “If anyone had any doubts about the FDA being owned by big pharma, this should hammer it home.”

Wayne Allen Root writes, “We have suicide bombers in the White House. We have suicide bombers in our governor’s mansions. Worst of all, we have suicide bombers directing the U.S. economy. Call this suicide by Democrats.”

He’s right, we are headed for disaster, far worse than the Hindenburg and Titanic.  New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco are all demanding “Your papers please,” to go into any restaurant, bar, nightclub, gym, even retail store.  I would assume that means groceries as well.  They’ll starve the people who want nothing to do with their medical nihilism.  What’s next?  A patch on clothing that says “unvaxed?”

And yes Wayne, the Democrats are asking for an economic disaster because 50% of Americans refuse the vax. They will stop attending functions, eating out, and spending their money where it counts.  They’re not just morons, they’re Red Fascists.

Leo Hohman’s latest article spells it out.  The Department of Homeland Security has issued a terror alert equating Americans who oppose government COVID restrictions with 9/11 terrorists.

“DHS will continue to identify and evaluate calls for violence, including online activity associated with the spread of disinformation, conspiracy theories, and false narratives, by known or suspected threat actors and provide updated information, as necessary.”

In a help-wanted ad posted to the National Guard’s website it is looking for men and women between the ages of 17 and 35 and in good physical shape to serve in its military police units as internment and resettlement specialists.

The E31 classification jobs will involve working in “Search/Restraint.”

Wake up America!

Following Orders

“I was just following orders” didn’t work for most of the Nazis on trial in Nuremberg, Germany.  Today, America’s medical hierarchy has bypassed the Nuremberg Code of Ethics and all 10 tenets of the Medical Ethics Code as a guide for permitted medical experiments.  America’s fascist propaganda forces millions of citizens to allow the clot shot to be administered in their left arm…close to their hearts.

Most doctors blindly support the recommendations of the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Doctors are trained in administering vaccines, not in how they are made. There are some doctors who choose to do the research themselves in order to develop an informed opinion on the subject. These doctors who become knowledgeable about vaccines usually become anti-vaccine. A little knowledge goes a long way.

Without a doubt, we live in the age of autism, but it is also the age of chronic illness. One in eighty-eight children is diagnosed with autism, while half of all children now struggle with chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, ADHD, etc. The rise in illness correlates with the dramatic increase in vaccines given to newborns and youngsters along with growing exposure to other toxic chemicals. Learning disabilities are almost all related to a lack of phonics in first and second grade.

God-Given Immunity

Dr. Rich Swier wrote a great article entitled, Fact-Checking the CDC, a portion of which follows:

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) website on Covid states: Will COVID-19 vaccines provide long-term protection?  Because COVID vaccines have only been developed in the past months, it’s too early to know the duration of protection of COVID-19 vaccines. Research is ongoing to answer this question. However, it’s encouraging that available data suggest that most people who recover from COVID-19 develop an immune response that provides at least some period of protection against reinfection – although we’re still learning how strong this protection is, and how long it lasts.

Even WHO doesn’t know if the SARS-COV2 vaccine is effective! 

And why should they?  The “warp speed” development of these jabs guaranteed failure when normal vaccines take years and are thoroughly assessed for safety.  Every mRNA test animal survived until they were again exposed to the virus…then they died of cardiac failure and sepsis.

It wasn’t long ago that WHO admitted COVID is no more dangerous than the common flu.  Biden has stated that the longevity of the first two C-19 jabs failed, so it’s booster time! Big Pharma’s scientists worry this will frighten people away from more COVID jabs. Let’s hope so.

According to a recent article by Stephen Frank, the success rate of the inoculation for just a few months is below 40% and some as low as 11%, but death and side effects certainly aren’t low.  So, guess what?!  The Department of Health and Human Services, in a joint statement with medical and public health experts, stated, “For that reason, we conclude that a booster shot will be needed to maximize vaccine-induced protection and prolong its durability.”  My guess is that the inoculated are not dying quickly enough for them, so let’s fill their bodies with more of the spike protein.

Read the entire article, it’s shocking.  Frank tells us that the feds announced that nursing homes must require employees to be vaccinated or they will face losing Medicare and Medicaid funds. And Big Pharma isn’t spending a dime on marketing. Our government, the mainstream media comrades, and non-profits are mandating you receive this jab, known to be a failure that has caused thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of adverse effects.  But the first booster won’t be enough, a fourth is probably on the way and more.

WHO’s statements regarding natural God-given immunity of recovered C-19 patients were despicable. Is the WHO lying about how long the immunity lasts when you’ve had this virus and recovered?  How long does your immunity last from viruses like measles, mumps, chickenpox, or various influenzas? You are immune for life. That’s the way God made the human body. If C-19 is just another flu, then why wouldn’t we have antibodies for life?  The chickenpox, measles, and mumps vaccines are good for life…of course, tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis are required every ten years. Is this continuing propaganda to force the jab?  Dr. Ryan Cole said you are in very big trouble if you had C-19, recovered, and then still took the jab.

