Bullet Points: Saturday, October 31, 2020

Yes, it’s Saturday: three days until “Election 2020!” There is no doubt there have been a bunch of important things happening. All of those “important things” ran their course in total disregard of your busy schedule. And you probably missed one or two…or maybe three.

We’re here to make sure you get ALL the information you need to stay on top of these critical American happenings. And in today’s bullet points, you’ll see. Read the sentence or two that describes each story. If you want to dive-in for details, click on the link, and it’ll take you directly to the story. If you already know about it or don’t want details, just skip to the next Bullet Point.

Enjoy your weekend! And, of course, make sure you vote on Tuesday if you haven’t already done so.

Bullet Points

  • Did you know that America’s media is at war with at least half of the country? It’s no secret that the mainstream media in the U.S. have left the ranks of the “real” journalists with whom they formerly stood side-by-side and have become little more than a political arm of the Democrat Party. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s common knowledge that President Trump has been supportive of America’s law enforcement community. In the wake of the lawlessness that swept the nation in tandem with COVID-19, many law enforcement officials have been injured in mostly Democrat-controlled cities while trying to stop protestors-turned-rioters from harming others, looting stores, and destroying public and private property. Did you know that, also, more than 600 members of the brutal MS-13 gang have been taken off the streets? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Have you heard of the political scientist Helmut Norpoth? He has created a political projection model that has correctly predicted 25 of the 27 times used predicted actual election results. Based on his model, President Trump has a better than 80% chance of receiving 362 electoral votes! He needs only 270 to win. For complete details, click on this link:
  • There’s another group that, despite Joe Biden’s consistent leads in the polls, predicts that Trump WILL defeat Joe Biden for four more years as president. Trafalgar Group has shown consistently in their model that President Trump’s supporters are significantly under-represented in the polling models that have, from the beginning, showed Biden leading. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Many Americans and government officials are concerned about violence in our streets in the wake of the presidential election results regardless of who wins. Some in Colorado are so concerned they have created a “Survivalist Camp” to accommodate members at a hidden location in Southern Colorado to weather the storm of violence they are confident will come. They even fear a civil war! For complete details, click on this link:
  • What in American life is more sacred than turkey at Thanksgiving dinner? But this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has many Americans opting NOT to serve turkey and may not even have others over in a traditional Thanksgiving event. Turkey farmers are anxious. Why is that? For complete details, click on this link:
  • I was in San Francisco in late December just before COVID-19 attacked us. I gorged on a fantastic lobster and clam chowder at Pier 39. SFC was roaring. But now, hardly anyone hits Fisherman’s Wharf and the Piers at all. Downtown has become a ghost town. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Do you remember the last time a Republican won the state of Minnesota in a presidential election? Richard Nixon won the state in his 1972 race for the White House! Minnesota has been a Democrat Party stronghold for a long, long time. But President Trump has marked Minnesota as a state he not only wants to win this year but feels strongly that he CAN win. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • It’s virtually impossible for a victory for any presidential candidate without winning the state of Florida. And it’s tough to win Florida without a win in Miami-Dade County. The population is so large in this county that winning it makes up for losses in other parts of the state. Though Trump won Florida in 2016, Biden felt he could flip the state by carrying the heavily-populated minority Miami-Dade county this year. But Biden staff members are frantically trying to get Democrats to turnout and fear that an impending low voter turnout will cost them the entire state. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • We’ve all watched and listened to Joe Biden, and also former President Barack Obama made several outlandish claims on the campaign trail this election season. Both have claimed continuously that Donald Trump’s economy is NOT his economy, but rather just a continuation of THEIR economy. But Biden and Obama fail to look at facts — facts that proved before the pandemic, Trump’s economy was one of the greatest in American history. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • With just a few days until the election, Google is still seeing “How can I change my vote?” top the list of Google searches. Eighty-four million people have already voted early as of late Friday afternoon. The Google search shows a bunch of folks who are second-guessing their vote and want to make changes. Can they? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • This story about corruption uncovered from Hunter Biden’s MacBook Pro has proven to be actual details from Hunter’s originated and received emails and texts. Numerous sources have confirmed their authenticity, and the FBI has acknowledged they have been investigating Hunter since 2019 for alleged criminal money laundering. Though Vice President Biden, when asked about the scandal, has vehemently claimed it’s only a smear campaign at the last minute to hurt his campaign for President, Joe still has NOT stated the text, emails, and pictures that collectively number in the tens of thousands are NOT true! What’s going to happen? For complete details, click on this link: 

Who’s Winning?

In the countdown to Election Day, the two campaigns are taking drastically different approaches.

Joe Biden is sitting on a lead in the polls, trying to run out the clock, while Donald Trump is making a mad dash for the finish line, selling optimism.

Both strategies make sense — sort of.

Like a football team leading in the final quarter or a basketball team with 2-minutes left goes into a four-corner freeze, Biden’s goal is simply to keep the clock ticking down to zero. Nothing fancy, just avoid mistakes and prevent the other team from getting the ball back.

To avoid those mistakes, Biden rarely leaves his basement. When he does, his goal is less to thrill voters with new policies than to prove he’s still alive and capable of traveling across state lines. He speaks to small crowds and says whatever’s on the teleprompter. He avoids impromptu comments, where he repeatedly makes unforced errors and refuses to hold press conferences, where he might face hard questions.

Avoiding press conferences has been easy. The COVID crisis has been a perfect excuse for Biden and Kamala Harris. Harris has not given a press conference since she was named several months ago. Joe has given very few and almost none recently. The fawning media hasn’t pressed them.

Reporters aren’t demanding answers or making the candidates pay a price for the silent treatment. The reason is painfully obvious. It’s not just that most reporters and media operations consider the Democrats “our ticket.” That’s been true for decades. What’s different now is that they consider this particular Republican a danger to the Republic.

Protecting the country from another four years of Trump in the White House is a more important, more patriotic duty for journalists than their normal job of asking hard questions, demanding evidence and investigating big stories. That’s why, when reporters do get a rare opportunity to ask Joe Biden a question, they toss him softballs. That’s why, when CBS finally asked Harris a crucial question about how progressive she really is, they allowed her to wave it off. She laughed loudly and, in a not-so-funny manner, started talking about her family heritage. For CBS, that was good enough. No follow up. They let stand her answer as a laugh.

Although the media refuse to press Democrats, Trump is not so delicate. He’s campaigning like he’s been handed the ball one last time and is driving for victory. He’s traveling to several swing states every day and holding large, enthusiastic rallies. CNN, MSNBC, and the Biden campaign damn them as “super-spreader events,” underscoring the Democrats’ edge on COVID. By contrast, Trump is using the rallies to emphasize America reopening, its economy reviving and its energy sector secure and free from dependence on Middle Eastern oil. He’s attacking his opponent as “Sleepy Joe” and his family as thoroughly corrupt.

Important as these themes are, Trump’s rallies convey a larger message: America is roaring back and its future is bright. He has adopted Ronald Reagan’s most successful reelection advertisement. To quote from the iconic 1984 TV ad, “It’s morning again in America, and under the leadership of President Reagan, our country is prouder and stronger and better. Why would we ever want to return to where we were less than four short years ago?” That Reaganesque message is what Trump wants the country to see at his raucous rallies.

Joe Biden gave Trump this opportunity when the former vice president concluded the second debate by saying, “We’re about to go into a dark winter.” The attack was hardly new. The problem is that Biden failed to seal the deal by saying that, under him, America’s future would be sunny and upbeat.

