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This group of students represents Evangel Christian Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana. This small private school provides some of the top-rated academic programs in the state. Though private, the reach of the school includes communities of every type and students of every ethnicity in the city. It is known nationwide for its boys and girls athletic programs. But it’s just as well known for its academics and its messaging to kids from EVERY background that though life is full of challenges, sound education in the context of Godly teaching and interaction with others can and does work. It helps to establish this future generation of Americans as prepared leaders when they’re called on to take the reins of our nation.

This picture includes my two granddaughters and one grandson. These are the boys and girls Evangel 2021-22 soccer teams. As they prepare to get this season started, they are raising funds to support their uniforms, equipment, and travel for this season. They’re almost halfway to their goal.

They call me “Poppi.” And “Poppi” was asked to present this program to you. If you are inclined to assist these Northwest Louisiana teens in this quest, please do so by clicking on the link below. If you cannot do so, please whisper a prayer for the health and safety of these young Americans as they enter competitions in 2021-22.

And, by the way, “Poppi” thanks you!




Opioid Insanity Is Murdering Americans In Record Numbers

It’s literally daily we hear or read a report of some horrible death(s) as a result of an opioid overdose. This crisis impacts Americans of all ethnicities, all ages, and in every economic sector of society. No one has an exclusive on being targeted by this innocent medication designed originally as a prescription pain reliever. But the “Opioid Train” left the station years ago with millions of Americans aboard, many of whom road that train to their deaths. In fact:

  • 49,860 people overdosed on opioids in 2019.
  • 3.8% of American adults abuse opioids each year.
  • At least 71.8% and as many as 80% of overdose deaths involve opioids.
  • Overdose (OD) deaths involving opioids increased 519.38% from 1999 to 2019.
  • 68.0% of all OD deaths are attributed to synthetic opioids.
  • Fentanyl and fentanyl analogs are a factor in 19.8% of all overdose deaths.
  • 0.7% of hospital births are cases of neonatal opioid withdrawal (NOW) syndrome.
  • 2.4 million cases of hepatitis C are attributed to intravenous drug use (IDU).
  • 1 million cases of HIV/AIDS are attributed to IDU.

How Did We Get Here?

It started innocently enough: somebody has extraordinary pain from surgery, an injury, chronic pain from joint inflammation: the list of reasons for dosing with opioids is monumental. And every one of them (and many more) is used by those addicted to opioids.

The opioid epidemic has evolved rapidly in recent years, starting with an increase in opioid prescriptions to treat chronic pain. To reduce risk and maximize the benefits of pain treatment options, the CDC issued guidelines for opioid prescribing which recommend non-opioid medications as the preferred first step when treating chronic pain.

But waves of opioid addiction and adverse reactions began in the early days of its availability. Adverse reactions to the varied pain killers included began to grow in epic proportions. Those adverse reactions began to include more and more deaths.

The first wave began in 1991 when deaths involving opioids began to rise following a sharp increase in the prescribing of opioid and opioid-combination medications for the treatment of pain. The increase in opioid prescriptions was influenced by reassurances given to prescribers by pharmaceutical companies and medical societies claiming that the risk of addiction to prescription opioids was very low. During this time, pharmaceutical companies also began to promote the use of opioids in patients with non-cancer-related pain even though there was a lack of data regarding the risks and benefits in these patients. By 1999, 86% of patients using opioids were using them for non-cancer pain. Communities, where opioids were readily available and prescribed liberally, were the first places to experience increased opioid abuse and diversion (the transfer of opioids from the individual for whom they were prescribed, to others, which is illegal).

The second wave of the opioid epidemic started around 2010 with a rapid increase in deaths from heroin abuse. As early efforts to decrease opioid prescribing began to take effect, making prescription opioids harder to obtain, the focus turned to heroin, a cheap, widely available, and potent illegal opioid. The use of heroin increased in both sexes, the majority of age brackets, and all socioeconomic groups. Deaths due to heroin-related overdose increased by 286% from 2002 to 2013, and approximately 80% of heroin users admitted to misusing prescription opioids before turning to heroin. Heroin is commonly injected, which puts users at risk for injection-related diseases like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, skin infections, bloodstream infections, and infections of the heart.

The third wave of the epidemic began in 2013 as an increase in deaths related to synthetic opioids like fentanyl. The sharpest rise in drug-related deaths occurred in 2016 with over 20,000 deaths from fentanyl and related drugs. The increase in fentanyl deaths has been linked to illicitly manufactured fentanyl (not diverted medical fentanyl) used to replace or adulterate other drugs of abuse.

In an effort to reduce risk and maximize the benefits of available pain treatment options, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued comprehensive guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic pain outside of cancer treatment, palliative care, and end-of-life care. These prescribing recommendations say that non-opioid treatments are the preferred first step for the treatment of chronic pain. Opioid medications should only be added after careful assessment of pain control and followed by regular evaluations of their continued need.

Attempts to change opioid prescribing patterns have been opposed primarily by indirect intervention by the pharmaceutical industry through lobbying and advocacy groups. These efforts include attempts to halt measures to restrict opioid overprescribing, efforts to undermine the CDC guidelines, and thwarting attempts to hold prescribers and pharmaceutical companies accountable. Researchers from two universities found that the opposition to the CDC guidelines was significantly more common among organizations that received funding from opioid manufacturers. An investigation by the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs detailed the financial ties that exist between opioid manufacturers, advocacy groups, and medical professional societies. The report exposed patient advocacy groups and professional societies spending millions of dollars to promote messages and policies favoring the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

The “Culprits”

From as far back as 1911 until the late 1990s, the use of opioids was limited to very narrow circumstances, such as post-surgical pain and end-of-life care. That’s because the medical establishment and regulators were keenly aware of the addictive quality of the drugs and the dangers they posed if misused. But that all changed when a school of thought started to take over in medicine beginning in the late 1990s, early 2000s. Treating pain became a preeminent priority. Addiction was less of a concern. Pain was dubbed the “5th vital sign.”

Big Pharma played an important role in this transformation and made billions in the process. Now states, cities, counties, and other jurisdictions across the country are fighting back with lawsuits and investigations, hoping to hold drugmakers accountable for the collateral damage of the nation’s opioid crisis. The seeds of the epidemic were planted nearly two decades ago.

With little or no valid, clinical evidence to go on, the medical establishment began prescribing opioids for long-term, chronic pain. Doctors’ and hospitals’ ratings were even tied to how well they reduced patients’ pain. The concept of “pseudoaddiction” was created, encouraging doctors to treat patients with some signs of addiction by giving them even more opioids.

Potent narcotics started to flood the U.S. as sales skyrocketed. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of prescription opioids sold to pharmacies, hospitals, and doctors’ offices almost quadrupled from 1999 to 2014 without any evidence of a change in Americans’ overall reported pain. In 2012, the number of opioid prescriptions peaked at more than 255 million, or 81.3 prescriptions for every 100 people in the United States. According to government numbers, there are more than 650,000 opioid prescriptions dispensed every day in the U.S. By 2014, the U.S., with about 5 percent of the global population, consumed about 80 percent of the opioid supply in the world, making it a $24 billion market.

The family that owns Purdue Pharma, the Sacklers, became one of the wealthiest families in the country, with a net worth that reached as high as $14 billion in 2015, largely on the strength of the opioid OxyContin’s profits. The family was ranked by Forbes to be among the top 20 richest in the U.S.

Law enforcement, primarily at the state level, began to take on Big Pharma in litigation regarding the responsibility of these drug companies that were literally selling billions of opioids across the nation to people many of who found themselves addicted. Lawsuits flew across the nation. Courts at state and federal levels began to see a critical need to stop this flood of needless deaths while filling the Big Pharma companies’ pockets with obscene profits.

At the end of October 2020, Purdue Pharma, owned and operated by members of the Sackler family, pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges and reached a settlement totaling $8.3 billion. The U.S. Department of Justice probe found Purdue had intentionally fueled the deadly opioid epidemic using unethical, untruthful, and illegal marketing practices. At the time, Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, commented:

“For there to be accountability for the corporate-fueled opioid addiction epidemic, which has cruelly taken hundreds of thousands of lives, there must be prosecution of those members of the Sackler family who, along with other executives and owners, were responsible for Purdue Pharma’s deadly deception, as well as a stripping away of their ill-gotten gains from an evil scheme to push addictive drugs for profit.”

Well, that simply wasn’t to be. August 11, 2021, a federal judge granted the Sackler family legal immunity against future litigation over their role in the opioid epidemic. The obvious question is why? The Sacklers knew their drug was highly addictive and responsible for nearly half a million U.S. overdose deaths in the decade between 1999 and 2019, yet they chose to hide that fact and encouraged doctors to overprescribe.

Purdue’s sales representatives were extensively coached on how to downplay the drug’s addictive potential, claiming addiction occurred in less than 1% of patients being treated for pain. Meanwhile, research shows addiction affects as many as 26% of those using opioids for chronic noncancer pain.

Opioids Kept Flowing As Did The Money

The results were predictable. Patients became addicted at record rates, and when they couldn’t obtain more OxyContin, they turned to street drugs like heroin and fentanyl. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 841,000 Americans died from drug overdoses between 1999 and 2019, and opioids were involved in 70.6% of the overdose deaths that occurred in 2019.

It’s quite remarkable that our legal system is letting the Sacklers get off scot-free, seeing how they were clearly in charge of the company’s deadly decisions. Adding insult to injury, the Sacklers decided to cash in on the problem they created by developing and selling addiction treatment. As reported by Nation of Change:

“Purdue will be bankrupt, but members of the multi-billionaire Sackler family — who were responsible for the decisions that led to these deaths and profited the most from Purdue’s opioid dealings — will gain near-total immunity from future litigation. By the time the settlement is paid out they most likely will be as wealthy as they ever were. So where does personal responsibility come in?”

Corruption In The Opioid Crisis Goes Deeper

While Purdue’s owners, the Sackler family, got off without so much as a slap on the wrist, states struggling with the exorbitant cost of opioid addiction aren’t ready to bury the hatchet just yet. Instead, some are going after the PR firm that created and ran Purdue’s deceptive marketing campaigns. As it turns out, that PR firm is none other than the Publicis Groupe, a partner of the World Economic Forum, which is leading the call for a Great Reset in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Publicis is part of an enormous network that includes international drug companies, fact-checkers, Big Tech companies, the banking industry, the U.S. government, the World Health Organization, and the World Economic Forum, just to name a few, Publicis appears to be a key player when it comes to coordinating the global effort to censor COVID-related information.

Publicis Health admitted its involvement in this censorship agenda as recently as April 27, 2021. In a tweet, the agency announced its partnership with NewsGuard, “to fight the ‘infodemic’ of misinformation about COVID-19 and its vaccines.” In short, Publicis Health is dedicated to suppressing any information that hurts its Big Pharma clients.

Publicis is more than a partner with NewsGuard, however. NewsGuard actually received a large chunk of its startup capital from Publicis. NewsGuard, a self-proclaimed arbiter of truth, rates websites on criteria of “credibility” and “transparency,” ostensibly to guide viewers to the most reliable sources of news and information.

In reality, however, NewsGuard ends up acting as a gatekeeper with a mission to barricade unpopular truth and differences of opinion behind closed gates. Its clearly biased ranking system easily dissuades people from perusing information from low-rated sites.