Developing immunity is part of God’s plan for His children.  Children should be outside playing, getting dirty, being exposed to all kinds of outside bugs in the air, in the dirt, and from other children. Their immune systems are strengthened by being exposed. Too many of today’s mothers are keeping their children so restricted that they end up being allergic to everything, having asthma, chronic colds, etc. Play outside, build immunity! The bodies our Creator gave us are utterly amazing.

Why Natural Immunity Is Superior

Speaking with journalist Daniel Horowitz, pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole explained that natural immunity produces broad immunity that can’t be matched by vaccination. Link

“A natural infection induces hundreds upon hundreds of antibodies against all proteins of the virus, including the envelope, the membrane, the nucleocapsid, and the spike. Dozens upon dozens of these antibodies neutralize the virus when encountered again.

“Additionally, because of the immune system exposure to these numerous proteins (epitomes), our T cells mount a robust memory, as well. Our T cells are the ‘marines’ of the immune system and the first line of defense against pathogens. T cell memory to those infected with SARS-CoV-1 is at 17 years and running still.”

In 2020 it was reported that people who had recovered from SARS-CoV, a virus that is genetically closely related to SARS-CoV-2 and belongs to the same viral species, maintained significant levels of neutralizing antibodies at least 17 years after initial infection. This also suggests that long-term natural immunity against SARS-CoV-2 should be expected.

“With vaccination, however, Israeli data suggest that those who were vaccinated early on, in January 2021, are becoming susceptible to the virus, suggesting its efficacy may wane after about six months. Time for boosters!

“This sentiment was echoed by Pfizer’s head of medical research and development, Mikael Dolsten, who said ‘after six months, there may be a risk of infection with the expected decline of antibodies.’ Pfizer is seeking emergency use authorization for a third booster dose of its COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S.”

According to Dr. Cole, part of the reason for waning vaccine-induced immunity is because “we mount an antibody response to only the spike and its constituent proteins” and “as the virus preferentially mutates at the spike, these proteins are shaped differently and antibodies can no longer ‘lock and key’ bind to these new shapes.”

COVID Immunity Lasts a Lifetime

It was initially suggested that natural COVID-19 immunity may be short-lived. This was based on early data on SARS-CoV-2, which found that antibody titers declined rapidly in the first months after recovery from COVID-19. According to a team of researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine, however, if you’ve had COVID-19, even a mild case, you’re likely to be immune for life, as is the case with recovery from many infectious agents.

According to the senior author of the study Ali Ellebedy, PhD., an associate professor of pathology and immunology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, “It’s normal for antibody levels to go down after acute infection, but they don’t go down to zero; they plateau.”

The researchers found a biphasic pattern of antibody concentrations against SARS-CoV-2, in which high antibody concentrations were found in the acute immune response that occurred at the time of initial infection. The antibodies declined in the first months after infection, as should be expected, then leveled off to about 10% to 20% of the maximum concentration detected.

When a new infection occurs, cells called “plasma blasts” provide antibodies, but when the virus is cleared, longer-lasting memory B cells move in to monitor blood for signs of reinfection.  Bone marrow plasma cells (BMPCs) also exist in bones, acting as “persistent and essential sources of protective antibodies.”

Ellebedy even said the protection provided by naturally acquired immunity is likely to continue “indefinitely.”  These [BMPC] cells are not dividing. They are quiescent, just sitting in the bone marrow and secreting antibodies. They have been doing that ever since the infection resolved, and they will continue doing that indefinitely.

In another explanation of why antibody levels drop after initial infection — but it’s not an indication of waning immunity — Dr. Cole told Horowitz:

Yes, our antibody levels drop over time, however, scientifically, the memory B cells that make antibodies have been proven to be present in our lymph nodes and bone marrow. They are primed and ready to produce a broad array of antibodies upon viral pre-exposure.

It would be physiologically, energetically impossible to maintain high antibody levels to all the pathogens we are constantly exposed to, and we would look like the ‘swollen Stay-Puff marshmallow man’ of lymph nodes, constantly, if the immune system was required to do that.

Nevertheless, mild COVID-19 induces lasting antibody protection.

Dr. Joseph Mercola concurs and stated, “Once you’ve had COVID, you’re likely protected for life.”

Natural Infection Will Burn Out All Variants

Mainstream media comrades, academia, and Big Pharma are refusing to answer questions about natural immunity.  They’re disregarding recovery from C-19 completely.  They’re debunking studies, and torturing numbers to make it seem that immunity in recovered patients won’t last long.  As we’ve seen, this is patently untrue and is part of the mRNA propaganda.

If you choose to get a COVID-19 vaccine, you’re participating in an unprecedented experiment with unapproved gene therapy, of which the benefits may not outweigh the risks, especially if you’ve already had COVID-19 and are already likely immune. As noted by Horowitz, “Natural infection is the only phenomena that will ultimately burn out all variants, and the entire focus should be on getting seniors and other vulnerable people early treatment the minute they feel symptoms and even a prophylactic regimen of ivermectin when appropriate.”