Biden’s omission actually reflected his campaign’s central message, which has been almost entirely negative. He hasn’t emphasized his own programs for two reasons. First, he thinks he can win that way because enough people hate Trump — make this election purely a referendum on Trump and his failures. Don’t make it a “me-against-him” battle. Second, the more Biden says about his own programs, the more he alienates either his party’s left-wing base or the centrist voters he needs to capture. The wedge between those groups is obvious now as Biden tries to explain his back-and-forth positions on fracking and the “transition away from oil and gas.” He said one thing in the primaries and another to general election voters. Trump is driving home those contradictions, of course, and folding them into a larger depiction of Joe Biden’s dark future for America: smart move.

Biden’s “dark winter” fumble reinforces the subliminal message of his stay-at-home campaign: we are locked down for a while. We’re frail, feeble, and vulnerable. It’s too dangerous to go back to work, return to school, resume our daily lives. Trump is grabbing that opportunity to say Biden and his party are all doom and gloom. They are going to raise your taxes, kill the energy industry, and unleash a parade of horribles. By contrast, he promises to cut taxes, slash regulations, unleash American energy and manufacturing, sprinkle magic dust and make everything great. He’s energy and optimism. Joe is “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Americans don’t believe in fairy dust, but they do believe in a brighter future. That’s why David Axelrod’s message for candidate Obama was so brilliant: “Hope and Change.” They wanted voters to “throw the bums out,” but they were smart enough to sugarcoat it with optimism.

That optimism is Trump’s most important theme in the final stretch. Confidence and enthusiasm sugarcoat his angry message of “throw the bums out of Washington, drain the Swamp.”

The overriding questions now are: was Biden right to bet everything on a negative campaign? Can Trump sell his positive message? And is there enough time left on the clock for the embattled president to come back?

Answer: I don’t think Trump needs to come back. I think he never lost the lead!

Election Manipulation and Fraud Alive and Well in Texas

For months now we have heard of and shared dozens of examples of voter fraud, ballot problems, harvesting ballots, buying ballots, and numerous other plots to impact the November 3 election results. Most of those surround the distribution and completion of mail-in ballots. But there are tens of thousands of examples of the actual manipulation of voters’ ballots that are often purchased, completed, signed, and submitted illegally.

“There’s no mass voter fraud. Any person that thinks someone can change votes that impact election results is wrong!” (former President Barack Obama in 2016)

Obama was wrong!

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has been on the prowl looking for (and documenting) incidents of voter fraud and manipulation. Project Veritas journalists went undercover to expose ballot fraud in Minneapolis among the Somali immigrant population. A worker purportedly working for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was caught via hidden camera recounting how he and his charges harvested absentee ballots from Somali immigrants who live in three large multi-story apartment complexes. They sometimes even applied via mail for those immigrants. And when those requested absentee ballots were sent back, Omar’s “people” would go back and retrieve the ballots paying for them, then complete the ballots and return those to voter registration offices.

We then covered a story of massive ballot harvesting in Houston, Texas. In that plot, a group of people working for the Texas Director of the Joe Biden Campaign operation would conduct similar actions as have those in Minneapolis. How many ballots were at stake in Houston? It’s not known for certain, but they bragged on camera it was 700,000!

This week — again in Texas — a monstrous election fraud project in Texas was uncovered — once again by Project Veritas. This fraud has been conducted for years in the good old fashion way: buy votes. A journalist for Project Veritas went undercover and obtained actual unfettered access to the leader of this voter fraud operation, Raquel Rodriguez.

We’ll go undercover with Project Veritas and let you see and hear Rodriguez’s own words:

“Raquel Rodriguez was recorded with hidden camera explaining how she and her confederates pressure and reward targeted voters to meet the vote totals campaigns and candidates have contracted them to meet,” said James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of Project Veritas.

“Raquel Rodriguez boasts about all the other political power brokers who are in her pocket, and she told our journalists she has already brought in 7,000 votes,” he said.  “If Rodriguez is truly responsible for 7,000 votes delivered in Bexar County so far, it is a stunning example of how fragile our republic has become,” O’Keefe said.

Rodriguez, a political operative who described herself as a ballot chaser, told Project Veritas undercover journalists, posing as potential clients, that one of her main jobs is helping Mauro Garza, the Republican House hopeful for Texas’ 20th District.  Garza, who owns San Antonio’s Pegasus nightclub, met with Rodriguez to discuss what she could do for him as he was launching his congressional campaign, she said.

“Mauro, right now, he said: ‘OK, Raquel, if you were running, what would you do?’  So, he sat me down, and I said: ‘I would do this, this, this, this, and this.’ He said: ‘How much money do you think you would need?’ And I budgeted everything, right? OK, so you do it,’” she said. “He was paying me $5,000 a month, but now he’s paying me $8,000 a month; why? Because I took on his extra jobs,” she said.

Garza’s campaign responds to Project Veritas probe, blasts Rodriguez.

After Tuesday’s release of the first part of the Project Veritas investigation into voter fraud in Texas, which exposed the corrupt practices of ballot chaser Raquel Rodriguez, GOP House hopeful Mauro Garza condemned those practices and said that Rodriguez was no longer working for his campaign.

“A former Mauro Garza campaign volunteer was recorded alleging voter fraud in our local elections. I welcome any investigation and accountability to expose these outlandish allegations.

I do not endorse or support any wrongdoing or voter fraud. If any member of my campaign team, paid or volunteer, engages in or gives the perception of any negligent behavior or threatens the integrity of voter registration or engages in voter fraud, they will be immediately fired and turned over to the County elections office and law enforcement. The volunteer in the investigative video no longer serves on my campaign. I hope that this story encourages the news media and legal authorities to investigate all evidence of voter fraud and suppression as it has been a rampant problem for decades in South Texas. I have been a long-time advocate for voter integrity and will continue my fight to make our voices as citizens heard, fairly and honestly.

All I can ask for is patience from our supporters and a thorough investigation to secure the integrity of our elections.”

Texas Republicans secretly working for Democrats

Rodriguez told a Project Veritas journalist she would not work for President Donald J. Trump. Rodriguez did not say directly that she was paid by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s campaign or the campaign for Democratic Senate candidate Mary Jennings “MJ” Hegar. Still, she said she was working for both candidates, and she does not work for free. “Yeah, I’m getting the Biden vote out, but I mean I’m not going to do it for free — in other words, if they don’t pay me, I’m like excuse me?” she said.

“I’m against Trump. OK. I’m with Biden, and I’m with Hegar. That’s the truth,” she said. “I’ve got three Democrats; three Republicans, and the rest are Democrats.” Hegar is running against Republican Sen. John Cornyn III.

Rodriguez said it is not about party loyalty. It is about the money when a Project Veritas journalist asked about what it would take to hire her — and among her clients are Texas Republicans secretly helping the Democrats win, she said.

“My people are undercover because some of them are Republicans,” she said. “Some of them are Democrats. Some of them are just wanting to get the right people in office, so some of the Republicans are precinct chairs that cannot be known because they could get kicked out, but they want to help Biden — and so that’s how they’re helping me.”

Rodriguez said she was also hired to help candidates running for judge.

“So, those three judges that you’re talking about, and that’s her name? Renee Yanta, Nicole Garza, right? They’re paying me $3,500. Me, $3,500 to make sure that their name is on the ballot,” she said. Yanta is a Republican and Garza is a Democrat. Rodriguez even said she looks forward to judges, like Yanta, being in her debt. “Renee Yanta, she’s running for [judge], so the thing is, I’m going to have people like that with me, like in my pocket, you know what I’m saying?” she said.