Have you ever wondered why Mainstream Media remains amazingly silent while this international travesty has been slaughtering innocent people by the hundreds of thousands? Think about it: Big Pharma, who pays more lobbying dollars in campaign contributions and other perks to U.S. politicians than any other industry, makes billions to peddle these killer drugs while shaping the messaging of so-called “news” entities in efforts to take control of American medical thought and reasoning!

Who would have thought that someone other than far-left politicians would work so diligently to amass power and control over people? Who would have thought that would fall at the feet of those in the industry established and built on promises to us all to help us with all of our illnesses by creating and distributing medications to cure those issues?

Big Pharma makes a LOT of money for its stockholders. Look at what’s happening right now. In addition to the opioid “trickery” still being weaponized for profits, a handful of pharmaceutical companies found ANOTHER windfall from creating a “cure” for COVID-19!

Capitalism has without question grown the United States to the economical level it proudly proclaims across the globe. There’s no doubt about that. But sadly while doing so, recipients of the good fortune to be involved in these dozens of pharmaceutical companies at a time when it’s simple to draw the American public into a web of destruction disguised as a healthcare answer for first Pain, and now a killer virus! How could they possibly be so lucky?

Luck had NOTHING to do with it. Having power and influence strikes the populace once again. And thousands die while those “lucky” business tycoons get richer.

But wait: pain continues among the populace at record pace! And that COVID-19 monster is STILL weaving its web.

Is there any justice in this nation any longer?

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Where’s Mike Pence And What’s He Up To?

Trickery and treachery are the practices of fools that have not the wits enough to be honest.  Benjamin Franklin

Sometimes the people you’d take a bullet for are the ones behind the trigger. Taylor Swift

There is no act of treachery or meanness of which a political party is not capable; for in politics, there is no honor. Benjamin Disraeli

It’s time to take a break from the totalitarian control of citizens via the plandemic and forced jabs. On December 19, 2020, Mike Pence allegedly received the Moderna COVID-19 jab live on TV. I have trouble believing any federal politician has actually received the jab because none of them have had adverse effects or died.  But on April 14th, Mike Pence underwent surgery for a pacemaker since his heartbeat had slowed.  In 2016, he had informed candidate Donald Trump that he had a heart diagnosis of an asymptomatic left bundle branch block. One wonders if Pence actually received the inoculation or if the necessity of a pacemaker was coincidental.

Stalinists v. Trotskyites

Here’s the latest from the comrade in our White House…Joe Biden hates patriotic America so much that he fired Lee Greenwood from the National Council of the Arts.  Greenwood wrote God Bless the USA in 1984 and was appointed to the council by George W. Bush.

Why do I hear no outrage from the Republican Party? Most folks have figured out that the neo-con Trotskyite Republicans aren’t much better than the democrats. Like Stalin and Lenin, Trotsky was a communist, but he wanted the “slow” acceptance of communism and only murdered three million whereas Stalin and Lenin used iron fists and boots to stomp on any rebellion. Stalin’s death toll was over 20 million and Lenin claimed the lives of tens of millions of people all over Europe.

The comrades in the Democrat Party are Stalinists, those in the Republican Party are Trotskyites…little difference except for a handful of brave men and women who cling to the truth of our God-given rights and the US Constitution.

Back in February of this year, I wrote three successive articles on former VP Mike Pence.  The first article exposed his lifelong congressional friends. The second article was about his upbringing, his voting record from the time he entered politics, the people he chose for the Trump administration, and his failure of every job President Trump tasked him with, including the hellish nightmare of the Covid Task Force with Fauci and friends. The third and final article in the series was about the people who funded Pence throughout his political career, big-name people who still support him.

Koch Organizations

The Koch brothers have been long-time friends and financial supporters of Michael Pence. Accordingly, VP Pence stacked his own office with former Koch brothers’ employees. Even Kellyanne Conway was affiliated with the Kochs, and she and Pence have been good friends for years and even have family members who have intermarried. In June of 2017, 16 of 23 senior white house officials had ties to the Koch brothers, including Reince Priebus, Jeff Sessions, Mick Mulvaney, Rob Porter, and Don McGahn. Even Treasury Secretary Mnuchin helped the Kochs out with a change in tax laws. The Trump administration was packed full of Koch operatives, brought in by their water boy, Mike Pence. Here is a shocking list of the Trump transition team Koch beneficiaries.

The Koch organizations, including Americans for Prosperity, are anathema to Constitutional conservatism. They prefer open borders with cheap labor, amnesty for illegals, across-the-board abortion, Agenda 21 sustainability and environmentalism, and the financing of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) who has promoted an Article V Constitutional Convention for decades.

Dick and Betsy DeVos

Financial support from Dick and Betsy DeVos commenced when Pence first entered politics. Betsy DeVos is known for her support for school choice, school voucher programs, and charter schools.

Betsy and Dick DeVos were impressed by Pence’s support for their pet project of charter schools. One wonders if Pence and DeVos back American tax-funded charters by Islamic Imam Fethullah GulenRudolph Steiner’s Anthroposophical Waldorf Schools, and Communist Chinese charter schoolsChinese investors are putting millions into Florida Chinese charters.

Pence’s devoted financier, Betsy DeVos was nominated for Education Secretary after Michelle Rhee was dropped. DeVos donated to Bush’s unsuccessful presidential campaign and was lauded by Jeb Bush as she previously sat on the board of his Foundation of Excellence in Education which promoted common core. The two share an education reform policy that supports the transfer of public dollars to privately run schools, such as for-profit charter schools and voucher programs that use taxpayer funds to pay for private schools.

Columnist Diane Kepus researched Betsy DeVos and knew she would be a disaster; her two articles on DeVos are well worth your time, Link and Link, and her fears were well-founded.

Mike Pence played an important role in the confirmation of DeVos for Education Secretary. Amid protests from Democratic critics and teachers’ unions that DeVos, a billionaire charter school supporter with no public-school experience, was unqualified for the position, the Senate deadlocked in a 50-50 tie. Republican Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska joined their Democratic colleagues in voting against DeVos. Normally we wouldn’t laud their votes, but this time they were right.  On February 7, 2017, Vice President Pence cast the historic tie-breaking vote to confirm her, the first time a vice president has been called on to break a tie in a cabinet nomination.

DeVos announced her resignation on January 8th, 2021 in the wake of the assault on the U.S. Capitol. She said in her resignation letter to President Trump there is “no mistaking the impact your rhetoric had on the situation, and it is the inflection point for me.”

On September 25th, at a Republican Leadership Conference in Mackinac Island, DeVos implicitly criticized the GOP’s ongoing capture by former President Donald Trump insinuating that Trump supporters were like a cult when it’s Betsy and her ilk who are the real cultists.

Heritage Foundation

Mike Pence joined The Heritage Foundation as a distinguished visiting fellow in February 2021 after serving four years as President Trump’s VP. They are old friends.  Three decades ago, it was The Heritage Foundation’s influence that inspired Pence to help create a think tank in his home state of Indiana. After coming to Washington as a congressman and later as vice president, Pence frequently collaborated with Heritage.

In 1991, Pence became president of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation (IPRF), which is part of the State Policy Network in Indiana. Link  They are satellite affiliates of the Heritage Foundation whose goals and interests are similar to the Koch’s. The IPRF was a small group back when Pence was their president, but in the years since, it has amassed an enormous budget thanks in great part to the largess of the Koch network of donors and others.

Pence now advises Heritage experts on public policy issues and ensures Heritage remains the leading conservative voice on solutions to America’s biggest challenges. Pence also writes a monthly column for The Daily Signal, Heritage’s multimedia news outlet.

Heritage is well-known controlled opposition. They are funded by long-time pro-aborts and Council on Foreign Relations members. Heritage fellow Richard Allen (CFR member) wrote NAFTA, and Stuart M. Butler wrote a Heritage monograph mandating all households obtain adequate health insurance.

In early August of 2021, Pence spoke at Young America’s Foundation, an “associate” member of the State Policy Network, and was immediately booed when he told them to get the COVID jab, despite telling the audience that he and his wife Karen and their children had all had the inoculations.

Pence and the Leadership Institute

A few months ago, I received a 12-page letter from Mike Pence extolling the virtues of Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute and pressing me for a large donation. I saved the 12-pages, and last week I received another letter from David Horowitz asking me to pledge funds to the same organization. Mr. Horowitz is now promoting an Article V Constitutional Convention.

Morton Blackwell is a long-time member of the rightwing Council for National Policy (CNP), and back in the late 90s, he was urging a chaplain friend of mine to join the CNP. One Sunday, Blackwell took my friend to his Episcopal Church in DC, and the female preacher asked for prayer for her husband as he was an abortion doctor and was doing a particularly difficult abortion that morning. The chaplain was horrified, got up and left, and refused to join the council.

The Leadership Institute is also an “associate” member of the State Policy Network.  Their past students include:

  • Mitch McConnell (who in 2020 had a Freedom Index score of 20, which means he voted against President Trump and the US Constitution 80% of the time. Don’t forget that he and his wife Elaine Chao are very connected to a Chinese shipping company through Chao’s father and sisters.
  • David McIntosh – head of pro-amnesty Club for Growth who spent $2 million to defeat Donald Trump in Iowa in 2016. McIntosh was also a co-founder of the Federalist Society. Kellyanne Conway and her husband are members and they urged Trump to use the Federalist Society for a list of possible supreme court justices.  (Mike Pence urged Trump to also use the Heritage Foundation for possible justices.)
  • Grover Norquist – head of Americans for Tax Reform and board member of the National Rifle Association is also married to a Palestinian Islamist and has allegedly become one himself. Norquist has a strange alliance with radical Islam and introduced the Muslim Brotherhood to the George W. Bush White House. Frank Gaffney has fully exposed Norquist.
  • Ralph Reed – originally the head of Christian Coalition for Pat Robertson and mailed out voter guides where many true constitutional conservatives were lied about or ignored and neo-con RINOs and Trotskyites were promoted. Reed was also involved with Jack Abramoff who went to prison for the Native American Lobbying scandal. According to Abramoff’s book, Capitol Punishment, Reed made at least $5 million and should have gone to prison with Jack. Abramoff also promotes his friend Grover Norquist in his final chapters.
  • Mark Souder – Congressman from Ft. Wayne, Indiana who promised to serve only six terms, but ran for a seventh and resigned when he was exposed for having an affair with a married part-time staffer.

Mike Pence’s good friend, Nikki Haley also endorses and promotes the Leadership Institute. Many people believe Nikki would make a fine President or Vice President because she did what her boss, President Trump, asked her to do at the UN. One of Trump’s business friends in South Carolina called him in early 2017 and asked him to give Haley a position in his administration. He told Trump that their Lt. Governor was far more conservative and South Carolina needed to be rid of Haley. After January 6th, 2021, Nikki Haley excoriated her former boss by saying, “We shouldn’t have followed him.”

The old saying, “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and have it known,” describes Haley to a T.

Advancing American Freedom

Mike Pence joined the advisory board of Advancing American Freedom with several former Trump hands, including his close friend, Kellyanne Conway, Larry Kudlow, and David Bernhardt.