After filing a lawsuit arguing he obtained “natural immunity” from COVID-19 after being infected with the novel coronavirus, George Mason University granted a professor a medical exemption from its COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Lawyers for Todd Zywicki, a law professor at the Fairfax, Virginia university, announced the agreement.  Zywicki filed affidavits from his doctor stating he has natural immunity from the virus after having fully recovered from COVID-19. And the lawsuit argued there is substantial scientific evidence indicating natural immunity from the virus is stronger than immunity through various vaccines.

Zywicki’s case is a rarity, but should be the most common.

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by 117 employees at Houston Methodist Hospital who were suing the hospital system over its COVID-19 vaccine requirement. A nursing shortage is planned, they went through treating COVID patients without a vax, and many of them contracted the virus, which is flu type A and/or B, but now a vax is required, so 150 of them either quit or were fired.  Walk-outs need to happen.

The judge also denounced the plaintiffs for equating the vaccine mandate to forced experimentation by the Nazis against Jewish people during the Holocaust. “Equating the injection requirement to medical experimentation in concentration camps is reprehensible,” Hughes said. “Nazi doctors conducted medical experiments on victims that caused pain, mutilation, permanent disability, and in many cases, death.”

Sadly, the judge is either part of the depopulation eugenics state or he’s a moron who hasn’t looked at the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System.

Deaths and injuries are massive with these inoculations.  Perhaps they should have shown the judge some of the actual side effects of this “experimental” and deadly jab.

Epidermal necrosis resulted after this woman took the jabs.  The photo results are devastating.  Or how about the woman who lost both legs and hands after her second mRNA Pfizer shot…a jab just made legal by the corrupt FDA?

Over 500,000 cases of unbearable side effects from these clot shots are on record, and VAERS is even deleting them.  Deaths from the jabs are rarely reported but are massive.  Depopulation of the masses by the totalitarian dictators in control of our local, state, and federal governments continues with the new false “fear” of variants.

Narrow Immunity with Clot Shot

Meanwhile, Dr. Peter McCullough pointed out that by getting vaccinated, you’re setting yourself up for a very narrow immunity, much unlike the broad naturally acquired immunity that could be easily overwhelmed by a more virulent virus. He stated the following in his interview with Daniel Horowitz:

What I know based on the literature right now is there could be a risk given the narrow spectrum of immunologic coverage … There could be such a narrow immunity that more virulent strain could overwhelm it …

The most recent variant is the Delta variant. That’s the weakest of all the variants and the most easily treatable. But if someone, let’s say a nefarious entity created a more virulent virus, it could easily be designed to scoot past a very narrow immunity that hundreds of millions, if not billions of people, will be keyed to with narrow immunity.

Even President Trump said, “The percentage of Americans with natural immunity from getting COVID-19 is a very powerful vaccine in itself.”  So why is he pushing this experimental mRNA vax?  And if he actually took the jab after recovering from COVID, he may not be with us that much longer.


When physicians like Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Peter McCullough tell you that your life is shortened if you’ve taken the COVID jab after having recovered from the C-19 flu, you know the powers-that-be are denying the magnificent immunity God gave our bodies.

Vaccine mandates for a flu virus that 99.75% of the infected recover from is nothing more than authoritarian control.  “Your papers please,” is gaining popularity with the totalitarians…and this is only the beginning.

Another Holocaust has just begun, either stand and fight or live on your knees.

Emergency Notification (Tuesday, August 24th 3:00 PM):

Just watched Dr. Robert Malone (the creator/inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology) on The War Room. Dr. Malone says that the Pfizer vaccine has NOT been approved by the FDA. The FDA issued two papers…one having to do with the Pfizer product which is still classified as EUA (emergency use authorization) only. Under EUA, Pfizer is NOT liable for any injuries, deaths, heart problems, etc. associated with their “vaccine.”

The second paper issued by the FDA has to do with the Bio-n-Tech vaccine that has not been manufactured or bottled yet. It is similar to the current Pfizer vaccine, and the Bio-n-Tech is the one that will be “approved”—and when it is approved, they will be liable for any injuries, side-effects, deaths, heart problems, blood clots, etc. This vaccine is NOT on the market yet and will NOT be available until it is actually manufactured and bottled.

So, Dr. Malone says that once again we are being lied to by a media that has not taken the time to read these two papers to see what they actually say. And the Biden WH is lying to us also. Dr. Malone suggests that everyone hold off on getting vaccinated until the actual approved (but not yet available) shot is on the market….

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Former Barksdale Air Force Base Commander, Col. Earl Tonjes, Joins “TNN Live!”

Colonel Earl Tonjes is no stranger to tough conditions for the American military operating in adverse conditions in foreign countries. Col. Tonjes flew 150 combat missions aboard B-52 bombers over Vietnam. He later became the Base Commander of Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, Lousiana. In that role, he worked in the strategic planning of U.S. Air Force operations during Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

The Colonel has a specific war-tested understanding of U.S. Military operational methods. He will share them with us live — Wednesday, August 25th — at 9:15 AM on “TNN Live!” You will NOT want to miss his insight and thoughts on what the U.S. is facing in this horror story playing out in Afghanistan. Join us on “TNN Live!” to hear for yourself.

