Rampant Voter Fraud

Very few America voters believe in the sanctity of  the American election system. Think about it: in every American federal election, political pundits and candidates alike all over the country are claiming “This election’s results cannot be trusted because of voter fraud.”

But for every candidate who claims voter fraud there’s another who trumpets the system works continuously, ethically, and carefully, because those who operate elections make certain “every vote is counted” and that “no election fraud has occurred.”

But we continually see and hear reports like these during elections:

“The North Carolina Board of Elections has released affidavits from voters who told investigators of fraud allegations that a Republican campaign worker collected their absentee ballots in a U.S. congressional race in which the Democrat lost.

It is illegal in North Carolina for anyone except the voter or a near relative to deliver an absentee ballot in person.

Voters in Bladen County said McCrae Dowless, who worked for Mark Harris, the Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, collected their ballots and they did not know what he did with them, according to the affidavits, which were released on Sunday.

The Board of Elections voted last month to investigate claims of voter fraud and irregularities in Bladen County, declining to certify Harris as the winner in the race.

Christopher Eason of Bladenboro, North Carolina, said in an affidavit that Dowless came to his house and asked for his absentee ballot, which he handed over signed and unsealed.

“I signed the absentee ballot envelope but left the ballot completely blank. I did not make any selections in any of the contests on the ballot,” Eason wrote in the affidavit, provided to the Board of Elections by McCready’s lawyers.

Attorneys Jonathan Berkron and Marc Elias, who represent McCready, did not respond to a request for comment on Monday.”

California’s election operationa are constantly blamed for election wins and losses. Let’s face it: with California now giving illegals drivers licenses, it can be difficult if not possible for registrars of voting throughout the state to prove absolutely applicants for voting status are legally eligible to vote in federal elections. This as California before the 2018 midterm elections gave illegals the right to vote in local and certain state elections. It is not a far stretch to imagine voter fraud there. And in California, even lawsuits are common with abundant claims of voter fraud:

“California and Los Angeles County have agreed to purge as many as 1.5 million inactive voter registrations across the state as part of a court settlement finalized this week with Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog.

Judicial Watch sued the county and state voter-registration agencies, arguing that the California government was not complying with a federal law requiring the removal of inactive registrations that remain after two general elections, or two to four years.

Inactive voter registrations, for the most part, occur when voters move to another country or state or pass away but remain on the rolls. The lawsuit alleged that Los Angeles County, with its more than 10 million residents, has more voter registrations than it has citizens old enough to register with a registration rate of 112 percent of its adult citizen population.

The entire state of California had a registration rate of 101 percent of age-eligible citizens, the lawsuit said, citing data published by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

The settlement is a third statewide voter-registration legal agreement or court order reached between Judicial Watch and states; the others were reached with government entities in Ohio in 2014 and Kentucky last year.

“This settlement vindicates Judicial Watch’s groundbreaking lawsuits to clean up state voter rolls to help ensure cleaner elections,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

Fitton said the California settlement would “clean up election rolls in Los Angeles County and California—and set a nationwide precedent to ensure that states take reasonable steps to ensure that dead and other ineligible voters are removed from the rolls.”

Secretary of State Alex Padilla said state officials “have and will continue to meet the goals of the National Voter Registration Act”—the federal law at issue in the case—in “maintaining the accuracy of voter rolls and increasing the number of eligible citizens who register and vote.”

Padilla tried to assure California voters that it would not lead to “unnecessary removal of active and eligible voters.”

“Safeguards remain in place to ensure voter-list maintenance procedures are followed before canceling any voter registration records,” Padilla said in a statement.

He also took a shot at Judicial Watch, arguing that the group’s statements about the settlement “conflates their unfounded claims with what was actually agreed upon in the settlement” but did not elaborate about what constituted an “unfounded claim” by the conservative group.

“The settlement is clear and simple: California will continue its work to adhere to modern list maintenance procedures under the [National Voter Registration Act],” he said. Padilla also hailed California as a leader in implementing election reforms to improve voter participation.

The California DMV’s new process of automatically registering people to vote, which began in late April of last year, was credited with boosting voter registration and turnout to historic highs. Nearly 1.5 million more people were registered to vote than were in the last midterm election in 2014, for a total of 19 million Californians, according to the California Secretary of State’s Office.

That so-called motor-voter law also raised still-unanswered questions about the number of illegal immigrants and other non-citizens who may have voted in the June primary and November gubernatorial and congressional midterm election. California officials still cannot say whether non-citizens voted, the Sacramento Bee reported.

On Thursday, Padilla confirmed for the first time that his office is actively investigating whether illegal immigrants and other noncitizens voted last year because the DMV erroneously registered them to vote.”

Even President Obama did not escape allegations of voter fraud during his administration that was allowed (if not in fact encouraged) through his entire eight years. Claims that he even encouraged it are plentiful:

Public Interest Legal Foundation President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams worked in the civil rights division of the Justice Department during the George W. Bush administration and the beginning of Obama’s first term. He was convinced that voter fraud is rampant.

“We know of election crimes that have gone on in the last seven years, one after another after another, that the federal government never prosecuted and never investigated, never did anything about and creating this Wild West atmosphere with voter fraudsters,” Adams said.

For examples, Adams cites Wendy Rosen, the 2012 congressional candidate in Maryland who also voted in Florida. He said there have been more than 1,000 non-citizens discovered voting in Virginia since 2011, and more than 800 others in Ohio. He said North Carolina found 41 ballots cast by non-citizens last year and Nevada found three.

Not only is the fraud not being investigated, in some cases it is celebrated.

“You have Melowese Richardson, a woman in Cincinnati, who said on camera that she voted six times for President Obama,” Adams said. “She was actually celebrated at an event that Al Sharpton was at. They treated her like a hero.”

Foreign Election Tampering

We are currently in the midst of multiple investigations into foreign intervention in U.S. elections. The Mueller investigation’s premise that initiated the probe was multiple claims of Russian collusion with members of the Trump Campaign  to impact the election in the favor of Donald Trump.

Former President Obama derided those who accused his administration of turning a blind eye to claims of election tampering. He demonstratively reprimanded Donald Trump for his claims of election meddling in the race to favor Hillary Clinton:

It is widely accepted that foreign actors continuously work to impact U.S. elections and those of other nations. Hackers often are working to somehow achieve election results for candidates perceived to be favorable for their governments.

It was confirmed that Russia indeed did impact the 2016 election through purchased ads on Facebook to prop up the candidacy of Donald Trump, even though Facebook officials vehemently denied those actions at first. Exactly what impact was made by those Russian measures are unclear. China has been rumored to attack multiple nations’ election processes to assist candidates favorable to their causes and to sow negative information about candidates perceived to be against China.


It seems that claims of election tampering throughout the country targets Democrats dramatically more than Republicans. Of course members of the Democrat Party discount such allegations. But multiple examples of Democrat operatives exposed in the midterm elections show there may be a concerted effort by Dems, almost with a sense of desperation.