Yanta denies she hired Rodriguez, Ramon to harvest ballots for her

Yanta told Project Veritas that she hired Raquel Rodriguez to help with her campaign, such as running an information table with workers wearing her campaign tee-shirts and holding signs. She said she hired Rodriguez on the recommendation of Joanne Ramon, who she also hired for her campaign — but then fired Ramon when she learned that Ramon was also working for her opponent. The candidate for judge said she was stunned that Rodriguez would speak about her being in her debt as a sitting judge. “I would never be in her debt, and I would never be in her pocket. I have run five campaigns. I have always run them ethically. I have always been a rule-of-law judge. It is extremely disturbing to me that she would say such a thing.”

Yanta said, “I did not hire either Joanne Ramon or Raquel Rodriguez or anyone else to chase ballots or for ballot harvesting.”

Rodriguez describes her ballot harvesting operation

O’Keefe said, “Rodriguez is more than just a political consultant. She directs a team of more than a dozen operatives, who act as hired guns for Republicans and Democrats looking to pay for votes.”

In one conversation with a Project Veritas journalist, Rodriguez said how much her services cost.

Raquel Rodriguez: “Let’s say $6 per vote, right? And I’m going to bring in 5,000 votes.”

Journalist: “5,000?”

Rodriguez: “5,000 votes, that’s county-wide.”

O’Keefe said Project Veritas journalists exposed election and voter fraud going on right now in real-time.

“We’ve just seen in our undercover reporting that a small handful of people can manipulate thousands of votes for one of the most important elections of our time,” he said.

“If we don’t stop this abhorrent illegal activity now, buying votes will become the new normal, and the voter’s right to choose will be a relic of the past,” he said.

Rodriguez helps Liz Campos

Another candidate Rodriguez said she agreed to help is Elizabeth Campos, the Democratic hopeful for the 119th District seat in the Texas House of Representatives.

“I told her: ‘Are you tired of losing?’ Because she lost twice, three strikes you’re out. I said: ‘You’ve never had me on your team.’ She said: ‘Let’s try it.’”

Rodriguez said she was committed to Campos — as long as Campos understood she owed her.

“And I brought her, listen to this, I brought her through the general, to the primary, and she was in runoff, and I got her out of the runoff. Now she couldn’t afford me. The average person would have said: ‘You know what, f*ck you, I’m not gonna help you run against your opponent.’ Do you know what I told her? ‘I respect you. You’re going to owe me — OK? Just remember what I am doing for you,’” she said.

Rodriguez said Campos was smart to take the deal. Early voting has become a wildcard, she said.

“She’s brilliant. She may have done it on purpose, but she knew she was going to win, but right now, they’re scared because of all the people that could have voted,” she said.

Another challenge, Rodriguez said, is working on the cheap, but other members of the team are not in on her deal with Campos.

“They don’t know how that’s going to go,” Rodriguez said. “But I told her like: ‘You know what? I’m pushing you as much as I can, but I can’t make everybody else push you because everybody else is getting paid.’”

Rodriguez said to a Project Veritas journalist that she would not work to re-elect President Donald J. Trump. But besides Garza, there are other Republicans she will help — such as state Sen. Peter P. Flores, who represents the 19th District.

Raquel Rodriguez: “The senator is Pete Flores.” 

Journalist: “Pete Flores.”

Rodriguez: “He’s a Republican; he’s going to win.”

Journalist: “OK, has he won already?”

Rodriguez: “Yeah, he’s already won.”

Journalist: “So, you’ve got Pete in your –“

Rodriguez: “He called me and said: ‘Raquel, what do you need?’ I told him I needed some face masks that he’s giving out; he gave me like, 22 dozen.”

Journalist: “You got Pete in the pocket.”

Rodriguez: “Pete in the pocket.”

Texas Attorney General Paxton launches investigation into ballot abuses 

Texas Attorney General W. Kenneth Paxton Jr. announced Monday that his Election Fraud Unit is probing the organized election fraud scheme exposed by Project Veritas.

“What’s shown in the video is shocking and should alarm all Texans who care about election integrity,” Paxton said. “We are aggressively investigating the serious allegations and potential crimes that Project Veritas’s documentary audio and video recordings shed light on today.”

Paxton said his office was fiercely committed to ensuring that the voting process is secure and fair in all Texas elections after the Project Veritas investigation casts a shadow of doubt on the integrity of the elections.

“Election integrity has been a top priority of mine since I first took office in 2015. Anyone who attempts to defraud the people of Texas, deprive them of their vote, or undermine the integrity of elections will be brought to justice and penalized to the fullest extent of the law,” he said.

O’Keefe said, “We hope the legal authorities in the state of Texas take note of this investigation — voter fraud and election fraud are real, and this country needs to wake up and do something about it.”


I’m sure there’s more: FAR more than what Project Veritas has uncovered; probably hundreds of thousands of votes. Where are they? Who are the guilty parties trying to steal these elections? How many votes and voters are actually impacted? We probably will never know. All we can do is commit to doing the right things ourselves and demand and then facilitate for our law enforcement folks to find, stop, and prosecute each and every person and organization responsible for the manipulation of and theft of voters’ rightful votes.

Today (Thursday) on “TNN Live,” we will play a portion of the undercover conversations secretly recorded between Rodriguez and a Project Veritas operative. Our show airs from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Central Time. Join our streaming radio show a few minutes before 9:00 AM by clicking on this link:


Stay tuned: I’m certain there will be much more!

A “Suburban Mom” Weighs-In as Only One Can

Let’s stray from our normal “business as usual” routine at TruthNewsNetwork. Daily you hear directly from us. But today as we face an election just six days away. How are other Americans feeling about the election, and, more importantly, about choosing between the two presidential candidates? I highly doubt there are very many voters remaining who are REALLY “undecided.” At this point, unless one has been living under a rock, the die is probably caste. To that end, I thought it would be good for me today to step aside and let you hear from another American: a suburban Mom. These are the voters who many on the Left maintain feel abandoned by Donald Trump: he failed to protect them and their children by ignoring the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, he should NOT be trusted to serve four more years.

You’ve heard this before here: “Facts Matter.” Let’s today turn our attention to one of those Suburban moms who tells us her story and where she stands as she, like you, faces choosing between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

I’m a white, college graduate, suburban mom in her 40s living in an upper-middle-class area. If you listen to the media, my fuel-efficient SUV should be proudly outfitted with a Biden/Harris bumper sticker.   Except it’s not. Not all of us fit into a big suburban box. I have two young girls — yes, girls — and this year I’m voting for them.

In 2016, I took a chance, and cautiously voted for Donald Trump based on the promises he made. This year, I’m proudly voting for him based on the promises he’s kept and the leadership he’s shown over the last three and a half years.  President Trump has done more that I support than any president in my lifetime, and certainly more than Joe Biden in his decades in Washington.



“Justice” Barrett Hits Homerun; Fauci Strikes Out

A Catholic girl from Metairie, Louisiana who attended a girls’ school and then Notre Dame is now the ninth Justice of the United States Supreme Court. In spite of her amazing qualifications as the World saw during three days of exhaustive attacks by Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Barrett — who will be known now as “ACB” — shocked many of the experts by staring down those Senators who sought desperately to find reason to disqualify her. They failed miserably. Last night, Amy Coney Barrett assumed the seat of former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

There is not yet much to say about ACB, but you can be in just a few days there will be MUCH said about her sitting on the SCOTUS. Consideration of a challenge to Obamacare will be heard by the new Court. Many on the Left swear she’ll be the swing vote to kill Obamacare even though she reminded Senators the challenge is on just one provision of the law and “Severability” could easily determine that one part unconstitutional but allowing the law to survive. Never mind, this is election year and Democrats need fodder to feed their minions to convince voters to vote Left.