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Who’s Been Worse in the Oval Office: Jimmy Carter or Joe Biden?

In my lifetime I have been conscious of quite a few presidential administration operations. I’m a Baby Boomer born in 1953. I don’t remember Eisenhower’s presidency, but I do remember John F. Kennedy’s time in office and, of course, every president since. There has been a stinker or two in the White House. And then there’s Joe Biden.

John F. Kennedy was the recipient of the angst of the Soviet Union and the Bay of Pigs debacle in Cuba. We were literally just minutes away from a probable war that could have escalated to a nuclear war with Russia.

Lyndon B. Johnson was Kennedy’s Vice President who was thrust into the Oval Office when JFK was assassinated. Johnson was the actual designer of U.S. involvement in Vietnam. He never declared war in Vietnam. Years and thousands of lives later, numerous young Americans returned from the rice paddies of Vietnam to the hatred and demonstrations of Americans who despised the war and all who participated in it. Those GI’s couldn’t understand the angst for them. They just went to do their service to the country.

There WERE big winners in the Vietnam mess: defense contractors who won multi-billion-dollar military contracts they received as handouts from their Buddy in the White House. The losers were citizens of the southeast Asian country and American GI’s who made it out and the family members of the thousands who didn’t.

Richard Nixon and his presidency were a disaster. Politics took control of the White House and Nixon went after his political opponents in a manner belonging to thugs. Who can forget the WaterGate break-in perpetrated by Nixon henchman to “get” documents and data from the headquarters of the Democrat Party? Nixon resigned in the face of certain impeachment.

Jimmy Carter was the worst president in modern history in numerous ways. On his watch, 100+ Americans were held hostage in Iran for more than a year. Inflation soared under his egregious financial policies. The prime lending rate hit 20% that destroyed numerous countries and destroyed the market for homeowners and those purchasing homes. Mortgage rates hit 18%!

Reagan struggled through the Iran Contra affair. Bush 41 invaded Iraq in the name of pushing Hussein out of Kuwait. Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky that played out literally in the Oval Office and was impeached for committing perjury in a civil trial and also for suborning perjury. Bush 43 followed his father’s lead and went to war with Hussein in Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction that weren’t there. That came after 9/11 and the Twin Towers’ toppling. Obama took spending taxpayer dollars on government give-outs to a never-before-seen level. Who can forget those “shovel-ready jobs” that he later admitted, “weren’t really “shovel-ready.”

Joe Biden

Robert Gates served under President George H.W. Bush as CIA Director then as Secretary of Defense for George W. Bush and became the first Secretary of Defense to be asked to remain in the next President’s administration: Barack Obama.

Gates knew Joe Biden for decades as the two served in Washington during the same time periods. He knew Biden specifically from a foreign policy perspective. He years ago made what seems to many to have been a prophetic word about then-Senator Joe Biden: “Joe Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy position he has ever taken.”

Many Americans, Afghani citizens, American citizens in our southern states, and even foreign leaders agree today that Gates was right about Biden.

Joe Biden has badly, visibly bungled America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. He has compounded the problem with his sluggish and dishonest public statements. This has gone so badly that even people and institutions that are normally sympathetic to Biden and his party have noticed. American allies have been appalled, and vocal about it. What is slowly dawning on people is that Biden’s critics were right about him all along. Not since James Buchanan has America had a president who came so prepared by experience for the job, yet had so little clue how to do it. That reality will be shoved from consciousness soon enough by people with a professional stake in not acknowledging it, but a growing number of the American people are likely to remember. So will our allies and enemies around the world.

It was possible (if you did not look too closely) to construct a case on paper over the past year and a half for Joe Biden as an appropriate person to be president of the United States, commander in chief of its armed forces, and leader of the free world. Certainly, Biden did not lack experience in high, national public office, exposing him to everything a man would need in order to be prepared for the job. He was a senator for 36 years, dating back to the closing days of the Vietnam War. He chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee twice, including during the post–9/11 era when Congress authorized the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He served two terms as vice president. He traveled to war zones and met scores of foreign leaders. Biden was also a man who came up from humble means and was seasoned by personal tragedy. One could characterize his years in office as the record of a public servant who values important institutions, took many mainstream positions and showed a willingness and ability to work with people across the aisle.

Yet, longtime Biden-watchers knew better. Two sets of critiques of Biden have followed him over the course of his career, and Republicans and conservatives have hardly been the only ones to level them. First were the things people noticed about Biden before 2019. For all his time-serving in Washington, Biden was widely understood to be a lightweight, a “tale-teller,” a plagiarist, an exaggerating braggart, a walking gaffe machine, a purveyor of malarkey who covered his inch-deep grasp of everything with his Irish charm and his ability to talk fast and at length until the listener had long since lost track of the topic. Biden rarely had ideas of his own, and when he did, they were usually the subject of mockery. His capacity for filling airtime at Senate hearings without actually saying anything was legendary. Yet, as Clarence Thomas and others warned, Biden could also be two-faced, reassuring people with promises in private and breaking them in public.