It has been pointed out several times that the purported efforts by Democrats to “steal” elections (as they are sometimes accused of) are part of a larger process. Democrat Party membership has been slipping over the past years. That fact is illustrated most by not just losses in federal elections, but by the GOP domination in state and local elections in the last decade. Why is that?

It seems to be coordinated at the federal level. Many political experts claim it’s because Democrat Party leaders are in panic mode. What can they do to maintain and even gain more control of local, state, and federal offices? What could their reasoning be?

It seems their efforts are multi-fold, well-planned, and well thought out. Apparently their 180 degree turn regarding southern border control is part of their plan. It is no secret that their fight for open borders and getting illegals the ability to vote, is fundamental to their plan.

Finding ways to impact local, state, and federal elections in ”creative” ways is the second tier of this master plan. Attacking re-districting in courts is the third segment. And in the past few elections, that attack plan is helping, though Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton was a definite setback.

The reason Dems have so dramatically pandered to minorities and now illegals has become more and more obvious: votes. Democrats feel confident that “if” illegals somehow obtain rights to vote in federal elections, those illegals will be obligated to Democrat candidates. Why? Dems will claim they unilaterally were responsible for not just voting rights, but the amazing benefits illegals receive from taxpayers even now. That sense of obligation is their hope to build their party — just like they have used black and Hispanic voters.

Will it work? The book is still out on that. Even though Pelosi and Company are consistent in their support of minorities and illegals, Americans are seeing and hearing more about this “plan” to build Democrat Party membership and realize what these methods can do to the country.

But, once again, Democrats have underestimated a huge segment of American voters. Remember: you can see and hear daily the disdain Democrats have for Conservatives. It’s as if they do not remember 2016 when Hillary’s “deplorables” actually took her sure win away from her.

I for one hope they continue down their present road; that their fragmented party continues to infight. That will only expose more and more about their methods to Americans.

We’ve said it over and over again: Democrats think they are smarter than Americans who are NOT Democrats. They take conservatives for granted.

Rep. Hank Johnson warned his constituents against creeping authoritarianism in an intense speech peppered with historical references, likening the political moment that brought President Donald Trump to power to the rise of Adolf Hitler.

“Our democracy teeters on the brink of failure,” the Georgia Democrat said at an event held by the Atlanta NAACP. “Americans elected an authoritarian, racist, anti-immigrant strongman to the nation’s highest office.”

Hitler “rode a wave of nationalism and anti-Semitism to power. Replace anti-Semitism with ‘all Latinos crossing our borders are rapists, drug dealers and murderers.’ Does that sound familiar?” Johnson asked, to a chorus of “yeses” from the crowd.

Congressman Johnson pretty much summed up the Democrat plan: divide Americans, embolden illegals, convince minorities they are eternally obligated to the only political party that cares about them.

Keep all this in mind and watch the political landscape closely this year. It’s always easier to make good decisions when you objectively view options, garnering truths from those options, then making educated decisions.

And making good choices in this intense negative atmosphere is critical.

Trump’s Campaign Finance Fraud

Everyone has heard about it. Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, under specific direction of Candidate Donald Trump, paid hush money to two adult porn stars with which Trump allegedly had affairs. That money was Campaign money. How do we know that? The Media said so, of course. And Democrats make the same claims. So what happens now?

Let’s dig down into the nitty-gritty of all this:

  • Did Trump actually have affairs with the two women? President Trump says he did not. Of course, his saying so means nothing to Leftists. Anything he is accused of is factual in their eyes. Nevertheless, he was accused. Then why did Cohen under Trump’s direction pay the money? Remember this: Trump was running for President. Both of those women apparently came forward at a critical time in the campaign cycle. Having “bimbo leaks” at that particular time would be deadly to any campaign. Stopping their stories from hitting the news was critical.
  • We don’t know that Donald Trump actually had those affairs. He says he didn’t — they both say he did. To my knowledge, no evidence has been presented proving either had any involvement with Donald Trump. But even if he did, he did so prior to being a candidate for any office, and therefore his doing so would have been purely a personal matter. But the President maintains there were NO affairs with either woman.
  • Why would they both say it happened if it really didn’t happen? Come on! Both proved by the way they came forward at the time they came forward their purposes in doing so: MONEY and FAME. Democrats and their media puppets all took the bait and have incessantly beat the drum of “bimbo payoff” since the revelations. And with the Cohen admission of making the payoffs as campaign funds payout — which if true would be illegal — just stoked the liberal fires again.
  • The payoffs DID happen. Confirmation of that is not in dispute. However, were campaign funds used? Apparently, Michael Cohen provided no hard documentation showing the payoff methods and their details. But it is surely certain that if the Trump Campaign wrote checks or wired money, the Federal Election Commission would have stepped forward with that information. Cohen actually initially stated that he paid both women himself. As Trump’s personal attorney, Cohen was on a monthly retainer for legal services. It is commonplace for people of financial substance to have attorneys and accountants under contracts in that exact fashion. They pay for the operating expenses of their clients and bill clients for services provided above what those retainers cover. In that manner, Cohen’s paying them was normal.
  • Those women were paid hush money to keep their stories from impacting the 2016 election results. The public would have NOT voted for Trump if they knew. Therefore, the payoffs were campaign fund violations.” That’s the story being passed around by Democrats. But their story doesn’t stop there. “Experts” are actually all over Mainstream Media outlets stating that this rises to the level of an impeachable offense. But there is precedence and irony here. And both past such events point to these payments — IF they were made to coverup Trump sexual impropriety and not just to thwart blackmail, which is what they seem to have been — are NOT criminal and probably were not at all improper.

Let’s examine those two precedents.

Senator John Edwards

John Edwards is a former United States Senator from North Carolina and a Democratic Party vice-presidential and presidential candidate who, in August 2008, admitted to having had an extramarital affair. The affair was initially reported in late-2007 by The National Enquirer but was given little attention outside the tabloid press and political blogosphere. The Enquirer cited claims from an anonymous source that Edwards had engaged in an affair with Rielle Hunter, a filmmaker hired to work for his presidential campaign, and that Hunter had a child from the relationship.

Edwards vehemently denied the affair and that Hunter’s child was his. But after much media pressure, on January 21, 2010, Edwards issued a statement admitting the affair and that he was the father of Hunter’s child.

On June 3, 2011, Edwards was indicted by a North Carolina grand jury on six felony charges. The charges? They came from Edwards’ use of campaign funds to cover up the affair and the subsequent birth of the child. (Sound familiar?) Edwards faced a maximum sentence of thirty years in prison and a $1.5 million fine, or a USD $250,000 fine and/or five years imprisonment per charge. The indictment came after the failure of intensive negotiations for a plea bargain agreement that would have required Edwards’ guilty plea to the misuse of campaign funds.

After delays, due to John Edwards’ medical condition, jury selection for the trial began on April 12, 2012. Opening arguments began on April 23, 2012.  A verdict (not guilty on one count and a mistrial on the remaining five) to the trial was reached on May 31, 2012.

As Democrats, (who are about to take control of the House of Representatives, which is where impeachment proceedings would begin) mull over the constant cries of many Congressional Democrats and also from many big campaign donors to impeach President Trump, they have something much bigger than John Edwards’ conundrum with Rielle Hunter to deal with. “IF” they push forward with impeachment, they must deal with the 900-pound gorilla that lives in “their” house: a Congressional Sexual Settlement Hush Fund.

The “Hush” Fund

You may have heard whispers about this fund. You may have at the time you heard of it wondered who in Congress was involved, how long the fund has existed, who was paid out of the fund and for what, and what was the source of dollars IN the hush fund.

If you wondered those things then — two years ago — you STILL wonder about all of those! NOTHING HAS BEEN RELEASED.

Here are the details:

If you’re a victim of sexual harassment and you work for Congress, you can’t complain to the human resources department.

You can’t file a lawsuit, either — at least not until you’ve gone through months of mandatory counseling and mediation designed to keep such complaints out of court. And out of the public eye.

That’s all spelled out in the laughably named Congressional Accountability Act, a special set of rules designed to protect the people who wrote them.

Instead of HR, claims are handled by the congressional Office of Compliance. It receives allegations of sexual harassment, salary discrimination, and other workplace issues, and pays out settlements — with money supplied by the U.S. Treasury — if the parties reach an agreement. Since 1997, taxpayers have shelled out $15.2 million.

Think of it as the Taxpayer Hush Money Fund. You pay, and the complaints go away. Those records aren’t subject to the federal Freedom of Information Act. The compliance office doesn’t disclose the names of congressmen or their aides who reach settlements with their accusers. A case becomes public only if mediation fails and the victim later wins a favorable ruling in federal court or through an administrative process.

So, in the midst of such an outrageous and egregious system in place in Congress, who is responsible for it? And who funds it? The answers: it is part of a bill that Congress passed itself. Who pays for it? WE DO — EVERY DIME! Taxpayer money in — sexual harassment by members of Congress committed — victims get paid by those taxpayer dollars WITH NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

Surely there is some member of Congress who saw the horrors of this process and the outcry that would certainly come from Americans if revealed. Surely some member of Congress would blow the whistle and take action to expose this law and shine the light of revelation on all the wrongdoers who had wasted taxpayers dollars to pay off their sex victims. Well, there WAS such a lawmaker: Florida Governor-elect, Ron DeSantis.


I have pasted the bill above. It is not really lengthy, but it is too long to post here. Click on it to read.

The bill was NOT intended to do away with the fund, but rather to force total transparency for Americans to see not only who in Congress were guilty of using unapproved taxpayer funds to pay off those abused by members of Congress, but to chronicle the dollars of every incident going forward.

The bill was introduced in Committee in the Fall of 2017 by DeSantis. It’s current status? More than one year later it is still in Committee: no hearings, no amendments, no discussion. Basically, it is dead.


Democrats in the House have a tall hill to climb if they choose to take the Trump “Bimbo Eruption” to the door of Impeachment. First, there’s the precedent set by federal courts in the John Edwards campaign funds charges in which that court determined Edwards was not guilty of campaign violations.

Then, Democrats would be forced to throw open the doors of sexual improprieties of dozens (if not hundreds) of current and past members of Congress. Why would they do that? Think about the current allegations against Trump in the Cohen revelations in federal court: he paid two women who accused then “private citizen” Trump of having affairs AND paid them with campaign funds. If any federal court went against the Edwards precedent and ruled against the President, that would mean the Congressional Hush fund and those who benefitted from hush payouts from the fund would be guilty of the same wrongdoing Trump is accused of! Every member of Congress who benefited from those hush fund dollars would have had them paid from — by the definition of “campaign fund disbursement rules” as determined and published by the Federal Election Commission — campaign funds paid out for personal purposes. The reasoning for THEIR payouts could only be to hide their personal wrongdoing to thwart the possible negative impact of the news of their wrongdoing IN THEIR CAMPAIGNS. Members of Congress run every two years for election and re-election — they are always campaigning.

Let’s face it: Democrats are simply posturing for political purposes. Their lapdog messaging merchants — the Mainstream Media — simply parrot those claims over and over. They hope an American public that is growing weary of all the political posturing and the necessity to fact-check every bit of news seen or heard, simply turn a deaf ear to this entire process and simply cave to the hollow and false allegations by Democrats and fall in line — their line — against the President.

Democrats and the Media are praying that facts will be forgotten, emotions will rule, and Trump will be driven from office.

They really, really pray that Robert Mueller will miraculously uncover Russian collusion on the part of Trump and that Trump criminality will do the dirty work for them!

Donald Trump is guilty of one thing for sure: his policies have made everything he has tackled politically better — much better — than as he found them.

Will that be enough to keep him in the White House for two more years and possibly six? The truth has worked in the past. Most Americans hope the truth will work this time, too.



Evidence: Russia Affected the Outcome of the 2016 Election

You have heard since the day after the 2016 election that Russia impacted the election to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning. Almost every news organization, every U.S. intelligence agency, and every politician in D.C. have made that claim again and again. It even resulted in the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to not investigate the validity of these claims, but (using Russian election tampering as a factual basis for investigating)  to prove that the Trump Campaign worked with the Russians to directly affect election results.

I have one real problem with this: “Where’s the Beef?” Think about this: the FBI launched an investigation under James Comey. Both houses of Congress launched investigations. The CIA, ODNI, NSA and DNI all launched investigations. Let’s look at the evidence found that verify that 1) there WAS Russian direct intrusion into the 2016 presidential election process, and 2) the Trump Campaign was part of that process:

Russian Election Tampering “Facts”