The advisory board includes a number of heretical doctrine “Christians” who are confirmed dominionists, several neo-con Trotskyites, and even members of the Council on Foreign Relations. My friend, JW Bryan has thoroughly exposed the CFR in his articles as a globalist enemy organization within America. Pence’s old Indiana buddy, David McIntosh is also on the board as are several people who are promoting an Article V Constitutional Convention.

John Guandolo Exposes Pence

In this video starting at 5:10, John Guandolo exposes VP Mike Pence and his actions during his four years as Donald Trump’s VP.

He states that when Pence was Governor of Indiana and John’s organization, Understanding the Threat, was doing work in Indiana, “Pence had no desire to hear or deal with the truth about jihadi threats in Indiana. The Islamic site of North America’s headquarters is there in Plainfield, Indiana, and Indiana is one of the three states where the Muslim Brotherhood settled in the United States in the early 60s, and he did nothing. Even though we were working with state legislators, who got it, we couldn’t get him to budge, but that’s a different story.”

John states, “On January 5th, there was a massive meeting in the Trump Hotel in Washington DC with every major player, ten US Senators, their staffs, all the key players in the entire voter fraud game. The president’s staff and the VP had people there and people who I know directly. I have looked at their briefs and looked at the information and been briefed about what was apprised there regarding the evidence of the fraud and it’s undeniable. It’s factually rock solid.  Mr. Pence agreed that he would go with what the decision was. He was going to do a number of things, but essentially, for the sake of this discussion, he pushed it back to the states. There were some other things he agreed to do, investigative stuff, and before the clock struck midnight on the 5th, he recanted and told the president, I’m not going to do it.  We know that somebody met with Mr. Pence and we still haven’t identified who it was who got him to turn, but I think Mike Pence is a turd and I think he’s a traitor.”

“He was the guy in the Trump administration who was leading the Republican establishment turncoats and there’s more evidence than just what I’m saying right now.  Just that one point should be enough to make people realize that guy is not batting for the American people in any way, shape, or form.”

The interviewing host is absolutely right when she said that Donald Trump supporters have been labeled domestic terrorists. “The Revolutionary Movement against the Constitutional Republic all said that the people at the capitol on January 6th were involved in a coup and were insurrectionists, when in fact they were the people the Dems supported for the previous year…the Antifa and BLM communist agitators on the streets of America. They openly supported them and everything that supports that ideology.”

“Mr. Trump’s greatest failure was to rely on the RNC to fill his administration and they filled it, not with Phil Haney, not with Stephen Coughlin, not with Rich Higgins (fired by McMaster), not with people who actually knew the threat. They intentionally blocked those people.  John Gallagher, one of the two people vetting national security positions, was the CEO of the Institute for Global Engagement, a Muslim Brotherhood political think tank front in Washington DC. He was the guy the RNC put in there to screen national security positions. That’s why you got only bad guys in the administration.”

Pence in 2024

Pence and his wife Karen have always wanted the presidency, but what he doesn’t understand is the fact that he followed the advice of his good friends from Congress, Paul Ryan, and Jeff Flake, rather than standing with the man who gave him the chance to one day lead the country. Pence is our 21st Century Benedict Arnold…he stabbed the president in the back and the Republic in the heart.

He’s working on an $18 million war chest. His group, Advancing American Freedom, is shaping up as a vehicle for testing the waters and building the infrastructure needed for a White House bid. The group is staffed by some of Pence’s top allies and ex-aides, including former Koch employee and Pence chief of staff Marc Short, political adviser Marty Obst and former senior Trump White House staffer Paul Teller.

Pence is touring states and lecturing on election integrity after previously refusing to address it. Unlike James Comey who is a guest lecturer at Howard University, the same university exposed in Manning Johnson’s book, Color, Communism and Common Sense, as being loaded with communists, Pence is lecturing on something he knows nothing about. Not surprisingly, Federal Judge Emmett Sullivan who was in charge of General Michael Flynn’s case and would not dismiss it received his undergraduate degree and JD from that very university.

Pence has become persona non grata amongst Trump supporters; someone needs to tell him his political career is over and lock both him and his frumpy control-freak wife in a closet. I’d go further, but this is for public fare.  When Pence allowed the certification of Biden as the winner under very shady circumstances and then elbow bumped with Pelosi, we saw it all.

Pence admits that he is proud Biden was certified on January 6th, but there are over eighty million Americans who know the truth.


Few people know that America’s Front-Line Doctors headed by Dr. Simone Gold who is also an attorney went to VP Pence in July of 2020 and told him that if President Trump made Hydroxychloroquine and over-the-counter drug as it is in so many other countries, that lives would be saved as well as the President’s second term.

She told Pence, “Once it’s Over-the-Counter, there’s nothing Congress can do, there’s nothing the doctors and pharmacists can do to stop it…They were going to hold this coronavirus thing over him [Trump], so if the death rates went down to zero, it would have been beautiful.”

She said she met obstruction at every turn.

Mike Pence truly is a modern-day Judas.

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Joe Biden Doesn’t Have a Clue!

President Joe Biden’s presidency is not going as smoothly as he probably hoped it would. Only 43% of respondents in a survey conducted between Sept. 13-19 believe the phrase “mentally sharp” describes Biden “well.” This represents an 11-point drop from March when Pew found 54% of respondents said “mentally sharp” was a fitting descriptor for the president.

On top of the border crisis, cratering approval numbers, infighting among congressional Democrats, incompetent federal health officials bumbling their way through the coronavirus pandemic, and the chaotic, disorderly withdrawal from Afghanistan, there’s also a growing consensus the president is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, according to new Pew Research Center polling data. A majority of respondents (56%) in Pew’s most recent survey said “mentally sharp” either describes him as “not at all well” or “not too well.”

As if the steep decline in public opinion of the president’s smarts was not embarrassing enough, it turns out Biden’s mental acuity specifically is where Pew found the sharpest drop in all of his polled personal characteristics.

“Positive evaluations of several of Biden’s personal traits and characteristics have shown similar decreases,” Pew reports. “Compared with March, fewer adults say Biden cares about people like them, and fewer describe him as standing up for his beliefs, honest, a good role model and mentally sharp.” It adds, “Biden receives his least positive assessments for being mentally sharp. Currently, 43% say this describes Biden very or fairly well, an 11-point decline since March.”

Put more simply, the longer the president is in office, the dumber people think he is. And it’s likely not because of any single issue. The White House is the major leagues, as a former vice president, of all people, ought to know. His every move and action is now under scrutiny. He has to think on his feet and respond in real-time to real-life crises. The public can see now how Biden comports himself as the commander in chief. It’s not just a theoretical game anymore. He can’t just promise to do better than the last guy. He is actually expected to deliver and to deliver competently and efficiently.

So far, the public apparently isn’t impressed.

And There’s “Iowa”

Every national politician understands that Iowa is a pivotal stop on the campaign trail every four years. Many a would-be President has seen their trip to the White House cut short in Iowa due to a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses.

President Biden no doubt has the best recognition of any of the former and to-come Democrat presidential candidate wannabe’s. Even if Hillary would dust off her dancing shoes and decide to take another shot, it is doubtful she could edge Biden in Iowa. (I don’t know: that’s just a “thought,” certainly not a “fact.”) That is, of course, assuming Biden will run for re-election in 2024. And his run in 2024 is based on the thought that he’ll even finish his first term!

Here’s where Iowans are right now regarding their President for his job performance so far. To be succinct: Joe ain’t doing too good!

  • In a new poll, 62% of Iowans said they disapprove of Joe Biden’s job performance as president.
  • In addition, 60% disapprove of his handling of the COVID pandemic, and 69% disapprove of his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.
  • “This is a bad poll for Joe Biden, and it’s playing out in everything that he touches right now,” pollster J. Ann Selzer told the Des Moines Register.

In the Sept. 12-15 telephone survey, conducted for the Des Moines Register and Mediacom by Selzer & Co., 805 Iowans over age 18 were asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president?”

  • Only 31% said they approved while 62% said they disapproved, another 7% were “not sure.”
  • When asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling the COVID-19 pandemic,” only 36% said they approved. Sixty percent said they disapproved, and 4% were “not sure.”
  • On the Afghanistan withdrawal, only 22% said they approved of the job Biden had done; 69% said they disapproved, and 8% were “not sure.”
  • On the economy, only 32% said they approved of Biden’s performance, and 62% said they disapproved.
  • When asked about Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for workers in the private sector (businesses with more than 100 employees), 52% said they oppose it, 45% said they favor it, and 2% were not sure.
  • In addition, 53% of Iowans said they oppose businesses “requiring their employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.”

And We Americans

Do any of the findings from these two separate and independent polling entities surprise you? Remember: these are in the VERY early-going in the trek ahead to 2024. And in between today and then are those onerous 2022 midterm elections. Many political election “experts” (I always put the word “experts” in quotation marks to highlight the fact that most “experts” are not experts at all. Therefore, their opinions need to relate to who they are — and only a few — if any — are true “Experts”)

Think about this: I know of not a single American who, in honesty, would relate to you if asked a personal opinion that supports what’s happening at the southern border. Further, the same holds for a question asking for their opinion regarding the debacle in the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

And then, there are the bills pending before Congress. How can anyone with a conscience fully support this $3.5 trillion reconciliation budget bill under any circumstances? You DO know that this voluminous piece of legislation has yet been given to lawmakers for their analysis and educated consideration!

The same holds for the “little” piece of legislation being considered: what Pelosi calls “a bipartisan infrastructure bill” that has less than half of its $1.2 trillion+ contents that pertain directly to “infrastructure.”

Pelosi wants them both to be “considered” in the House of Representatives this week!

The fact that Joe Biden would not only support these two mountainous pieces of killer legislation under these circumstances reeks of desperation — desperation to get them passed before Democrats lose their majority in both the House and Senate in the midterm elections. And that is looking more likely every day.

Most voters are against the $3.5 trillion “reconciliation” budget bill now pending in Congress and oppose raising the national debt ceiling.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 36% of Likely U.S. Voters support passage of the $3.5 trillion spending bill that currently has Congress deadlocked. That includes 23% who Strongly Support the passage of the reconciliation bill. Fifty-three percent (53%) are opposed to the passage of the $3.5 trillion spending measure, including 41% who Strongly Oppose the passage. Ten percent (10%) are not sure.

But there’s more…

There’s this “Border Thing”

A majority of voters blame President Joe Biden for the migrant crisis at the Mexico border and rate him “poor” on his handling of immigration. Most voters also give the media poor ratings for their coverage of America’s immigration problems.

  • A new online survey finds that just 13% of Likely U.S. Voters rate Biden as excellent in handling issues related to immigration.
  • Another 17% rate his handling of immigration as good, and 15% say Biden is doing a fair job on immigration. However, 52% rate Biden’s handling of immigration issues as poor. Biden’s ratings on immigration have worsened since April when 50% of voters rated his handling of immigration as poor.  (To see survey question wording, click here.)
  • Seventy percent (70%) of voters say the current situation with migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border is a crisis – up from 66% in May – while 21% don’t believe the border situation is a crisis.


I know: there are many percentages for one to process in this story. But all of us need to understand that we are not the only Americans asking these questions of those in the Biden Administration. And we don’t comprehend how this president can portray his presidency as anything but abhorrent and appalling.

Democrats in Congress genuinely feel that way brings a feeling of fear that I cannot shake. It’s found a home in the pit of my stomach. That ANY leader(s) would TRY to reconcile all of this lawlessness and callous rejection of the Rule of Law, yet alone EMBRACES all this as if they are the epitome of a utopian America that moves our nation FORWARD when they actually push us toward a precipice from which I see no positive resolution.

Do you honestly feel that Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and even Kamala Harris sincerely feel these actions will make this nation better?

Be thankful for this one thing: most of our fellow Americans feel the same way as you.

I’ll close this today with an example of what this Administration (and this entire government) feel the American people are: “Sheeple.”

What is the meaning of “Sheeple?” Sheeple is a derogatory term that highlights the passive herd behavior of people easily controlled by a governing power that likens them to sheep, a herd animal that is easily led about.

“How does a sheep act?” Simple: sheep cannot be driven from behind. Goats are moved around by their handlers from behind, as are cattle. Sheep (or “Sheeple”) must be “led” by a shepherd from the front, not “driven” by a hander from behind.

Biden et al. think Americans are “Sheeple” and that this Administration fashions itself as the nation’s “Shepherd.” But where Biden and Company miss it, sheep must be “led,” not “driven.” And Biden’s operating procedure in which he demands the “Sheeple” do what he says us to do isn’t “leading” — he’s trying to “drive” America’s sheep.

We’re NOT goats…and he’s NOT a shepherd.

Most Americans are looking for the “new” Moses to lead them from Egypt to Canaan.

Joe Biden is FAR from being Moses and certainly not a shepherd.

But he might be a good “goat-herder!”

To Download Today’s (Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021) “TNN Live!” Show, click on this link: 


Maricopa County Election Audit Result Are In!

  • CNN gave us the word on Friday: Final report from partisan Arizona review confirms Biden defeated Trump in Maricopa County last November.
  • Not to be outdone on the big news, the Wall Street Journal piped in on the news, too: Arizona GOP’s Election Audit Confirms Biden Win in State.
  • Public Democracy America reported the results and took it up a notch:

The GOPS’ audit of Maricopa County, Arizona 2020 election confirms that American elections continue to be free, honest, and secure.

A hand recount, as required by Arizona Law, conducted by members of all three major parties found no evidence of voter fraud. On February 23, 2021, Maricopa County announced that forensic audits of its vote tabulation equipment, completed by U.S. Election Assistance Commission accredited Auditors, had found no irregularities in the machines. The GOP sponsored audit of the election by Cyber Ninjas found the same result. There is no election fraud in Arizona.

Their report took months to complete and millions of taxpayer dollars. But their findings confirm what we already knew—that American democracy is strong and our elections are secure.

Election integrity and American democracy remains intact—and a model for the rest of the world.

Every major news outlet reported the exact same news. Therefore, I’m sure you will not be shocked to learn that what they said is NOT what the audit showed at all!

Fact: Election Processes in Arizona are Rife with Fraud and Corruption

Here’s a story from Sunday that is full of “facts:”

Arizona Senate Report on the Maricopa County Election Audit Highlights 49,000 Questionable Votes, Asks AG to Investigate

The report of the Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit of the 2020 election released at a public hearing of the Arizona State Senate chaired by Senate President Karen Fann (R-1) and Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Warren Petersen (R-12) on Friday identified a number of significant election irregularities discovered during the audit.

Out of 3.4 million votes cast in Arizona in the November 3, 2020, presidential election, about 2.1 million were cast in Maricopa County. Of these, a little more than 1.9 million were early votes, either cast by mail or deposited in drop boxes.

Joe Biden was certified as the winner of Arizona’s 11 Electoral College votes over former President Donald Trump by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D-AZ) and Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) on November 30, 2020 by a margin of 10,457 votes. According to those certified results, Biden received 1,672,143 votes in the state, while Trump received 1,661,686 votes.

“The audit included a full hand-recount of all 2.1 million ballots from the 2020 General Election,” the report, Maricopa County Forensic Audit, Volume III: Result Details, began.

At the presidential ballot level, the report found very little difference between “the results of the hand-recount of the Presidential Race of the Maricopa County Forensic Audit” and the Official Maricopa County Canvass.”

Of 2,089,563 votes counted in the official Maricopa County Canvass of the November 3, 2020 election, 1,040,774 were cast for Joe Biden and 995,665 were cast for Donald Trump, a margin for Biden in the county of 45,109.

Of 2,088,569 votes counted in the Maricopa County Forensic Audit of the November 3, 2020 election, 1,040,873 were cast for Joe Biden and 995,404 were cast for Donald Trump, a margin in favor of Biden in the county of 45,469.

Establishment media outlets have celebrated the fact that the Maricopa County Forensic Audit hand count showed that Biden’s margin over Trump was 360 votes greater than the Maricopa County Official Canvass results. (Biden gained 99 votes, while Trump lost 261 votes in the audit hand count).

They have claimed these results confirm Biden “won” Arizona.

As Breitbart News reported, a draft of the executive summary, dated September 23, was leaked early Friday morning, and establishment media outlets focused on the statement in that leaked draft that, “there were no substantial differences between the hand count of the ballots provided and the official canvass results for the County.”

The official executive summary, Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit, Volume I: Executive Summary & Recommendations, as released by the Arizona State Senate on Friday afternoon and dated September 24, can be seen here.

The results of the audit, however, actually raise more doubts about the legitimacy of more than 49,000 votes included in the final counts of both the forensic audit and the Maricopa County Official Canvass results, a number that is more than four times greater than Biden’s 10,457 vote certified margin of victory.

Of these more than 2 million votes counted, the report stated the results of the audit found that there were questions about 49,718 of these votes that had a critical, high, or medium “potential impact the finding may have had on the election.”

The audit broke the election into four phases: “voter history, paper ballots, voting machines, and the certified results.”

Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit. Volume II: Operations & Methodology, stated:

The audit was designed to be a comprehensive review of the results from the Maricopa County 2020 General Election to confirm the effectiveness of existing legislation in governing elections, and to provide additional insights on possible areas of legislative reform that could ensure an even greater level of integrity and accuracy in how elections are conducted.

For this reason, the audit focused on four main areas of the election process: voter history, paper ballots, voting machines, and the certified results. These four areas enabled the audit team to focus on factors that impact elections in order to highlight areas of concern,” the report continued. (Emphasis added).

Of the 49,718 questionable votes of critical, high, or medium severity identified in Maricopa County Forensic Audit, Volume III: Result Details, 34,466 of these were in the voter history phase, 12,660 were in the certified results phase and 2,592 were in the ballot phase. The report did not identify any questionable votes in the voting machine phase.

Here is a breakdown of those 49,718 questionable votes:

  • 23,344 mail-in ballots were counted from individuals who no longer lived at the address to which the mail-in ballot was sent. The audit called these “mail-in ballots voted from prior address” in the voter history phase. (critical impact)
  • 9,041 more ballots were returned by voters than received in the voter history phase. (high impact)
  • 5,295 voters that potentially voted in multiple counties in the certified results phase.  (high impact)
  • 3,432 more ballots were cast than the list of people who show as having cast a vote. The audit called this group of ballots “official results does not match who voted,” in the certified results phase. (medium impact)
  • 2,592 more duplicates than original ballots in the ballot phase. (medium impact)
  • 2,382 in-person voters who had moved out of Maricopa County in the certified results phase. (medium impact)
  • 2,081 voters moved out of state during the 29 days preceding election in the voter history phase. (medium impact)
  • 1,551 votes counted in excess of voters who voted in the certified results phase. (medium impact)

An additional 3,587 votes were in the “low impact” category across 14 findings.

Section 5.1 of Volume III of the report identified the ballot scoring methodology used to separate ballot findings into the four categories of severity as to their impact on the election results: critical, high, medium, or low:

Ballot related findings are scored based on the total number of potential ballots impacted by the finding. Based on the range in which this falls within, a Severity is assigned . . . In these circumstances a severity will still be assigned to the finding based on the potential impact the finding may have had on the election.

If a ballot finding impacted more than 10,000 potential votes, its severity level was classified as critical. If a ballot finding impacted more than 5,000 potential votes, but less than 10,000 potential votes its severity level was classified as high. If a ballot finding impacted more than 1,500 potential votes, but less than 5,000 potential votes, its severity level was classified as medium. If a ballot finding impacted less than 1,500 potential votes, its severity level was classified as low.

A separate report, Pattern Recognition of Early Voting Ballot (EVP) Return Envelope Images for Signature Presence Detection, was prepared by EchoMail and presented to the panel by its lead investigator, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. The findings of that report included the following:

  • Maricopa County allowed 9,589 more Early Vote Ballot return envelopes (EVBs) to move forward to the signature verification process than the audit determined were eligible.
  • Maricopa County counted 1,917,008 EVBs as eligible to move on to the signature verification process. The audit determined that only 1,907,419 EVBs should have been eligible to move on to the signature verification process. (Early voting ballots were contained within EVB return envelopes, which required a signature of the voter on the outside envelope prior to moving it forward to the signature verification process).
  • 34,448 Early Vote Ballot return envelopes (EVBs) were duplicates, submitted by 17,126 individual voters, most of whom submitted two ballots, but some of whom submitted either three or four.

A third report on cybersecurity from a firm called CyFir, Digital Findings, was delivered by Ben Cotton. Key findings of that report included:

  • Maricopa County failed to perform basic OS Patch Management;
  • Maricopa County failed to update antivirus definitions;
  • Maricopa County failed to preserve security logs;
  • Maricopa County failed to establish and monitor host baseline; and,
  • Maricopa County failed to establish and monitor network communications baseline.

You can watch a recording of Friday’s Senate hearing on the audit report, as delivered by Doug Logan, president of Cyber Ninjas, the firm that led the investigation, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, and Ben Cotton, here.

 In a statement released by the Save America PAC Friday morning, former President Trump praised the audit results as reported in a leaked early version of the report:

The Fake News is lying about the Arizona audit report! The leaked report conclusively shows there were enough fraudulent votes, mystery votes, and fake votes to change the outcome of the election 4 or 5 times over. The number includes 23,344 mail-in ballots, despite the person no longer living at that address. Phantom voters! The official canvass does not even match who voted, off by 11,592—more than the entire Presidential Election margin. Voters who voted in multiple counties totaled 10,342, and 2,382 ballots came from people who no longer lived in Maricopa County. There were also 2,592 “more duplicate ballots than original ballots.” Just those fraudulent ballots alone total 50,252, and is fraud many more times than the so-called margin of “victory,” which was only 10,457. In addition, election data appears to have been intentionally deleted, and ballot images were “corrupt or missing.” This is not even the whole state of Arizona, but only Maricopa County. It would only get worse!

There is fraud and cheating in Arizona and it must be criminally investigated! More is coming out in the hearing today.

As the hearing began on Friday afternoon, Trump added this statement:

CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and other Lamestream Media are feeding large-scale misinformation to the public about the Arizona Audit. The Audit was a big win for democracy and a big win for us. Shows how corrupt the Election was. Arizona State Senate hearing going on now and the information about what took place is terrible—a bigger Scam even than anticipated!

Midway through the hearing, Trump sent a third email:

It is not even believable the dishonesty of the Fake News Media on the Arizona Audit results, which shows incomprehensible Fraud at an Election Changing level, many times more votes than is needed. The Fake News Media refuses to write the facts, thereby being complicit in the Crime of the Century. They are so dishonest, but Patriots know the truth! Arizona must immediately decertify their 2020 Presidential Election Results.