He could handle the Senate because he’d been there since he was 29, and there are lots of places to hide from accountability as one of a hundred. When Obama made the biggest right decision of his career to take out Osama bin Laden, Biden was the guy in the room saying “Mr. President, my suggestion is, don’t go” because there would be nobody to pass the political buck to if it failed.

It wasn’t just the bin Laden raid. Biden was also known for being wrong on just about every significant foreign-policy issue in Washington for half a century, from the Cold War to the War on Terror. In 1973-75, after the United States had signed the Paris Peace Accords that were supposed to end the Vietnam War without the collapse of South Vietnam, Biden was a loud voice in the Senate for cutting off any further U.S. assistance to prevent the North from overrunning the South. He didn’t care about America’s moral obligations:

“I may be the most immoral son of a gun in this room,” Biden said at a Democratic caucus in early 1975 as he argued against aid to Cambodia.  “I’m getting sick and tired of hearing about morality, our moral obligation. There’s a point where you are incapable of meeting moral obligations that exist worldwide.”

He didn’t care what happened to the people we abandoned, either:

“I do not believe the United States has an obligation, moral or otherwise, to evacuate foreign nationals. . . . The United States has no obligation to evacuate one, or 100,001, South Vietnamese.”

Barack Obama was in high school in Hawaii in the years that led up to the fall of Saigon. Donald Trump was still just another no-name real estate developer from Queens. George W. Bush was packing off to Harvard Business School. Bill Clinton was fresh out of law school and teaching in Arkansas. Jimmy Carter was winding down his single term as governor of Georgia, still unknown on the national stage. Ronald Reagan was leaving behind his governorship of California and gearing up for his first serious national campaign. But Joe Biden was already in D.C. helping shape the congressional policy that tied the hands of Gerald Ford while Saigon was overrun.

Hawks and doves alike blasted Biden for opposing the Gulf War in 1990-91, supporting the Iraq War in 2002-03, opposing the surge in 2007, and supporting the 2009-11 withdrawal (a move that was seconded by Tony Blinken and Lloyd Austin, now his secretaries of state and defense). In 2010, Biden boasted of the U.S. departure from Iraq: “Some said that our drawdown would bring about more violence. Well, they were wrong, because the Iraqis are ready to take charge.” Instead, ISIS took over nearly half the country, and the United States had to go back to war.

Biden never actually ran anything bigger than a Senate committee (which runs on its staff) until he was vice president. The things he ran as vice president (such as overseeing the stimulus) were notable disasters. Politico reported that Biden’s own boss, Barack Obama, warned another Democrat in 2016, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” It has not been hard to notice how much Obama has kept his distance from his former veep as Biden does just that. You might prefer partying on Martha’s Vineyard with George Clooney and John Legend, too, if the alternative was making your political legacy a hostage to fortune in the hands of Joe Biden.

The façade of Biden’s charm was also prone to cracking when he was actually pushed to do more than just run his mouth. His infamous meltdowns on the campaign trail in 1987 happened when reporters were hot on his trail for stealing another man’s speeches and biography. Biden told one voter, “I have a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect,” and tried to shout down the press with a series of lies about his academic attainments. “I exaggerate when I’m angry,” Biden conceded later. Yes, we noticed. When he debated Paul Ryan in 2012, he went full Joe Biden, shouting over Ryan repeatedly to prevent any sort of engagement with his ideas.

With Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign came a second set of newer critiques. He was visibly not the same man in his late seventies, no longer able to talk his way around trouble. That was widely noticed by progressives in the primaries until it became inconvenient to mention. The quick-tongued gaffes turned to confusion and sentences that were abandoned midstream after Biden lost his way. Without the old gift of BS, Biden’s fuse when confronted was shorter — he called one voter a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier,” and berated another with “look, fat” and challenged the guy to a push-up contest. The man who once would talk to anyone about anything for any amount of time retreated to taking questions only from pre-scripted lists of friendly reporters. Biden was always a man without courage, but now he was discarding long-held positions overnight, allowing himself to be bullied by his own party’s extremists. Generational changes in Congress had also robbed him of his feel for how the Hill works.

The pandemic was a godsend, allowing him to hide in his basement for months and avoid unscripted questions. He won the election by making himself as small and low-profile as he needed to be. Opinion polls for much of this year have shown him enjoying a honeymoon period with voters tired of Trump who are happy to have an absentee president for a while. But Afghanistan, the Taliban, ISIS, and REAL foreign policy were certain to expose Joe Biden. And it has.

Leon Panetta, the defense secretary under Obama from 2011 to 2013 and a man who has served alongside Biden for decades, looked at the inept execution of the withdrawal and commented, “It just struck me that they were crossing their fingers and hoping chaos would not result.” Panetta suggested that Biden just isn’t the same man anymore: “It’s not the Joe Biden that I often saw in the National Security Council raising questions about the planning involved in any decision that the president had to face.”