  • From Wired: Did Russia Affect the 2016 Election? It’s Now Undeniable That headline following the Mueller indictment of Russians for election tampering. The story goes on to detail an elaborate system supposedly setup over time to use American media, email lists, planted news stories, and electronic advertising to affect American voters. Note that 13 Russians were “indicted” for their actions. What U.S. laws were broken? Certainly those laws and all of the specific details in the 37 page indictment will be made public in their trials. Oops: they are Russians. Vladimir Putin has already stated none of those 13 will be returned to the U.S. for trials.
  • On October 7, 2016, the ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) jointly stated that the U.S. Intelligence Community was confident that the Russian Government directed recent hacking of e-mails with the intention of interfering with the U.S. election process.[According to the ODNI′s January 6, 2017 report, the Russian military intelligence service (GRU) had hacked the servers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the personal Google email account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and forwarded their contents to WikiLeaks. Although Russian officials have repeatedly denied involvement in any DNC hacks or leaks, there is strong forensic evidence linking the DNC breach to known Russian operations. In January 2017, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified that Russia also interfered in the elections by disseminating fake news that was promoted on social media.
  • On October 31, 2016, President Barack Obama warned Putin via the “red phone” to stop interfering or face consequences.[ In December 2016, Obama ordered a report on hacking efforts aimed at U.S. elections since 2008, while U.S. Senators called for a bipartisan investigation. President-elect Donald Trump rejected claims of foreign interference and said that Democrats were reacting to their election loss.
  • In a February 13, 2018 testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, the heads of the top six American intelligence agencies unanimously reaffirmed Russian interference.
  • Former President George W. Bush: “There’s pretty clear evidence that the Russians meddled,” Bush said at a talk in the United Arab Emirates. “Whether they affected the outcome is another question.” He also said: “It’s problematic that a foreign nation is involved in our election system. Our democracy is only as good as people trust the results.”
  • Huffington Post: “The report from heads of American intelligence agencies has confirmed the obvious: Russia deliberately tried to influence the outcome of the American election in favor of Donald Trump. The agencies’ report found no evidence that the Russians tried to electronically change vote totals; they were content to mess with our heads, and in that, they did quite well.”
  • In a exhaustive analysis of this issue, the website “Russia Matters” after months of intense research stated this: “According to the declassified ODNI report, the CIA, FBI and NSA assess that ‘Putin and the Russian government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary [of State] Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him.’ The CIA and FBI expressed ‘high confidence’ in the judgment, while the NSA expressed ‘moderate confidence.’ The ODNI report says that ‘Moscow’s approach evolved over the course of the campaign based on Russia’s understanding of the electoral prospects of the two main candidates.’ The report noted that Russian state-owned media outlets RT and Sputnik consistently favored Trump and portrayed Clinton negatively. As mentioned before, the ODNI did not publicly release the bulk of its supporting evidence, citing a desire not to compromise sensitive sources and methods
  • Ross Cohen of Quora.com at the beginning of his “proof” of Russian election meddling in his first sentence said, “Before discussing evidence, it’s important to be clear that the assessment of the U.S. intelligence community is unanimous: Russia interfered with the election. It happened.”

I could go on and on for hours giving you examples from various intelligence officials, media pundits, Congressional legislators and campaign officials in which each maintains that without any question, the Russian government figured heavily in the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and that they did so to prevent Hillary Clinton from being President. But let’s stop this merry-go-round right here.

Russian Election Tampering “Truths”

It is common knowledge among U.S. officials — from the current and former White Houses, both Houses of Congress, and every intelligence agency — that Russia TRIED to influence the 2016 election. In fact, they have been TRYING to do so for decades — and not just U.S. elections! And TRYING to do so is common practice: not just by the Russians, but by multiple countries. DID YOU KNOW THE U.S. IS GUILTY OF FOREIGN COUNTRY ELECTION MEDDLING?

On February 16, 2018, dnewman.org published a story about U.S. interference in other countries elections. That report started this way: “The U.S. has a long history of attempting to influence presidential elections in other countries – it’s done so as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000, according to a database amassed by political scientist Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University. That number doesn’t include military coups and regime change efforts following the election of candidates the U.S. didn’t like, notably those in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. Nor does it include general assistance with the electoral process, such as election monitoring. Levin defines intervention as “a costly act which is designed to determine the election results [in favor of] one of the two sides.”

At least 81 times the U.S. has tried to directly influence the results of national elections being held in sovereign foreign nations. Knowing that might give Americans a better understanding why so many foreigners no longer hold the United States in high esteem, and why so many foreigners speak angrily of U.S. matters. Today there are 41 foreign countries that summarily reject U.S. passports, thus preventing U.S. citizens from legal entry into their countries.


I cannot state factually that the Russian government through its own resources and that of independents did NOT try to impact the 2016 presidential election. We do it in other countries. On what moral authority is it all right for the U.S. to demean Russia (or any other country) for doing the same thing? In our February 16, 2018, story on this matter, we revealed that President Obama sent money to try to keep Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from re-election: and Israel is our ally!

I do, however, doubt seriously that “IF” Russia was involved in the 2016 election, it was to support the election of Donald Trump over Hillary. Reason says otherwise: Trump campaigned to dramatically increase funding to rebuild the U.S. military to stop the bullying by countries like Russia, Iran, and North Korea on the world stage. Hillary as Secretary of State and afterwards made multiple decisions — some very public — that supported Russia. (remember that famous red “Reset” button?) Putin would have certainly preferred a U.S. President who accepted a weaker U.S. military and who had already demonstrated an intense affinity FOR Putin’s Russia. But: I DON’T KNOW THAT FOR CERTAIN, JUST AS ALL OF THE PUNDITS WHO DECLARE THERE WAS RUSSIAN ELECTION INFLUENCE DO NOT KNOW.

The Mainstream Media in the headlines and stories I listed above and in others ALL reference reports of other reporters, news outlets, and Intelligence officials when declaring “There was Russian meddling in our election, everyone knows that, and intelligence agencies all confirm that.” Even members of Congress maintain that. CLAIMING THAT AGAIN AND AGAIN DOES NOT MEAN IT’S TRUE! Facts alone must do that

Evidence? If it’s there, we STILL haven’t seen it. Yet the frenzy continues everyday — not just that there WAS Russian meddling, but that Donald Trump was somehow involved.

We’ll finish this with a few moments of a Rose Garden speech on the matter one month before the 2016 election by the one guy who certainly “knew” about election meddling: President Barack Obama:


So who should we believe about Russian election meddling?

I have an idea: somebody release “evidence” of election meddling to the American people — not “James Clapper said so,” or the CIA, NSA, FBI, or any other 3-letter agency’s story about it — and trust Americans to make educated decisions based on evidence alone. Until then, there has been NO proof of such election tampering proven successful in changing any American’s vote. And the continued statements that it factually occurred illustrate just how desperate the Left is to diminish the election of Donald Trump by Americans.

Americans elected this President. That is ALL that matters.

“If” Hillary was President

Just imagine for a few minutes what our world would look like if November 2016’s presidential election resulted in President Hillary Clinton rather than President Donald Trump. No matter your political persuasion, I think all will agree that the last year plus would have been different. How different? We can only speculate. But certainly things would have changed under Hillary, and certainly would have been vastly different than under this President.

Let’s “speculate” together. For the purpose of this story, let’s speculate those differences in these categories: Political, Economical, Foreign Policy, and Social. Let’s go!


There would be obvious differences that are certain: political appointees including cabinet heads and White House staffers. Let’s not waste time on speculation of who those might be. Let’s concentrate on other politically certain important differences.

  1. Supreme Court Appointee(s) Without a doubt the single most impactful political event of Trump’s first year was the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. Gorsuch had a very conservative judicial record and extensive experience on the Bench. His taking the SCOTUS 9th spot was and will be critical as more and more contentious cases come before the Court that will assuredly result with verdicts often split down political lines. A Clinton Presidency would have certainly seen a liberal selection for the Supreme Court which would have certainly resulted in decisions that leaned liberal. Though not certain, there could likely be 1 if not 2 more SCOTUS changes in the next few years. If so, controversies that would include abortion, 2nd Amendment gun rights, and immigration law revisions would see certain Court challenges go the way of the Left under a Clinton administration.
  2. Appeals Court Appointees President Trump in his first year has appointed more judges to appeals courts than any other president. Why is that such a big deal? Obama appointed 362 judges: 2 Supreme Court Justices, 268 district court judges, 4 to the International Court of Trade, and and 55 to U.S. Courts of Appeal in his 8 years. Trump by November of his first year in office had appointed besides Gorsuch, 40 judges for District spots, but more importantly, 18 for Courts of Appeal. Adding 18 Conservative judges for Courts of Appeal is already making a staggering difference in cases. Why? Appeals judges make a huge majority of final determinations on cases — only 20%-30% of denials from appeals courts are ever heard at the Supreme Court. Obama stacked those courts with liberal judges. Replacing those 18 in Trump’s first 10 months will make a staggering difference on the outcome of controversial cases.
  3. “Russia, Russia, Russia!” The DOJ has announced a “look” into Clinton ties to Russia and their alleged ties to Russia for opposition research during the 2016 election. That is a 180 degree swing of the Russia narrative. With Hillary in charge, you can bet there would be NO look-back at the Clinton campaign for any wrongdoing. The current uproarl in the FBI and DOJ regarding leaks, fake news, false information, and potential obstruction of justice would have never happened under Hillary. All this and much more currently being investigated and some still to come would have simply disappeared or been quietly quashed when mentioned. Under Trump we are probably still a ways away from getting facts on all this. Under Hillary, such facts would have NEVER been known by the public.
  4. Clinton Foundation It is obvious from the dramatic and sudden “winding-down” of the Clinton Foundation after the election that there certainly was pay-for-play underway in their massive fund raising. When election results showed there would be no quid pro quo from a Clinton Administration for those contributions, contributions ceased. No doubt the Foundation would have continued to stay flush with money with Hillary in office. With a imminent DOJ investigation in addition to a Congressional look-see, no big companies or foreign governments are throwing good money after bad.


  1. Taxes Under Clinton, the massive corporate and individual tax cuts signed by President Trump into law would have never appeared. Probably (if not “Certainly”) there would have been federal tax increases instead.
  2. Regulations Hundreds of Obama regulations on businesses stifled the economy. Trump through Executive Order cancelled many of those and implemented a policy for the future stating that for every 1 new regulation, 2 old ones must be cancelled. Clinton would have kept the Obama regs in place and would probably have added more — especially in the case of Environment and Climate Change matters. The massive almost instant business expansions, increases in employment with historical declines in unemployment resulted in large part because of this. The Steel Industry received an immediate rebirth as did the Coal Industry. And there are more to come in the Trump era.
  3. U.S. Foreign Deposits Repatriation As a direct result of the new tax law, hundreds of billions of dollars stashed offshore by U.S. corporations is coming home, and bringing back manufacturing jobs and plants. Apple, which has 94 percent of its total cash of $269 billion outside the United States, said it would make a one-time tax payment of $38 billion on the repatriated cash. Apple also announced a $600 billion infrastructure and product development plan in the U.S. Dozens of other companies have already followed suit. Clinton would have maintained the Obama policy of doing nothing but blaming those companies who have made one thing clear: they pay massive taxes on profits to countries in which they operate. Why would they then pay the U.S. 35% taxes on top of that? So they have left money offshore. No more.
  4. Stock Market The status of the U.S. Stock Market is always a direct result of interest rates, corporate profits, and confidence in the U.S. economy. Because of numbers 1, 2, and 3 above, in a Clinton Administration we would have have not seen anything close to the $7 Trillion increase in the value of the stock market in a Hillary presidency. But it happened in Trump’s first year — which is the result of all of those 3 rolled together fueling massive confidence in the economy. Hillary Clinton followers scream that the Market increases result in good for only the wealthy and large companies in stock dividends and corporate profits. Not so. Tens of millions of Americans own stocks, bonds, and derivatives either through individual portfolios, retirement funds like 401K’s and Simple IRA’s. Market profits go straight to those accounts. And, of course, individuals buy and sell stocks and bonds just like the investment bankers, though in smaller scale. But profits as a per cent of investment are identical.

Foreign Policy

The World watched as during the Obama/Clinton Administration, America’s standing in the World took a sharp hit as the Obama Globalist agenda was rolled out over 8 years. Obama’s foreign policy was basically to tread water while doling out policies designed and implemented to be symbolic at best. The World looked on as his Middle Eastern fight against terrorism proved to be faulty at best and deadly at worst. ISIS burst onto the World scene for a longtime left unchecked. Many world leaders were cautious as they watched Obama cozy up to Russia, exposed by letting Putin know through his foreign minister on an open mike that Obama’s second term would bring “goodies” to Russia. Hillary’s role as Secretary of State resulted in tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments to show up in Clinton Foundation accounts, while Bill’s speaking fees tripled. On her watch terrorism exploded — and not just at Benghazi. Libya fell to ISIS because of her two-faced approach to diplomacy there and the Obama/Clinton led ousting of Quadafi. Although he was a longtime terrorist, he had gone quiet for several decades, primarily because of the bombing by Reagan of his personal conclave after the Libyan bombings throughout Europe. There was no real terrorist difficulties under his watch — until Obama/Clinton which resulted in his ouster and death.

Trump’s methods have been watched with caution by many world leaders while others have embraced his policies. He quickly made it clear through overseas visits, speeches, and White House meetings that the United States was no longer going to be the “Keepers of the World.” Under his guidance it would be “America First.” The obvious leaders were shocked and lashed out — at first. But when they saw his results in many areas at home and watched as he softened the disdain of the U.S., more and more have come calling. U.S. standing in the World has been horrible for more than a decade. Leaders in Asia and the Middle East have quickly warmed to the President and have renewed commitments on many fronts.

His recent announcement about U.S. intentions to demand fairness in the International Marketplace through U.S. tariffs on foreign goods to level the playing field have shocked many in D.C. and also overseas. Some leaders have responded in negative fashion — as was expected. But ALL realize that the U.S. has carried a tremendous load in paying massive tariffs for foreign imported goods while those countries plunder American markets without paying any tariffs for that access. Reality in world trade has simply been acknowledged now. Foreign leaders have been put on notice that the gravy train for them called the U.S. is over. Under Trump, what is good for foreign countries economically MUST be good for the U.S. If not, there will be a price to pay: literally.


  1. Criminal Justice As a lawyer, Hillary has always been soft on crime. Obama’s Justice Department relaxed jail sentences, implementing early releases for federal prisoners, and refused to even prosecute under federal laws for drug offenses. States began to legalize recreational marijuana sales and use in violation of federal law — with NO penalties to the states or those individuals who participate. Donald Trump has through the DOJ toughened stances against all types of crimes and has aggressively implemented programs to partner with state and local law enforcement agencies to assist in fighting crime. Hillary during the campaign gave no plans nor made any promises to change any of the Obama criminal justice policies.
  2. Immigration Hillary was an open-borders proponent who lauded immigration of all kinds, including illegal immigration. She offered no plans to change border control policies or any changes in immigration laws, although years earlier she took a position of stiffening control of all illegal immigration. She is a Globalist and would prefer to see virtual open-borders to all. Trump’s immigration plans are widely known and daily reported on. He supports (and is initiating plans for) strict border control, abolishing chain migration and the existing immigration lottery program. He offered a DACA plan that would give legal status to 1.8 million illegals qualified under DACA that Democrats (including Hillary AND Bill) summarily rejected. He has issued multiple executive orders to temporarily halt immigration of all kinds from known terrorist countries while the U.S. perfects a realistic and thorough vetting process for ALL immigrants, only to have all temporarily halted by federal judges. And he is pushing members of Congress demonstrably to pass a comprehensive immigration bill to resolve the decades-old immigration issue in the U.S.
  3. Right to Life Hillary supports abortion and would appoint federal judges at every level in numbers that would ensure that Roe v. Wade would never be overturned. She supports Planned Parenthood and its continued federal funding. Trump is hardcore Right to Life, an anti-abortionist, and anti-Planned Parenthood because of the volume of abortions at its nationwide clinics. He has already appointed one Pro-Life Supreme Court Justice and will appoint others if/when any spots open.
  4. Political Correctness We are watching a president who literally gives no thought or concern about Political Correctness. Trump is a pragmatist on pretty much every political and social issue and is very vocal about all. He laughs at the PC police and the national Media and the political correct stands they take on pretty much everything. And his thoughts are supported by most Americans. Hillary along with her husband wrote the Political Correctness book. For decades in their control of the Democrat Party, they have set the standards on every issue as to what is correct and what is not.


I’ll be quick here. The differences between Hillary and Donald are many and obvious. As President Trump works diligently to implement more and more of his agenda this year, he along with many other Americans watch as those on the Left take every opportunity to bash those agenda items just as they did throughout 2017. Clinton meanwhile continues to bask in her reality for her election loss to Donald Trump in 2016. Her reality is false. Yet she continues to beat that blame game drum.

Those from her “basket of deplorables” are pushing hard — fighting, if you will — to maintain the implementation of the Trump Agenda so as to see more good results of his promised concepts actualize. Their hope is to in the mid-terms give President Trump more Congressional support for that agenda while simultaneously pushing back against any Leftist agenda.

Even if one is a Hillary supporter, it would be lunacy to refuse to recognize the stark policy differences between these two, and that the Trump agenda — the small amount that has been passed and implemented by this Congress — has done (and is doing) great things in the nation. Most Americans are confident that the election result of a Trump Administration is a good thing, and that a Clinton Administration would have definitively set the nation on a dramatic course toward a European Socialist model.

And that scares them.

U.S. Foreign Election Tampering: GUILTY!

Robert Mueller obtained indictments of Russians for interfering in American elections. Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russian people and three Russian companies accuses them of conspiring to interfere with “US political and electoral processes, including the presidential election of 2016.” Later in the day, he also announced a California man named Richard Pinedo had pleaded guilty to an identity fraud charge and become a cooperator, apparently in connection with the Russian charges. The indictments’ main emphasis, however, is on the propaganda efforts of one Russian group in particular: the Internet Research Agency. That group’s operations — which included social media posts, online ads, and organization of rallies in the US — were, the indictment alleges, often (but not exclusively) aimed at denigrating Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy, and at supporting Donald Trump’s.

Oddly enough, the Special Investigator’s indictments made it clear that NO Trump campaigners were involved in this Russian action against the American election process. Also important to note is that the Russian attempts occurred beginning in 2014 — long before there was even a Donald Trump Presidential candidate.

Government intrusion into other countries’ election processes is nothing new. It has been underway worldwide for many, many years. And it may surprise you, but the superior, moral, ethical, and better-than-any-other-country: the United States of America — has been pretty much the “Colluder in Chief” when it comes to attempted foreign election intrusion. I bet you didn’t know that.

U.S. Foreign Election Tampering History

The U.S. has a long history of attempting to influence presidential elections in other countries – it’s done so as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000, according to a database amassed by political scientist Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University. That number doesn’t include military coups and regime change efforts following the election of candidates the U.S. didn’t like, notably those in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. Nor does it include general assistance with the electoral process, such as election monitoring. Levin defines intervention as “a costly act which is designed to determine the election results [in favor of] one of the two sides.”

These acts, carried out in secret two-thirds of the time, include funding the election campaigns of specific parties, disseminating misinformation or propaganda, training locals of only one side in various campaigning or get-out-the-vote techniques, helping one side design their campaign materials, making public pronouncements or threats in favor of or against a candidate, and providing or withdrawing foreign aid. In 59% of these cases, the side that received assistance came to power, although Levin estimates the average effect of “partisan electoral interventions” to be only about a 3% increase in vote share.

The U.S. hasn’t been the only one trying to interfere in other countries’ elections, according to Levin’s data. Russia attempted to sway 36 foreign elections from the end of World War II to the turn of the century – meaning that, in total, at least one of the two great powers of the 20th century intervened in about 1 of every 9 competitive, national-level executive elections in that time period.

Italy’s 1948 general election is an early example of a race where U.S. actions probably influenced the outcome. “We threw everything, including the kitchen sink” at helping the Christian Democrats beat the Communists in Italy, said Levin, including covertly delivering “bags of money”  to cover campaign expenses, sending experts to help run the campaign, subsidizing “pork” projects like land reclamation, and threatening publicly to end U.S. aid to Italy if the Communists were elected. Levin said that U.S. intervention probably played an important role in preventing a Communist Party victory, not just in 1948, but in seven subsequent Italian elections.

Throughout the Cold War, U.S. involvement in foreign elections was mainly motivated by the goal of containing communism, said Thomas Carothers, a foreign policy expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “The U.S. didn’t want to see left-wing governments elected, and so it did engage fairly often in trying to influence elections in other countries,” Carothers said. This approach carried over into the immediate post-Soviet period.

In the 1990 Nicaragua elections, the CIA leaked damaging information on alleged corruption by the Marxist Sandinistas to German newspapers, according to Levin. The opposition used those reports against the Sandinista candidate, Daniel Ortega. He lost to opposition candidate Violeta Chamorro.

In Czechoslovakia that same year, the U.S. provided training and campaign funding to Vaclav Havel’s party and its Slovak affiliate as they planned for the country’s first democratic election after its transition away from communism. “The thinking was that we wanted to make sure communism was dead and buried,” said Levin.

Even after that, the U.S. continued trying to influence elections in its favor.

In Haiti after the 1986 overthrow of dictator and U.S. ally Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, the CIA sought to support particular candidates and undermine Jean-Bertrande Aristide, a Roman Catholic priest and proponent of liberation theology. The New York Times reported in the 1990s that the CIA had on its payroll members of the military junta that would ultimately unseat Aristide after he was democratically elected in a landslide over Marc Bazin, a former World Bank official and finance minister favored by the U.S.