Saturday morning Trump sent out a fourth email that read, “44,000 Ballots the Left Wants You to Ignore,” and included an image of the “Finding Summary Table” included in Section 5.2 of the report, Maricopa County Forensic Audit, Volume III: Result Details.

The theme that Maricopa County refused to cooperate with the audit was highlighted by each presenter during the hearing.

“I’m very disappointed to see that Maricopa County refused to cooperate with us. Not only did they not cooperate with us, they even went so far as to sue us,” State Senate President Fann said at the beginning of the hearing.

Fann added:

What you have not seen and not heard is about the statutes that were broken, how chain of custody was not followed, how we had a number of issues, which is why people questioned the ballots and the election. So I ask that you please keep an open mind, I ask that you please listen to this, because the reality of this is that this is all about making sure your vote counts.

At the close of the hearing, it was clear the State Senate expected the Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to follow up on the results of the report aggressively. Brnovich signaled his intent to do so even before Friday’s afternoon hearing began.

Judiciary Chairman Petersen identified eight key points at the close of the hearing:

  • The county’s obstructionism must be addressed. Their willingness to spend resources to block this audit;
  • The numbers don’t reconcile. We should be able to pull up these election results and be able to come up with a reconciliation so everything balances;
  • It appears they broke the law with duplicate ballots;
  • Churning of logs. we need to find out why that happened. Who did it;
  • Chain of custody;
  • Failure to preserve data files;
  • Cybersecurity weaknesses; and,
  • The envelopes with blank signatures. We have a lot of questions there that need to be answered.

“I look forward to working with the Attorney General,” Petersen concluded.

Fann also highlighted the follow-up by the Attorney General.

“I have already transmitted a letter to our AG’s office with those reports. We are asking him to open up a formal investigation … perhaps get some of the missing things we were unable to get. I have every confidence he will be doing that,” Fann concluded.


Every mainstream media and Democrat in party leadership at the national and state levels are desperately hoping that NO Americans take the time or effort to look past the headlines published in every Mainstream newspaper, broadcast on every Mainstream television news and talk show, and promoted by Democrat Party mind-numbed robots trying to make names for themselves.

There was rampant cheating and the election results as reported are grossly incorrect. And these are from ONE county in Arizona.

So here’s the salient question: What is going to happen now? The Governor of Arizona swore in an affidavit presented to the United States Electoral College guaranteeing the final results on that affidavit represented the “actual” voters of every Arizonan who cast their ballot. Arizona’s panel of electors cast their votes in the electoral college based on that affidavit.

Will Arizona Governor Doug Ducey notify the Electoral College he will withdraw that affidavit?

There are many things that come to mind about this issue, but there are two really important ones:

  1. If Ducey DOES withdraw his “official” election results affidavit, what will be the results be?
  2. Worse, however, if Ducey DOES NOT withdraw his “official” election results affidavit, what will the results be?

With this conundrum swirling above his head, I’m certain the Governor had a tough weekend when it comes to sleep. Can you imagine the number of texts, emails, and phone calls he’s received about this?

There is a plethora of unanswered questions about U.S. election integrity. The questions about Maricopa County and Phoenix have only just begun to be answered. But what about those same questions about the election “irregularity AND fraud” in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and, OMG, Georgia?

What Choice Will We Make?

To my fundamental Christian friends who worry daily about the facts of all things going on in our helter-skelter world and how to reconcile those in our quest to follow God’s direction, a San Antonio pastor put some clarity on the answer to my question: “What am I supposed to do about all this?”

I thought his response on the matter was so clear I could NOT better explain the rights and wrongs about it all. Why not just go to the Bible for answers? That’s just what he did:

Max Lucado

Less than a week after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a White passenger, Martin Luther King Jr. became president of the Montgomery Improvement Association of Montgomery, Alabama.

Upon King’s appointment, he began receiving death threats. One phone call, in particular, left him unnerved. He described the call in a speech where he recounted, “On the other end was an ugly voice. That voice said to me, in substance … we are tired of you and your mess now. And if you aren’t out of this town in three days, we’re going to blow your brains out and blow up your house.”

King was shaken. He had to step into his kitchen to regather his thoughts. There, he considered the safety of his beautiful wife and precious little girl. He imagined the rage that awaited him in the streets. He questioned whether the effort was worth the risk.

What about you? Have you ever found yourself in a hard place shaken by your situation? When the downsizing has been declared. When division and judgment proliferate. When the account has no cash. When the marriage has no joy. When the crib is empty and the grave is occupied.

If we look to Scripture, we find a story that encourages us in unwelcome situations. Early in the book of Esther, we find Mordecai and Esther in a hard place. They were Jewish cousins living in Persia who concealed their Jewish identity to adapt to the Persian way of living. So far, this plan seemed to be working out. Mordecai landed a job at the king’s palace and Esther became queen of Persia. All was going well … until the news came. 

A royal decree was sent out to all the provinces stating that the Jewish people were to be killed. Mordecai sent Esther a copy of the extermination orders and urged her to reach out to her husband, the king. Esther responded with her reasons to stay silent: It is against the law. It’s been 30 days since the king gave me so much as a second look. He’s in a foul mood, for sure. He will probably kill me.

Mordecai gave her reservations some thought and sent a message with some of the most profound observations you will read in the Bible. Mordecai the Jew became Mordecai the theologian. He said,

“Do not think that because you are in the king’s house you alone of all the Jews will escape. For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:13–14 NIV)

This was the message of Mordecai: Relief is coming. God will have his victory. He will rescue his people. The question is not, Will God prevail? The question is, Will you be part of the team?

Esther’s response to Mordecai’s message was significant. She told him, “Go, gather together all the Jews who are in Susa, and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and my attendants will fast as you do. When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish.” (4:16)

What if you, like Esther, have an opportunity to act in a way that will bless more people than you could imagine?

But what happened? What moved Esther from “I can’t do anything” to “I’m willing to lose everything?” What took her from “If I go, I’ll perish” to “If I perish, I perish”?

It had to be the straightforward message of Mordecai. Mordecai opened a window and shed a divine light into Esther’s world. “You are here for a reason,” he said. “Your life is part of a plan. You were placed here on purpose for a purpose.”

So were you, my friend. You, like Esther, were made for this moment. To be clear, you didn’t ask for this struggle. You want to get past it. You don’t know how much longer you can hold up. But what if God is in this?

What if you, like Esther, have an opportunity to act in a way that will bless more people than you could imagine? This is your hour. This is your moment. You were made to stand up like Mordecai, to speak up like Esther. Your challenge is an opportunity to join God in his work.

King realized this truth. Though the future was uncertain and fear was knocking at his door, King followed Esther’s lead, bowed his head, and asked God for help.

When recalling his prayer, he said “And it seemed at that moment that I could hear an inner voice saying to me, ‘Martin Luther, stand up for righteousness, stand up for justice, stand up for truth. And lo I will be with you, even until the end of the world.’”

Freshly fortified, King continued the work, leaving his mark on what is arguably the most prominent movement of the 20th century. 

Each of our lives intersects with opportunities in which we can come alongside the work of God. We won’t speak to a Persian king. Very few will lead a movement of liberty. But heaven will offer each one of us, without exception, the privilege of participating in holy work.

When your invitation comes, may you hear the same Spirit that King heard, find the same courage Esther found, and make the same decision Mordecai made. Relief will come. May God help you and me to be a part of it.

Saturday Bullet Points: September 24, 2021

What a week, huh? More and more travesties unveiled that apparently have been happening for a while at our southern border. Every day our government seems to ramp up its desire to seize more and more control from the People. And they are strangling individuality with the COVID-19 madness. What can we expect going forward?

What could you have possibly missed? Make no mistake: you certainly missed some important happenings. Why? Because there were so many. We have them for you today.

Meet “Saturday Bullet Points.” Each important story is introduced as a “bullet point.” Click on the bullet, read the few sentences describing the story. And if you want more details, click on the blue arrow at the end of the description. That takes you to a full story where you can get all the details. If you’ve already seen or heard or don’t want anymore, go to the next bullet point and repeat. It’s that simple.

Enjoy an extra cup of latte’ with “Saturday Bullet Points.” Let’s get you started:

Bullet Points

  • Have you yet heard the name “Michael Sussman?” You’ll probably be hearing more about the name and the holder of the name in the coming months. Sussman is the lawyer who is front and center as representative of the Clinton Campaign in pretty much every aspect of the Russia Collusion sham that proved nothing other than Trump did NOT collude with Russia. Sussman was the second attorney indicted by Special Prosecutor John Durham. The Mainstream Media have downplayed with great effort any role and subsequent culpability Sussman may have in this “thing.” Please make no mistake, however: Sussman is up to his eyeballs and in deep trouble. This attached story gives you five things the Left has already been promoting to diminish Sussman’s involvement. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Has anybody yet come after you trying to “cancel” you? Make no mistake: even if the Cancel Culture has not victimized you, it’s probably not because you’re not a likely candidate to be canceled. It’s probably because they’ve not gotten around to you yet! And when a Hollywood icon not only worries about cancel culture, he even warns every American to be careful because it might be coming to get you! Who’s the Hollywood star passing out that information? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • I heard a funny story when COVID-19 panic just got started. Remember the rush for toilet paper? EVERY store of EVERY kind that stocked toilet paper sold every roll as quickly as they hit shelves. Why the rush? It started when some guy walking through Walmart surrounded by a bunch of people sneezed. Everybody ran to the restroom because they pooped themselves! No, that didn’t really happen — as far as I know. But it might happen again. COSTCO just announced they are limiting purchases of anything deemed to be “essentials.” What are the items included in the COSTCO list? For complete details, click on this link:  
  • Have you gotten any of the three COVID-19 vaccinations yet? If you haven’t and number among the millions of Americans who don’t intend to get vaccinated, at least voluntarily, many are playing tough about being forced to get the jab. In fact, in New York City, 3000 teachers have asked for exemptions to skip the vaccine mandate. New York City placed a deadline for getting vaxed for September 27. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Sexual harassment must be “the thing” in the Cuomo family. Governor Andrew Cuomo was recently forced to resign over allegations of numerous former staffers of his for “unwanted touching” and other sexual ills. There were close to a dozen accusers of the governor! Now, it appears that little brother Chris Cuomo, of CNN fame, is in trouble for doing the same thing. And one of those accusing Chris is his former boss! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Surely you know that House Speaker Pelosi empaneled a fleet of Trump-haters to “investigate” the “insurrection” of January 6 when many people stormed the Capitol. Conspiracy theorists, along with a fleet of Democrats in Congress, are doing anything and everything they think will help them keep Donald Trump out of the Potomac Valley permanently. They don’t want him back in politics. And they’re trying to tie him as part of the planning of the happenings of January 6. President Biden would normally, in this case, exert executive privilege if his Administration was asked to provide White House documents that might implicate the former President of wrongdoing. But what do you think Biden is probably going to do if asked? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Besides being “friendly” competitors, the Big Tech companies all seem to get along. But a bizarre story showed up on Friday about Apple, Facebook, and Instagram. Apple is actually threatening to block Facebook and Instagram from Apple’s App store altogether! What’s up with that? It has to do with some really nasty stuff the two social media platforms allow to show up on their sites using Apple apps. What are they? For more details, click on this link: 
  • I think it’s common knowledge that President Biden is in deep trouble with American voters — even with fellow Democrats. His approval numbers are in negative territory across the board. And the demographic that every politician lusts over have pretty much abandoned Uncle Joe — the independents. But President Biden is prudent. He’s not waiting until after leaving office to look back and determine what things he should have done differently. Believe it or not, just eight months into his presidency, he is actually reflecting on things he should have done differently. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • The Taliban taking full control of Afghanistan has many people concerned — including the approximate 1000 American citizens left behind by the Biden Administration who are hiding for their lives. The speckled past of the Taliban includes numerous horrible acts taken against almost anybody that refuses to adopt “Taliban thinking.” A famous one-eyed, one-legged Taliban “enforcer” has notified the world that executions and amputations are on their way back to Afghanistan under this new Taliban regime. For complete details, click on this link:
  • How many Afghani refugees did the Biden Administration bring to the U.S.? No one in government will give us a number just like they refuse to report the numbers of illegals from the southern being released around the nation. Worse that just bringing these Afghan refugees out of Afghanistan directly to the U.S. is the fact that, even though we were told otherwise, most of them were not vetted before getting on those planes! Americans were told that, factually, EACH of those Afghanis WERE vetted. Now, there is much internal wrongdoing by some of those who are settling here. One Afghan man strangled his wife at a U.S. military base! For complete details, click on this link: 


“Will It Go Round in Circles?”