Three different Senate committees, all led by Democrats, have now promised to launch probes of what went wrong — a highly unusual display, given the longstanding refusal of Democrats on Capitol Hill to investigate their own administrations. New Jersey’s Bob Menendez: “I am disappointed that the Biden administration clearly did not accurately assess the implications of a rapid U.S. withdrawal. We are now witnessing the horrifying results of many years of policy and intelligence failures.”

It is long past time for people to notice who Joe Biden always was, and who he has become in his advanced and obvious cognitive decline. He is a hollow man, incapable of managing a picnic, let alone a war. His credibility, always unearned, is shot. His only real skill is his quick tongue, and it has deserted him. Even his onetime virtues — his old-timey patriotism, his faith in institutions, his empathy for others — are easily discarded as the old man reverts to his base instincts when cornered. Biden must hobble through the remainder of his presidency, if only because the alternative is Kamala Harris, his inexplicable choice — or threat — of an heir. But nobody should, any longer, pretend that Joe Biden is fit to lead this nation.

Joe’s gotta go…period.


Hats off to Jimmy Carter. In just six months, Joe Biden snatched the “Forever Worst President” trophy from Jimmy Carter. No doubt, Joe owns that trophy…by a LOT!

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Strongest Nation on Earth or Just Whimpering Sissies?

Can you remember a time in American history — at least in the last 75 years or so — when the United States faced a situation similar to what our nation faces today in Afghanistan? There’s no doubt foreign foes have been numerous throughout our history. But the U.S. has always found a way to take whatever measures are necessary to send those foes packing. And, exclusively, we have done so on THEIR turf.

Oh, there certainly have been “drive-by shooters” like Osama bin Laden and Hirohito and Adolph Hitler. Don’t forget, the British, after being sent packing in the 18th, century decided they’d try one more time to take on those rebellious colonialists and came back for one more taste of American musket fire. They almost succeeded and even burned the White House. But they were unsuccessful — twice. The Britts discovered something they never expected from Americans. Hirohito and Hitler saw the same thing. And it whipped them all.

But things change.

After WWII that saw two world tyrannical nations gang up on those upstart Yanks in the U.S. were each sent packing, licking their wounds. WWII was the last war we won.

We’ve since been involved in many skirmishes. We’ve found ourselves in military conflicts all around the globe. Somehow those skirmishes never turned into full-fledged wars. There was Korea, the Cuban conflict, Iraq “One” and Iraq “Two.” The U.S. sent forces to Panama, and to Central America to fight the illegal drug lords and cartels. For reasons that remain unknown, we sent thousands of young men to their deaths in that little nation in southeast Asia, Vietnam.

What changed?

After World War II, the U.S. rebuilt rapidly. Our leaders came mostly from that war and wore the banners of those victories over foes few thought we could ever defeat. The American people were proud: proud of their country, proud of NOT quitting during what seemed unwinnable battles in the Pacific while at the same time in Europe. Americans were proud of each other.

And then Politics replaced Pride and declared wars against specific foes morphed into “skirmishes” against hard to identify opponents. And what for? Not to protect the Homeland against invasion. Not to stop threats from international despots to keep those evil empires from taking over our nation. Those were in large part to prove to people around the world the glory of wars not lost were justification for refusing to engage in World War “III.”

We became known as the protectors of “lesser” populations in countries that “needed” a Big Brother to intervene for both internal and foreign critical issues. The U.S. literally became the neighborhood bully whose tactics were to simply bluster at these foes, talk louder than did they, and use past history examples of how tough we were to keep everybody else afraid to fight back.

The U.S. even turned the corner against Islamist extremists that attempted to invade our nation with philosophy, terror, and fear. When those twin towers in Manhattan fell killing 3000 Americans, that old love for “flag and country” welled up in the hearts of tens of millions of Americans who said in unison, “You can’t kill us and expect to get away with it.”

We Americans took for granted our government had continued to grow in knowledge, understanding, and military might after World War II. Oh, we learned a lot. We initiated great technological improvements in our military. We built the largest and most powerful military complex on Earth. WE became the Big Bully. But that wasn’t enough. And the REAL bullies stayed in the bushes watching and learning how they could best go after the United States.

But spending money and the accumulation of technological wonders don’t necessarily turn into success in military operations. That takes grit, hard work, effective leadership, and planning. There were no Eisehnhowers or MacArthurs or Pattons left in leadership in the U.S. military. Their replacements liked the idea of power and authority but were not really into leading their minions by example. Real military leaders quickly became rare and even nonexistent.

The rank-and-file in the military that weren’t alive in WWII didn’t understand that and just thought that was normal. The NCOs operated in the ages-long process of following orders and maintaining an atmosphere of discipline. Senior military leadership did NOT fall into that same thought process. And most of those saw politics as a new way to garner all those trappings that come to those who are allowed to step up on the political platform.


