COVID-19 No Farce: But Numbers of Cases and Mortality Rates ARE!

“Facts Matter.” Have you heard that during this the most charged political atmosphere in U.S. history?

Tidbits have popped up since the very beginning of our COVID-19 pandemic about the “numbers:” questions about the accuracy of tests given to those with symptoms, questions about the treatments for the virus itself, and even the accuracy of the official “cause of death” entered on death certificates for those who die.

We were told from the early days of COVID-19 that the elderly were most vulnerable and specifically the elderly with underlying conditions are the greatest targets of COVID. But we were never given any specific percentages that gave us a clear picture. We discovered by the numbers actual elderly deaths, especially in the state of New York, that in almost every case in which a 67+ aged American who died there was an average of 2.6 MORE critical medical issues those elderly people were struggling with.

The CDC listed the top comorbidities found in these patients: Heart Disease, Liver Disease, Diabetes, Chronic Lung Disease, Kidney Disease, and Immunocompromised Conditions.


As of the latest report published by the Centers for Disease Control, just 6% of the elderly stated to have COVID-19 listed as the “Official Cause of Death” did NOT have comorbidities! (Here’s the CDC Report link)

What does that actually mean?

We’ve heard from the early days of COVID-19 that when patients showed in hospital emergency rooms with any type of respiratory symptoms, ER doctors were to “assume” COVID-19 at least as a “contributing cause” of their illnesses. Further, when a patient in that classification passes away, their Death Certificate prepared by the local coroner was to list COVID-19 as at least one of the causes of death and most of the time “THE” chief cause of death, even without giving that patient a COVID-19 test! Here’s the CDC directive:

Wait: There’s More…

COVID-19 Testing

Do you remember in January-February when COVID-19 cases began to appear in the U.S., President Trump wanted to accept the offer of South Korea to use the tests that were so successful in their country? Dr. Anthony Fauci vehemently opposed doing so, stating that the CDC would quickly have safer and more accurate tests to use in the U.S. Do you remember that, for some reason, it took a month or longer for the U.S. tests to be available for testing in large numbers? Do you know why that happened? The tests that under Fauci’s watch were created by the CDC were found to be contaminated! What was the contamination in those CDC tests? COVID-19 cells!

I wonder why President Trump didn’t throw Fauci under the bus to the media? Instead, the President (as true leaders do) took all the heat from the Democrats and their media lapdogs and simply pushed forward to get testing ramped up quickly. And now the U.S. has created and given more COVID-19 tests than any other country on Earth.

But there was one more “oops.” According to a July report, half the CDC COVID-19 tests have been showing incorrect results!


Let’s put all this together:

  1. We knew all along that the death rate among elderly Americans was far higher than that of younger Americans. What we DIDN’T know (until recently) was that 8-of-10 COVID-19 deaths were among those 65-years-old and older;
  2. A large number of those elderly people were never actually tested for COVID-19. Why? Many (and we don’t know the actual numbers) were admitted to hospital emergency rooms because of pre-existing known conditions and were treated for those other conditions;
  3. Because of the flood of cases in hospital emergency rooms, especially in New York, patients who died after admission were in large part NEVER tested for COVID-19. But CDC guidelines to coroners when completing death certificates purposely clouded the principal causes of death for a large portion of those patients. In fact, the CDC encouraged coroners in a release to use COVID-19 as at least ONE of the causes of death even when the patient had never been tested at all! (see the “Guidelines to Reporting COVID Death Certificates Link above)
  4. Now we’ve learned that according to the above report, half of the CDC manufactured and FDA approved tests have provided false results from the very beginning.

Let’s put these numbers together:

  • Of the reported 5,990,965 reported positive cases in the U.S. since February, 2,995,482.5 may have been false. And if not fully half, a very large portion were actually false;
  • Of the 183,005 reported COVID-19 U.S. fatalities, 80%, or 146,404 were of American who were 65-years-old and older at the time of their death;
  • According to the CDC, of those 146,404 elderly who died, just 6%, or 8,784 died with their official cause of death indicated as “COVID-19.
  • The other 94% of those elderly, a large but unknown number died primarily from one or several of the 2.6 OTHER underlying conditions (which are listed above) as their official cause of death.


On March 12 of this year, we spent one hour and forty-five minutes live on “TNN Live” with Dr. Judy Mikovits who worked side by side with Dr. Anthony Fauci on HIV and AIDS research along with that of other viruses and infectious diseases. She is definitely an “expert.” And, opposed to Dr. Fauci, none of her findings have ever been disproven nor has she changed her information about any of it.

Dr. Mikovits stated that any American who in the last 5-8 years has received a flu shot would likely test positive with COVID-19 if tested! Why? Because flu vaccines — ALL OF THEM — contain traces of the COVID virus!

Are you confused now? Don’t be. Please know this:

  • Based on the elements in the August 26, 2020, CDC report linked above, it is probable that many COVID-19 cases that were confirmed were NOT actually COVID-19 cases but of other serious respiratory infections or viruses;
  • Dying in this fashion is horrible — primarily because of the questions that have been answered by experts only to be discovered later to have been patently false, leaving behind many questions and much fear;
  • The worst element intrinsic in this pandemic (that we may learn soon was actually NOT a pandemic) is the now-perceived-to-be purposeful fear instilled in the minds of Americans and millions of others around the world that governments have intense control of people through Healthcare manipulation.

You can call this a conspiracy if you desire. But facts are almost daily now showing COVID-19 was certainly far worse in perception and its treatment as mandated by governments than it apparently really was, is, and probably will be.

Why is that?

Important Note:

When we broke this story, President Trump tweeted about its contents and numbers. Within a half-hour, Twitter deleted his tweet, claiming “information had been manipulated and misrepresented!”

CNN and MSNBC picked up the Twitter gauntlet and attacked Mr. Trump saying that the CDC numbers did NOT result in the President’s finding and ours’, but simply showed that “those people would have probably died from one of their other medical issues anyway.”

You don’t think that the Media nor any political party would manipulate the news to appear COVID-19 to be far worse than it really is, do you?

Bullet Points Saturday August 29, 2020

It’s Saturday morning as we officially end the ”dog days of Summer.” Let’s start the day by catching up on news you may have missed this week. Check out the short synopsis of each story. If you want more information click on the link.  It’ll take you to a detailed story.