“Will It Go Round in Circles?” is a rock song from the 70s written and sung by Billy Preston. It was appropriate back then, but it certainly fits the insanity emanating daily from the Potomac Valley.

In Washington D.C. in general, and this administration specifically, bad things seem always to be “put on the back burner” when NEW bad things that dominate a news cycle or two show up. It appears that the art of implementing “forgetfulness” in the American people works well, but only if an administration is successful at deflecting angst among the people by quickly creating some new debacle to capture the attention of all. The hope is always to help the people forget about the “old” bad thing by substituting a “new bad thing.”

Think through the chronology of devastatingly mishandled things by the Biden folks going all the way back to the beginning:

First, it was the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccine rollout. Then it was the border crisis. Then it was the economy.

And then Afghanistan, where the Taliban hung people by the neck from U.S.-supplied Blackhawk helicopters, and the U.S. withdrawal has left behind a reported one thousand Americans and perhaps thousands of Green Card holders in what now amounts to the largest hostage crisis in American history.

The administration is stumbling from one disaster to the next, with no end in sight and public opinion plummeting on nearly every major issue. In each case, the disaster has been entirely of the Biden administration’s own making. Events are not overtaking Biden. His own rank incompetence is.

The events in Afghanistan, where the Taliban control about $83 billion worth of U.S. military equipment, 13 Americans were killed by an ISIS-K bomb while an unknown number of U.S. citizens are hiding from the Taliban are by far the most dramatic and disturbing display of incompetency and horrible policy from the Biden administration, which recent polling reflects. But the Afghanistan disaster follows a train of incompetence that left the station on day one of this presidency.

As soon as Biden came into office, he signed executive orders that guaranteed we would have a migrant crisis on our southwest border. By reversing a raft of Trump-era policies that had managed to control illegal immigration amid a worsening pandemic, Biden effectively opened the borders, sending the message to would-be asylum seekers that if they could manage to get across the Rio Grande with at least one child in tow, they could stay — and if they sent their child alone, they would definitely stay.

The results were predictable: a 20-year record surge in illegal border crossings that worsens by the day. Corporate media largely stopped covering the border crisis — at least until the flood of Haitian asylum-seekers in the Del Rio Sector of the Texas border. The combined humanitarian southern border crisis added to the thousands of non-vetted Afghan refugees now in the U.S., and the Biden Administration finds itself in the “perfect storm.” It entirely falls at the feet of Joe Biden

This historic migrant surge wasn’t inevitable. It was a direct result of Biden’s policies, which played out in an entirely predictable manner. The same holds regarding Afghanistan. A detailed plan for withdrawal handed to Joe Biden by Donald Trump had virtually eliminated illegal crossing at the southern border. Biden, in consultation with his spineless State Department minions together with a batch of military leaders, determined to spurn the Trump deal and do it “right.”

“Right” hasn’t worked out so well for them, has it?

 The same goes for the administration’s COVID-19 response. Biden campaigned on having a plan to “shut down” the virus and end the pandemic, but so far, there seems to be no plan at all — or even a coordinated and consistent message from the White House. Contradictory and ever-shifting policies and recommendations on everything from school closures to mask and vaccine mandates have sown confusion and mistrust among Americans desperate to get back to work and their children to school.

Uncle Joe finds himself really often trying to explain these travesties by coming up with one excuse after another. And he’s swift to pass responsibility for each of these on to others.


CENTCOM commander Gen. Frank McKenzie apologized after an investigation revealed that the U.S had killed an innocent man, Zemari Ahmadi — and nine other civilians, including seven children — rather than ISIS-K terrorists Aug. 29 in that drone attack.

Though McKenzie accepted responsibility for what he called a “tragic mistake,” he did not resign. Instead, he explained the circumstances for the strike, suggesting that the Pentagon believes it was legal under international law.

McKenzie told the media that the military had acted on intelligence that a “white Toyota Corolla” — one of the most common automobiles — would mount an attack. At no point did the military know who was driving the targeted vehicle.

As explained last week: “International law permits the use of such targeted killings, under restricted circumstances. The target must be an enemy combatant; the target generally must pose an imminent or ongoing threat, and the attack must minimize the risk to non-combatants.”

Mistaken identity, or other mistakes, do not by themselves constitute violations of international law, but if the strike was negligent or improperly motivated, there could be legal consequences.

Under customary international law, the U.S. is required to investigate alleged violations of international law. The Pentagon appears to think it has satisfied that requirement. But several questions remain about the Aug. 29 strike:

1. What did President Joe Biden know, and did he authorize the strike? White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden had delegated authority to the military but was “regularly briefed.” What did he know? Did he give the green light?

2. Were there political motivations behind the strike? Did the White House pressure the Pentagon to come up with some response to the Aug. 26 suicide bombing to provide political cover for the administration’s bungled withdrawal?

3. Why would the military launch an airstrike against an unknown person, absent compelling evidence of imminent threat? The most shocking aspect of the strike was that the Pentagon did not know who was in the vehicle.

4. Was the U.S. fed bad intelligence by the Taliban or other bad actors? There has long been suspicion that different groups in Afghanistan feed false information to the U.S. to take out their rivals. Is that what happened in the Kabul strike?

5. What does taking “full responsibility” mean? Where are the hearings, resignations, prosecutions, demotions,  or firings? McKenzie did not rule out further consequences in his Pentagon press briefing but declined to lead by example.

6. Why was the U.S. public fed a false story by the Pentagon and the White House for several weeks? The Pentagon said on Aug. 30 there was a high degree of confidence in the target; the White House said much the same. Were they lying?

7. Why would the U.S. military settle for an evacuation where it had to rely on airstrikes? The Kabul airport, guarded by the Taliban, was defenseless and left the U.S. few options; given the risks, why did the U.S. abandon Bagram airbase?

8. How inaccurate is the U.S. military in general when it comes to airstrikes? The fact that this mistake happened ought to prompt an immediate review of U.S. airstrikes, to determine whether their accuracy can be improved in the future.

9. Will this compromise national security by discouraging legitimate, accurate targeted killings? The use of targeted killings — like President Donald Trump’s strike on Qasem Soleimani — is an important tool against terror. Have we lost it?

10. Will the Biden administration apologize to the new Taliban regime and pay reparations? McKenzie dodged a press question about reparations, but if the Taliban regime presses the U.S. to apologize, it may find international support.

Economic Devastation

“Build Back Better:” that’s Joe’s mantra he’s been sharing since his campaign. In the first eight months of his presidency, the “better” part remains a mystery. In fact, “building back” really won’t happen until he lets go of his totalitarian-style lockdowns and mandates.

But there IS something really new in the Biden Economy. Oh, we’ve seen it before in the U.S. But nothing like we’re experiencing now: “BidenFlation.” As a direct result of Biden’s executive orders that shuttered the XL Pipeline project with simultaneous attacks across the board on the carbon energy sector of our economy, high-paying jobs were lost, people were out of work in every economic class, and the response to this cut the goods supply chain in every sector of our economy — even toilet paper again! The result? Massive inflation.

Example: Election day 2020, in Shreveport, Louisiana, I filled my car tank for $1.65/gallon for gas. Today I filled the same car at the same station for $2.69/gallon. Pundits preach that “rise and fall in fuel prices are seasonal.” Biden’s fuel prices have NOT been seasonal. They were at this same level for the summer rush, which normally drives fuel prices up.

Groceries, building supplies, auto parts, restaurant prices (if you can get a seat), and all types of service have all skyrocketed in price. This is not a “seasonal” occurrence. It is the direct result of “BidenFlation.” And it’s just getting started.


“Pippi Longstocking”      Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki, or “Pippi Longstockings,” as some refer to her, is known for her “circle-back” statements when asked a question for which she has no ready answer in press briefings. That term, “circle-back,” happens to fit

across the gambit of Biden Administration policies as we watch the administration implode.

Americans would love it if Preston’s song would actually be answered with a “circle-back” to the administration of four years ago — at least the economic, foreign policy, military, and immigration environment of the Trump Administration.

If Joe Biden is the smart cookie he’s made himself out to be in his 50 years in Washington, one would expect for his awakening to his self-destruction in the White House. Not only does it seem that none of the things detailed above will ever be rolled back, but it also appears that Mr. Biden has no clue exactly what they are or what they’re doing to the American people. And if he really DOES know what they are and what they’re doing and continues to press forward to ensure their damage will be perpetuated throughout his term in office, Americans better lookout. That would mean we have a real totalitarian in the White House.

If he is NOT cognizant of what is happening, that would confirm he IS in cognitive decline and must leave office.

I know: that means Kamala Harris would become President, and a Vice President would have to be named and confirmed by the Senate to replace her. I cannot imagine what a Harris Administration would look like. A Biden continuation assures U.S. decline in every area even worse than seen now. At least Harris could be somewhat harnessed and slowed a bit.

No matter the name of the person piloting the ship, the ship’s in trouble. Let’s hope we can keep the boat afloat, at least through the 2022 midterms.

To Download today’s (Friday, September 24, 2021) “TNN Live!,” click on this link:

Forced Jabs, Health Fascism, And Medical Apartheid

♦♦We could lower the rise in population by 10-15% through vaccines, healthcare, and reproductive services. Bill Gates

♦♦Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident that they are acting on their own free will.  Joseph Goebbels

♦♦The CDC is now listing vaccinated COVID-19 people as Unvaccinated deaths if they died within 14 days of the vaccine.  Dr. Simone Gold

♦♦Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize an undercover dictatorship.  To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privilege to others, will be to constitute the Bastille of medical science.  All such laws are un-American and despotic and have no place in a Republic.  The Constitution of this Republic should make special privileges for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.  Benjamin Rush, M.D. Signer of the Declaration of Independence

The restrictive protocols on safe and inexpensive drug treatments for COVID-19 are in place for two reasons, to depopulate the entire world and to enrich Big Pharma and their globalist friends.

There’s talk of boosters but there were fireworks at the recent “Vaccine” Advisory Committee meeting. The 18-member committee voted 16 to 2 against approving the booster shots, although later they did give their endorsement on approving them for people 65 and older.  They seem to want those they refer to as “useless eaters” to die off first, saving Medicare and Social Security for illegal aliens.

In a recent interview with British funeral director John O’Looney, he said that during the COVID “pandemic,” he saw no more deaths than he’d seen the previous years.  However, after Big Pharma’s jab came out, deaths skyrocketed as he’d never seen before and the top causes were blood clots, strokes, heart attack, and multiple organ failure.  He stated unequivocally that Delta is a vaccine injury.

Meanwhile, thousands of people injured by the jab are calling Project Veritas wanting to tell their stories. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas reads a few of the emails in this video following a short clip from Tucker Carlson.

O’Keefe video here.

Conspiracy and Collusion

Yes, Virginia, there is a conspiracy.

Rep. Thomas Massey (R-KY) tells us that Facebook’s fact-checker is funded by an organization that holds $2 billion of vaccine maker stock.  Thomas Massey consistently scores 100% on New American Magazine’s Freedom Index.

In 1995, Dr. Archie Kalokerinos’ interview in the International Vaccine Newsletter, stated, “My final conclusion after forty years…the unofficial policy of the World Health Organization and the unofficial policy of ‘Save the Children’s Fund’ and almost all those organizations is one of murder and genocide.  They want to make it appear as if they are saving these kids, but in actual fact, they don’t.  I am talking of those at the very top.  Beneath that level is another level of doctors and health workers like myself, who don’t really understand what they are doing.”

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice stated on September 3rd, 2021 that WV is seeing a positive increase of 26% of people who are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks. And a 21% increase in breakthrough cases requiring hospitalization for people fully vaccinated.  WV has also seen a 25% increase in deaths of people who are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks.  What is not shown in the link is that he tells people to get the boosters.  We know that if a “vaccine” doesn’t even protect for a year and doesn’t have more than a 50% chance of saving people that it is worthless.

COVID case rates are exploding in areas with high clot-shot rates.  Several scientists and physicians have openly stated that the Delta strain is from those who’ve had the jab…that it enhances the virus.  A preprint paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, found vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.  Link

Sharyl Attkisson reported on a study of why vaccinated people are getting so sick.  It’s called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE).  We’ve heard this from several physicians and scientists.  According to a scientific study, the ADE risk was well known prior to the Covid-19 vaccines being allowed on the market.

Scientists say that with ADE, after people get vaccinated for an initial virus, infection by a subsequent variant or strain of the virus can result in “increased viral replication and more severe disease, leading to major safety risks.”

The vast majority of people who are getting injected for Sars-coV-2 will die within a few short years from heart failure, warns Dr. Charles Hoffe, M.D., a medical practitioner in British Columbia, Canada.  Hoffe explains that he is observing in his patients who took an mRNA jab from either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna that their capillaries are now plugging up, which he says will eventually lead to a serious cardiovascular event.

Sars-coV-2 mRNA shots are programmed to turn a person’s body into a spike protein “factory,” and Dr. Hoffe says that over time these mass-produced spike proteins cause progressive blood clotting.  No fewer than 60 percent of people who take an mRNA injection will suffer from these blood clots – and in the end, an overwhelming majority will end up six feet under due to the damage caused.

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of messenger RNA says to please ask yourself, “Why is the USA requiring vaccination for all with an outdated vax when many have already been infected, recovered, and developed natural immunity?  Stop.  Think.  Why the censorship?  Why the mandates?  Why the constant propaganda push?”

Woke editors of 220 leading medical, nursing and public-health journals from around the world, including The Lancet, who lied about Hydroxychloroquine, the New England Journal of Medicine and the British Medical Journal are calling for action on climate control.  They’re warning that current efforts aren’t enough to address health problems resulting from rising global temperatures caused by emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.  What utter rubbish!

COVID-19 unvaccinated get ratted out everywhere by neighbors, friends, and even family, but at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Lexington, Kentucky, two priests were ratted out prior to the close of mass by their Bishop, John Stowe.  I’m not sure these two priests would be covered by their “boss,” as “employer” under HIPAA, but it would be nice if they could sue their Bishop.

President Joe Biden recently announced that all nursing home employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19. Failure to comply could result in nursing facilities losing Medicare and Medicaid funding.  This vaccine mandate will further exacerbate the shortage of nursing home workers, lead to the shutting down of many long-term care facilities, and have severe adverse effects on America’s frail and elderly citizens.  Since the jabbed carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils, they will easily spread the Delta strain throughout nursing homes.

Advisers to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration voted on September 17th to recommend COVID-19 vaccine booster shots for Americans 65 and older and those at high risk of severe illness, after overwhelmingly rejecting a call for broader approval.

The panel also recommended that the FDA include healthcare workers and others at high risk of occupational exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19, such as teachers.  Link

Despite the narrowed scope of the proposed authorization, the panel’s recommendation would cover most Americans who got their shots in the earliest stages of the U.S. vaccination campaign.

“Today was an important step forward in providing better protection to Americans from COVID-19,” White House spokesperson Kevin Munoz said. “We stand ready to provide booster shots to eligible Americans once the process concludes at the end of next week,” he said.

The FDA advisory panel declined to endorse Pfizer BioNTech booster shots for age 16 and over.

Pfizer actually claims their COVID jab is safe and effective for ages 5-11.  Why?  Children don’t get COVID!

Pfizer‘s COVID jab could be rolled out to babies as young as six months in America this winter under plans being drawn up by the pharmaceutical giant.  The company intends to apply for authorization to immunize American infants within the next two months.  Why?  So, they’re permanently damaged or dead?

Mississippi nurses report a toxic work culture growing between the jabbed and un-jabbed.  A huge division is taking place in the medical arena.

It has gotten worse.  Leo Hohman’s recent article exposed a Cartersville, Georgia hospital who weaponized Biden’s vax mandate and held a couple against their will for days.  The couple’s daughter had power of attorney, but the hospital would not release the couple to the daughter unless she could prove she was jabbed.

All three COVID vaccines have changed their names.  “The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is Comirnaty, the Moderna vaccine will be named SpikeVax, and the AstraZeneca vaccine will be named Vaxzevria,” Health Canada said in a tweet Thursday.


The 19th-century notion that God was dead led to man becoming an untamed beast in the 20th century.  The 21st century is reaping the rewards of predatory evil and harvesting the fruits of their demonic labors using the top factor of “fear.”  “Ye shall not surely die.”

Don’t take that jab!

Remember the Nuremberg Codes of 1946 which came about after the horrors of the Holocaust.  Dr. Peter McCullough says, “Never put risk on someone else by telling them, ‘I took it, you should too.’  Whenever we take an injection, the risk is on us and only on us.  The principle of autonomy says, ‘Under no circumstances will anyone have anything forced into their body in any form of pressure, coercion or threat of reprisal.’”

“Pressure means any type of peer pressure from teachers, athletes, or schools.  Coercion means, ‘You take it or you’re going to lose your job.’  The threat of reprisal means, ‘If you don’t take it, then I’m going to go get you.’”

He tells in the video link that military men are being held down and given the jab when they didn’t want it.  “A needle in every arm” is the mantra.  He exposes that at Houston Hospital there are 200 nurses who have contraindications for taking the jab, pregnancy, allergic reactions, blood clots, etc., but the hospital still fired them all.

Tucker Carlson’s September 20th show exposed that Navy SEALS are being threatened to immediately take the COVID jab giving them little time to mount a defense.  There are only 2,500 of them and their training is extensive and expensive.  Hundreds of them are saying they don’t want the jab because they live in close quarters, have had COVID, and have natural God-given immunity.  Others have religious or moral reasons but are told none of these reasons count.  Military readiness is being destroyed by forcing these unnecessary inoculations. Davis Younts is their military defense lawyer.

Dr. McCullough tells us there are six cornerstones of ethics and research and they are covered by the Office of Human Protection and Research in the United States.  First comes the Nuremberg Code, second is the Declaration of Helsinki which is a set of ethical principles regarding human experimentation developed for the medical community by the World Medical Association. It is regarded as the cornerstone document on human research ethics. Fauci has said that “vaccine” immunity is far better than natural immunity, but Dr. McCullough explains we’ve had thousands of jab failures, but not one failure with God’s natural immunity.

The good doctor commented that small businesses, the military, and so many others should choose those who’ve recovered and have natural immunity to run the businesses, to be on the missions…we need those who are “naturally immune.”  The CDC when they conduct the “vaccine program” never asks if someone is naturally immune!  They never ask if they had COVID-19.  Once again, denying God’s handiwork of natural immunity in His Creation. He also stated that 25 to 30% of those who were inoculated should not have had it as they had natural immunity.

Please don’t miss Dr. McCullough’s important video where he is speaking to a church audience in Michigan.  He gives us stats from the CDC’s website, none of which we hear from our Pravda media. He tells them, “If you’ve had no repercussions from the COVID jab, thank the Lord.”

UK Professor and M.D. Sucharit Bhakdi’s short four-minute video is telling.  He explains that like his colleague, Dr. Peter McCullough, using the clinical combination of drugs for Sars-coV-2, they can reduce the death rate lower than the seasonal flu.  In the UK, they’re now starting to jab children and the BBC is promoting this with Boris Johnson.

Totalitarianism has become the norm and our God-given freedoms are being shredded.  After the “stealing of America,” one party gained control of the entire political system.  Opposition parties are prohibited, individual opposition is outlawed, and they’re flexing their muscles with unconstitutional control over both our public and private lives.

During the Nuremberg trials, even the media was prosecuted and put to death for lying to the public.  The propaganda spewing mainstream media has brainwashed Americans with lies since the 1964 Supreme court decision in NYTs v. Sullivan.

Victor Frankl, the great psychiatrist, neurologist, and author who survived the Holocaust, wrote this stinging critique:

The gas chambers of Auschwitz were the ultimate consequence of the theory that man is nothing but the product of heredity and environment—or, as the Nazis like today, “Of Blood and Soil.”  I’m absolutely convinced that the gas chambers of Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Majdanek were ultimately prepared not in some ministry or other in Berlin, but rather at the desks and in the lecture halls of nihilistic scientists and philosophers.

Ideas do have consequences, and today we are facing some of the most demonic brought to us by Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Big Pharma, the Rockefeller Foundation Soros, and Klaus Schwab to name just a few.

Hitler was a thoroughly demonized being whose body was but the shell for the spirit that inhabited him.  Those named above, politicians who have usurped their authority and trashed our Constitution, the medical industry who has failed to help rather than injure, sports figures who won’t stand for our flag, abortionists who murder and then make money selling little one’s body parts, actors who spew their venom against anyone who loves freedom and yes, even our pulpits have been filled with demonic entities.

Our once beautiful venerated Judeo-Christian heritage and society is being desecrated, stomped on, and destroyed.  Our Jewish brothers and sisters are especially targeted and have been throughout history.  Christians have suffered similar attacks, but now these attacks are openly carried out in the streets of America.  The God we both worship is hated by the enemies of freedom.

These entities seem to own and run everything.  Read Jim O’Neill’s Monolithic Monopoly an investigative report regarding the primary shareholders of top companies, Vanguard, Blackrock, and State Street.

Health fascism has arrived.