All those other smaller and less sophisticated nation’s military leaders saw how the U.S. defeated its foes in our past and began to implement the reasoning and planning that our great generals and admirals had used to win wars. Some of the despots were emboldened. New giants were created. War was changed in structure. The U.S. found itself sucked into skirmishes all over the world that never became wars and were therefore never won.

Our former military-now-political leaders decided it prudent to occupy these new upstart foreign foes’ countries to do “nation-building” under the guise of helping them to build necessary political and military infrastructure sufficient to keep invaders at bay.

Afghanistan was such a nation. It was massive in size, unsophisticated politically, but VERY Muslim. It was a haven for every type of radical Islamist group to locate, train, and launch terrorism worldwide.

The U.S. didn’t learn about Afghanistan and how resilient its people and leaders are. That was even after watching the Russians flounder there for more than a decade. The Russians withdrew and were happy to leave.

Meanwhile, the U.S. watched in horror as our twin towers fell, Islamic radicals were named as responsible, and Pres. George W. Bush felt it necessary to go to Afghanistan to find the perpetrator Osama bin Laden and to keep him and other Islamist groups from mounting new attacks against all of the Western World.

Just as the Russians learned Afghanistan is not an easy country to occupy we learned the same lesson. But it took us twenty years.


The American-nurtured Afghan military of the last 20 years that had suffered thousands of prior casualties evaporated in a few hours in the encirclement of Kabul.  Enlistees apparently calculated that their own meager chances with the premodern Taliban were still better than fighting as a dependency of the postmodern United States — despite its powerful diversity training programs.

Forces more powerful than the Taliban, in places far more strategic, will now leverage an ideologically driven but predictably incompetent administration, a woke Pentagon, and politically weaponized intelligence communities.

  • Why not, when President Joe Biden trashes both American frackers and the Saudis — only to beg the Kingdom to rush to export more of its hated oil before the U.S. midterms?
  • Why not, when Biden asks Russia’s Vladimir Putin to request that Russian-related hackers be a little less rowdy in their selection of U.S. targets?
  • And why not, when our own military jousts with the windmills of “white supremacy” as Afghans fall from U.S. military jets in fatal desperation to reach such a supposedly racist nation?

Biden keeps repeating that he was bound by former President Donald Trump’s planned withdrawal.


A mercurial Trump repeatedly demonstrated that he was willing to use air power to protect U.S. personnel and to bomb an Islamic would-be caliphate. The Taliban knew that and so struck when Trump was gone.

Biden claims he was bound by Trump’s decision to withdraw and thus cannot be blamed for his reckless operation of a predetermined departure. But all Biden has done since entering office is destroy Trump pacts, overturning past agreements on energy leases, protocols with Latin America and Mexico on border security, and pipeline contracts.

No sooner did Biden claim he was straitjacketed by Trump than he reversed course to defend not just his own withdrawal but the disastrous manner of it. Biden claims that he has no free will while insisting he would have done nothing differently if he did.

In a sane world, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the secretary of defense would resign. We have heard for too long their careerist boasts about assigning climate change as their chief challenge. For too long they have virtue-signaled their critical race theory credentials to Congress. For too long they have bragged about rooting out alleged white supremacists from their ranks. For too long they have sparred with journalists while fighting Twitter wars and issuing cartoonish commercials attesting to their woke credentials.

In other words, they sermonized on anything and everything — except their plans to prevent a humiliating military defeat of U.S. forces and their allies.

Our intelligence and investigatory agencies are just as morally suspect. The legacy of John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, and Andrew McCabe has been the destruction of the reputations of the CIA, NSA, and FBI. Current and retired intelligence lackeys and careerists all wasted years promulgating Russian “collusion.” They swore Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian “disinformation.”  They surveilled and unmasked officials and hatched adolescent plots against an elected president. All that was more important to their careers than warning of the growing threats in Afghanistan.

In the aftermath of the Afghan debacle, we must de-politicize and de-weaponize these warped agencies and incompetent institutions.

We could get a symbolic start by pulling security clearances from all retired operatives, officers, and diplomats who go on television to offer partisan analysis.

The retired and pensioned top brass should finally be held to account if they violate tenets of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. When four-star generals lecture the nation that an elected president is a Mussolini or Nazi-like but keep mum during the greatest military setback in a half-century, they should forfeit exemptions from existing military codes.

Retired officers who revolve in and out of corporate defense contractor boards and Pentagon billets should have a cooling-off period of five years before leveraging their inside knowledge of the Pentagon procurement labyrinth.

As for Biden, his team in defeat threatens the victorious Taliban with possible ostracism from global diplomacy as the price of their illiberality. We are to assume that in between executing women, the Taliban will fear losing the chance to visit the U.N. in New York.

Biden has defied a Supreme Court ruling and assumed that it was a good thing to have broken the law. Under his watch, the fate of America’s border, equal enforcement of the laws, economy, energy, safety from crime, foreign policy, and racial relations have imploded — and in seven months no less.

If Biden were a Republican, the current Democratic House would have impeached him. It would have been right to have done so.