Bullet Points

  • Remember the drug remdesivir that is in clinical trials to prove it’s efficacy in treating coronavirus? Gilead Inc. said on Friday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration expanded the emergency use authorization of its experimental antiviral COVID-19 treatment, remdesivir, to allow its use in all hospitalized COVID-19 patients. For more details click on this link:
  • There’s been a conspiracy theory floated by several Democrat Party leaders and even passed around by Hillary Clinton: if Donald Trump loses to Joe Biden, Trump will refuse to leave the White House. Those promoting this conspiracy maintain the Military will be forced to remove the Trumps. But the top General has totally debunked the theory. For more details click on this link:
  • For forty years Democrats have been pushing for the federal funding of abortions. The Hyde Amendment has prevented federal tax dollars direct use for abortions. However, today’s Dems have made it clear that bypassing the Hyde Amendment is a major piece of legislation in their bullseye for the next year. For more details click on this link:
  • We’ve all heard that when anyone is infected with COVID-19 and makes it through, they have permanent immunity against it. But a Reno, Nevada man may have disproved that theory. At age 25, he was tested positive on April 17. He was treated, got well, and tested negative at the end of April. However, at the end of May he tested positive again. For more details, click on this link:
  • It seems today that for every issue or problem Americans have that has even a smidgeon of anything racial, someone always plays the “race card.” And, of course, anytime that happens it seems there must be a Republican somewhere in the problem. The RNC took the “race card” serious this week in their convention and relied on numerous Americans who debunked that allegation. For more details, click on this link:
  • Many on the Right feel that President Trump’s acceptance speech was one for the ages and certainly was his best yet. He touched on all the bases and made it clear to all that a choice of Biden as President would open Pandora’s Box of chaos on the nation. For more details, click on this link:
  • What’s the true story of climate change? It is certain no one has the real answer though many claim to. Californians have taken the lead on the climate cause, but maybe at their own peril. Once again their state is literally burning. Every “hot” season sees forest fires that not only destroy thousands of acres, but cost Californians dearly in all sorts of ways and does so needlessly. For more details click on this link:
  • There’s no telling how many of the 1400 White House guests were harassed by rioters as they left the White House grounds headed to their homes and hotels after Thursday’s Trump nomination acceptance speech. Television showed Sen. Rand Paul and his wife being confronted aggressively by BLM protestors. For more details click on this link:
  • Most Americans were excited to see and hear the speakers during the RNC that included people from all walks of lives. Those who spoke included pardoned drug offenders, an immigrant who fled Castor’s Cuba, and a host of people of color who believe in the American dream that works for ALL Americans. But many Democrats were NOT ecstatic for those folks to tell their stories. For more details click on this link:
  • I don’t believe the state of Minnesota has ever voted to elect a Republican President. Most believe that string will NOT be broken in November. But, oddly enough, a group of five Minnesota city mayors came out on Friday with their endorsements of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. For more details, click on this link:


Are You Enjoying the Cartoons We’re Watching Everyday?

As a kid, I loved nothing more than Saturday morning hurrying to eat my bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios while watching cartoons. And they were the best in the 60s! Roadrunner, Bugs Bunny, The Green Lantern, and every once in a while I’d watch The Jetsons.

By the time I hit junior high, I stopped the cartoon stuff: too “mature” for those anymore. But as our kids came along I’d find myself peeking at a cartoon or two with them occasionally. There was something special about falling into a place to escape just for an hour or two a week.

Today, it’s no real issue for this adult to take a daily break to watch cartoons. Grab the remote and scan the news with a cup of coffee before going to work. The cartoons are still around. They’ve changed a bit: today they’re called CNN, MSNBC, The Today Show, and Good Morning America. Why? Almost daily they bring Democrat politicians to their sets to discuss the latest and the greatest conspiracy that always has as its central character the comic villain, Donald Trump. “What has that evil man done today?”

There has been a “Trump Conspiracy Epic” weekly since even before his inauguration in 2017. And not a single one has turned out to be true! But that doesn’t stop the “Pelosi Posse” from marching out a new one just when the final episode of the previous one airs.

You can pretty much bank on the Democrats and the Left moving from one conspiracy theory to the next. . . to the next, desperately hoping that somehow that can make a conspiracy theory real. They’ve gone from Russian collusion to Ukrainian Quid Pro Quo to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) hoax. At some point, one expects them to solemnly intone that in reality, Donald Trump is an alien. If we had a real media interested in truth and accountability, these hoaxes and conspiracy theories would be laughed out of the building by serious, thoughtful people – but they aren’t.

Now Democrats have taken it to the next level, fundraising off their most recent wild conspiracy theory about the U.S. Postal Service. On Monday, House Committee on Oversight and Reform Chair Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) sent a fundraising email during a hearing with the Postmaster General Luis DeJoy with wild claims of “sabotage” and the allegation that President Donald J. Trump is trying to “steal the presidential election.”

Democrats really have no shame.

And they are emboldened by knowing that their liberal allies in the media will never fact check them on these baseless claims.

On Saturday, the House passed Rep. Maloney’s bill to bailout the post office with $25 billion, and to stop reforms being contemplated by the new Postmaster General to turn around an organization that has lost tens of billions of taxpayer dollars due to mismanagement. Democrats held a hearing on the bill on Monday, two days after they passed the bill because they wanted to use Saturday to promote their conspiracy theory just before the start of this week’s Republican National Convention (RNC).

The Maloney fundraising email read: “After being appointed by Trump as a major donor to his campaign, PMG DeJoy has implemented detrimental changes to the quality and services that so many Americans rely on the U.S. Postal Service to provide. It’s all part of Trump’s scheme to sabotage the USPS and steal the presidential election.” The same political party that embraces a theory that all police are part of a racist cabal has now pushed a new theory that the President is manipulating the post office to fix the fall election for Republicans up and down the ticket.

The Wall Street Journal on Saturday hit the nail on the head when they pointed out that the actions of Congress were hampering reforms needed at the USPS. The Journal reported, “new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testified last week that the post office has enough money to deliver mail-in ballots, and his operation can’t possibly spend $25 billion that quickly in any case.” In other words, the $25 billion bailout was unnecessary.

Maloney’s fundraising email continued: “The need to protect the USPS is more pressing than ever, which is why House Speaker Pelosi called us back early from August recess for an emergency vote this weekend on my Delivering for America Act — the legislation will not only block further efforts to dismantle the Postal Service through drastic changes, but it was also REVERSE the harmful new policies and operations that PMG DeJoy has put in place.” The only thing that the new Postmaster is trying to reverse is the policies that have led to billions in losses.

The Journal pointed out that “the Postal Service has lost $78 billion since 2007” and they have “been taking out underutilized equipment for years.” The removal of old sorters and underused mailboxes has been the policy for years and happened under. . . the Obama Administration.

Postmaster General DeJoy, not Congress, promised to “prioritize ballots over other kinds of first-class mail.” This would seem to remove any argument the Democrats have, yet that didn’t stop Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who asked during the Oversight hearing that DeJoy’s calendar be subpoenaed with no explanation, creating the false impression that the Postmaster-General has something to hide.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) took the Democrats to task, correctly stating that “the facts are not anything they are close to what they have been saying the last three weeks.” Democrats, Rep. Jordan said, were “not interested in a bipartisan solution,” but instead wanted to play politics.

Ultimately, the hearing was an embarrassment for Democrats because they were exposed to be promoting another hoax. But don’t expect that to stop them – or for the media to hold them to account. Instead, we can expect more fear-mongering about the U.S. Post Office until Election Day, when voters will hopefully send them into the political wilderness.

The “Hoped-For End”

Think about the lunacy of the demands from the Democrats for two specific things in Pelosi’s latest COVID-19 Stimulus plan: one is a multi-billion dollar bailout of all those wealthy homeowners from her home state of California along with those from New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey who in the 2017 tax cuts saw their multi-million dollar local and state real estate tax deductions evaporate. (That has much to do with Coronavirus, doesn’t it?) The second was the Pelosi demand for the federal government to rip control of ALL elections from the states to be forever controlled solely by the federal government. Her demand for that election control is to be implemented immediately, beginning with November 3rd’s election, and to be one of total mail-in voting!

Pelosi’s plan is massive yet includes tedious details with comprehensive steps to put in place the necessary infrastructure for it’s operation. Her ”roadmap”contains recommendations of hundreds of experts from each of the 50 states to craft this program using years of experience to side-step potential roadblocks. The states were elated to hear that their task to handle elections will finally be eliminated.

Of course, no such plan exists. Yet the Pelosi demands for mail-in voting conducted by the federal government for this and every upcoming election DOES EXIST!

This is just an example of one more Democrat Party conspiracy theory: “President Trump is doing everything within his power to stop voters who fear for their lives from COVID-19 so much they will not leave their homes to go vote! He is suppressing voters’ rights!”


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and others in her party will NOT stop with the Trump conspiracies even if he wins the election in November. Why do they do this? Why will they continue? The answer is simple: there is apparently a bundle of wrongdoing during the eight-years of the Obama Administration on the part of many who still serve in government. Attorney General William Barr and Federal Attorney John Durham have nearly completed a massive investigation into this wrongdoing of which much appears to be criminal in nature.

If these conspiracies into Donald Trump would be sufficient for the American voters to turn their back on this President, not a single detail of any findings of criminality by those that are certainly implicated will ever be brought forward for the purpose of giving Americans the truth. Instead, a President Biden will immediately replace Barr and Durham, those in the Department of Justice who have so diligently worked on these investigations, and all case details will be sealed forever, never to be seen by the American people.

Call it a conspiracy theory. But with the first criminal indictment and the subsequent guilty plea of an Obama Department of Justice attorney for altering court documents during the fake Russia Collusion investigation, it is obvious there are far more indictments of many more Obama minions about to happen.

“Evil in the Obama Administration?” Remember that President Obama famously bragged, saying “There’s never been ONE indictment in my administration.” He was wrong: there has now been one. How many more are there to come? To me, the number is not significant. What IS significant is that we finally have a president who has surrounded himself in his DOJ NOT with sycophants who exist merely to benignly approve everything that happens on his watch, but to assure Americans that the Rule of Law is once again the backbone of the United States presidency. And to quote former President Obama: “No one is above the Law,” not even him.


Mark Levin Clarifies the Lies of Mail-In Voting and Hydroxychloroquine

Mark Levin is without question one of America’s most adept Constitutional experts. He hosts a Sunday Night show on FOX News and is known for tackling some of our nation’s greatest problems — especially in political matters — and providing documented proof of many of the political rumors that are daily passed around by today’s fawning Leftist media as “factual.” Levin is adept at cutting to the chase in important matters. He is passionate, detailed, informed and adamant about ferreting-out truth in every matter he addresses and making certain Americans are given facts in every matter of importance.

Two days ago, Mark Levin on his television show presented the facts that expose the conspiracy theory of the Democrats and mainstream media about two critical matters right now in our nation. Today as we approach the final few months before our 2020 election. He has examined and found factual information regarding two of the hottest and most contested matters in 2020: Mail-in voting and Hydroxychloroquine as used to attack COVID-19. Levin tackles both.

Mail-In Voting

First and foremost, voting by mail is the responsibility of states that are independent of the federal government, that is, Trump has no power over those elections.

Based on a report by the Politico, Levin pointed out the main factors that could make the mail-in election a complete disaster:

  • Ballots arriving on time: If ballots don’t arrive on time, you can’t vote and delays in the mail are commonplace.
  • In fact, some states have their own election laws; they require that ballots have postmarks on Election Day, others require that ballots arrive in the mail on Election Day.
  • Clerical errors on ballots: Clerks and people who fill the ballots make mistakes ranging from not putting the stamps in, to not closing the envelope properly, to not signing the ballot, to forgetting personal information. If any of these things fail, the ballot is invalidated. In 2018, 8.2% of votes were not counted due to human error.
  • Casting the ballots is one thing and counting them is another: the states are not prepared for a massive vote. The voting rolls are not updated properly. There have been cases of people who are registered in two or more states and the votes go both ways. Also, if all the votes arrive on the same day, it could take weeks to count them all.

This year’s primary elections which have relied on mail-in ballots have been decimated with errors and mistakes.

  • In the New York primary election just a month ago, 20 percent of the ballots were invalidated solely on the basis of outward appearance because they did not meet the requirements for filing.
  • In Wisconsin, 6% of the votes were rejected.ziI
  • In Nevada, 250,000 ballots were nullified.

With respect to the mailboxes, Levin pointed out the statistics of the period between 2011 and 2016, in the Obama-Biden era, when 14,000 mailboxes were replaced within the mailbox collection program. When a mailbox receives less than 25 pieces per day, it is removed, others are replaced due to old age or vandalism.

Levin wondered why the Democrats and mainstream media are so keen on voting by mail and he gave his theory: They want to flood the system, overwhelm it, create anarchy, and seize power.

Levin said the Democrats want to create a constitutional crisis. When the ballots do not arrive on time, when there are irregularities in the voting, when after weeks the results are not known, there will be a wave of litigation against the federal government and this can generate chaos and a collapse in the judicial system. In fact, Biden has hired 600 lawyers for these lawsuits, Levin said.

Levin asked his guest, Hans Von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation if the $25 billion the Democrats want to give the USPS will solve the mail problem. Von Spakovsky said it wasn’t a question of money. The mail has been mismanaged for decades, and attempts have been made to modernize it to function as a company like FedEx, for example, but the mail unions have been adamantly opposed.

“There is no sabotage here going on, except by the Democrats,” concluded Levin.


The second topic of the Life, Liberty & Levin program was the use of Hydroxychloroquine to treat patients with the CCP Virus for which Levin invited Yale University public health professor, Dr. Harvey Risch, to share facts.

Levin wondered why, when most studies say the drug is effective in CCP Virus patients, President Trump has promoted it, as have many doctors, the media and Twitter, and Facebook have censored or disqualified it.

Risch said, “The evidence is overwhelming that patients who are treated early with this drug substantially reduce the risk of hospitalization and mortality.”

Risch added, “And there’s been a massive disinformation campaign that stretches from the government to the media. That is either suppressing this message or is countering with a false message.”

Risch explained that the few studies that show negative or neutral results and which are used by FDA following Dr. Fauci’s advice, were performed on patients under 60 years of age without CCP Virus conditions, people who can overcome the disease on their own and in whom the drug shows no beneficial effects.

“So those are low-risk people, and we are not talking of low-risk people. We are talking about people who are over 60, or with corona conditions, or obesity, diabetes, and so on. Those are the people who are at risk of being hospitalized and dying from this illness, those are the people who have to be treated,” Risch explained. In this group of people, the results have been completely positive.

Levin asked the professor if people with asthma or heart disease are at risk of dying if they use this drug. The doctor said no. But like all drugs, it has to be prescribed by a doctor who knows the patient and can follow up. “In general, it is a very safe medication,” Risch said.

Finally, Levin consulted the professor about reports in the media, particularly one from The Washington Post, which accused the president of promoting a drug that is killing more and more people.

Risch responded that they did not specify what type of patients were those who had died. If they were people who were already in the last stage where nothing was working and they were given the drug, that relationship could be established.

“You have to be very specific about what kind of patients you are referring to when you make statements like that,” Risch said.

Risch concluded that “somehow politics overruled science” and the media has managed to silence this message, although now more and more people have stepped forward to speak publicly of its benefits.

An independent general physician, Dr. Mariana Colombres Garmendia, when asked what the reason might be behind this censorship effort, said that perhaps there is opposition to Hydroxychloroquine from Big Pharma because this compound is so cheap and easily available.


Isn’t it eerie that we in the 21st Century find ourselves in the greatest country in World history that is torn apart by political narratives shoved down our throats by a group of frantic politicians who are trying to use these lies and others to somehow achieve a specific goal? This all seems to me like an episode of that 1960s television series “The Twilight Zone.”

There is very little logic in these two footballs being battered around by Leftist politicians: Hydroxychloroquine and Mail-in Voting. Common sense plays NO role in this charade.

What is so mind boggling to millions of Americans is that millions of other Americans have fallen into this nightmare without even a question of what and why this is being foisted on this nation.

I have NO absolute answers for all this. And the temptation is to launch into some frantic reaction just to escape from what appears to be a nightmare and nothing more. But even if it IS a nightmare, it’s not about to go away any time soon.

It’s in a time like this our best resort is to clutch the things in our lives that are absolute and unquestioned: those things, events, and people which we have no doubt about motive and intention.

As Levin illustrated above, Mail-In voting can only be an opportunity to control our upcoming election to achieve the desired goal of driving Donald Trump from office. There is NO other reasonable conclusion.

It is an uncontroverted certainty that Hydroxychloroquine is a 60-year-old drug that was and has been laboratory tested in dozens of trials with decades of proof of its efficacy.

So why the efforts to force fear upon our nation?

That answer has still not been revealed. But one thing is certain: we will know before this plays out.

My suggestion for all Americans is be honest with yourself and others, even if in doing so you share your fears and concerns with others. Trust your gut feelings. Delay making major decisions until YOU achieve a comfort level in every such decision.

Other than that, consider prayer for guidance and peace.After all, this nation still is “One Nation Under God.”

He created this globe on which we live. He knows what we need to survive.

Let’s trust in that, especially with all else in question.

The Real Reason They Hate Donald Trump

Make no mistake: “They” hate Donald Trump.

Sure, they disliked him during the 2016 campaign for president. But when he beat the “Anointed One,” their dislike turned quickly to “disdain,” disdain became “scorn,” then scorn morphed into plain old hatred. And it certainly has stuck.

One would think a presidential candidate who when sworn into office began to systematically create exactly all the things he promised to voters he would do if elected, their hatred would have dropped a notch or two in intensity. But the opposite is true: the more accomplishments he made, the more intense became their hatred.

It helped their cause — whatever that could be — that the Media Lapdogs (the Mainstream Media) of the Democrats played right into the narrative of just how horrid, unqualified, undignified, and inept this President was. They joined right in with their laughter, derision, disbelief of and hatred for Donald Trump.

But its intensity has boiled over. And as more hatred leaks from the witch’s cauldron the angrier Democrats become. Even his real accomplishments for Americans seems to tick their hatred higher!

Democrats didn’t much care for presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, or George W. Bush — mainly because they were Republican presidents. But it is no secret that Democrats, whether they call themselves liberals, leftists, progressives, Democratic socialists, or just plain socialists, hate Donald Trump. They focus on every single thing he says or does in a way that they never did with previous Republican presidents. “Hate” is a very strong word. But I really don’t know how else to describe how many Democrats feel about Trump. They loathe him. They despise him. They detest him. They abhor him. They have contempt and enmity for him. And now that Trump is running for reelection, hatred of the president has reached a whole new level of intensity.

Trump has been hated from the very beginning. About seventy House Democrats boycotted his inauguration and even before he was inaugurated, some House Democrats declared Trump to be an “illegitimate president.” Democratic hatred for Trump goes back even to when he was still just the Republican nominee for president. Since that time, Democrats have referred to the president as “pond scum,” a “human turd,” “toxic sludge,” a “sebaceous cyst,” an “infectious microbe,” a “bursting landfill of municipal solid waste,” a “mountain of rotting whale blubber,” a “walking staph infection,” a “decomposing jack-o-lantern,” a “fascist carnival barker,” and a “snake-oil salesman.” And those are just the epithets that can be listed at TruthNewsNetwork.

In his impeachment trial in the House, the hatred that Democrats have for the president was pointed out by some Republicans before the vote was taken on the articles of impeachment:

  • This vote, this day is about one thing and one thing only. They hate this president (Chris Stewart, Utah).
  • This is a tragic day in our nation’s history. We have individuals that hate this president more than they love this country (Greg Murphy, N.C.).
  • It’s obvious today that there’s an intense hatred from the Democrats of President Donald Trump. Why do they hate the man so much (Paul Gosar, Ariz.)?

Why indeed?

President Trump is viewed by Democrats as rude, combative, arrogant, offensive, crass, crude, and politically incorrect. Many Democrats consider him to be a megalomaniac, a xenophobe, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, a racist, and a misogynist. But what is so interesting and intriguing about Democratic hatred for Donald Trump is that there is really no ideological basis for it.

Of course, his legislative achievements that came in the form of the 2017 Tax Cuts and the unexpected new Crime Bill are just a couple of historical legislative accomplishments that one would think every member of Congress would applaud for their successes. But not so this Democrat Party. And even a clump of Republicans outwardly and very publicly joined in a massive effort to raise close to $20 million in campaign funds to lobby for his ouster in exchange for Joe Biden.

Could there be something else? Certainly, there is:

Maybe it’s because of their discovery that newly inaugurated President Trump was committed to the success of more than what most recent presidents had accomplished for the American people. It quickly became clear that his plan was to accomplish each and every promise he made during his campaign to the American people. He not only started the process, but he also began to successfully fulfill each promise, one by one.

You just saw and heard from a crowd of Washington elites known for decades that each was a great leader with only the good of the American people at heart. But each (according to their OWN words you heard for yourself) were committed not principally to this country, but to an organization that was to, when crafted and empowered, hold authority over all nations and all people on Earth.

As Americans, we had heard these leaders in speeches utter those words “New World Order” and “Global Government.” But we must have each simply dismissed any universal significance it is now certain those words held. You just heard from American and world leaders who opined about the exact same thing!

  • Bill Clinton
  • Vice President Al Gore
  • President George H.W. Bush
  • Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
  • Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry
  • Billionaire Anarchist George Soros
  • Herman Van Rompuy: former European Union President
  • Vice President Dan Quayle
  • Billionaire Media Magnate Ted Turner
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  • Democrat Party Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

Every one of those listed above in the media segment you just witnessed endorsed an ages-old political utopia of a World governed by one central entity.

But that’s not what Americans want for our country!

What Do Americans Want?

We know there are problems in our nation. It is impossible for there to be a country that holds 330 million citizens to NOT have problems of some kind! But we have a 260-year history of addressing and resolving our problems. No, we’ve never been problem-free. But our forefathers left a roadmap for us to use to ferret out our problems and implement fixes with guidelines in our own “How-to” manual: The United States Constitution.

Were you shocked to see and hear some of those who made those “world order” statements? I was. But the fact there are so many who have such diverse backgrounds and political leanings shocked me more than that there were political leaders who feel that way. They each made clear in their speeches how they feel and what they want. I wonder why none ever bothered to take a microphone and detail to the American people exactly what that “New World Order” would be and how structured?

Maybe they thought we were not ready.


What happened to their grandiose plan? Obviously, from Bush 41, to Bill Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama, their transition from our Representative Republic we can now see was eroded by top-down government structural changes to transition to this new form of global government. Hillary Clinton looked to be the firebrand to ignite the fires to complete this transition.

Then came Donald Trump. And he’s anything but a globalist!

Americans had been lulled to sleep by the “same old, same old” leadership in Washington. It mattered not what political party banner flew over the White House or the Capitol: the transition was in! Trump brought his monkey-wrench with him and started banging on the Swamp creatures even before his inauguration.

Their plans were torched!

Donald Trump re-ignited the fires of liberty across our nation. Americans began to believe in our leaders, expect results for our investments in government, commitment to the Rule of Law and Equal Justice Under the Law for everyone. Our confiscatory tax policies were reverted bring more dollars to families, millions of new jobs, and billions in new revenue to our government. People became proud once again to be Americans.

And the Left hated Donald Trump for that and for destroying their centralized government utopia.

Why is the hatred level cycling up in intensity daily? Why are major cities in our nation literally burning? Why is there such violence, rioting, looting, violence, and now anarchy to go along with all the other?

This election our very own globalist see as their last chance to remove the blight that had the audacity to accept the requests of 63 million voters to lead this country away from its globalist spiral toward total devastation.

They will do anything they find necessary to remove Donald Trump from office. And don’t think they are through trying.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton barked an order publicly to Joe Biden: “Don’t under any circumstances concede the election to Donald Trump on election night!” What was that about? It was about mustering all the forces they can to scour the countryside to find votes doing anything necessary to get those votes counted in sufficient number to restart their train headed for Utopia they call a Brand New World.

That’s why they hate Donald Trump.

What is President Trump Planning For a Second Term, and What About a President Joe Biden?

 Donald Trump has been mysteriously quiet about his second-term agenda, preferring to speak about the past accomplishments of his administration when making the case that voters ought to re-elect him. Fox News host Sean Hannity gave the President two opportunities to layout a second-term objective during interviews in June and July. At his second at-bat, Trump said he wanted to beat the coronavirus, rebuild the economy, negotiate new trade deals, and appoint more federal judges.

The list still didn’t feel new or specific when compared to some of his 2016 promises: build a wall and make Mexico pay for it; renegotiate NAFTA; withdraw from TPP; repeal and replace Obamacare; renegotiate the Iran Deal, and cut taxes. In another Fox News interview, Trump struggled again when asked what he would do if re-elected, saying, “I want to take where we left — we had the greatest economy in the history of the world, we were better than any other country, we were better than we were ever, we never had anything like it in this country — what I want to do is take it from that point and then build it even better.”

The President is apparently getting hip to the fact that voters aren’t going to get excited about a vague and non-specific policy agenda. Especially while his opponent, Joe Biden, managed to release a coherent message on “Buy American” before Trump could even sign his administration’s own proposed “Buy American” executive order. So during a visit to a Whirlpool Corporation plant in Ohio, Trump made six promises to American workers:

  • Defeat the China virus: “We are attacking the virus from every angle and through this aggressive strategy, we will win the war and it will happen sooner than people think.”
  • Restore our country’s prosperity: “We will rise from the current adversity of this horrible invisible enemy and we will be more prosperous and resilient than ever before. We have done things that we never knew we could do. We are building factories now, we are building plants. you’ll see what’s going to be happening with the job numbers very soon.”
  • Turn America into the premier medical manufacturing, pharmacy and drugstore of the world: “The United States must produce essential equipment and supplies and pharmaceuticals for ourselves. We cannot rely on China and other nations across the globe that could one day deny us products in a time of need.”
  • Onshore manufacturing jobs: “We will onshore millions of new manufacturing jobs, across many other critical sectors that are vital to our national security and prosperity from electronics to machine tools to shipping, aerospace, autos, and of course to iron and to steel, and we’ll never forget your washers and your dryers.”
  • Bring back factory jobs: “I love properly executed tariffs because they bring unfair competitors from foreign countries to do whatever you want them to do: equalizing duties, new trade deals based on the principle of fairness and reciprocity.”
  • Put American workers first: “They will always be put first, and I don’t know if you’re union or non-union, doesn’t matter to me, but I did one hell of a good job for the unions. All the union heads are against me but all the workers are for me.”

Onshoring manufacturing jobs and bringing back factory jobs are similar points that could likely be combined into one, but the six promises are certainly a start for voters who were looking at Trump to run on something substantive. His messaging here has been backed with action.

He recently signed an order preventing government agencies like the Tennessee Valley Authority from replacing American workers with foreign labor. He’s also promised to make significant changes to the H-1B visa program, like getting rid of the lottery system and ending a loophole that allows companies to replace Americans with foreigners if they make over $60,000 a year, designed to protect American workers.

There’s still more Trump has to talk about ahead of the election. Promising to appoint new judges might now be a losing message due to the recent disappointing string of Supreme Court losses for conservatives. Rebuilding the economy is a foregone conclusion as the Trump administration’s gains have been decimated by the economic shutdown. His speech at the Whirlpool factory was a good start and a sign that he is starting to think more seriously about how to keep his base around come November.

What About Uncle Joe?

There’s the official Democrat Party nominee, Joe Biden. What’s he going to bring to the U.S. that is different?

Biden has given several broad and encompassing ideas he will support. But his plan’s details are nowhere to be seen: yet. Voters need (and are expecting) a list of specific objectives if the former Vice President is to win the election. He simply hasn’t been specific about details so far. Here’s some of what we’ve seen and heard:

There is much about America in 2020 that is head-spinning, and the latest is Joe Biden’s convention call for an “American moment. It’s a moment that calls for hope and light and love, hope for our future, light to see our way forward, and love for one another.”

Was that just a dig at Donald Trump, whom the Democrats seem to feel embodies all kinds of darkness? Perhaps.

The reference to an “American moment” and need to love one another could have referenced principles espoused by our founders in 1776: America’s exceptional experiment in individual liberty and self-governance comes from the idea that we are created equal, and that goodness naturally predominates in a culture based on the “Golden Rule” (love your neighbor as yourself).

But no. Sadly, the group of speeches at their convention make it clear that Democratic Party leaders do not see our nation as a beacon of light, and freedom. The common thread driving Biden and his party today stems from a belief that America, and Americans, are inescapably flawed, and that the introduction of slavery in 1619, not the principles espoused in 1776, or any progress since then, defines our national culture and character.

Driven by this dark vision of us and our nation, the Biden Democrats are consumed by passion for remaking America. The Biden ethic is this: despise your neighbor unless they are woke; change them — or make them pay for their sins. Our cities and our culture are in the grip of those who believe that love is measured by the intensity of one’s hatred for our nation as it is. They believe that destruction and violence are the paths to peace and justice.

But hate is never a measure of love.

So, we watch as the Democrats’ activist base, comprised of disappointed Bernie Bros, Justice Democrats, The Squad, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and random hard-left politicians — give free rein to self-righteous hatred. They destroy our communities while claiming moral superiority and think no one can see what is actually going on. Unfortunately, Biden’s Democratic Party is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of that left – despite the fact that he was nominated because he was supposedly a moderate.

The BLM organization has had enormous success this summer, specifically because Americans are, almost universally, NOT racist. Most of us believe that we are all equal, and skin color is no basis for differential law enforcement. This is reflected in our laws and it’s universally espoused from boardrooms to classrooms, from pulpits to sporting events. There is no institutional or cultural support for racism left in America. Decades of struggle have actually changed hearts and minds, which should be applauded.

Yet Democrats today assert that America is systemically racist. They argue that racism controls every aspect of American life — our economy, institutions, people, stores, arts organizations. They claim that no white person is not a racist.

And so we have seen every major cultural and economic institution confess their sinfulness and publicly pledge to be better in order to prove their desire for goodness. But that is not enough for BLM.

For example, the recent looting and destruction of stores in Chicago (or New York, or Minneapolis). It was followed by a BLM rally in support of looting as a right, and a first step toward “reparations.” You would think that a political party that wants to win the presidency would denounce this lawlessness and looting at its national convention. But the Democrats had nothing to say last week about the collapse of civil society in our cities, and the destruction of property and businesses often owned by Black proprietors.

Joe Biden spent three paragraphs of his acceptance speech discussing white supremacists and Nazis as if they are something more than a tiny fringe in our society. He falsely suggested that President Trump supports white supremacists and Nazis and tied the ugliness in Charlottesville three years ago to events this summer.

Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris spent much of her speech ranting about “systemic” racism, even to the point of saying it explains the death toll of COVID-19. So, it would have been too much to expect Biden to contradict her. Actually, her own personal experience contradicts what she has said: She is a woman of color who rose to the U.S. Senate, and now a national ticket – unlikely in a nation that was actually racist. Naturally, the media missed the contradiction.

Just as the Democratic mayors and governors have allowed the looting to continue, and leashed law enforcement that could have stopped it, so the national Democratic ticket failed to condemn violence in the streets, riots, and looting. We are left to wonder if they share the BLM view that the riots, and attacks on people and property, are justified.

The traditional, universal, and non-political view is that riots and looting are illegal and unacceptable violence, regardless of who the rioters are and what they use to justify their actions. It is tragic when a major American political party embraces mob violence for its own political ends. Sadly, that is exactly what Biden-Harris has done with their silence.

In November, Americans will decide whether we wish to be governed by those who believe America is systemically evil, or by those who believe America is fundamentally good. Should we elect those who believe their mission is to destroy our culture and change us radically? Or those who believe that the job of a president is to keep us safe, and enforce the law?

Why would we trust politicians with such a dark vision of us, who see us as fundamentally evil, to safeguard our people and our nation?


As Republicans conduct their convention, many questions are still on the minds of Americans about the candidates. Joe Biden has a 50-year record, much of which is bare of dramatic or significant actions in the U.S. Senate and as Vice President. Obviously, with satellite communication and such, easy access to videos and audios of speeches from the past, it’s impossible for either presidential or vice-presidential candidates to go unchallenged for things from their political pasts. Trump lived a dramatic life covered in dramatic style by the media.

Biden too has a career in front of cameras. Long before this formal campaign, the news world began to reveal things from past political speeches and rallies for Americans to use as fuel for their determination of who should represent the U.S. as President and Vice President.

It is no longer easy to cover negative statements or speeches from the past. Changing policies on specific topics are all codified in public records. I doubt either presidential or vice-presidential candidate will be successful in offering “new” ideas on particular issues when their historic political perspectives are easily obtained via the internet.

Americans are on the most part tech-savvy: that is Americans have the ability to (and most do) seek for and find facts. I’m certain this election will be decided based on the truth of what each candidate stands for as confirmed by the voters. This election more than any other will measure the desire of Americans to aggressively march toward a bigger and more controlling government or away from our current far-reaching D.C. bosses to a truly free government that acts as constitutionally structured by our forefathers. In that scenario, “We, the People” control our future. Presidents and Vice Presidents are merely the managers of OUR country.

What Was Surprisingly Missing From the DNC Convention?

Members of media hailed the all-digital Democratic National Convention. The Washington Post’s conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin gushed that the week-long Zoom show should be nominated for an Emmy. Honest onlookers, however, would notice that there wasn’t an explanation as to why the event had to be held this way: China.

Among the many dignitaries, senators, and celebrities, no speaker aside from the party’s nominee thought to mention China or its concentration camps, its freedom-crushing laws imposed on Hong Kong, or connect the communist country to the global pandemic that crashed the world economy and resulted in hundreds of thousands of needless deaths. There were more speakers with business ties to China, like Hunter Biden and Michael Bloomberg, than there were mentions of the country. When New York governor Andrew Cuomo addressed the pandemic early in the conference, he referred to COVID-19 as the ”European virus.” It was a dangerous and dishonest dismissal from a politician who is more concerned with his new book deal than the record body count in his state as a result of China’s reckless cover-up.

Biden referenced China exactly once, to propose that protective equipment be made in America so that the U.S. will ”never again be at the mercy of China and other foreign countries.”It’s a good policy and one that was similarly spelled out in the Trump administration’s ”Buy American” draft executive order, which the President has yet to sign. But Biden did not elaborate on how he personally plans to accomplish bringing back the medical supply industry, and the press, of course, did not mention his remark by noting that N95 mask and PPE shortages were not replenished under the Obama administration after the H1N1 flu crisis in 2009. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in a presidential nominee who was Vice President during that ”oops” moment.

Yes, Russia is a nuisance overseas and online. Still, it is China that will continue to be the preeminent global threat and most apparent foreign policy challenge to the incoming president. It appears the Democratic party has no intention of taking this seriously. How will a Biden administration engage with a foreign power that shows no signs of yielding and global institutions that refuse to hold it accountable?

So far,  it seems that the party is willing to appease or ignore China if they can sacrifice Trump in the process. It may work, but once Trump is gone they can no longer blame him for China’s post-pandemic maneuvering in Hong Kong; its attempts to buy junk bonds from foreign nationals; its data collection efforts using apps like TikTok, and its economic influence over trading partners in the U.S. who haven’t learned their lesson. Walmart CEO Douglas McMillon told Fox News, ”It is our hope that the two countries will work together in the years to come, to find ways to have a collaborative relationship. We want to be able to do business in China. I know a lot of US businesses and farmers want to as well.” Would a President Biden put pressure on corporations like Walmart who choose profits over protecting employees and their families from another economic fallout?

The Democrats’ choice to ignore these questions very well could cost them the election. Biden’s acceptance speech set up a fight of good versus evil but cast the wrong actors in the battle. It is not about Biden versus Trump, but about America versus China. The American people may believe that Trump could have done things differently, but they also know that he (and Europe) are not to blame for the pandemic. If Trump chooses to confront China head-on at his party’s convention next week, he will be offering voters an alternative that does not favor Biden.

Questions Not Asked Nor Answered

But there were a plethora of other questions that were not asked so therefore not answered at the DNC podcast convention — missing Q&A that are expected and even demanded from presidential nominees. You probably can think of a few. Let’s assume for a moment:

Question: “Mr. Biden, what are your plans to end the COVID-19 pandemic?”

Answer: “President Trump caused the tremendous spike inCOVID-19 because of waiting too long to act. I know how what needs to be done, and we will end the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Question: “What is necessary to stop the racial violence on the streets of America’s large cities?”

Answer: “The Trump Administration initiated this when Trump stated following the Charlottesville riot there were good people on both sides. He showed his racist tendencies by calling White Supremacists good. We’ll take that head-on because we must change the policies of racism and violence promoted by Trump’s policies.”

Question: “What is your position on the ‘Defund the Police’ movement?”

Answer: “In my administration, we will aggressively support the Rule of Law. We will take actions to support the constitutional right for all Americans to practice their guarantee of Free Speech. No government should ever try to circumvent Americans’ Constitutional Rights. Come on, Man! This is the United States of America, not Russia!”

Question: “Vice President Biden, the entire nation is rocked with this pandemic and the pandemonium which it has caused. Americans are struggling just to pay bills and keep food on their tables. Can we expect that to change under a Biden presidency?”

Answer: “Barack and I are the ones that started the great economic comeback of 2017, 2018, and 2019. Trump decided to pay off his big supporters by giving them huge tax cuts at the expense of the Middle Class. We’ll immediately make the changes necessary to go right back to the Biden/Obama economy that made life better for everyone.”

Question: “But haven’t you stated you would rollback the Trump tax-cuts from 2017? About the record employment achievements during the Trump years? Won’t tax increases the size of those you have discussed put the U.S. economy back where it was during your administration?”

Answer: “We inherited the worst economy in decades when Barack and I took over. It took years of hard work to get things turned around. But we did. Come on, Man! don’t you know Trump claimed the credit for what we accomplished and then killed it all by allowing the pandemic to crash all the good work we did!”


Here’s the bottom line: Biden has promised he’s going to fix everything because he knows HOW everything “should” be operating. And the only reason it isn’t going well is because of this inept president.

Think through that for a moment: Biden HAS said he knows how to fix this pandemic and to reopen the economy.

He knows what should be done? Yet he’s allowed 176,000 Americans to die when he could have stepped forward and stopped their deaths by giving us the fix!

He knows what should be done? Yet he’s allowed millions of Americans to be put out of work along with the shuttering of thousands of businesses not knowing how to survive economically? He could have stepped forward with his economic cure and saved millions of jobs AND thousands of horrors for Americans faced at the hands of this economic nightmare!

Folks, let’s be honest: Joe HAS said all these things publicly. “Why has no-one confronted him publicly to put him on record with his answers?”

That’s pretty hard to do when the only times he’s popped his head out of his Delaware basement to speak publicly are in speeches — most of which are pre-recorded and probably edited — and has not once held a press conference in which reporters have been allowed to ask questions with follow-ups! 

How could Americans possibly know what he REALLY knows and plans and has to offer the American people?

Do you know what’s the most maddening thing about this: the American Mainstream Media have given him a total pass from answering any real questions to enable Americans to understand who Joe Biden really is and who he would be if elected President.

And the Democrat Party plan to keep it that way!

Don’t be shocked if/when it is announced that Joe Biden will NOT debate President Trump.

I’m not predicting that, but every day I am led to believe it is a real possibility. Why would they do that? Because any good debater would most likely destroy the former VP in a real debate.

It might make no difference at all. Media are not talking about something: the “Helmut Norpoth Model.” It’s an electoral college compilation of probable results in this presidential race.

You KNOW my opinion of polls: and it’s not favorable. And I am NOT predicting this will actualize. But when a model correctly predicts 24 of 26 presidential elections, it gets my attention. And one of those correct predictions was 2016!

What’s going to happen? If Joe would ever tell us the details of what he “knows” needs to occur in the nation, I think we’d all have a much better idea of what is going to happen!


Bullet Points: Saturday, August 22, 2020

What a week! The Democrats tried hard to show America that Joe Biden is a worthy candidate to run against the incumbent, President Donald Trump. Was the Democrat National Convention (that was only online) a success? Was Joe Biden shown to be a coherent, logical thinker? Did he share his plan for America? If so, was his plan sufficient to make voters choose him over the President?

Besides the Democrat convention, other things were happening in the nation that are important. Did you miss any? Don’t worry: we have the highlights of the week for you here. Here are headlines from the ten hottest stories of the week. After you read the headline and you still want details of any story, click on the arrow and go directly to an account with complete information. Let’s get started?

Bullet Points

  • Former First Lady spoke at the Democrat Convention in a pre-recorded video. In her address, she painted President Trump as a man without any semblance of good. In doing so, she neglected the tremendous benefits the policies put in place by the Trump Administration have given to members of the African American and other minority communities. One non-partisan expert weighed in on Michelle Obama’s speech. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico are pretty common. We’re in the 2020 hurricane season. There are hurricanes that have already attacked the U.S. But there’s something new coming up in the Gulf of Mexico: apparently two hurricanes are headed to the Gulf — AT THE SAME TIME! For complete details, click on this link:
  • There’s a big U.S. Senate race afoot in Massachusetts. It’s a big deal primarily because there’s a Kennedy from the famous Kennedy family who is taking on an entrenched incumbent. And House Speaker Pelosi has come out and endorsed the Kennedy family member in his race against Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA). For complete details, click on this link:
  • Ghislane Maxwell — Epstein’s “woman”– just recently completed an in-depth deposition in which she apparently named names and details of contact between young women and high-level political individuals. Her lawyers have asked an attorney to keep details secret! Why? The lawyers say if details become public, their client will NOT receive a fair trail! For complete details,  click on this link:
  • Facebook (according to “anonymous” sources within the company) have diligently been working on plans of how the social platform will respond if President Trump refuses to accept the results of the November election! I don’t remember hearing any plans implemented after the 2016 election when Hillary began (and continues to this day) to claim that “Russians put Trump in office.” This is a crazy one, folks! For complete details, click on this link:
  • It will be interesting to see if Democrats will allow Joe Biden to campaign to the hard left, (Green New Deal, Single-payer healthcare, free college, open borders, huge tax increases, etc.) but in his nomination acceptance speech expect his party to forget his commitments to the far-left crowd and just accept the fact that even though he’s lying to one part of the party, he’s still the right choice. That’s what he’s doing! For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s going to see how the restrictive COVID-19 California government handle the rash of deadly forest fires that are raging already and are certain to increase in number. Governor Gavin Newsom may have to release some of restrictions for firefighters to do their jobs. Those who spends days and weeks out in the forests fighting these wildfires cannot realistically adhere to social distancing requirements nor to face-covering rules. Do you think Newsom will be sending out fine notifications? For complete details, click on this link:
  • A former Army Green Beret has been charged with being a Russian agent and has been passing along classified information to Russia for several decades. The Russian intelligence agencies worked so closely with him they gave him his own intelligence name. For complete details, click on this link:
  • There’s trouble brewing between the nation of Venezuela and the U.S. Venezuela Strongman Maduro refuses to allow American citizens who are in Venezuela to leave to return to the U.S. The number of Americans who are stuck in the horrors of Venezuela struggle to find some way to leave the country. For complete details, click on this link:
  • One would think that in the bleak portrayal of the United States by the Left in the midst of our COVID-19 pandemic that NO ONE would even think about buying a home. But it appears that plenty either disagree with the “sky is falling” narrative that’s being banged into their heads by the media — enough so to see home sales spike 24.7% in June-July sales! For complete details, click on this link:

Who Do Today’s Democrats Want to Be?

His speech brought the house down. No speech from that convention was more memorable than Miller’s.

Compare Miller’s speech to the one given by Republican former governor John Kasich to the Democratic National Convention on Monday night.

Miller spoke of patriotism and past instances of statesmen putting aside their partisan strife to work together for a better America. Kasich spoke about his opposition to President Donald Trump.

Beyond that, Miller felt left behind by his party. He wasn’t in the hall to tell Republicans how to capture Democratic votes. To him, it was obvious what Republicans represented, what Democrats represented, and which side he fell on. The parties had shifted and he had found himself on the other side.

That clarity is missing from both parties today. Both sides are defined by Donald Trump.

The Republican party is tied to Donald Trump, just like any party has ever been tied to the president from their party. But the Democrats are using their time in the national spotlight to be defined by Trump as well. The first night of the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee was not about what Democrats stand for but what they stand against. Defeating Donald Trump is priority one and that’s why Kasich made sense in the speaker list.

“Who do you want to be?” is a difficult question for either party to answer right now. Members can answer in platitudes like “we stand with working families” or “we represent freedom-loving Americans.” It’s not like the other party doesn’t like working-families or freedom-lovers. It’s more about the shorthand of what those phrases mean.

Kasich’s prominent speaking slot only adds to this confusion. That he and Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke on the same night was perhaps meant to display the Democrats’ wide tent. Instead, it showcased that they are not sure who they are.

democrats john kasich
         Former Ohio Governor John Kasich

The progressive wing of the Democratic party noticed. Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who got a 90-second pre-recorded video slot at the convention, tweeted “It’s important to remember that Kasich is an anti-choice extremist. He 100 percent will (and has) signed away our reproductive rights the moment he has the opportunity to do so. He is not a friend to workers.” Much of the online left agreed. It didn’t help that Kasich gave an interview to BuzzFeed ahead of his speech saying Ocasio-Cortez is not representative of Democrats. Is he?

Kasich also happens to play an interesting role in the election of Donald Trump. Kasich competed in the 2016 Republican presidential primary and refused to end his campaign until two months after he’d been mathematically disqualified from contention. Kasich remaining in the race stopped the competition from becoming a two-man race between Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. He played the role of spoiler for Cruz. Kasich wasn’t concerned with stopping Trump, he was focused on winning the race for himself. Trump may have won anyway but Kasich made his path that much easier. But now Kasich is willing to align with the other party to stop Trump.

Can Kasich convince Republicans to vote for Joe Biden? Unlikely. But what he can do is force both parties to look at themselves and wonder if they are the kind of party to welcome John Kasich into a prominent role. The Democrats need to decide what it says about them that they are the only ones saying yes.

“The EndGame”

What and why are the Democrats doing what they are doing today? The answer has been purposely hidden during the decades while their plns have been implemented.

We’ve spoken in details of who today’s players are and how they operate in the roles they play. We’ve also discussed in Parts I and II what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are positioned to be in this. Today we present the “Finale” — what the EndGame is for this Democrat Party.

It doesn’t involve just THIS Democrat Party. It reaches across oceans and national boundaries. It includes leaders from every sector of life in every nation. It is global.

This video that’s 20-minutes in length details who, what, and how this process has been implemented and unfolded until today. To understand all of this, you need to watch this! 

If you cannot watch it now, stop here and come back to complete the video when you have time to watch it all. This is VERY Important!


I know: many extremists have claimed for years “the end is near!” Most of us have continually dismissed their claims, clinging to the confidence we have that the U.S. is too large, too powerful, too democratic to allow itself to fall into such a trap.

But understand this: we’ve watched for years as America’s left wing politicians have worked diligently to grow our government while diminishing the power of the American electorate.

Why would doing so be a concerted effort by so many who have given their lives to this cause if it isn’t real? Why do they need total control of the lives of every American to simply represent us in government to find and implement what’s best for us if this isn’t real? Remember: as it stands Constitutionally, today’s government is and is to forever be “government of, by, and for the People.” 

For their plans to proceed, that type of government has to be eliminated.

For us, it began with the United Nations being established on our shores at almost entirely U.S. taxpayers’ expense but is run by a group of handpicked international Socialists? Why are members of the Left in America so supportive of giving our resources to fulfill international commitments made by American politicians that giveaway American assets?

We’ve known for years. You saw and heard American leaders who have for decades been part of the process of the creation of a global ruling class of people that calls the shots for everyone — including YOU! That group is comprised primarily of members of the U.S. Democrat Party, but not just Democrats. No, American RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) have spent millions in a campaign against the continuation of a Trump agenda. Globalist members of that group like former Ohio Governor John Kasich, Colin Powell, and even the wife of Sen. John McCain have already during the Democrat Party “Virtual” Convention spoke loudly in their endorsement of ending the Trump administration.

Why would these and so many other so-called Republicans already be in such unity against what America today stands for if they were not pushing for a government established for a ruling class to control in total? A Biden/Harris elected would initiate the process of the U.S. joining the globalist you say and heard from their own mouths their desire and intentions to work towards a global government.

It’s coming. It’s their singular objective. The most powerful nation on Earth with the greatest political and economic might is the singular resource necessary to push the “Start” button to awaken this behemoth that will control us all.

Are you committed to that end? Do you support making that move? Are you ready for every aspect of your life to be ordered by a group of individuals who hate what our country has been for 260 years and are more than ready to give it away?

Putting a Biden/Harris ticket in control of our government is the key to the initiation of this globalist plan. It will initiate the gradual loss of who this nation is.

With a Trump re-election, we will have four more years of not just pushing back against this global monster, but to eat away at its foundation. How do we do that? By continuing our aggressive attacks against those domestically who are stealthily giving away our freedoms.

By the way, the Globalists will NOT stop their efforts with a Trump victory. They are in this for the long-haul. But a win will show them Americans now understand who are our enemies and that we are willing to go to war with them to pushback against and ultimately destroy their purposes.

What do you want?