The U.S. also attempted to sway Russian elections. In 1996, with the presidency of Boris Yeltsin and the Russian economy flailing, President Clinton endorsed a $10.2-billion loan from the International Monetary Fund linked to privatization, trade liberalization and other measures that would move Russia toward a capitalist economy. Yeltsin used the loan to bolster his popular support, telling voters that only he had the reformist credentials to secure such loans, according to media reports at the time. He used the money, in part, for social spending before the election, including payment of back wages and pensions.

In the Middle East, the U.S. has aimed to bolster candidates who could further the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. In 1996, seeking to fulfill the legacy of assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the peace accords the U.S. brokered, Clinton openly supported Shimon Peres, convening a peace summit in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheik to boost his popular support and inviting him to a meeting at the White House a month before the election. “We were persuaded that if [Likud candidate Benjamin] Netanyahu were elected, the peace process would be closed for the season,” said Aaron David Miller, who worked at the State Department at the time. In 1999, in a more subtle effort to sway the election, top Clinton strategists, including James Carville, were sent to advise Labor candidate Ehud Barak in the election against Netanyahu.

In Yugoslavia, the U.S. and NATO had long sought to cut off Serbian nationalist and Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic from the international system through economic sanctions and military action. In 2000, the U.S. spent millions of dollars in aid for political parties, campaign costs and independent media. Funding and broadcast equipment provided to the media arms of the opposition were a decisive factor in electing opposition candidate Vojislav Kostunica as Yugoslav president, according to Levin. “If it wouldn’t have been for overt intervention … Milosevic would have been very likely to have won another term,” he said.

Obama’s Foreign Election Tampering

The Obama State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015’s Israeli parliamentary elections, a U.S. congressional investigation concluded. Some $350,000 was sent to OneVoice, ostensibly to support the group’s efforts to back Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement negotiations. But OneVoice used the money to build a voter database, train activists and hire a political consulting firm with ties to President Obama’s campaign — all of which set the stage for an anti-Netanyahu campaign, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations said in a bipartisan staff report. In one stunning finding, the subcommittee said OneVoice even told the State Department’s top diplomat in Jerusalem of its plans in an email, but the official, Consul General Michael Ratney, claims never to have seen them. Netanhahu survived that election — regardless of Obama’s efforts to defeat him.


Here are my thoughts on all the hype in the U.S. for the last 18 months of “Collusion:”

  • When someone screams loudly about someone else doing something incorrigible, those screams are often to hide the fact that the screamer is actually guilty of exactly what they are blaming someone else for. Listening to the Left’s cries against Trump for Russian collusion, it now appears that Democrats (and probably the Obama Administration) where certainly involved with the Russians in their quest to prevent a Trump election and subsequent presidential administration;
  • American political hypocrisy is leaking from the very pores of the Nation as the Media continuously beat the “nothing-burger” drum of “Russian Collusion.” And America is becoming the laughing stock of the World because of it.
  • The nonstop barrage of Collusion attack is numbing the nation to the realities of American life under this President that, on the most part, are improving the lives of middle class Americans in demonstrative fashion;
  • The Left is clawing at the very fiber of America in desperation to somehow maintain some vestige of dignity and honor of what they feel is the superior philosophies they espouse. Their attempts are having less and less effect.

That great eagle called “America” is slowly awakening and appears to be readying itself to fly at its former lofty heights across the Globe once again. Leftists are gnashing their teeth at that probability. Their painstaking and deliberate attempts to thwart the current unprecedented return of the wealth and prosperity to the middle class that the Left stealthily stole over years have been exposed. Daily more and more of those in the American middle class are seeing the lies that they accepted from Democrats for years and that democracy and a free market really are the best thing for the American middle class.

It is beginning to look like for America “The Best is Yet to Come!”



Facts About Hillary’s Popular Vote Win

Hillary Clinton really DID win the 2016 Presidential election popular vote.

Are you like me tired of having that rubbed in our faces even now a year+ after the election? Those same people who constantly point that out are quick to cry for the dismantling of the electoral college. I too for a while thought that might be a good idea. But this past election shows just how smart our nation’s founders were with the establishment of the electoral college. Let me explain.

Even though there was NO California at the time, (which meant no Los Angeles and no San Francisco) and there was no Chicago, Illinois, those brilliant forefathers had looked into their political crystal ball and saw a potential trap ahead regarding national elections. They knew from watching other countries struggle for equality for all people just how easy it was for cities and states that were and would become large population centers to control elections by sheer number of votes. And they saw that in such a scenario it would be inevitable that the citizens of those dense populated urban cities would certainly vote for national legislators and presidents who would favor those urban areas in passing laws and in establishment and maintenance of everything necessary for this fledgling country to grow.

I am not certain who of those geniuses envisioned the concept of the electoral college and was able to explain its function to the other leaders, but whoever did so is responsible for keeping this nation from being “owned” by voters from New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and several other major U.S. cities.

If that had not happened, in election after election, Americans who had moved west from the first cities in the East would pretty much have been left out of the representative republic process established with the U.S. Constitution. They would have been able to vote, and would have certainly voted for candidates who best represented their thoughts and ideals. But seldom if ever would any of those candidates been elected because of the power of the urban votes.

The next time someone throws in your face the fact that Hillary won the popular vote which means more Americans wanted her as President than Americans who wanted a President Trump, remind them of the purpose for the establishment of the electoral college. And if they still argue about the need for the electoral college and claim it should be abolished, give them the following information:

There are 3,141 counties in the United States.
Trump won 3,084 of them.
Clinton won 57.
There are 62 counties in New York State.
Trump won 46 of them.
Clinton won 16.
Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.
In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond)
Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.
These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.
The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles.
When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of every national election.

Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc) DO NOT and SHOULD NOT speak for the rest of our country

Candidate Trump WAS Wiretapped!

Or wasn’t he?  That all depends on who you want to believe, because there are people on both sides of the issue.  And anytime there’s a story with two sides, almost always the truth lies somewhere in between.  Want some analysis and explanation?

First, who do YOU believe?  Bipartisan Congressional Intelligence Committee leaders say there is no evidence of an Obama wiretap of Trump Tower;  Intelligence Agency heads say “there is no evidence of Trump Tower wiretapping;”  As of today EVERY national news agency says in print and electronically there was no wiretapping;  White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says there was wiretapping;  President Trump said “in several weeks we (the White House) will be showing the evidence of electronic surveillance during the campaign at Trump Tower.”  So which is it?

I’m pretty sure to get the truth today we must read between the lines, because — as usual — the truth lies somewhere in between.  I am pretty sure there WAS electronic surveillance of Trump Campaign Headquarters during the campaign.  And I am certain President Obama knew about it — maybe indirectly — but he knew about it.  After all, does anyone really think that something so serious as wiretapping (or surveillance) during a presidential campaign would occur without the sitting President’s approval — either directly or indirectly?  If not with his approval, at least with his knowledge?  That’s doubtful.  How in spite of such emphatic guarantees from so many reliable sources that President Trump’s wiretapping tweet was invalid could anyone still believe it actually happened? Follow this reasoning:

First, forget about President Obama or ANY President being required to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil someone.  After all, the President is the most powerful person not just in the U.S. but on the Planet.  Any U.S. President with just a tiny amount of prompting could with a “for national security reasons” explanation influence someone to wiretap.  And many think that a Presidential wiretap under such circumstances would not only be believable but would be legal as well.  Does anyone besides me think that President Obama would actually take such action?  There’s no doubt in MY mind he’d do it if he felt it was in HIS best interest.  After all, by his actions during two terms as President I am certain he feels anything  in HIS best interest would automatically mean it was in the United States best interest.

Secondly, Donald Trump is not a stupid person.  There is NO evidence in his life of stupidity — insolence, pride, insulting at times — but not stupidity.  In fact he is actually brilliant in many ways.  His life shows that over and over.  So why would a brilliant person such as President Trump double and triple down as recently as this morning on his claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower…..IF IT WAS NOT TRUE?  Remember:  two of Mr. Trump’s negative traits are his arrogance and pride.  Usually a person with those traits facing certain public humiliation for something he claimed would grasp at any chance to shortcut any embarrassment from exposure of his being wrong.  Still President Trump maintains the truth of his wiretapping allegations.  Let me offer some clarity to what I think is probably going on here.

Barack Obama is brilliant too.  I doubt he would personally take wiretapping action against anyone, yet alone a presidential candidate.  However, I am certain that he would (in desperation if necessary) find a way to obtain negative information through any means necessary IF he felt he needed that info.  Surrounded as he was with such an experienced group of intelligence veterans, it would not be far-fetched for Obama to call in a favor or two from foreign intelligence sources to obtain Trump Tower information.  In doing so he could say (even under oath if it came to it) “Your honor, I have no personal knowledge of nor did I initiate or participate in any illegal surveillance activities of any kind against Donald Trump, his presidential campaign, or any members of his campaign staff.”  So what could such a plan look like?  It’s actually pretty simple.  Let’s bring the Russians back into this game:

We know President Obama with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a longing to develop the U.S. relationship with Russia and Russian officials.  Knowing those two were so hungry to cut diplomatic deals with U.S. foreign opponents, it is easy to believe as a favor to Mr. Obama or Ms. Clinton a Trump surveillance program during the campaign.  Russia?  Well, remember that during his Presidency and Hillary’s stint at the State Department,  the Obama Administration (with her department’s approval) allowed the sale of 20% of the U.S.’s uranium to a Canadian company who then sold it to a Russian company controlled by Vladimir Putin.  There were millions of dollars given during that time by the Canadian company principals to the Clinton Foundation and subsequent speaking engagements by Bill Clinton (with big fees) to Russian companies.  There probably for this uranium deal would have been a little bit of “favor” still due the Obama Administration by Putin and Company.  In the words of Dr. Hannibal Lector to FBI agent Clarice Starling in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS: “Quid pro quo, Clarice….quid pro quo!”  In this case though it would be, “Quid pro quo, Mr. Putin….quid pro quo!”  Russian intelligence tapping Trump Towers phones and/or computers could easily be Putin’s “quid pro quo” to Obama for the uranium deal that will net Russia hundreds of millions.  And no one could ever “legally” pin any wrong on the former President.

Far Fetched?  Probably.  Believable?  Definitely!  Barack Obama with his utter disdain and contempt for Donald Trump was likely to be a part of such a “deal.”   To be honest, Donald Trump humiliated Barack Obama: first denigrating Obama during his campaign and then by humiliating him in the election by upsetting Obama’s handpicked successor — HRC.  It is NOT far fetched to believe Obama was not/is not looking for as many ways as possible to get back at Trump.  Also, the previous POTUS wants desperately to maintain the legacy of his 8 years in office that President Trump is hell-bent on exposing and exploding.

Don’t be surprised when in a couple of weeks the White House distributes evidence of the incident described above or of some similar attempted “political coup” devised to derail a Trump presidency.  Will if/when divulged it formally implicate Mr. Obama?  Probably not.  Will it be evidence to prove there WAS electronic surveillance at Trump Tower during the campaign?  Almost certainly so.  Will it change the minds of Americans about this President and/or the former President?  It will put Trump voters more at ease about their “Tweeter in Chief,” will embolden his supporters even more-so than now, and will cast an uneasy shadow over former President Obama if there is even a hint of his involvement in such a morally deplorable action.

Want some closing irony?  Friday at the White House where German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with President Trump, when the subject of the possibility of the Obama wiretap of Trump Tower, the Chancellor had this to say to Mr. Trump:  “Talking about your being wiretapped by the previous U.S. Presidential Administration — at least we have something in common.”  Remember:  Obama hacked/wiretapped HER phone!

              German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Voter Fraud: “It’s everywhere….it’s everywhere!”


Today’s BIG news is that Donald Trump feels that several million votes in the Presidential election were fraudulent. Well, that’s NOT big news today. Trump stated that was the case throughout the campaign maintaining there were fraudulent votes caste during the primary elections too. What IS new is that ALL the media — including Fox News — are making a huge deal out of it — not the potential voter fraud but that Trump still thinks it existed and that it should be investigated.

Why all the uproar about a voter fraud investigation? After all, the news gurus are saying over and over again when they report on it “there is absolutely no evidence to support that allegation.”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about national politics and national media it’s that when they SAY there’s no there there, there ALWAYS is a “there there.”

What did they say when Barack Obama not only said there was voter fraud, he launched an investigation into voter fraud at the time? They said nothing. Why? It’s obvious: he’s Barack Obama. Why say something now then? It’s obvious: he’s Donald Trump.

Maybe they learned their lesson after President Obama: sometimes what’s being told to the media may not be accurate (or even truthful). And maybe, just maybe, news people should do what they say they’re here to do: to investigate reports of “things” to see if they’re true.

Does anyone but me think there just could possibly be a possibility that in California (for example) the state government passes out drivers licenses to illegals like cereal boxes — that’s to “illegals.” What’s the requirement in California to register to vote? A drivers license.

Maybe I’m being paranoid. Maybe there’s no there there. But maybe there IS. And if there is an IS there, it needs to outed for one purpose and one purpose only: only citizens are allowed to vote in the U.S. And anyone other than citizens who vote are doing so fraudulently.

So I suggest all those who are crying “foul” at Trump’s call for an investigation just sit down and do the same thing they did when Obama cried “foul” too: NOTHING. Let’s have an investigation and discover the truth. If it is determined there was voter fraud, let’s prosecute offenders. If there was no voter fraud, we are probably are going to be OK going forward. At least those who give serious thought to cheating in voting will think it through before doing so knowing they could get caught now. There’s a new Sheriff in town and he’s watching.