Jab Mandates

Tens of millions of Americans face being fired, kicked out of school, removed from our military, refused medical care, for having faith in the immune system God gave them to overcome a virus with a 99.75% survival rate for the overwhelming majority of the population.

A hospital in upstate New York won’t be delivering newborns after six employees in the maternity ward resigned instead of taking the jab.  There is a good side to this. My daughter gave birth to all five of her children at home with a midwife.  None of her babies received the dozens of vaccines they immediately give newborns; vaccines which have been linked to an increase in autism, now affecting one in 82 children.

Biden has ordered COVID-19 jab mandates for federal employees and for workers in private companies.  His unconstitutional and dictatorial mandate could affect 100 million Americans and applies to federal employees, health care workers, companies that contract with the government, and private companies that have 100 or more employees. The mandate allows for weekly COVID-19 testing as an alternative to getting the vaccine.  Newsweek reported Biden has exempted federal judges, congress and their staff and the postal workers. There’s one other group Biden has assiduously avoided targeting with his vaccine pronouncements: illegal immigrants.  Why?  Because the CDC endorsed giving them ivermectin.

“As part of this effort, the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Indian Health Service, and the National Institute of Health (NIH) will complete implementation of their previously announced vaccination requirements that cover 2.5 million people.”

How nice!  Unbelievable…for a flu bug with a 99.75% recovery and for those with comorbidities, the recovery rate is 94.68%.  We don’t need a clot shot and we certainly don’t need this “warp speed” experimental jab being given to everyone from infants to the elderly.  We need the clinical drugs so many top-rated physicians and scientists around the world have used to save their patients.

Teens are 50 times more likely to have heart disease after COVID jabs than all other FDA-approved vaccines in 2021 combined.  The CDC admits this is true but still recommends the jab!

The VAERS COVID data from September 9, 2021, should frighten anyone away from this medical apartheid.  There is a dark history of experimentation on black Americans, our military, prisoners, and the general population.  We are seen as guinea pigs ripe for experimentation and this COVID jab is no different.

There are now 675,591 reports on the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS).  It takes physicians 30 minutes to fill out the questionnaire, with the risk of losing their license to practice if they do it improperly.  This is the primary reason only one percent is reported.

Corona Investigative Committee Summary

Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, an experienced trial lawyer licensed in Germany and California and co-founder of the Corona Investigative Committee, summarizes their findings in a 40-minute interview.

Video here.


Political cartoonist, Ben Garrison commented that livestock are involuntarily medicated, but we’re not livestock.  The government considers America’s masses their chattel and are grinding our God-given rights under their bootheels.  Medical apartheid has arrived, just not for Biden’s fellow comrades.

Gab President, Andrew Torba tells us, “Companies without mandates will perform better and get all of the best talents. Doctors will start private practices. Families will begin to homeschool their children. Blue states and major cities will see a mass exodus unlike anything in American history.

All we have to do is say no and start building a new society for ourselves. We need to take control of our own destiny and do what needs to be done to protect our families and preserve our values and indeed our own humanity.”

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What Are The REAL Numbers the Wealthy Pay in Federal Taxes?

Yeah, Yeah, we know: “The richest one percent of Americans pay little or NO federal taxes. And those evil corporations don’t pay taxes at all.” That’s the story bandied around by the Left for decades. Democrats, during election season, consider that talking point to be their “go-to” to diminish their GOP opponents. Then, if and when they are elected to office, they double-down with it to justify raising BIG taxes by demonizing “the Rich.”

There’s one problem: It ain’t true!

In fact, the much-maligned minority, the richest percent of Americans, pays 39.5% of all Federal Income Tax. That is one of the most eye-catching figures in a study released by the Tax Foundation earlier this month. To put that percentage in absolute figures: the richest percent of American taxpayers pay $542.64 billion of a total take of Federal Income Tax of $1.37 trillion.

We’re talking about just the top one percent of American taxpayers!

This data visualization clearly shows that the top one percent pay much more than taxpayers of any other income level.

  • It is almost double as much as the next bracket of top incomes: those earning the 2% to 5% of the highest wages in America pay 20.5% of all Federal Income Tax. Or in absolute terms: $281.51 billion.
  • It is also almost four times as much as those whose incomes range from the top 6% to 10%. They pay 10.9% of Federal Income Tax, or $149.97 billion.
  • Those who earn between the top 10% to 25% of wages in America are a much larger group. Yet, their collective input into the Federal Income Tax is only half as much again as the previous band: 15.9% (i.e., $281.55 billion).
  • Those with an income anywhere between the top 25% and 50% only pay 10.5% of all Federal Income Tax, no more than $143.95 billion.
  • The entire bottom half of wage earners pay only 2.8% of their income in taxes into the federal coffers. In actual money terms: $37.74 billion. That is more than 14 times less than the top 1%, even though this group is 50 times as numerous.

These figures show the level of contribution to total income tax revenues by the various income levels. The Tax Foundation also provided figures for what that means for individual taxpayers in each group.

  • The effective average tax rate for the richest one percent is 27.2%, meaning that well over a quarter of their income goes into federal coffers.
  • For the next group (up to 5%), the fiscal pressure is just below a quarter: 23.6%.
  • Taxpayers with incomes in the top 10% part with just over one-fifth (21.3%) of their earnings.
  • Those in the top 25% bracket contribute 17.8% of their annual income.
  • Even those up to the 50th percentile on average still give 15.5% of their annual income to Uncle Sam.
  • Because about 45% of American households make too little to pay any Federal Income Tax, the average percentage for the bottom half of incomes is dramatically lower – the average Federal Income tax level for this group is just 3.5%.

Nobody likes paying taxes, and all taxpayers agree that everyone who contributes to the national purse should have some say in how the government raises and spends its money. But in this debate, whose voice should be louder: that of the majority at the bottom of the income scale (who contributes the least) or of the minority of biggest contributors (who fork out the most)? Simply put, that question is the foundation of all politics in a capitalist democracy like ours.

How Do Americans Feel About the Rich and the Tax Burden of the Wealthy?

New Yorkers from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district overwhelmingly say the wealthiest people in America pay among the lowest tax rates in the country, which is not supported by data.

“We’re paying too much taxes,” a woman named Lavasquez said to one reporter. “The lower and middle classes, we’re working our butts off, and we’re paying so much taxes, and then you’ve got the upper class, and they’re not paying anything.”

“It’s totally unfair,” said Richard, who works in data analytics. “The bottom percentile of individuals are probably paying the bulk of the taxes whereas you have millionaires and billionaires being able to avoid their share.”

The wealthiest people are “definitely paying the bare minimum if any,” he continued. “I would assume it’s about five percent if that.”

Last week, House Democrats unveiled a proposal to raise taxes on the top sliver of U.S. households. The proposal is part of a sweeping plan to overhaul the nation’s tax code to fund President Biden‘s $3.5 trillion spending bill that includes family and climate change initiatives.

Under the plan released by the House Ways and Means Committee, the top individual income rate would climb to 39.6% for the wealthiest individuals and families. The proposal rolls back a key part of Republicans’ 2017 tax overhaul, which lowered the top individual income rate to 37%.

“I don’t think rich people pay enough taxes,” an audio-visual engineer from New York’s 14th Congressional District said. “They make way too much to get away with making so little.”

A man named Calvin said this: “It basically depends on who you know. There’s a reason why shell companies exist. That’s how you evade taxes.”

One man, Manny, said he thought taxes across the board were “too high” already. He was sure the wealthy “pay their fair share.”

Most people said they wanted a “fair” solution when asked how much the wealthy should pay.

“They should be paying the same amount of taxes as the middle, and lower class are,” Lavasquez said. “That way, it gives us equal share, and no one is feeling singled out.”

Richard said: “If I’m paying a third of my income to taxes, why not the same be applied to millionaires and billionaires? If that’s not fair, then what is?”

Another man said: “It’s not fair to ask them to pay much more than everyone else. I wouldn’t ask for something crazy like half of your money … keep it under 20%, and it would be good.”

According to a Congressional Budget Office report, the top 1% of earners paid an average federal tax rate of 32% in 2017. Tax rates that year declined with income, with the poorest 20% paying an average tax rate of 1%. The Tax Policy Center found similar results.

In 2018, the top 1% of income earners — those who earned more than $540,000 — earned 21% of all U.S. income while paying 40% of all federal income taxes, according to a Tax Foundation analysis. The group paid more in income taxes, about $615 billion, than the bottom 90% of taxpayers combined, or $440 billion.

The data showed that the top 10% earned 48% of the income and paid 71% of federal income taxes.

The share of taxes shouldered by the nation’s richest individuals has climbed over time.

In 2001, for example, the top 1% accounted for 33.2% of the nation’s individual income taxes, according to the Tax Foundation. From 2001 to 2018, the share paid by the bottom 50% of taxpayers fell to 3% from 4.9%.


Unfortunately, Democrats and their incessant concentration on spreading false news about taxes paid by the wealthy have tricked millions of Americans sufficient to foment anger and hatred for the wealthiest of Americans. There is NO doubt these folks make much money. Some certainly inherited it, while others have worked their way to the top of corporations. In contrast, still others have pursued the American Dream, started companies, worked hard to establish them, and are now reaping the fruits of their investments and labor. But isn’t that what the Constitution offers everyone: “Equal Opportunity?”

There was a recent time in which an atmosphere of freedom in the pursuit of happiness in the nation was not only allowed but encouraged. The nation saw a true entrepreneur in the Oval Office: Donald Trump. Sure, some point to his father giving him a six-figure stake to get his entrepreneurial career started. Those same folks wag their fingers at him because he was not “self-made.” But what they forget is that he turned that one million into billions! That doesn’t happen in countries where U.S. freedoms are non-existent.

Raising taxes does two things and two things only: one, it stifles economic growth — PERIOD. Those “one-percenters” who the Leftists hate decide to stop investing and growing their companies because of the stifling tax liability stop growing their companies! Doing that means that those company revenues begin to flatten or tail off, which means “less money.” Less money means no expansion, which means no new jobs, fewer (if any at all) pay raises for employees, perks for staff disappear, and advancement within their company is no longer available. Secondly, corporate layoffs occur when company revenue slides. Corporations then cut expenses. How? Company layoffs, wage reductions, office closings, etc. That always drives unemployment up, wages down.

What Democrats hate to admit is with federal tax cuts, the exact opposite occurs! They demonized Trump’s 2017 tax cut program that cut taxes on virtually EVERY American. The economic and labor statistics prove what that tax cuts instigated. Besides dramatic improvements across the board, Democrats gnashed their teeth when the thought of any Trump success was mentioned.

So why the problem with the Left? Aren’t they happy when every American see improvements in almost every area of their lives? Answer: No, because all the new revenue coming to the government through federal taxes is happening because of the efforts of a Republican.

Just watch as this Congress — controlled totally by Democrats — struggles to sell the American people the need for massive additional federal spending. And to accomplish that, what is mandatory? More Money. And where does that originate? Federal taxes. And who pays those taxes? The American people.

A short note to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer: Americans no longer buy that totalitarian talking point if they ever did. In fact, instead of Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion spending bill with massive new taxes enacted to fund her pork giveaways, why not LOWER taxes again and take us back to the economic miracles we experienced under Donald Trump!

Hold your breath waiting for a Democrat in leadership to agree that needs to happen.

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