The other pending law being challenged is Roe v. Wade. This law too is NOT being challenged in its entirety, but several parts of the law. And Barrett three years ago in Judiciary Committee hearings when asked stated she sees Roe v. Wade as possibly NEVER being overturned.

What we absolutely know is certain is that Ruth Bader Ginsburg would, if still with us, be pleased to know that her replacement is probably as close as a judge can be to Ginsburg herself in the understand of the Law with a similar commitment to view every case without political prejudice and rule soley based on law. That may not be good enough for Democrats, but it certainly will prove to be good for the Rule of Law and protect for years to come the U.S. Constitution.

Amy Coney Barrett stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park, a homerun for the American people!

The Strikeout King: Dr. Anthony Fauci

The Washington Post has been a joke for a long time, at least since the days when it won a Pulitzer Prize in 1981 for a story about a child heroin addict who turned out not to exist. The paper is now filled every day with poison pen “analysis,” backed by phony “fact-checkers,” criticizing almost anything President Trump says or does. Somehow, basic facts that may impact the coronavirus story, such as the federal record of failure in the development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine, escape mention.

President Clinton in May 1997 had announced a “comprehensive AIDS vaccine research initiative” that has failed. To repeat: 23 years later, the project has failed. To emphasize this fact is not to denigrate the efforts that were made. Instead, it is appropriate information that might help us understand if the current push for a coronavirus vaccine, strongly backed by the United Nations, makes any medical sense at all. Perhaps money for a coronavirus vaccine can be spent more effectively somewhere else. Perhaps vitamin therapy, nutritional supplements, and other alternative treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine should be used on a massive scale immediately. In a major breakthrough about this,  Governor Kristi Noem announced that South Dakota will become the first state to conduct a full clinical trial on hydroxychloroquine, to understand its role in treating and potentially preventing coronavirus.

In the same way that HIV/AIDS may have been misunderstood by the “experts,” the jury is still out on the nature of the China virus. But such information is critical to understanding whether a vaccine is even possible and whether fast-tracking a risky vaccine is wise. In addition to the failure of the HIV/AIDS vaccine experiment, the swine flu vaccine scandal of the 1970s confirms how government vaccination programs can go horribly wrong.

The Post ran a story about Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, who specialized in HIV/AIDS vaccine research, referring to them as having “worked together at the dawn of the AIDS crisis.” It said Birx and Fauci are still “on a continuing search for a cure and vaccine,” a backdoor way of acknowledging that the vaccine project has failed. But the paper won’t say that in a direct or factual way.

Fauci and Birx are clearly knowledgeable but they are not infallible. Their records are not above reproach. But because they carry the label of doctors and “scientists,” they seem to be immune from serious criticism. It’s time for that to change. More and more it seems — at least as it pertains to COVID-19 — our “experts” are not very “expert” at giving us accurate information that, each time they do, they tell us they are “facts.” Too often they are NOT.

The paper is defending Fauci’s record as an “infectious disease specialist” but his comments about the nature of the China virus have varied, depending on which program he has been on. And there have been a lot of such programs. On one show in January, Fauci said, “But this is not a major threat for the people of the United States. And this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.” This followed the WHO’s claim on January 14 that coronavirus could not be spread person to person. It cited China as the source of that information.

Fauci told the NBC Today show as late as February 29 that “there is no need to change anything that you are doing on a day-by-day basis.”

One thing we do know is that Fauci has been a reliable contact of the U.N.’s World Health Organization, having signed a “memorandum of understanding” with the WHO’s Dr. Tedros in 2018. The “understanding” seemed to be that Fauci would rely on the WHO, a China front, or China itself, for information on virus outbreaks and pandemics originating in China. That was a big mistake.

Ignoring his pattern of misleading statements, the Post claims that Fauci “developed a reputation as a skilled public health expert while combating the AIDS crisis in the 1980s.” He was certainly “skilled” in public relations. But in fact, the federal government’s HIV/AIDS vaccine initiative has been a failure. The American people have a right to know that these “experts” can be wrong and often ARE wrong.

As recently as 2014, Fauci was writing scientific papers about how an HIV/AIDS vaccine “remains essential” and that “recent advances in vaccinology offer new promise for an effective HIV vaccine.” But HIV/AIDS vaccines have repeatedly failed. The latest failure was funded by the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The $100 million experiment was 10 years in the making.

Fauci has served as director of the NIAID at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) since 1984, the year scientists claim to have identified and isolated HIV. Controversy continues to surround this “discovery.” Recently, during a daily White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing, Fauci talked about alleged “health disparities,” in terms of the numbers and backgrounds of people getting sick and dying from the coronavirus, and asserted he saw something similar when HIV/AIDS struck LGBTQ people.

“During that time, there was extraordinary stigma, particularly against the gay community,” Fauci said. “And it was only when the world realized how the gay community responded to this outbreak with incredible courage and dignity and strength and activism — I think that really changed some of the stigma against the gay community, very much so.”

His comments ignore the fact that life-threatening and deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS emerged in the gay community because of the manner in which they have sex. To this day, male homosexuals are still far more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. The book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, speaks about the power of the LGBTQ lobby and “unprecedented censorship” in the medical profession and scientific establishment about how the gay lifestyle spreads the disease.

This is still a taboo subject for many but the story needs to be told. Fauci won’t tell it, apparently because he thinks it somehow contributes to the “stigma.” Yet, smokers are regularly shamed into quitting because they use tobacco, rather than marijuana. Indeed, the government funds programs to discourage smoking but not gay sex.

Other so-called “disparities” consist of federal funding that has favored AIDS over other diseases. Indeed, a group called the FAIR Foundation was formed in order to point out that AIDS was getting a greater  share of the federal research budget, even though it is killing a fraction of Americans each year when compared with diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Typically, the flu kills far more people than AIDS.

In 2017, for example, 5,698 people died of AIDS. But 55,000 died of the flu. It was number eight on the list of leading causes of death. The figures show that HIV disease has not been among the 15 leading causes of death since 1997.

Strangely, the biography of Dr. Birx says she “helped lead one of the most influential HIV vaccine trials in history (known as RV 144 or the “Thai trial”), which provided the first supporting evidence of any vaccine’s potential effectiveness in preventing HIV infection.” But that was 10 years ago and note the use of the word “potential.” At this date, there is still no HIV/AIDS vaccine.

A history of failed HIV/ADS vaccine efforts notes, “Factors that led the U.S. government to take action included vocal activism by people infected with HIV and their allies as well as persistent efforts by advocates in the scientific world.” In other words, the gay community and people like Fauci and Birx rushed into development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine.

Some might review this failed project and nevertheless conclude that at least they tried to help people. But the fact is that the gay community lobbied for a quick-fix vaccine that failed to materialize when it can be argued that the “Medical Deep State” should have been spending their time (and our money) on projects to solve other health problems affecting many more people, such as the flu.

Consider that while billions were wasted on an HIV/AIDS vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says current flu vaccines reduce the risk of getting the flu by only 40% and 60% among the overall population “during seasons when most circulating flu viruses are well-matched to the flu vaccine.” This caveat means that effectiveness also depends on the nature of the flu and which vaccine was produced for which year.

All of this proves that the scientific “authorities” need oversight and fact-checkers. The American people should not leave their health in the hands of bureaucratic “experts” who have wasted billions on failed vaccine experiments and played politics with disease.

More Joe, Hunter, and Jim Biden Corruption Revelations

I am beginning to believe that we need to go ahead and formalize the use of the term “Biden Family Corruption Syndicate.” Daily now we get reports of different types of corruption committed by not just Hunter Biden, but also James Biden — brother of Joe Biden. And, sadly, there are a chapter or two of their corruption stories that include the Democrat candidate for President, Joe Biden, or, as he is called in numerous emails and text revealed in Hunter Biden’s thousands of texts and emails, the “Big Guy.”

The worst part about all this is that each “chapter” of corruption that is revealed, we technically need to call those “allegations,” because they have not been confirmed by any credible sources to be factual. But, each day, more and more ARE confirmed.

First, it was Burisma Holdings in Ukraine where Hunter served on their Board of Directors and was paid handsomely. Then a $3.5 million wire to Hunter from the former mayor of Moscow’s wife. These were followed with numerous texts and emails discussing multiple plans with Chinese Communist Party officials, Kazachstan oligarchs, and now also Chinese government officials on behalf of the Chinese military.

There is one commonality in each chapter of this story: Joe Biden. And there’s a new one.

The Sunday “Biden Family Corruption Syndicate” Story of the Day

Records released by a former Biden family business partner reveal that Joe Biden’s brother and son proposed connecting a Chinese billionaire affiliated with Beijing’s military and intelligence services with top elected Democrats to advance Chinese investments in critical U.S. infrastructure. In doing so, say China experts, the former vice president, and his family endangered U.S. national security.

On Thursday, Tony Bobulinski provided the FBI with records of his business correspondence with James and Hunter Biden, the brother and son of the former vice president. Bobulinski was CEO of SinoHawk, which he describes as a joint venture partnership between the Biden family and Chinese firms connected to the government. The documents appear to show the Bidens’ efforts to use the family’s name to sell influence to Chinese individuals tied to China’s military and spy services.

In July 2017, the now-bankrupt China Energy and Finance Company (CEFC) offered to extend the Bidens a $5 million “interest-free” loan “based on their trust for [Biden] family.” The chairman of CEFC was Ye Jianming, who according to the New York Times, has extensive ties to the Chinese military and its intelligence service. The 43-year-old Ye has been held in detention by the Chinese government since 2018 for “economic crimes.”

Why Don’t We Look at Notes From Biden & Xi Jinping’s Meetings?

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), asked the U.S. Department of State (State) to “release all information from the private dinners” of former Vice President Joe Biden with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping.

Banks is concerned that in these private meetings there have been negotiations that put the national security of the United States at risk, or that could alter the results of the presidential elections, according to the letter revealed by The National Pulse on Oct. 23.

Furthermore, Banks believes that the information requested from State may corroborate the disturbing revelations that emerged from the hard drive that was received and published by the New York Post recently.

The documents implicate Joe Biden in obscure negotiations, from which enormous sums of money enter his family.

“The American government could be sitting on corroborating evidence that would confirm the NY Post’s reporting and provide additional context to the Biden family’s relationship with Communist China. We need to see these documents as soon as possible,” Banks urged.

Moreover, Joe Biden has boasted that he has spent more time in private meetings with Xi Jinping than any other world leader.

“I’ve spent more time in private meetings with Xi Jinping than any other world leader. I have 25 hours of private dinners with him, just he and I, and one interpreter,” Biden told a Council on Foreign Relations panel on Jan. 23, 2018.

Biden’s words are posted on a tweet by user @missionisgreat.

In his application Banks specifies the type of data required from State.

“I am urging the release of any and all information, including but not limited to times, dates, locations, attendees, transcripts, readouts, and any and all references to or from former Vice President Joe Biden’s private dinners with Chinese President Xi Jinping,” Banks said.

In April, author Natalie Winters of The National Pulse, asked the State Department for the same information that Banks is requesting, and the response she received estimated that she would get the requested data within three years, that is, by April 2023.

In support of Winters, Banks considered that time frame unacceptable.

“A 3-year delay is unacceptable. The U.S. electorate deserves to know any pertinent and sensitive information that may alter the 2020 presidential election,” he said in his letter.

Likewise, given the high level of threat in which the CCP is classified, the information should be published as soon as possible.

“This regime has been formally classified by the Department of Defense as the ‘largest long-term threat to the U.S.’ Any private negotiations with a foreign government that poses such a dire threat to U.S. security must be investigated immediately,” Banks also said, according to his letter to State.

Bullet Points Saturday, October 23, 2020

What a week! Democrat Candidate Biden headed to the “Biden Bunker” after a campaign appearance on Monday and did not come out until the Thursday debate. Meanwhile, the president did at least two rallies each day in cities across the country. While all this final presidential debate hoopla unfolded, life for other Americans just stayed the way it always is: busy, complicated, and full of unanswered questions. Would we know it any other way?

Of course, there were many important things that happened across the globe, in the U.S., and maybe even in your city that you may have missed. We keep a watch for all of these important events and, each Saturday, we bring those to you in our “Bullet Points.” It’s a simple feature to use:

We give you a few sentences in each bullet point that describes the content of one of these stories. If those references tickle your fancy and you want details, click on the whispy blue arrow-link for more. It takes you to a complete story with all the information. It’s that simple. If you’ve already read the story or don’t care for details, simply skip to the next bullet point. It’s an easy and quick way to make sure you missed none of the important stuff while you worked your tail off at the office, in sales or service work, or even staying at home and working your tail off as a stay-at-home Mom or Dad. Let’s get going with today’s “Bullet Points!”

Bullet Points

  • Political polls are all over the spectrum! There are so many questions one must ask about the results given in this presidential race: Who’s ahead, who are those polled, what are their political affiliations, what kind of poll are these results from? It’s important to know all of these elements of polling. But, even with that, you never really know for certain how accurate is each poll. One of the most credible of the polling services each political cycle is Rasmussen. Friday, Rasmussen released their poll detail current probabilities for our election in less than two weeks. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • When it comes to COVID-19, few are the answers to questions about what we should or should not do in living our lives in “COVID Land.” And those answers are critical — especially when they deal with our students, school faculty members, school staff, and teachers. The uncertainty daily seeds fear into the hearts of minds of all those involved in our education system and even for those who are NOT “in” the system but are parents or other family members of those involved in school settings. What are the realities of the dangers they may face? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Did you know that this weekend is week 7 of the NFL season? It’s hard enough to believe the NFL finally got started playing this year. But it’s even harder to believe that going into this week, there are still 5 teams that are undefeated! Who are they, who do they each play, and what are the predicted outcomes? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Were you one of the millions of Americans who tuned in to watch former Vice President Biden and President Trump go at it in the final presidential debate last night? If you were, you saw a toned-down president and a ramped-up challenger go head-to-head. The first debate was extremely divisive and confrontational with very limited results from either candidate. Thursday night’s debate was quite different. But there were some moments of clear victory that were obvious in the debate and some conclusions that will certainly make a difference in the minds of numerous voters. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Every presidential election cycle there seems to be an “October Surprise” — some outlandish bit of information dumped into the American news marketplace that is negative for one candidate which usually is a benefit to the other candidate. Maybe the Biden Family Corruption scandal was this election cycle’s “October Surprise.” And some of those emails discovered on a discarded laptop of Joe Biden’s son that are reportedly very ugly and include some damning information about Hunter Biden, Jim Biden who is the former vice president’s brother, and Joe Biden himself. We were informed Friday night that those emails are about to be released to the American people. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It is safe to say that President Trump’s supporters are very loyal and very demonstrative in not only supporting Mr. Trump but letting everyone around them know just how demonstrative they feel! The President, besides being very thankful for their support, oozes his personal affection for them and their support. And he talks about that! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • It is fairly certain that Amy Coney Barrett is about to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate to be the next Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Her confirmation process hearings ended last week and were exhaustive and flooded with partisan controversy. Seldom in SCOTUS justice hearings in our past have Senators adopted political party policies in their determination of the qualification of a nominee to serve in that capacity. But that is NOT the case in 2020. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Halloween is coming up next week! It’s going to be a different and probably less festive holiday for the kids because of COVID-19. But there will be some other drastic occurrences this Halloween that have nothing to do with candy, costumes, or going door to door. An international group of witches have joined forces to cast spells on Donald Trump in a mass effort to impact negatively in his election results. These witches really want Mr. Trump out of the White House! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • 2020 has sadly seen horrendous rioting and looting on the streets of many of America’s largest cities. People are demonstrating and lashing out at a plethora of things happening in our government which they detest and so they are lashing out in a very militant fashion in some cases. For those reasons, many Americans are stocking up on “all things military” to prepare for what just might be more rioting in our city streets regardless of who wins the November 3rd presidential election. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Maybe you were too busy this week to hear that the Pope issued a statement endorsing same-sex unions. His proclamation was not well-received by many Catholics because Catholicism has forever resisted recognizing the unions of homosexual partners. Those rejecting the Pope’s edict encompasses even many Catholic Cardinals! For complete details, click on this link: 

“Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!”

The two went toe to toe Thursday night in Nashville. Donald and Joe laced up the gloves and went after each other. It was argumentative, allegation driven, angry, partisan, and personal. There were gut shots, jabs, a couple of roundhouses, and several misses. At the end of the night, there could only be one conclusion. We’ll get to that in a few moments. Let’s take a brief “around-the-ring” and highlight a few of the biggest punches of the evening. We’ll do it in bullet points:

  • President Trump, during the debate, asked former Vice President Joe Biden to explain the recent emails revealing details about his family’s purported foreign business dealings. Biden invoked the topic by mentioning Rudy Giuliani, the president’s attorney. “His national security advisor told him that what is happening with his buddy — well I shouldn’t — well I will — his buddy Rudy Giuliani. He’s being used as a Russia pawn. He’s being fed information that is Russian, that is not true,” Biden said.
  • The Democratic presidential nominee was apparently referring to Giuliani supplying The New York Post with a trove of files from a laptop purportedly abandoned by Hunter Biden at a computer repair shop. The Post’s reports about the files suggest that the younger Biden benefited from business dealings in China and Ukraine due to his father’s position at the White House.
  • “Joe got $3.5 million from Russia,” Trump said, referring to a payment wired to Hunter Biden from the ex-wife of the former mayor of Moscow. “And it came through Putin because he was very friendly with the former mayor of Moscow and it was the mayor of Moscow’s wife. You got $3.5 million. Your family got $3.5 million. They were paying you a lot of money, and they probably still are,” Trump continued. “But now, with what came out today, it’s even worse. All of the emails, the horrible emails of the kind of money you were raking in, you and your family. And Joe, you were vice president when some of this was happening, and it should have never happened. I think you owe an explanation to the American people.”
    The president was likely referring to a new batch of emails sourced from former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski, who was Trump’s guest at the debate. Bobulinski spoke to the press before attending the event and said that he plans to hand over three of his phones to the FBI. Bobulinski also said that he personally spoke to Biden in May 2017 about the family’s plans for a business partnership with a Chinese energy conglomerate.

    “I think you clear that up and talk to the American people. Maybe you can do it right now,” Trump said. “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life,” Biden said.

  • Joe Biden said that he would “transition from the oil industry … over time.” When asked, “Would you close down the oil industry?” by President Trump, Biden said, “I would transition from the oil industry, yes.” “Oh, that’s a big statement,” Trump responded, visibly surprised. Debate moderator NBC’s Kristen Welker quickly asked Biden why he would do that. “Because the oil industry pollutes significantly,” Biden said.
  • Biden, in late August, said that he would not ban fracking. Previously, Biden said at a March democratic primary debate, “No more—no new fracking.” Biden’s campaign then said he meant he would not allow new federal land-drilling leases. The Trump campaign said that the Biden campaign was “attempting to walk back his previous statements after realizing voters aren’t happy about his proposal to kill thousands of jobs.” President Trump has openly said that he is “all for fracking” and has frequently touted his administration’s push for U.S. energy independence.
  • Biden, during the final presidential debate, reaffirmed his support for increasing the minimum wage nationwide to $15 per hour. At the same time, President Donald Trump said he would “consider it to an extent” but likely to keep it a state option. Asked whether he believes it is the right time to ask struggling small business owners to raise the minimum wage, Biden replied that he would like to see federal dollars used to ease their hardships. Trump then challenged Biden. “He said we have to help our small businesses by raising the minimum wage?” Trump asked. “That’s not helping. I think it should be a state option,” Trump said of setting minimum wage laws. “Alabama is different than New York; New York is different from Vermont; every state is different. It’s very important. We have to help our small business; how are you helping small businesses when you’re forcing wages? What’s going to happen and what’s been proven to happen is when you do that, these small businesses fire many of their employees.”
  • President Trump said that he does not want to shut down the country over the CCP virus pandemic, arguing, “You can’t close up our nation, or you won’t have a nation. We have to open our country. We’re not going to have a country,” Trump said during the second and final presidential debate in Nashville, saying that the United States is a “massive country” with rising rates of depression, suicide, drugs, alcohol, and tremendous drug abuse. “The cure cannot be worse than the problem himself,” he said. “He’ll close down our country.”Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden attempted to say that Trump is focused too much on the economy. “People aren’t learning to live with it; they’re learning to die with it,” Biden said. “I don’t look at coronavirus in terms of red states and blue states. They’re all the United States,” he said, adding: “All the states where we see spikes are red states.”


NOTE: Trump invited as his guest Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Biden’s son, Hunter, who claims he has evidence of business ties between the Biden family and a Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-owned enterprise. Bobulinski said shortly before the debate that he will soon hand over his evidence to the FBI and cooperate with an investigation by the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee.

The pair sparred for an hour-and-a-half about the above topics. It was no surprise that each approached each question differently and responded with opposite philosophies about discussing the issues. The two deeply despise each other and have profound differences in governing that, quite frankly, played out during Biden’s four years as VP under Obama and Trump’s four years as President.

We’ll close with just a few summary thoughts:

  1. Joe Biden spoke angrily almost in total when answering each debate question. It appeared that his doing so was purposeful as if to exhibit to voters how tough he is while, at the same time, trying to identify as the only person vying for the job who understands what Americans need and expect from a president during the next four years. It appeared to be unnatural and projected rather than Joe’s genuine process of speaking.
  2. President Trump was dramatically different in this debate than from the first debate. It’s true that Chris Wallace, who moderated the first debate, lost total control in keeping the candidates on point almost in total. Still, Kristin Welker of NBC News did a remarkably better job in doing so than did Wallace. It not only showed she had control of the flow of the debate, but it also showed she knew her debate questions well and was confident as she guided both men through the debate process. However, it DID appear that the flow of her questions tilted toward Joe Biden by giving him several softball questions, especially in the light of those asked the President.
  3. Sadly, the Debate Commission refused to make foreign policy one of the night’s topics. With the stark differences in actual foreign policy during both the Obama/Biden and Trump administrations, Americans would be much better informed this weekend on the positions of each candidate if Welker had questioned both regarding their policies in dealing with other countries.

So Who Won?

On content, demeanor, and the ease of answering questions in a concise and unrehearsed fashion, Donald Trump unquestionably raised his hand in the air at the debate conclusion. However, Joe Biden showed just why he spent this week in the Biden “Basement Bunker” and shunned any public appearances: he was in intense debate preparation. And it worked.

All of that is fluff when it comes to debates. All that matters in debates, and especially in this one, is which of the two struck a chord in the hearts of Americans looking-in sufficient for them to elect him as President. There’s no doubt that Donald Trump overwhelmingly won that process.

This morning (Friday), we will launch into further details about the debate on TNN Live that airs from 9-11 AM Central streaming live. We will be talking to several Americans to get their opinions about the debate. Feel free to listen and join in. How do you do that? Simply click on the following link on your smartphone or computer and join the show:

When Did Debate Moderators Become More Important Than Those Debating?

I think the nation is past the need for Presidential election debates. And I KNOW the country is past the need for the partisan moderators we have seen grill candidates in at least the past three presidential elections. Chris Wallace, who is supposedly and middle-of-the-road, hosts a Sunday morning talk show at FOX News. He reportedly is a Moderate. But in his turn on the Moderator microphone, Wallace became a debater instead, joining Joe Biden to pile-on Donald Trump.

As everyone knows, the Debate Commission at the last moment changed the scheduled second debate format from in-person to virtual. Their stated reason for the change was for the personal safety of the workers, media pundits, and the debaters themselves since President Trump was just completing a personal tangle with COVID-19. The Trump Campaign went bonkers, and the President immediately determined to NOT participate in a virtual debate. It was canceled.

All eyes turn to NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker as she prepares to host the third and final presidential debate tonight.

President Trump and Joe Biden will square off at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, in a 90-minute debate starting at 9 p.m Eastern. Welker, 44, has been the White House correspondent at NBC News since 2011, after working as a news reporter in Rhode Island. But Trump supporters who took issue with stern questioning by previous moderators like Chris Wallace and Savannah Guthrie may find themselves wishing for those combative hosts after Welker is done with the president.

Welker comes from an established Democratic family — who have poured cash into party coffers, and to Trump opponents, for years. Her mother, Julie Welker, a prominent real estate broker in Philadelphia, and father, Harvey Welker, a consulting engineer, have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates and close to $20,000 to Barack Obama alone. There was also $3,300 for Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign and $2,100 for Hillary Clinton’s doomed 2016 presidential effort against Trump. Another $7,300 was contributed to the Democratic National Committee between 2004 and 2020.

Though Kristen Welker’s party registration is not listed today, she was a registered Democrat in Washington, DC, in 2012 and Rhode Island in 2004.

Throughout Welker’s tenure as a White House correspondent, she has earned a reputation for a scathing style of questioning. “Mr. President, yes or no: Have you ever worked for Russia. Yes or no?” she demanded during a confrontation in January 2019. The treatment stands in stark contrast to her handling of Democratic politicos. In March 2016, Welker was busted on live television tipping off Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri about at least one question she planned to ask her during a post-debate interview in Michigan. At the time, Clinton was locked in a fierce fight for the Democratic nomination against Sen. Bernie Sanders. “I’m going to ask you about Flint,” Welker said of the Michigan city’s infamous water crisis.

Welker deleted her Twitter account last week, heading off a complete look at her past statements and views. It was later restored. “Anyone who’s ever dealt with Welker knows she’s an activist, not a reporter. The White House press team views her the same way they would AOC or Pelosi if they walked in the office,” a senior White House official said.

Tonight’s Debate: All-In

“She’s always been terrible & unfair, just like most of the Fake News reporters, but I’ll still play the game,” President Trump tweeted about the Moderator. “The people know!”

Tonight’s debate is crucial for the President, who refused to participate in an Oct. 15 showdown with Biden because organizers wanted a virtual debate in light of the president’s COVID-19 diagnosis. He enters the debate trailing Biden in preelection polls nationally, and in key states though the Biden lead has almost vanished. This will likely be the last chance for both candidates to reach a vast audience before Election Day on Nov. 3.

Welker hasn’t commented, but plenty of colleagues and competitors testified to her fairness and professionalism. They said she would do great when moderating Thursday’s showdown between Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. “Kristen is one of the toughest, fairest reporters you’ll ever meet,” tweeted Kathryn Watson, a White House reporter for CBS News.

Despite his recent attacks, many people have praised Welker’s reporting during the Trump administration – including Trump himself. After the second debate was canceled this month, Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller told Fox News Welker would do an “excellent job” hosting the third one. “I have a very high opinion of Kristen Welker,” Miller said. “I think she’s going to do an excellent job as the moderator for the third debate. I think she’s a journalist who’s very fair in her approach, and I think that she’ll be an excellent choice for this third debate.”

Calling on Welker during a news conference in Switzerland in January, Trump complimented her for landing a weekend anchor gig on NBC’s “Today” show. “They made a very wise decision,” Trump told Welker.


The daily IBD/TIPP polls have each day this week indicated the Biden lead that was once in double-digits has not just slipped but plummeted to its lowest numbers. Why is that? In part because of the feeling many Americans have after the revelation of the alleged wrongdoing by BOTH the Vice President’s son, Hunter Biden, and by the former VP himself. That Hunter MacBook Pro left at a Delaware computer shop for repairs contains tens of thousands of damning texts, emails, and even pictures. The pictures are said to contain those of Hunter doing illegal drugs while having sex. The pictures include at least one underage girl.

How does this impact Joe Biden? The emails and texts contain details of meetings, emails to and between Hunter and corporate leaders at companies in Ukraine, China, and even Khazakstan that detail massive financial transactions between those foreign corporations and several American entities with which Hunter Biden is an official. Several of the emails and texts implicate Joe Biden for receiving large sums of money as part of these transactions.

Debate Prediction:

If President Trump refuses to fall into the personal trap in which he found himself in the first debate, if he addresses specific Joe Biden political actions from his past, many of which were controversial and very damaging for U.S. minorities along with Biden/Harris suspect plans in a Biden/Harris Administration, he should do well. However, he MUST keep from going-off on Biden in personal ways and stick to policies.

But there’s one sure thing that will just give him a three-count at the ending bell: he MUST bring the Hunter Biden/Biden Family Corruption case into the debate conversation using just the facts and get Joe — without badgering him — to respond on the merits of the case. Remember: no one from the Biden Campaign or any Biden family member or even Joe himself has claimed that the emails, texts, or pictures are not real or labeling them as “fake.”

Being calm, civil, and appearing not to be angry will be a tall order for the President. Though I am confident those around him have given such advice ahead of the showdown tonight, it remains to be seen if President Trump will set aside his disgust for all of the one-sided attacks on him and his administration and just address specifics during the debate. If he can do those things and refuses to hit below the belt, I think Joe will hit the mat at the end of the show!

The Biden 900-Pound Gorilla Just Will NOT Go Away

The corporate media has refused to cover the substance of the New York Post’s bombshell reporting on Hunter Biden’s recovered laptop and emails, not because there’s nothing to the story or because the emails are fake, but because the story itself is, on its face, harmful to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

That’s not to say news outlets haven’t been writing about the Post’s reporting. They’ve decided to cover the meta-narrative—the story about the story—while studiously ignoring what Hunter Biden’s emails reveal about his family’s overseas business dealings and influence-peddling.

Here’s how it works. Instead of aggressive follow-up reporting on the content of Hunter Biden’s emails, which is what you’d expect from news organizations, we’ve got a wave of process stories about the “anatomy” of the Post’s “dubious” reporting, censorship stories about Twitter and Facebook, and wild conspiracy theory stories about a rumored Russian disinformation plot.

Last week when all this broke, the focus quickly shifted from Hunter Biden’s emails to a decision by Facebook and Twitter to censor the Post’s reporting, and, in Twitter’s case, lock the Post’s official account for posting “hacked” materials (there’s no evidence the emails were hacked). When Twitter tried to walk back but also justify its draconian policies, the media reported on that, and when a handful of Republican senators announced they’d be subpoenaing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over the imbroglio, the media reported on that, too.

What they didn’t report on is the obvious thing the emails reveal: Hunter Biden was trading on his family name overseas, and Joe Biden, despite his many denials, seems to have been aware of this and might have even been a part of it.

Understand what’s going on here: The media will report almost any aspect of this story, no matter how tangential or relatively insignificant, rather than grapple with the story itself.

Almost nothing is too trivial on this front. Over the weekend, we got stories in The New York Times and New York Magazine about behind-the-scenes dissent from a handful of anonymous Post employees who thought the Biden story shouldn’t have run. The Times article goes into great detail about whose bylines were attached to the Post’s reporting, how long each reporter had been at the paper, where he or she had worked previously, and the process top Post editors went through before publication.

Same for the New York Magazine article, which also dismissed the substance of the Post’s reporting—“supposed” scoop, “purported” emails—while quoting anonymous Post reporters pontificating about how they’ve been “bracing” for the Post to “go pro-Trump before the election.”

What meager follow-up reporting on the substance of the emails we have seen has almost all been to undermine the Post. The Washington Post, for one, was quick to “fact-check” the Post by casting vague allegations on its reporting while failing to offer any new information or insights into the trove of emails detailing Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals.

Even more embarrassing have been outlets like CNN and USA Today, which, citing unnamed sources, breathlessly speculated that the FBI was investigating whether the emails were a possible “disinformation campaign” originating from—where else?—Moscow. (Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Monday laid these rumors to rest, saying the recovered laptop and emails are “not part of some Russian disinformation campaign.”)

The Media Can’t Handle The Truth

The media’s preoccupation with the chain-of-possession of the laptop and the emails—are they “hacked materials” or are they part of a shadowy plot hatched by the Kremlin?—is meant to distract the broader public about what the laptop and emails actually contain.

After all, the last thing a media establishment in cahoots with the Democratic Party wants to do is ask substantive questions about any of this. Why did a Ukrainian oligarch thank Hunter Biden for an introduction to his father in 2015 when the elder Biden was the Obama administration’s point-man on Ukraine? What did Hunter Biden mean when he told a Chinese energy firm that a lucrative deal would be “interesting for me and my family?”

The press isn’t interested, just like they weren’t interested in a recent U.S. Senate committee report on the Bidens’ complex financial transactions in Ukraine and elsewhere. I mean, if you’re not curious why the wife of the former mayor of Moscow would pay Hunter Biden $3.5 million, then you’re not going to be curious about any of this other stuff.

To be clear, it doesn’t matter what the Post or any other news outlet actually reports or how airtight their reporting is. It doesn’t matter that no one, not even the Biden campaign, has denied the authenticity of the emails in question. It doesn’t matter that Fox News has independently corroborated one of the emails that indirectly references Joe Biden as one of six recipients of “remuneration packages” from the aforementioned Chinese energy firm. It doesn’t matter that the laptop came from a Delaware computer store and not, you know, Russia.

The mainstream media will not, under any circumstances, treat this as a serious story. The same media establishment that was willing to perpetuate a years-long Russia collusion hoax, for which it relied on an outlandish dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, will not countenance the Hunter Biden laptop story—no matter what.

They won’t do it for the simple reason that it will almost certainly hurt Biden’s White House bid, and they can’t have that.

Then There Is “Social” Media

It’s the election equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting, “Na-na-na-boo-boo!” Joe Biden keeps ignoring questions about his possible role in the business dealings of his shady son. He keeps losing his temper with reporters who dare to insist that he has an obligation to answer legitimate public concerns. Most of the Biden-supporting media insist that the New York Post’s big Hunter story is a dud, and so publish endless malicious snark about how shabby the paper’s standards are. Twitter and Facebook keep saying that they were obliged, according to their own codes of practice, to stop the story circulating online, even though we all know those codes are applied with ridiculous inconsistency.

But stories don’t just disappear because one political side can’t stomach them. The truth has a nasty habit of coming out, and the uproar around the Biden campaign won’t disappear just because the Biden campaign wants it to or because Mainstream Media just ignores it. No intelligent observer is all that surprised to learn that the sources for the New York Post story were Trump allies Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon. It is perhaps depressing that investigative journalism often relies on scoops delivered on a plate by political operatives with an agenda, but that’s the world we live in. Sources have motives, often malign ones. Who knew?

The problem for the Biden campaign is that most people probably don’t care too much about whether the story is ethically sourced. They care about whether it is true. Is the email allegedly found on Hunter Biden’s laptop suggesting that Joe Biden met with a board member of Burisma, the corrupt Ukrainian mining company which was paying his son $50,000 a month, true? Or is it fake? What about the email suggesting the “big guy” would get 10 percent of equity from a deal with a Chinese company? Is that invented? If not, who is Mr Big? Is it, as has been alleged, dear old Joe? That seems like a story of public interest worth looking into, given that Biden is close to being elected the leader of the free world. To get to the bottom of it all, just check Twitter and Facebook. Wait: they’re out of this controversy!

It’s funny that the New York Times, Vanity Fair, CNN and others seem to have spent considerable resources attacking the New York Post over its reporting, which only heightens the sense of a cover up. They seem to have little appetite for disproving the story, which would actually make it go away. What Team Biden and all their media boosters can’t seem to grasp is that this information isn’t going to evaporate, no matter how many “intelligence officials” claim that it was released as part of a Russian disinformation campaign. We’ve all learned the hard way not to believe everything intelligence officials tell us when it comes to Russia and U.S. presidential elections — especially those who signed that letter sent to the DNI claiming it originated in Moscow.

Besides, there is still another side in the media war, Team Trump, and they aren’t shutting up. The hope in the Biden campaign is that most Democratic voters are so partisan these days that they just won’t be interested in a story that originated in TrumpWorld. But there’s probably more on that laptop and the clamor to answer questions about its contests will not be silenced. The Hunter Biden story is not going away. It could end up giving Donald Trump four more years in the Oval Office.

That’s all going to happen regardless of what the Social Media Giants and the Mainstream Media outlets decide to do: ignore or allow it to go live. It’s out there! Tens of millions of American voters are plugged in and waiting for answers — you know, the “truth.” It’s now almost a one hundred percent certainty that the emails and the laptop ARE Hunter’s and ARE real. Why? We’re in the home stretch of a presidential election. There’s no way a candidate would face confrontation of this without declaring in a demonstrative fashion that the exposed emails and pictures are a farce and are not Hunter’s.

Do they think this story will just fade away or that Americans have short memories? I really do not think they are that blind and certainly are not stupid. Because Joe Biden made himself invisible this week, it is apparent that they are beside themselves and are struggling to find a way to tackle this war with this blight on the Biden Campaign. “If” Biden really decides to debate tomorrow evening, you can bet they’ll have some way to continue to deflect from addressing this head-on.

Why would they do that? Simple: someone would have to tell the truth. And Democrats are not known for that being fundamental in their politicking.