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Saturday Bullet Points: August 21, 2021

This past week may have been the most contentious and most dangerous week for the American people in decades. Why? Our government ceded total control of a country that, while not OUR country, was full of thousands of Americans who were there working for our government, working for U.S. companies performing jobs for our government and the government of that country, and even missionaries. No, the country was not ours. But our previous governments over the past two decades had operated in tandem with the Afghanistan government to find and eliminate terrorist operations and training centers already there while, at the same time, making certain no such operations were allowed to use Afghanistan to launch 9/11-style actions against the U.S. and our nation partners.

Today’s Bullet Points cover much of the latest news from Afghanistan. Please understand this changes hour-by-hour and will continue to do so. We also touch on other significant actions that are important to us all. Please have a great weekend and stay close to what you may see and hear from us at TruthNewsNetwork.

Bullet Points

  • One of the most shocking happenings is to watch how President Biden virtually hides from the media. And the three times he has faced the press during the week, the only questions he takes are from a few reporters that have obvious pre-planned (and approved) questions to ask. As you can imagine the White House staff to a person have consistently deflected realistic questions the President refuses to hear and certainly will not answer while maintaining a lie that President Biden has NOT refused to answer questions! For complete details, click on this link:
  • While watching what Biden has brought to the American people along with his Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, have you wondered how your fellow Americans feel about this craziness? Know this: the questions about President Biden’s handling of this are NOT from just Republicans. Democrats in the media and across the nation are looking on in awe at the ineptness of President Biden. And the polling numbers are in. It doesn’t look good for the President. For complete details, click on this link:
  • In Friday afternoon’s press briefing by the President (that started 50-minutes late), President Biden told the nation that U.S. forces have secured the Kabul Airport. Regarding Americans who are blocked from the airport by Taliban fighters and by fear of being injured or even killed, Biden said this: “We’re going to do everything we can to provide safe evacuation to our Afghan allies,” said the president before clarifying that, “any American who wants to come home, we will get you home.” We heard his promises, but what we are seeing in real-time says something exactly the opposite. For complete details, click on this link:
  • I’m sure you heard that the Taliban captured billions of dollars in U.S. military equipment including 600,000 weapons. It is unconscionable to believe our military walked away from such dramatic assets and military infrastructure. What should be done? Former President Trump stated there was a plan in place under his watch that would have in advance of withdrawal withdrawn all of our weaponry and vehicles and would have destroyed our military locations around Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban from using it all in terrorist activities. What are the plans for this in the Biden Administration? For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s no longer conservative media outlets that are attacking President Biden for this horror created in Afghanistan. Believe it or not, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe tore into Biden Thursday morning in an interview with Donnie Deutsch, who is NOT a conservative. To hear Joe break down what’s ahead, click on this link:
  • What about all those Americans stuck behind Taliban lines who desperately want (and many are even trying) to get to the airport to get on a plane to go home to the U.S.? The U.S. State Department has released statements to those Americans of what to do. In part, here’s that message: “We are processing people at multiple gates. Due to large crowds and security concerns, gates may open or close without notice. Please use your best judgment and attempt to enter the airport at any gate that is open.” How would YOU feel in such a scenario in which the Taliban that is heavily armed and is actually executing people stand between you and that airport and our government will not even “guarantee your safety?” For complete details, click on this link:
  • We know there are many Americans behind Taliban lines. The Biden Administration strangely does NOT know the number or are hiding from the American people. One American woman and her daughter were in Afghanistan visiting family members when this debacle unfolded last week. They’ve been struggling to get out of Afghanistan to return home to Colorado while desperately evading Taliban fighters. While details are a bit sketchy it appears Mom and daughter got out of Afghanistan and are headed home. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Mike Pompeo who was President Trump’s Secretary of State had previously been the CIA Director. Because of that, Pompeo has extensive knowledge of pretty much everything regarding the operations of the Taliban in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East. Pompeo when CIA Director put numerous intelligence operations in place in Afghanistan that he says now are obliterated by the Biden Administration’s actions. U.S. Intelligence, according to Pompeo, is set back decades. For complete details, click on this link:
  • One would think the Afghan people would be adjusted to life with terror surrounding them 24/7. After all, Afghanistan has been under constant siege of bad actors both domestically and from abroad. In that setting, it seems that they would simply quietly wait for this initial surge of violence at the hands of the Taliban to pass. But desperation has taken over the Afghan people. Mothers are even tossing their infant children to U.S. military members over barbed wire surrounding the airport perimeter begging those U.S. soldiers to take their children to safety in the U.S. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Yes, there are important matters happening back home in the U.S. In fact, there are other travesties underway in the Biden Administration that are NOT about Afghanistan or terrorists overseas. It actually involves potential terrorists crossing our southern border and are being welcomed by Biden’s Homeland Security. In fact, Biden et al are about to publish an Executive order that will bypass federal immigration judges who normally determine whether or not to give illegal immigrants asylum. Those Biden folks will be given the exclusive authority to declare any (and all) illegals eligible for asylum and to give them instant citizenship! For complete details, click on this link: